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Found 103 results

  1. in a week or so i will be attempting my first grow of mushrooms ever i have went with Cambodians i know strain doesn't matter much a cubes a cube but i had one question about grain spawn i will be using WBS i know i do not want cracked corn but is peanuts or dried fruit bad ? i do not wanna get the wrong grain any feed back will be highly appreciated
  2. So I'm way behind on making substrate and my grains pawn is 100%. How long will they be okay in the fridge?
  3. So here are 2 pics. One is before I shake and one is after. When do I know they're ready? They were made with lc about 3 weeks ago.
  4. grain jar, contaminated?

    first grain inoculation, someone can tell me what is this amber mucosi stuff in the grain? I guess I shouldn't expand this one, right?
  5. Hey guys, new here with two questions.. First, is there really anything stopping me from using a ship on a grain jar topped with foil instead of rtv and tyvek lid? Also, when it come to making lc, why do the teks show a ship and a syringe filter? I don't understand where or why the filter comes into play. Thanks and I appreciate any feedback and I REALLY appreciate everything everyone here does. This has been a great find for me.
  6. Hey, all. So, I am doing WBS in quart size jars. When I first made them I put verm on the bottom and didn't do any particular field test for moisture, just kind of eye-balled it and compared it to videos I have seen. The moisture seemed good. For the first half of the incubation period I was holding a relatively constant temperature of 78F. The last half I fluctuated quite a bit. For a couple days I had temps into the low 90s then others days I had temps as low as 69F. Out of 22 jars only 7 were fully colonized by the month mark. The rest ranging from about 60-90% colonized. I left them in for another week to give them some more time but growth seems to have halted. I attribute it to the high temps and not as accurate moisture content of the WBS, but I see a lot of people not being super specific as well as a lot that are insanely specific on what to do when preparing their grain. Now my question; I went ahead and spawned 4 of those 7 fully colonized jars to bulk, they still had some visible moisture in the jar but they just looked a little dry. Is there a temperature and moisture content that the jars could get to that would kill the myc. or are they pretty resilient. Since I added them into my hydrated coco coir substrate will they just use that moisture and start growing again? How does that process take place? I understand the importance of changing temps when going to fruiting but I want to know if I fucked myself by having these varied temps during incubation. Thanks.
  7. When prepping oats, do I need to take out the floaters like wbs? It has little prices of hay in it too. Or just soak and simmer and dry and load?
  8. This is my first time trying. I innoced my jars on 8/29/17 and 4 days later I have my first sign of progress! Super excited hopefully they don't stall out because I over filled them.. not filled all the way though. I might put them in an incubator for a little help. We will see how I do as the progress goes on. It's not much but all 10 jars started today.
  9. Im a completely new grower and I am going to try the Rez Effect technique that i found on here. Once everything is in the bin should I leave the lid on or off the bin?
  10. I recently prepping some grain spawn made from WBS using MushZombie's "NO FAIL wbs tek". However, the tyvek envelope shrunk while PCing, exposing the entirety of the jar. I pressure cook using the minimum amount of water, and only barely PCed for an hour and a half at 15psi. Has anyone else had this problem starting out? Thanks for any suggestions in advance!
  11. Did I screw up?

    Hey Guys, So I set up to start another set of grain spawn, but I missed a step and I don't know if I ruined this whole set of not. I'll walk you through what I did and where I went wrong. Rinsed the sunflowers out of my WBS. Added boiling water to WBS in 5 gallon bucket and snapped on the lid, allowed to sit for 90 minutes. Strained WBS and rinsed thoroughly with cold water, didn't really let it dry at all. (Which after speaking with everyone last night I now know I should let it dry for about an hour) Added 1/4 coarse verm to bottom of mason jar, and then filled jar up to the 3cup line on the jar with my prepared WBS. PC'd for 90 minutes at 15 psi and then allowed to cool overnight. Now here's where I went wrong, I knew I was going to have to work late so I wanted to noc my jars before I left for work. Did all of my sanitation prep just fine but I forgot to shake the jars! slipped my mind in my haste. so I basically pulled straight from the PC and noc'd. I realized my mistake as I was putting them in my incubator (a closet that stays around 78-80*). Realizing my mistake I decided I screwed up anyway and wanted to see what would happen. I had prepared 5 jars in total, so I took 2 of the jars and did the normal shake being careful not to disturb the verm. I left the other 3 jars as they were, so they have had no shaking what so ever. How do you think it will come out? Advice for how to handle the situation in the future? Also side question, This closet that I'm using for an incubator naturally doesn't get any light except for the glow from the lights of my computer tower. What do you guys recommend for this stage? No light? Natural light? Comp tower light bad or no difference? They are just sitting on the shelf should I put them in a box? I'm a nooby full of questions and I love you guys for your patience and wisdom.
  12. If you grains are sitting in liquid, then obviously they are too wet. This could cause contamination, but contamination itself is not a sign that they were too wet. I am more inserted in there in any observable properties by the mycellium itself. --------------------------------- After loading your Grain into Jars/Bags, then inoculating them: What are some signs/symptoms that can be observed with Grain that was too Wet? What are some signs/symptoms that can be observed when your Grain that was too Dry?
  13. How does this jar look to you

    i would like an opinion of my jar please. this photo was taken after shaking the jar around 60% do distribute the spawn. just wanna make sure its nice and healthy.
  14. I follow the soak, simmer and pc method for preparing my wbs. my question is how long do i have to noc the jars? i prepped a little more grain than i needed and i had to order more spores.
  15. 2nd flush with these jokers! I'd say they turned out pretty good. Some of the biggest I've EVER seen!! What do the experts think??
  16. My casing layer is like being eaten?? There's like white stuff kinda reminds me of barnacles almost. Am I dealing with a strain of mold? I have seen another post with someone having the same thing but mine is like 2x more Any advice/help is much appreciated thank you!
  17. PE.

