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Found 32 results

  1. This is my first grow and this is what I have going on. I want to go to Peru in January and I have no one to look after mushrooms. I have 3 bags that I soaked on nov 27th and rolled in verm. Not sure when I will have mushrooms. Probably soon and then I inoculated 12 half pint jars. So I am thinking a couple of more weeks until they are colonized and then a week later for full colonization. On the 3 bags is there a way maybe after the first flush I can delay fruiting again by not soaking bc I don’t want them growing when I won’t have anyone to water or fan. I really could use some help. Could someone answer this question for me since I would love to go to Peru but will not if I lose mushrooms and all that time and hard work will go down the drain. Thanks so much. I can’t find any answers on this.
  2. Fun day. First experience with Amazonian and Huaulta. Amazonian is a beefy strain. Stalks seem super dense, thick and caps a perfect dome, mesmerizing cap color, some stalks bi- colored. Overall, a very fast, agressive colonizer. 60qt tubs with 6 qts of spawn to 16qts sub, conlonized in 7 days. Farm aged Hpoo, coir, verm, gypsum, dash of lime. First flush just getting going, these are the anxious ones, some of the cut ones were dedicated to clone work and a few harvested for enjoyment. Second pic, Huaulta. Like to call these guys " chubsters" I sectored these on agar from MS syringe, guess I chose the short and fat sector, pin set is outstanding. Again, just the anxious ones, got harvested. Very meaty as well, waiting to see the results when dried. Picked 3 for tissue samples as well, a few days ago. Weighing in at 10-11g ea, wet, only 3" tall. All 4" sub, 1/2" casing right before fruiting. Working on Puerto Rican, PE, And Treasure Coast now as well. Spores germinated on agar, on 2nd sectoring plate now. Keep on growing!
  3. First grow, first tub, 2nd flush GT, 60 qt.
  4. Ok, this is my first time and I used the 6 quart and grain spawn tek. I have put the casing on and have been proving indirect sunlight for a couple hours a day and kept the temperature around 72 f. I have been misting and fanning several times a day and seem to be following the tek. Yesterday I noticed several white spots as if the (cultivation), hope this is the correct term, has begun on the casing. I read another tek from another web site and they state that after applying the casing I should place in a warm, dark place for 3 to 7 days to allow the cultivation to occur on the casing and then move to fruiting conditions. However, this tek does not mention that step and shows no white on the casing when pins begin to set. Am I still good to continue and what do you recommend?
  5. Sorry about the bad pics. My iPad 3 isn't that great.... I dunked them for 12hrs in distilled h2o after birthing, then rolled them in 50/50 peat moss/verm. 5 days after getting them in the FC, I'm getting pins and other white blobs which I assume are clusters of primordia. I'm misting & fanning 3x a day. The FC is near a window for light. I'm at 99% humidity and 73*. So far so good.👍🏾 I'll try and get some better pics
  6. Hello members of shroomology. 8 days ago i put my first 6qt tubs into fruiting conditions prior to that they were in spawn run for 7 days. 1/4in of 50/50+ casing was added (coarse verm was not used, i have it now but didnt then) temp was dropped from 80f to 70f, a light has been added, and im misting and fanning 3x a day. however no sign of pins 8 days in now. Though the tek does say 7-14 days so im probably being too ancy. however this spec of brown showed up two days ago on one of my tubs gonna keep a close eye. On these tubs i do not have a trash bag liner i thought the liner was to block light so i taped the outside with duct tape. Though now i realize my substrate is going to shrink from the sides of the wall leading to evaporation/side pins and that was the entire point of the trash bag. I am going to be putting some jars into 6 qts for spawn run later today and i will make sure to line those tubs. Instead of just taping the outside. here is what ive done so far this grow. I thought more people would be able to see/ hopefully answer my questions here though. 1. Does anyone have any suggestions on my fruiting setup am i doing something wrong? not enough holes in lid? 2. what kind of lid do i need? the pics using mushzombies 6qt tek vary greatly from no holes with poly fill, to a million holes. this is the pic from the tek in other forums i see a hole in each corner of the top and bottom lid filled with poly fill 3. Do i need to move my light closer? when growing plants you had to have the light close so the lumens would actually reach the plant. with a 2 bulbs of the CFL 6500k daylight type 18in or so away from the lids im reading <100 lumens at the TOP of the lids. so arent the mushrooms thinking they are in the dark all the time anyways? Here are some pics of my first 3 tubs i put into fruiting conditions 8 days ago. Two pics of the outside conditions maybe you guys can see if im doing something wrong. And here is whats going on inside... Absolutely nothing lol besides that spec of brown in one tub.
  7. So I have a mix of 4 cakes and 1 brick coir. I mist and fan daily, have a little cycle of 12/12. Am following all the teks. Wtf is going on? Why is there this green layer(not dark green)? Why are the pins so smol, and why aren't there more of them? FIRST GROW closeup Pictures from like 4-5 days ago
