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Found 28 results

  1. Im a first time grower so I am working off of the limited research i've done and the posts on the online forums,. Ended up getting the inoculation and incubation down pat after a few attempts but now that i'm in the fruiting phase I feel as if i'm doing a few things wrong. I've have had theses babies in the fruiting chamber for about a week now and the caps on one cake are developing wayy more than the body of the shrooms. And now I'm a bit worried because there are little to no pins on the other cakes and the ones that have developed seemed to have stalled or are growing abnormally. I mist above the cakes, far enough so that they only get misted and not drops of water on them, a couple times a day and fan about 4-5 times a day. The first three images are of the one cake with good development at the start. This is what they looked like at day 4. This is how they've developed after one week (present)
  2. Hello! First grow here and using the PF tek, noob yada yada I am 5 nights into the fruiting stage. Been keeping the temp around 72-73, humidity 95-99, 10 hours light/14 hours dark, and a more or less constant supply of fresh air. ~half of my cakes were noc'd with golden teachers, and the other half with tha lipa yai. I have many questions but will keep them concise, and hoping someone with experience can help a brother out since there is an incredible amount of contradicting information on the web about every step of the process. Questions: 1 - Does anything in these pics look like aborts? 2 - Any signs of contamination, or cause for concern? I am noticing tiny spots on many of the lil shroom heads (#1). One shroom head looks hollowed out (#2) and one looks a bit dilapidated (#3) 3 - Any recommendations for speeding up the fruiting of the TLY cakes? Does my FC in pic #5 sound any alarms to anyone? ....7 GT cakes on the left, 9 TLY cakes on the right and bottom center, and then 1 cake top center that I noc'd with both GT and TLY just because I was curious what would happen. (The humidity is down because I had the top off for a bit. ) In general, it looks like the TLY cakes are lagging. In fact. 4 out of the 9 TLY cakes don't have any pins, but it appears the mycelium is taking over the verm from my dunk/roll. I see nothing other than white in the cakes and in the perite. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. While this is my first time, I'm really trying not to fuck it up. many thanks!
  3. I inoculated 11 jars on May 15th, I have four left because all but these four had distinct spots of green among the healthy rope like growth so I tossed them in the trash. Out of the four jars I have left, I don’t have any distinct green spots but I feel like two of the four jars look different than the really healthy ones I have. The two really healthy ones I have are almost fully white and have rope like strands. One of the two strange jars has a slight yellow tint to part of the jar and is growing much slower than the very healthy two jars. The other one has started growing little mushrooms inside the jar even though it’s not fully white. Please take a look at the pictures attached and help me figure out what the heck is going on with them and if I should toss or not. Attached is also a picture of one of the healthier looking jars.
  4. Iamchefmo

    Contamination? Or unhealthy conditions

    Please tell me what you know. If you need more pics I can take more. I spawned on the 19th of April. Should have more than 2 pins
  5. I want to spawn this bag. It has been colonizing for close to a month. Most of the grains are covered in mycelium. Is it safe to spawn this ? I
  6. basidium_equilibrium

    My Goliath Golden Teacher

    Okay, so heres some quick back story on my Goliath GT that was 137 gram wet mushroom with a 7inch cap. I've been growing for about a year and posting photos and stories on another platform. This past August I had a flush of golden teacher that produced only a handful of mushrooms on its first flush one of which was 137 g. I watched this mushroom grow over the course of a few days very carefully. I immediately realized that the pin of this mushroom was absolutely huge. I let them mushroom Grow and fully mature. The day I harvested it, I quickly noticed a small patch of contamination on the backside of the cake. So for the sake of conversation and or debate over how the environment in which your mycelium is growing will affect the results when you end up with very large mushrooms. over the course of the last year of this is one of the only times we're heading small number of mushrooms on a first flush and also immediately after harvesting had contaminations showing their ugly faces. The contamination spot was about the size of a dime and was trich. Attached are some photos of the mushroom after harvesting. I'd love to hear some of your thoughts and feedback if any of you have ever had the same situation happened to you. 👨‍🔬
  7. So about mid december i inoculated two grain bags. One contaminated while the other colonized with no issues. I broke up the bag and waited so it colonized again and mixed with bulk substrate on February 7. The substrate has colonized and I’ve been misting and introducing a schedule for light since February 17 but I don’t see any primordia. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. The Kraken Cub