    Hey, I have PE that I probably should've harvested before I left town last week. I didn't have time and sorta forgot in the midst of getting everything ready. My question is, is there any reason why they wouldn't be ok to pick now. Well, I've already picked them.. they seemed fine. Normal smell. Just a different texture. They weren't as solid feeling as they usually are. And some bruising. I didn't take a pic!!
  18. Hello new shroomery here, question. Having a hard time finding fruiting chambers for 6qt dub tub bulk spawn. Was curious if there is one, OR a better way to environmentally control my fruiting process?
  19. Exhausted N00b need help

    Hello noob here, and honestly too mentally exhausted to comb through all these topics. So I need some help if possible. I have follow the bulk dub tub tek to a T. Everything had gone great until the fruiting process. One tub had to be dumped because of mean green, which sucked because out of the 4 I have. That was one of my "perfect had everything going for it" tub. Along with one other. So 2 tubs that had 2 full colonized jars put into it. My other two tubs I called them "Frankensteins" because I just took clumps from multiple jars and put in the tubs. Also I ran out of casing layer so those two didn't get a full casing like the others. So here is my conundrum. My star child tub still hasn't spawned anything, been misting and fanning. Both of the Frankenstein had some cobweb, cured that. But one of them is pinning in the corner. Like a cluster. Now understand, that this one is the one i didn't think would do shhhiiit because of barely any casing layer and had not a full spread of myc. So I guess my question. How is the one in the least amount of cared condition the one pinning? Especially after I h202 the crap outta that cobweb. Here is some pics I'll take any advice, all advice, I'm just concerned that I have effed up the fruiting process. Here's my tubshere are my 3. Far left is the pinning one. Middle a Frankenstein and the last one tek followed to the Tdon't understand what is special about this corner. Wish I knew or took pics.star child not pins but has been pulling away from the walls which I read was a good sign? So do I need to just build a good FC? Should I panic? It's been 2 weeks in the fruiting process with the 50/50 casing. Thank you for your time
  20. Can Metabolites stain mycelium?

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone know if metabolites can stain mycelium orange? I notice that in my Blue Oyster grain jars (and them only), I have been seeing orange spots. Some of them have a wet appearance but others look dry. Are Blue Oysters known for creating a lot of metabolites? Is is possible that it is a contam? Metabolites? Both? I have included some pictures of the wet looking ones. The dry ones I already pc'd (just in case) . The grain has been fully colonized for awhile. Rye Grain w/ tsp of gypsum Pc'd 1.5 Hours 15psi
  21. First flush today!! Pretty happy with the results. Gonna make some tea in a few hours. Just dose the same amount as with all cubes? I wish I had taken a pic when I opened lid.
  22. This is my fist grow. Ive followed the WBS bulk grow tek outlined here. Ive used ZTubs as my fruiting tek. And I really wish I'd started a grow log like it was suggested to me in the beginning! Next time I will. So a week or so ago this tub appeared to possibly be contaminated. I'll try to find pics that I posted of what looked like maybe cobweb. I decided to open up tub and treat with h2o2 and try to save it. I had another tub starting to fruit, so after spraying I set it aside and honestly kinda forgot about it. Then I saw that it was starting to pin so I began nursing it. Misting and fanning. This is what I've ended up with. They smell fine, and nothing visibly different with them. So what do yall think? Safe?This last pic is what the "contamination" looked like. I know its difficult to determine much from pics, just curious about opinions. Thanks!
  23. Hi, everyone. Thanks for putting together such a great site. Great vibes from all the people here, too. Is it ok to PC karo/water pint jars for liquid culture and WBS at the same time? The WBS minimum PC time is 90 minutes, but the LC tek states 30 minutes. Will going an extra 60 minutes "hurt" the karo/water mixutre? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hello all, and Merry Christmas! i have a few wbs grain jars that are right at 100%. Im going to my folks for Christmas, is there any harm in them continuing to grow in incubator for a few extra days? If i were gonna be home I'd prolly put them in tubs tomorrow. Also, i prepped and PC my coir substrate about 4 days ago. It has stayed in PC, in oven bag (with micropore tape covering air holes.) The PC was opemed to look at bag and the remaining water was poured off, then PC was sealed back up. Do i need to PC substrate again or start over if its gonna be 7-10 days total since its been PCd? Its not a big deal to do it again, I want the lowest probability of contamination possible!
  25. Hello friends. I have sarted, inoculated jars on 12\1. I know it's not the smartest move but I've started with PE, but also some Golden Teacher. From what I understand PE can be a real pain in the ass! Lol. Anyway, I've got jars in "incubator" and temp is consistently 78-80 degrees, I have growth and excited! I feel like they're looking good. We'll see, I guess. I check them every day (I know I maybe shouldn't). My concern is when I have 100% colonized jars and transfer to my substrate. I plan to use Ztubs with the 50/50 substrate. So here's my question or concern. Up until this point, contamination is my biggest concern/enemy. How is it that when I transfer 100% colonized jars to substrate it's talked abt so much less? I'm using a closet with a heater and jars are in a cardboard box. When I transfer, I know I use sterile technique, and Lysol the air before I start.. But after its transferred, covered with foil (holes with micropore tape), and placed in my closet at incubator temps, am I still concerned with air contaminates?? Do I need to work harder to "sterilized" my closet or should I run my HEPA in there along with the heater? I know this is probably weeks away, but I like to think everything through, and I just like to talk abt with you guys. My biggest issue during that period is going at least 10 days WITHOUT LOOKING!! Are they gonna be ok? Wont they miss me and our conversations!?! Lol