  8. Looks like water content is the least of my issues. I had five tubs 14 days into the mist & fan stage. Other than taking so long to pin everything was great. I was super careful, gloves all the time, alcohol on everything - including wiping down the fan. Then I changed my routine. I needed to spend less time tending to things so I set up an oscillating fan so I didn’t have to stand there holding a fan for 8 minutes. Trouble is I left the fan blowing for two hours (hey, I’m a busy guy!). The very next day every tub had green mold on the edges where the mycelium meets the black plastic at the top. I cut out massive hunks like trying to stop gangreen by cutting off my leg. Don’t know if these dudes will do anything other than grow more mold, but I have about two weeks before I have another batch in that stage. I need a better setup so I do less handling and have a more consistent process.
  9. Hi, everybody, new here. I’ll add a photo soon, can’t seem to do it from my phone. I have 5 tubs that are in the “mist and fan” stage of the DubTub Tek. They seem to be doing alright about 12 days in with no pins yet, but mycelium is creeping out around the edges so it seems healthy. My question is about the amount of water used in misting. Every spray bottle will be different and I thought mine was spraying so fine that I needed to get 10-15 pumps on each tub surface. I think I’m overdoing it, so I started weighing a few of the tubs. They are all about 3 1/2 to 4 pounds. I found that in two days they would all gain about an ounce. I think that is not a good thing, so I started drying them by fanning 3-4 times a day with very little to no misting. They are all losing a little weight (about an ounce in 4 days), still incubating at 100% humidity and the surface is still wet so my question (finally) is this: Has anyone tracked the weight of their tubs and does it seem like a good, non intrusive way to monitor health of the grow?
  10. I started in a grow bag but ended up transferring it to a foam cooler. It’s colonized now, and the substrate is moist. I have it in a covered container that light can get through, but it won’t seem to fruit. Need help!
  11. Hey guys. So I'm getting to the fruiting stage on one of them and I was wonder what kind of fogger and humidifier to get. Also, how what kind of light should I get. I have a mini green house and i figures that some LED strips would do the trick. Thanks
  12. Long time lurker, first post. Spawned to Z-Tub 2 days ago and it seems that I’m getting little tiny hyphal knots all over the substrate which I presume is good. Dialing in the Z tub I think may be my issue. There was a fine mist The day before on the walls of the chamber. Came back to find the walls halfway dry. Missed the sub very very lightly to see beads on surface and touched up the walls again. Came back (work 10 1/2hr per day) to find that the walls were halfway dry again and substrate sucked up the moisture or it simply evaporated off. Just wanting to know also if I should mist the tub again or if it’s where i don’t actually have “indirect” sunlight and actual sunlight, or if the walls being dry really doesn’t matter. Malala I didn’t have time to order a light (can’t find any in store) due to such short notice and low funds lol.
  13. Hey Everyone, Thanks so much for all the great info. Made my first ever grow super easy and looking forward to many more. I have a couple questions and I'm hoping someone can answer. Really any insight or info will help! Questions correspond with the pics accordingly. 1) I included a pic of my first flush of PE mushrooms. Is it normal for them to all grow on top of each other like that? Any glaring problems or things that look like I could have done better (ie more FAE, less humidity, more light, etc..) 2) See how some of the shrooms have dark blue stamen.. Are those okay to eat? I think I know what happened, but could be wrong. I left them out in direct sunlight for a couple hours, also in a room that got down to 60F. Came home and they were all shriveled up.. some of my biggest so far too. 3) Some of the shrooms had these busted caps. I read this was can be caused by lack of light (hence why I put in direct light.. I know, stupid impatient mistake). Are they okay to eat? Is that in fact the case? Any other info would be greatly appreciated! Just want to learn as much as possible before my next grow.
  14. So I've recently fell in love with this mycology adventure a few months ago. I got my hands on spores, inoculated 4 jars immediately, all 4 succeeded- no contam, everything went the way it was suppose to. after a long time waiting I threw them into a ghetto FC once one jar started pinning. And it was a success! Didn't harvest ounces but it was enough for me... But this was while living with my gf...we no longer live together.... now that I moved in with my buddy I grabbed my ghetto FC and some more spores and idk wtf happened but I've been having the worst luck The first pic is from the first grow/ obv the second pic is this sad lonely cake and I'm hoping I can get a few lil mushies help me out!
  15. Im leaving for a week and I was wondering how long I leave my tubs alone. I dont have anyone to check on them, and I cant take them where I am going. It is the second flush. I would like to keep them going but dont want them rotting while im gone. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
  16. Hello, so this is my first try and cultivation and I'm worried something is wrong. About two days ago my monotub started producing these white puff balls? I don't know what it is I'm hoping it is something I can fix if it's not good. It's my first grow and I'm hoping I can produce something. I spawned on popcorn

