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Found 112 results

  1. Upright Freezer Incubator

    So guys I have a dream which I plan on starting on soon and I will add pics to follow. I have came across a rather large upright freezer it is an older style with the cooling tubes running through ever single rack. This being said I want to use this freezer as a giant incubator for all my grains and trays I'm going to do this using a 300 watt fish tank heater and water pump to pump warm water through coils above and below every rack to ensure even temps. I'm also later on going to be using air pump to pump in fresh filter air in the top for gas exchange which will go out the drain in the bottom along with any heavier co2 gases
  2. So I ruined my pressure cooker. I wanted to make a bunch of wbs jars, and like many of you my pc holds 7 quarts. After work I got some presoaked seeds rocking in the pc. 90 min later plus the natural release of the pc I had 3 more jars I wanted to do. I started them and settled in in front of the tv (rare for me). Needles to say that working and trying to do 4+ hours of pressure cooking was a disaster. I fell asleep and cooked the 2nd batch all night. Woke up for work and the pc was dry and the bottom bowed out. It spins like a top on my stove now. I don't trust it to hold pressure any more. Good thing for cyber monday. I didn't buy any Xmas stuff but found pressure cookers for $40, so I bought 2. Now when I want to do more than 7 jars I can run both at the same time. If you have abused your pc, please consider the cost of a new one is nothing compared to how much enjoyment you receive from it over a long period of time. Gotta go cook pork chops now. Happy sterilizing.
  3. Hello there! I've been reading and reading, trying to figure this out, and I have some questions. Following the 6Q Dub Tub TEK, I have six quarts in the incubator right now. The first two were colonized with spores and appear to be stuck after 12 days (those are the two more tightly cropped pictures to try to show details). The other 4 (only three pics) jars are 3 days in after being inoculated with an LC I made from spores. They are looking better, but after reading a recent post I have some concerns. I have several questions: 1) The grain (with coarse verm at bottom) seems like it expanded a lot in the jars after PCing and gently shaking/loosening. I'm thinking the jars are too full. Is air needed in this step? Could overfilling be an issue? 2) On another thread from someone with stuck grain spawn, a comment was made that the grain looked too moist. The TEK I followed doesn't say anything about drying the grain or how moist it should be before loading into jars, it says the vermiculite will regulate that. Can anyone give me some pointers in that regard? 3) Another thought I had was water -- I live in an area with extremely hard water. I made three LC jars, two pints with my hard water and one quart with distilled. The distilled LC seemed to do best, but I did have success with one of the hard water jars. But in the grain I didn't use distilled water. Is hard water a problem in this step? Thanks! -- Blackstar
  4. Alright so I've never seen or read anything like this happening before. I want to make this clear I have no idea. I don't want to come off sounding like I think I'm special or that this is the first time this has ever happened. So now to my question. Is this possible? I spawned rye to pure coir 2 days ago. I have so many trays and mini monos going on that I ran out of bins to use. Soooooo.... I know this might sound weird or unwise which I would agree with you but I did it anyway. I had this Quaker oats 42 oz "tub". If you have seen the type of thing protein powder or creatine comes in, it's similar to that But even worse because it's actually made out of cardboard. I did throw a liner in it though. I have a ton of spawn to work with so I tend to go pretty heavy with the amount I use, which usually leads to fairly quick colonization. None ever earlier than 9 days though. So like I said I did this 2 days ago. I normally never peek so early into the spawn run but I just wanted to check this one out of curiosity and to my complete shock, the sub is completely colonized. Smells and looks great. Any info or even just opinions on this would be very much appreciated. Thanks Also sorry the quality of the pic is kinda terrible. My camera sucks
  5. Spawning an intrest

