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Found 7 results

  1. Ok, so I need some assistance. In the past I helped a friend with his cultivation and picked up some great tips and tricks along the way. Here I am 7 years later and I am starting up my own cultivation and experiments. So far I have crafted a glove box out of a clear, weatherproof tote that worked very well for the inoculation process. I have also designed and created an incubation chamber out of an ice chest, a reptile heating pad, and an on/off thermometer switch. It's working great and I am currently two weeks past inoculation with amazing and beautifully healthy mycelium. I've broken it up twice already (it's on grain spawn) but I think I will need to do this more often, the second time was fairly difficult to break up. Moving on to why I am posting this in the first place..... I have uploaded a picture here. It's a crude drawing on paint but I think it is fairly comprehensible. Basically I designed this fruiting chamber off some similar work I did with my buddy 7 years ago and wanted to run it past the minds on this board to see what you all think, and what could be improved. The idea here is that once I swap to my bulk sub (coco+verm) in a Sterilite 6qt. "shoebox" and it is fully inoculated I will place the box into the fruiting chamber (a larger Sterilite) and from there it should be pretty much automated until it's time to harvest. I'll have four of these fruiting chamber total to start, but there is one air pump and fogger for every two chambers, hence the drawing. Before you ask why the 4 chambers as opposed to one or two monotubs there are several reasons. One is space, this setup fits into my closet much nicer than the larger tubs. Second is quality, if there is an issue with one for any reason I can toss it and still have the others. Third is experimentation, this will allow me to try different subs at the same time on the same strains for a side-by-side comparison. Last is quantity, I can cultivate different stains at the same time or rotate them in a manner that allows for near constant harvesting if done properly. The airpump and fogger/mister are hooked up to the same power supply, which will be kicked on and off either by a timer or by a hydrometer placed inside one of the chambers for FAE and humidity. This way I can either use a timer to kick on the automated FAE several times a day or set the hydrometer to something like 100% humidity which will kick on when it drops below that. Whether or not to go with a timer or a hydrometer is one thing I would like to answer here with your help. The fogger/mister water will likely have about a cap full of hydrogen peroxide just to help cut down on any possible contams. The air from the pump will be fed into the fogger/mister pot and will in turn feed the humidified air from there into the fruiting chambers. The 6qt. "shoebox" will be raised off the floor of the fruiting chamber, this should allow the CO2 to sink to the bottom of the chamber and be expelled through a one-way valve whenever the airpump/fogger/FAE system kicks on. So, thoughts? Critiques? Wanna tell me how stupid this is? Or is it brilliant? Kinda piecing it together from memory of when I helped my buddy as well as some modification from my own thoughts. His setup worked great so I know something like this is doable...... well?
  2. Iamchefmo

    Contamination? Or unhealthy conditions

    Please tell me what you know. If you need more pics I can take more. I spawned on the 19th of April. Should have more than 2 pins
  3. Hey guys! First grow and first post. Just curious if these guys are looking the right size and such. I already tried fruiting without soaking at first and got enough to play with but then went for the dunk and roll (only in fine verm) and obviously saw a big difference. I'm wondering if I was fanning too much because I read today that it can cause smaller fruits. I was fanning 3 to 4 times daily after reading that the white fuzz I encountered was likely myc with not enough fae. The fuzz receded well doing this and I haven't seen it come back, but now I'm just worried I didn't treat them well enough to get them to grow larger. I am fruiting in a myco bag with a .5 micron filter. One of my others is producing some larger guys but I'm not entirely sure what the factor is causing this much of a difference. Both were noc'd the same day and with the same syringe of the Guad strain, one was ready about a day later than the other. There's so many variables involved, I'm wondering how some of you fine folk get the most out of their fruits and flushes doing brf cakes. I'm planning on working up to my two big tubs everyday when I get this down. I have a smaller (6 qt.) opaque tub that will be the next fruiting strategy. I want to see the sub absolutely taken over by these guys. Such a fascinating hobby, quickly becoming my second big passion (first is dmt extraction and work :p) Anyways here's what they're looking like after I plucked the first cake. The ones closest to the bottom of pic are Guadalahara, the top are from a golden teacher cake I am soaking now. I'm leaving the bigger ones in their bag to finish their cycle, they haven't started opening up much yet. Oh and I'm not entirely sure how long to soak after the first flush. Been searcbing for some info on that. Just the same as the first flush, 24 hrs? Aaaand sorry last question, did I coat the cakes too much in verm? The tops aren't wanting to pin much. I got a couple good ones from the tops of the cakes but the majority is coming out the sides. So many awesome people here by the way! Much Love to fungus community! Peace and L.O.V.E. - Living as One Vibrational Entity Seth
  4. I am new to ALL this please bare with me. I have a few questions about this set up. Humidity stable at 99%, temp stable at 78-79 F. An aquarium pump pumping in air "unfiltered" into the air wards or bubble makers both sides, starin is (P.F. original) On another note before i moved these 2 cakes to this setup this a few of the lil mushrooms had slimy heads and were darker color u can see them in the picture of the (Before the new setup) and along the side of the one that is growing they shriveled and dried up...thoughts? 1:Should i have the holes on top and bottom? 2:Because of the water in the bottom that is needed for the bubble makers should i be treating the water with some kind of cleaner like salt or a peroxide solution? to me this the biggest issue. 3:Should i be using Geolite (Hydroton) instead of Perlite? 4: Is fanning something that is required for this type of setup? Any and all advice and help would be super coo. i tried only 2 cakes for trial and error, i have more on the back burner rdy to move into a setup that works in a few weeks. ^^^(after move)^^^ ^^^(Before move to new setup)^^^^
  5. I've been getting back on the horse lately. What would you guys do with this? 10 days old. The sides aren't fully white yet so not 100% consolidated.. thoughts? Sorry for the bad pics didn't want to open it up. This one is also questionable to fruit.. thoughts ?
  6. Would like to start off by saying I’m not getting impatient, just super frickin excited. These little white dots (knots?) are all over the place (I’m on day 5 of fruiting now.) Fine drops of mist are on the surface but hardly any condensation on tub (z-tub). I guess just let it continue to evaporate off the sub.
  7. Can anyone tell me if this is ready to fruit? It's been going since August 13th and I still see a patch of black on the middle and I can't tell if that's ok or not, I do notice some spots of metabolites in the corners but it shouldn't be taking this long
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