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Found 13 results

  1. Hello fellow shroomology members! This is a grow log for my first attempt at cultivation. I will be following the "MZ" Monotub Tek as well as his NO FAIL WBS tek. My strain of choice is PC Ecuador, as i have read that it is one of the more reccomended strains to start with, as well as a personal preference as the first grower I met also started with PC Ecuador. Pictured below is my DIY Incubation/fruiting chamber that will serve as my climate control ecosystem. Spore Syringes arrive in 3 days and I have all of the exact equipment and much of the knowledge necessary to make this a success! (Mu
  2. So my buddy informed me I could take a fully colonized jar and turn it into 10 more, I did 7 because that's what my pressure cooker holds. I was able to successfully do the g2g transfer and they are beginning to colonize. My question is how many times can I g2g transfer a strain I started from spores? Do I lose potency if I keep transferring the grain? Example: I started with golden teacher spores and inoculated 10 jars. I used 9 and left myself 1 jar to do a g2g transfer so I could make more jars. Once those 7 jars are fully colonized I plan to use 6 and save 1 jar to make mor
  3. Quick question regarding G2G. Is it possible to use G2G to negate the need for prints? Speaking ideally, if you keep feeding colonized grain with fresh grain and keep it in an incubation setting, will the myc just keep colonizing forever? Or does the myc eventually slow down and stop?
  4. So I've done hundreds of g2g jars years back but am just getting into it again. Usually when I do g2g I would only have to shake initially after the transfer and the whole jar would turn white. Recently I've noticed that the very tops of the jars won't get very white. I'm doing everything exactly the same as I was before. These are a B+ strain. In the photos you'll see a jar that's only been shaken initially after g2g transfer and the other jar is from the same g2g transfer but I shook it last night to redistribute the mycelium to have the top colonized. In anyone's opinion, would you reshake
  5. I've been thinking about it. I ran out of spore syringes till about next Friday or so. I have a full unopened a of brf. Do y'all think I could g2g a colonized jar of wbs to a cake? If I did I would pc the cakes without the verm layer but pc a couple jars of dry verm too. Once I g2g the cakes I would then cover them in the clean verm to cut down contams besides me opening the jars. It is just a thought and I was wondering if y'all think it would work I wanna do a couple cakes for the hell of it. Or should I just say fuck it and g2g normal grain jars and if I want to do cakes just noc them up
  6. Angry Nerd


    Im new to this and im taking over somebody elses work. I need to know which need to be thrown away, which i can g2g transfer, and which must be put into toats. two of these have what appears to be fruiting within the jars, is it too late to put into tubs? ideally i want to g2g transfer as many as possible.
  7. Recently like in the last month I build me a flow box out my big old still air box trting to reduce contamination. So far I used it for 2 sets of jar g2g and 3 spore drops to plates and 4 clone transfers to plates. My g2g sets look good so far. But my plates look horrible like burst a gut on each plate while knocking them up. Except one looks clean. Why is this? And should I go back to still air for cloning and transfers?
  8. So I had 10 fully colonized jars and I always like to shake my jars one more time before using to make sure it recolonizes again. But for the first time I shook up these 10 and some recolonized and some and barely doing anything?... I g2g these about a month ago with about 30 other jars all turned out white. Here are 3 jars showing the difference in some of them. The far right one recolonized along with 5 others and the ones to the left are barely doin much? But they're all from the same batch and my sterilizing process has been spot on for almost a year having lost maybe 5-6 jars to contamina
  9. Hey guys Im gonna try G2G tomorrow and was wanting to know if anyone gots some hints. I have read the tek on here and other sites. It seems kind of stright forward just wanted some more info if ya got it thanks!
  10. DamionDeamon

    Bags. Z tubs. G2G

    Ok so here is my next round of jars I have 5 strains this time A+, ALA, APE, AJAX, PE. I inoced all my jars April 7th. Will post updates as they come. Ooo also I used WBS with verm in the bottom of the jar.
  11. Apex

    Grain Bacteria

    So I knew using g2g for several generations would catch up to me. I have 6 or 7 wbs jars that are about 80-90% colonized but stalled due to bacteria. Will using these in tubs have a negative impact on the sub? Invite mold contains? Would you use them outside for a patch? Luckily I will be cooking up a batch of agar tonight. I still love g2g though. It was like a 5th generation transfer so go figure.
  12. PC'g the last batch of jars now, should be cool by 8pm. Most of the jars are rye berries, and 1 is plain sd as an experiment. I'm going to end up w/a shtld of grainspwn by the end of the month--anybody want to swap samples? lmk. I fill my jars 2/3 to leave room to shake'm. Does anyone actually put 32oz in a quart jar? --Rr
  13. Grain to grain transfer is one of the best ways to expand your grain spawn greatly, using very little in comparison. In this tek I created 14 jars of grain spawn with one jar of grain spawn. However, 90% of contaminated subs come from contaminated grain spawn. It is VERY important that you be extra careful and practice sterile technique to the extreme. This is not one of those parts of the hobby where it is ok to cut corners. Use a glovebox or flowhood. Shroomology has a couple of excellent glove box techniques in the glove box tek section. First start by wiping everything down with iso alco
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