    Hi everyone! My name is Nickie, and I'm newer to the scene than a pin 🍄. I'm looking into doing a few of the 6quart dub tub set ups with grain spawn, and the starter syringe pack from sourceofspores; because that seems to be as straight forward as I can get for my first time, without getting a full mycelium kit. 🤐 And that just feels a little like cheating. I'm aiming for success obviously, but knowing there's lots of room for error, being a newb. I don't plan on having them in my house, but in my old mobile home for space convince, and I'm a little worried about sterilization and keeping things par on the clean scale.👌 Any advice for a girl just starting up?
  6. Hi All! First post here. Excited to join the community, albeit a little nervous about online security. Anyhow, I'm currently fruiting a monotub and I have a couple jars of leftover WBS spawn. What should I do with them? I'm a little curious if they'd colonize in my backyard, but I'm open to any ideas!
  7. ...so my first PF tek with cakes was a semi success but ended up getting overrun with green mold. I learned a lot though, and I did end up with a decent yield! Anyway, I have about 5cc’s left in each of the 4 x spore syringes (refrigerated) so I got 4 x presterilzed rye berry jars. My question is should I innoculate them the same way as the BRF jars (in 4 spots)?
  8. Any advise looking to start a clean home based grow opp and advise would be welcomed tricks and easy DIY options. If i must get spawns locally or online looking for a high psychedelic upper strain? Im from RSA it a indoors set up so temp control so any ideas on a quality easy to bulk, grow strain with a extra psychedelic upper kick? Medical and recreational grows. Was told (penis envy) strain but keen for advise in regards a perfect set up and strain. Watched the tutorials of the basic bulk run a little slow sometimes any helping hands for a Noob Mushy Ninja. Scaling down indoor set up too add a mushy grow so help and research key very OCD when comes to grows so HELP please form the OG's of mush grow that might be lurking about knowledge is power so sharing is caring hahaha.
  9. When I was put in my 6 quart jars in my 64 Court mono tub. I must have somehow mislabeled some jars and mixed Ecuador with albino penis envy I think? Anyways it looks to me like the perfect blend in between the two the mushrooms that are growing have red caps with white spots growing small.. is this possible?
  10. in a week or so i will be attempting my first grow of mushrooms ever i have went with Cambodians i know strain doesn't matter much a cubes a cube but i had one question about grain spawn i will be using WBS i know i do not want cracked corn but is peanuts or dried fruit bad ? i do not wanna get the wrong grain any feed back will be highly appreciated
  11. So I'm way behind on making substrate and my grains pawn is 100%. How long will they be okay in the fridge?
  12. So here are 2 pics. One is before I shake and one is after. When do I know they're ready? They were made with lc about 3 weeks ago.
  13. grain jar, contaminated?

    first grain inoculation, someone can tell me what is this amber mucosi stuff in the grain? I guess I shouldn't expand this one, right?
  14. Hey guys, new here with two questions.. First, is there really anything stopping me from using a ship on a grain jar topped with foil instead of rtv and tyvek lid? Also, when it come to making lc, why do the teks show a ship and a syringe filter? I don't understand where or why the filter comes into play. Thanks and I appreciate any feedback and I REALLY appreciate everything everyone here does. This has been a great find for me.
  15. Hey, all. So, I am doing WBS in quart size jars. When I first made them I put verm on the bottom and didn't do any particular field test for moisture, just kind of eye-balled it and compared it to videos I have seen. The moisture seemed good. For the first half of the incubation period I was holding a relatively constant temperature of 78F. The last half I fluctuated quite a bit. For a couple days I had temps into the low 90s then others days I had temps as low as 69F. Out of 22 jars only 7 were fully colonized by the month mark. The rest ranging from about 60-90% colonized. I left them in for another week to give them some more time but growth seems to have halted. I attribute it to the high temps and not as accurate moisture content of the WBS, but I see a lot of people not being super specific as well as a lot that are insanely specific on what to do when preparing their grain. Now my question; I went ahead and spawned 4 of those 7 fully colonized jars to bulk, they still had some visible moisture in the jar but they just looked a little dry. Is there a temperature and moisture content that the jars could get to that would kill the myc. or are they pretty resilient. Since I added them into my hydrated coco coir substrate will they just use that moisture and start growing again? How does that process take place? I understand the importance of changing temps when going to fruiting but I want to know if I fucked myself by having these varied temps during incubation. Thanks.
  16. When prepping oats, do I need to take out the floaters like wbs? It has little prices of hay in it too. Or just soak and simmer and dry and load?
  17. This is my first time trying. I innoced my jars on 8/29/17 and 4 days later I have my first sign of progress! Super excited hopefully they don't stall out because I over filled them.. not filled all the way though. I might put them in an incubator for a little help. We will see how I do as the progress goes on. It's not much but all 10 jars started today.
  18. Im a completely new grower and I am going to try the Rez Effect technique that i found on here. Once everything is in the bin should I leave the lid on or off the bin?
  19. I recently prepping some grain spawn made from WBS using MushZombie's "NO FAIL wbs tek". However, the tyvek envelope shrunk while PCing, exposing the entirety of the jar. I pressure cook using the minimum amount of water, and only barely PCed for an hour and a half at 15psi. Has anyone else had this problem starting out? Thanks for any suggestions in advance!
  20. Did I screw up?