    Multi strain, mono-tub madness

    Title Kinda states it all, Have multiple strains Knocked up By MS, bad weather destroyed all my cultures so i am restarting. Should all be ready to go in 2 and 3 weeks. Using WBS and Rye grains to look at differences in times and potency, takein the golden teacher to Agar as too the MS syringe is tamed. 66qt tubs, not much more to be said at the moment either than, this will be a large grow and will start posting pictures of progress for educational purposes when my master jars are about to be G2G. i have 16 master jars and plan setting them all to 10 jars (160 Qts of spawn). lets see if we can get pans to run strong in a mono, thats really all i care about, spore prints of the cubes will be available for trade or just for fun , Pans are up in the air as to experimental on my part Ask questions ill answer to the best of my ablity if your curious, until then, you wont here back from me happy trails
  9. The Kraken Cub

    Multi strain, mono-tub madness

    Title Kinda states it all, Have multiple strains Knocked up By MS, bad weather destroyed all my cultures so i am restarting. Should all be ready to go in 2 and 3 weeks. Using WBS and Rye grains to look at differences in times and potency, takein the golden teacher to Agar as too the MS syringe is tamed. 66qt tubs, not much more to be said at the moment either than, this will be a large grow and will start posting pictures of progress for educational purposes when my master jars are about to be G2G. i have 16 master jars and plan setting them all to 10 jars (160 Qts of spawn). lets see if we can get pans to run strong in a mono, thats really all i care about, spore prints of the cubes will be available for trade or just for fun , Pans are up in the air as to experimental on my part Ask questions ill answer to the best of my ablity if your curious, until then, you wont here back from me happy trails
  10. Hi, I have had my cakes in at 77 degree, constant, fan several times a day, mist 2-3 times a day. They are GT strain. However, some early pins or growths appear to have white or cloudy(?) Caps. I'm thinking too much water but am unsure. This normal? I'm new so any input would be appreciated. Here are some pics:
  11. k3llcor1

    Hello from Canada!

    As you've guessed, I'm new here. Filled with questions about all of lifes mysteries but more importantly, the process of growing theses beautiful little creatures we call mushrooms. I've gone through 2 kits that I ordered online from a site here in Canada with what I thought were ok results until I started browsing the grow logs and I realize I got a fraction of what I COULD be getting from growing my own...properly. So I just got my hands on a pressure cooker and I have a pot of WBS soaking with a bit of gypsum. My questions is I keep reading about coffee and I'm wondering 1st, are you using brewed coffee, or are you guys using the coffee grounds? What are the pro's and cons? If I decide to add it after my WBS is done soaking, is that an issue? I have so many questions but I'm spending plenty of time reading. Everyone has their own style, I hope to eventually have my own. My goal is to supply enough for myself and family and friends. We're all lightweights. For example. The last bag I bought which was 7 grams, last me almost a month. Anyway, thanks for having me. I'm open to all sorts of suggestions. I think my first project with the WBS will be a shoebox type operation. I've attached some pics of my first kit that was a moderate success. The problem is I've fallen in love with whatever strain this is. They are beautiful on the inside AND out. I've kept some mycelium alive from the colonized jar that was supplied. I want to get good enough, that this strain survives. Anyone know what actuall strain this is? I've had mixed reports. Thank you for your time.
  12. Irish The Great