    Im new to this and im taking over somebody elses work. I need to know which need to be thrown away, which i can g2g transfer, and which must be put into toats. two of these have what appears to be fruiting within the jars, is it too late to put into tubs? ideally i want to g2g transfer as many as possible.
  18. Possible mold?

    Hi so I started fruiting my penis envy A+albinos a week ago and I noticed some of the caps look strange and there is a white fuzziness at the base of the mushrooms. Is that mold? are they still healthy? This is my first grow, can someone clarify what is going on with these guys?
  19. 01.jpg

    Colombian (photos) and B+ cubensis bulked to coco coir/verm/gypsum. After birthing, BRF cakes (brown rice flour cakes - see PF Tek) were left for 2 days in clean water with some gympsum added and then layered with coco coir in small circular plastic pots that can be easily added or taken out of the fruiting chamber as required. My new fruiting chamber is an aquarium with a 6500k grow light. I lined the bottom with prepared perlite and placed a bucket of bottle water in the chamber with fish tank ceramic buublers to increase the humidity and provide FAE (Frequent Air Exchange) There is an air pump pushing air through the ceramic bubblers which can be bought at any decently stocked pet shop. I currently have 8 pots in the tank with another 10 on the way. Second ever grow and its already much improved over the first thanks to SHROOMOLOGY. I will write a detailed tek in full for the third if anyone is interested.
  20. I'll start by providing a little background. this is not my first grow but im still a newb, maybe a dozen grows under my belt. the trays are 12qt. i spawned 3qt of wbs to 6qt of coir/verm and some gypsum. when they were ready i cased with a half inch of 50/50+ and fruited. my humidity runs 80 or so and sometimes it dips low overnight. i mist and fan 3 to 4 times a day. the pins are covered in what looks like mycelium. if i touch it it goes away leaving a normal brown cap. these are pe so i expect odd but this is the second time ive seen this, whats up?
  21. Short version: Does this spawn bag look ready to fruit? If so, what's the best way to fruit it in vitro? This is Golden Teacher, nocced the bag from a vendor-bought MS syringe. Long version: I bought this bag from a vendor. Had rye berries and compost all in one bag. I bought it before I also decided to make WBS grain jars, which are currently in z-tubs on day 5 of their spawn run, so I have a backup. This is all part of my first-ever grow. I wanna fruit this bag, I don't wanna sub it to bulk because this is my first grow and I wanna enjoy the "fruits of my labor" sooner rather than later . Does this bag look ready to fruit? I see orange/yellow liquid, metabolites from the mycelium probably, which I think is an indicator that it's time to fruit? I'd like to fruit in vitro unless anyone has a better idea? If so, what's the best way to fruit this - just cut open the top of the bag and fan and mist 3x/day and keep in fruiting area at 70*? Should I case this? I can PC some 50/50+ tonight and case it tomorrow if I have to wait. But with it being GT I don't think it needs a casing layer? p.s. I honestly don't care about getting a monstrous first flush with this, right now my #1 priority is getting enough mushrooms to *study* at least once. The other z-tubs I've got in their spawn run plus some LC of this same syringe and other strains I've got incubating should be enough to continue to *study* over the next few weeks/months. TL/DR: What's the best, quickest way to get this bag fruiting so I can get some mushies out of it? Pics:
  22. I'm starting this thread partly because I wanted to try out several methods of growing out shrooms. But I am beginning to lose track of which thread some of these belonged to, some of it is a mix. Anyway, I'll try to mostly add comments to this when as I get some results and especially pictures! I'll start with my invitro grows. These were all done w/ pp5 containers, using rye grass seed. I tried variations, left some to fruit as-is, some were cased w/ 50/50+, some were mixed w/ coffee/coir sub, then cased. Here are the 10 containers I have in fruiting right now, 8 of these either have pins or are about ready to harvest. I apologize for the hard to see pics, I did the best I could!
  23. Help. First grow, stalled in FC

    Hey I have below attach a couple pics of my grows, I'm pretty sure the second, started at a later period is showing hypnal knots already, the first has been in the FC for 6 days, does it look okay? mist and fan 3x a day, 12hr light and it is the 6qt dub tub method, followed every step. The first two pics are the same tub
  24. So it's day 12 since fruiting. The first couple days there was pooling water which I didn't notice. After that about 8 days pass by where I was misting and fanning. I have the fan on low away from the tub. A few days ago I bought a humidity monitor and it's been 95+ And I also bought a 6500k bulk that's been 12/12 on and off. I see knots but they've been there the whole time so far... Water has evaporated off the surface this morning and I just misted again on the walls. Is this tub a goner or has anyone experienced pinning taking longer than this? I've checked multiple forums but a lot of them dealt with tams or casings. My sub smells awesome still so I'm a little lost. Top polyfil is super lose and bottom is really tight. I just feel like I haven't seen any progress as if it's just stalled out
  25. Hello everyone It's the first grow for me, and I decided to try with a B+ growkit. But It looks like the growing is very very slow, it's been 8-9 days since the pins popped... and now it's like they stalled in fruiting. There is not much difference day after day. There is cotton like mycelium at the base of each mushroom too. Could it be mold ? Is it because of too much humidity ? Also it seems they are bending. What do you think ? Thank you very much (and sorry for my english)