    Hey Guys, So I set up to start another set of grain spawn, but I missed a step and I don't know if I ruined this whole set of not. I'll walk you through what I did and where I went wrong. Rinsed the sunflowers out of my WBS. Added boiling water to WBS in 5 gallon bucket and snapped on the lid, allowed to sit for 90 minutes. Strained WBS and rinsed thoroughly with cold water, didn't really let it dry at all. (Which after speaking with everyone last night I now know I should let it dry for about an hour) Added 1/4 coarse verm to bottom of mason jar, and then filled jar up to the 3cup line on the jar with my prepared WBS. PC'd for 90 minutes at 15 psi and then allowed to cool overnight. Now here's where I went wrong, I knew I was going to have to work late so I wanted to noc my jars before I left for work. Did all of my sanitation prep just fine but I forgot to shake the jars! slipped my mind in my haste. so I basically pulled straight from the PC and noc'd. I realized my mistake as I was putting them in my incubator (a closet that stays around 78-80*). Realizing my mistake I decided I screwed up anyway and wanted to see what would happen. I had prepared 5 jars in total, so I took 2 of the jars and did the normal shake being careful not to disturb the verm. I left the other 3 jars as they were, so they have had no shaking what so ever. How do you think it will come out? Advice for how to handle the situation in the future? Also side question, This closet that I'm using for an incubator naturally doesn't get any light except for the glow from the lights of my computer tower. What do you guys recommend for this stage? No light? Natural light? Comp tower light bad or no difference? They are just sitting on the shelf should I put them in a box? I'm a nooby full of questions and I love you guys for your patience and wisdom.
  21. If you grains are sitting in liquid, then obviously they are too wet. This could cause contamination, but contamination itself is not a sign that they were too wet. I am more inserted in there in any observable properties by the mycellium itself. --------------------------------- After loading your Grain into Jars/Bags, then inoculating them: What are some signs/symptoms that can be observed with Grain that was too Wet? What are some signs/symptoms that can be observed when your Grain that was too Dry?
  22. How does this jar look to you

    i would like an opinion of my jar please. this photo was taken after shaking the jar around 60% do distribute the spawn. just wanna make sure its nice and healthy.
  23. I follow the soak, simmer and pc method for preparing my wbs. my question is how long do i have to noc the jars? i prepped a little more grain than i needed and i had to order more spores.
  24. 2nd flush with these jokers! I'd say they turned out pretty good. Some of the biggest I've EVER seen!! What do the experts think??
  25. My casing layer is like being eaten?? There's like white stuff kinda reminds me of barnacles almost. Am I dealing with a strain of mold? I have seen another post with someone having the same thing but mine is like 2x more Any advice/help is much appreciated thank you!