    First time tub

    First timer to Mycology and need some tips. Please any info is highly appreciated. I’m down to the last steps I started to mist and fan and now I’m waiting to see pins.. I also see that my mycelium has metabolites “piss” forming and I know that means it’s fighting off contams but now all I need to know is that is everything ok and am I doing this right? Here are some pics
  13. Here is my personal list of highly attractive and potent cubensis strains. IME., in my experience ... Here is my list of top ten strains of Psilocybes cubensis #1 -Koh Sumoi supers #2-Penis Envy #2.5,or albino penis envy aka APE #3-Ban Phang Ka #4-GOLDEN TEACHERS #5-PF Strain #6-Escondido #7-Jedi Mind Fuck #8-Ban Hua Thannon #9-Treasure Coast #10-Mexi-Cube Bonus strain ........ #11 - Palanque
  14. Hello All, I've been lurking here for about a month now. I finally decided to try my hand at a grow. My cakes seemed to have dried out and got blue bruising. I then re-dunked and re-rolled. Now they've started pinning and one cake has begun growing. Just wondering if these look okay or if I need to throw them out due to contamination? Let me know if I can provide any additional details or take additional photos. Thanks in advance.
  15. Aya

    Not sure if contaminated

    Hi, I am wondering what you think. It seems like I was just too late in harvesting? This morning they looked fine. Color was not off. When I got home I saw this black stuff. Was I just too late or is there something wrong? Thank you for helping out. Kind regards, Aya
  16. Captain Celium


    Little mushrooms.
  17. First off shout out to Mush Zombie, I know it’s not his creation ,but I thank him and everyone else for his/there immense knowledge and kindness! i am about 95% there with what to do. Planning to do 2 —-set and forget 6 qt dub tube—- with a 1 qt spawn : 3 qt manure sub and a .25 qt casing 50-50 mix. One golden teacher dub tube and one B+ dub tube I will be drilling the 8- 1/2 holes. 4 on top and 4 on bottom. Do I want the holes on the bottom tube to be as flush as I can get, to the top of the casing? Aka do I want any room between casing and holes. Secondly do you tape the two tubes together when fruiting. How will I know if I need to tighten or loosen my poly? Is it better to use microspore tape? Should the top holes be looser than the bottom? Should I mist the casing after I apply it(100% colonized bulk sub). Or should I mist the top tube. Or should I do neither? I live in AZ so it’s rather dry. Making a major question how can I know/ check if it’s to dry? Or must I truely set and forget and hope? Sorry so many questions! Any feedback or advise would be greatly appreciated as There is so much outdated info, it’s hard to keep it all straight !
  18. DimensionalTraveler


    I made the mistake of buying a spore syringe from another vendor. Not only was it extremely slow to ship but I think it was full of mold spores. It was Golden Teacher in case anyone has experience with that variety. I'm looking at these Jars and they all look like cobweb or something else. I Had PCed the empty jars, again once I added the BRF mix. The mycelium doesn't look right and is speeding oddly, jumping around the jar not branching and expanding. Im thinking cobweb. I could be wrong. I'm pretty new. Still working on the first set of jars I started a few weeks before these.
  19. Hello bois, im new to this forum and growing for my first time. I watched some vids on how to get started. I found a video, that showed, that its enough, when u put your cake in water for only 1 hr. The Problem i got right know is the humidity of the cake. It looks kinda dry to me, but i got no experience at all. Its been 6 days, and i still see no pins. (im using a growkit - golden teacher) My Question is now: Does it hurt the mycel, when i put the cake in water for 24hrs again? Im gonna post a Picture of it down below.
  20. So still very new, but I enjoy experimenting. I may have lost a whole bulk grow container of Maui P due to over experimentation. However this Golden T seems to be right on. I am going for an early fruiting because I am running out of space in my 2nd master bathroom (aka my shroomery). Trying a bonafide grow light see if some urgency is put on the myc to fruit. Recipe is coco coir, verm, coffee, calcium magnesium zinc, baking soda and malt barley. spawn was straight popcorn (best spawn jars ever, no contamination in all 13 pint jars) I'll keep you posted on progress,but any suggestions?
  21. I heard about an amazing super cool woman who was wrapping up her first spore run, in a 6qt "dub tub" style. She had cased several pans and was hoping to see pins soon. 1 Tub had some side pins but nothing major. She also had WBS jars going, AGAR plates, and a tub of BRF. It was all doing amazing until spring sprung up to 87* and the air conditioner died. Her 4th floor apartment got crazy hot she had to get her family out and was not able to move all her precious projects. She is clueless as to how hot it really got in the apartment but she thinks it was mid 90's- 100 The next day everything was fixed and she ran home to check on her babies. The tubs with little side pins popping out had 5-8in mushroom clusters and spores were everywhere. Her cakes had a similar reaction. This is her first time growing like most people beginning in mycology she researches A LOT but still knows nothing. So she is hoping that someone could explain to her what she should do. Are the mushrooms that fruited any good ? Are there any signs she could look for to see if the heat killed anything? She is unsure if the house ever heated up to 106 it probably didn't but she's a nervous first timer. She is really concerned that the prolonged heat totally annihilated 6 weeks of hard work. Like most women she is hoping someone will swoop down from the world wide web to rescue her and tell her everything is going to be fine. I included some before the heat and after the heat pics of the fruits that came. Any advice would be greatly appriciated
  22. sneakymortar

    Second Grow

    First off, thanks for having me! I've spent hours pouring over the knowledge here. I've made some mistakes and learned some lessons. I've been focusing on documentation and adjusting as needed when I make any mistakes. I'm open to feedback on any and all of this. I did not take pictures of the WBS or Jars while colonizing so I apologize for that gap. I initially started going the way of a monotub but decided against it. I'd rather chuck 6 quarts of effort over a whole large tub. Maybe some day when I actually get things sorted and feel more confident. I used the following TeK's so thanks to those authors and everyone who commented on anything related while I was google-fu'ing Inoculated w/ MS Golden Teacher Syringe - Used 1ml per Jar / Tried and failed at my first LCs with the rest. str0bes No Fail WBS TeK-v2.0 - I learned after my first batch of Jars - 1.5 cups of wbs per quart jar as they seemed much more full once hydrated/cooked and rocked me to shake. They also were pretty slow colonizers. Out of 8 quarts of spawn I lost 2. I was probably over-cautious but I'd rather be safe then sorry. 6 Quart Dub Tub *mist And Fan* Bulk Tek - Used coir and spent coffee grounds for substrate. Mixed 3 quarts of substrate to 1 quart spawn 10 Days Incubated at 78F The first two tubs could have used more time and after popping the top I realized I didn't cut the bags down as well as I should have. It did cause problems with side pins later so I guess it's a lesson learned. If there was any fluid on the top I used paper towel to soak it up before casing it. Used 50/50 casing from this same TeK The rest turned out to be much nicer. More like this: Mist and Fan, Mist and Fan, Mist and Fan. Days of patience and then the side pins started! During this time I was doing further reading as only 2 tubs were showing much activity. Turns out I was over-misting. I began fanning a little extra on 4 not showing pinning. One tub was lost, probably again overcautious but I'd rather be safe than have any amount of green or odd color in my tubs. Didn't take pictures of it and didn't keep anything from it. Just tossed the whole thing in the garbage. On day 12 there was some visitors - I'll take what I can get right? Next Day: This is what the side pinners looked like as they came into their own Second Dub that was quick and on the side for the first flush: Focus was on keeping things habitable as possible and I only allowed indirect light for the tubs. My third tub was pretty active during this time. They kinda looked different. I did buy an MS syringe for this run so maybe there's some differences This guy was fairly thick but short. Perhaps I'm not misting correctly or something is off. They popped veils quickly. Last two tubs are flushing now and the pinsets are a little better: Quick totals First flush - Wet: 1227g Dry: TBD - In Progress Thoughts ? Pointers? I'll be building a flowhood next month - 24x24 I'm looking to grab an All American off of Ebay soon, been using a TFal Thanks for looking! TL;DR - I feel like I'm getting somewhere, heres some pictures and my experience!
  23. Hey everyone , it's my first ever grow ! It's just about time for harvest , but I've having some trouble with knowing if it's time to harvest ? I've read a lot of different opinions on it , but I think getting some first hand opinions on mine will be best. There's quite a few big ones but there is also a ton of smaller ones under them that just started growing. Could I just harvest the bigger ones to allow room for the smaller ones to grow or is that a bad idea? Any and all opinions are welcome. Thanks! -TopHatSaint
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