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Found 54 results

  1. Lid

    Im a completely new grower and I am going to try the Rez Effect technique that i found on here. Once everything is in the bin should I leave the lid on or off the bin?
  2. Hey Guys, So I set up to start another set of grain spawn, but I missed a step and I don't know if I ruined this whole set of not. I'll walk you through what I did and where I went wrong. Rinsed the sunflowers out of my WBS. Added boiling water to WBS in 5 gallon bucket and snapped on the lid, allowed to sit for 90 minutes. Strained WBS and rinsed thoroughly with cold water, didn't really let it dry at all. (Which after speaking with everyone last night I now know I should let it dry for about an hour) Added 1/4 coarse verm to bottom of mason jar, and then filled jar up to the 3cup line on the jar with my prepared WBS. PC'd for 90 minutes at 15 psi and then allowed to cool overnight. Now here's where I went wrong, I knew I was going to have to work late so I wanted to noc my jars before I left for work. Did all of my sanitation prep just fine but I forgot to shake the jars! slipped my mind in my haste. so I basically pulled straight from the PC and noc'd. I realized my mistake as I was putting them in my incubator (a closet that stays around 78-80*). Realizing my mistake I decided I screwed up anyway and wanted to see what would happen. I had prepared 5 jars in total, so I took 2 of the jars and did the normal shake being careful not to disturb the verm. I left the other 3 jars as they were, so they have had no shaking what so ever. How do you think it will come out? Advice for how to handle the situation in the future? Also side question, This closet that I'm using for an incubator naturally doesn't get any light except for the glow from the lights of my computer tower. What do you guys recommend for this stage? No light? Natural light? Comp tower light bad or no difference? They are just sitting on the shelf should I put them in a box? I'm a nooby full of questions and I love you guys for your patience and wisdom.
  3. i would like an opinion of my jar please. this photo was taken after shaking the jar around 60% do distribute the spawn. just wanna make sure its nice and healthy.
  4. Hello noob here, and honestly too mentally exhausted to comb through all these topics. So I need some help if possible. I have follow the bulk dub tub tek to a T. Everything had gone great until the fruiting process. One tub had to be dumped because of mean green, which sucked because out of the 4 I have. That was one of my "perfect had everything going for it" tub. Along with one other. So 2 tubs that had 2 full colonized jars put into it. My other two tubs I called them "Frankensteins" because I just took clumps from multiple jars and put in the tubs. Also I ran out of casing layer so those two didn't get a full casing like the others. So here is my conundrum. My star child tub still hasn't spawned anything, been misting and fanning. Both of the Frankenstein had some cobweb, cured that. But one of them is pinning in the corner. Like a cluster. Now understand, that this one is the one i didn't think would do shhhiiit because of barely any casing layer and had not a full spread of myc. So I guess my question. How is the one in the least amount of cared condition the one pinning? Especially after I h202 the crap outta that cobweb. Here is some pics I'll take any advice, all advice, I'm just concerned that I have effed up the fruiting process. Here's my tubshere are my 3. Far left is the pinning one. Middle a Frankenstein and the last one tek followed to the Tdon't understand what is special about this corner. Wish I knew or took pics.star child not pins but has been pulling away from the walls which I read was a good sign? So do I need to just build a good FC? Should I panic? It's been 2 weeks in the fruiting process with the 50/50 casing. Thank you for your time
  5. Hello Everyone, Does anyone know if metabolites can stain mycelium orange? I notice that in my Blue Oyster grain jars (and them only), I have been seeing orange spots. Some of them have a wet appearance but others look dry. Are Blue Oysters known for creating a lot of metabolites? Is is possible that it is a contam? Metabolites? Both? I have included some pictures of the wet looking ones. The dry ones I already pc'd (just in case) . The grain has been fully colonized for awhile. Rye Grain w/ tsp of gypsum Pc'd 1.5 Hours 15psi
  6. So I inoculated my grain spawn jars about 4 weeks, and they all seem to be growing exponentially everyday except for one of them (the photo I attached). This one jar has only had growth on one side of the jar (the side the photo is of), while the other jars have multiple zones of colonization, which is obviously making them grow faster. Should I shake this jar to redistribute it, or should I just wait it out?
  7. It's been 9 days since I spawned and everything looks great but they're these black splotches I see and I'm not sure if they're random spots of uncolonized spawn or not, can anyone enlighten me?
  8. I inoculated my grain spawn jars 12 days ago, which I'm using WBS. I have noticed a little patch of growth that the mycelium has colonized but only in two of the jars (I have 4 jars total). This is my first grow, so my question is how long will it take for the jars to be completely colonized, and how much time should I give the other two jars with no growth? Also, I have them an incubator away from direct sunlight, but it is not in complete darkness. The incubator is on a heating pad that raises the temperature by about 10-15 degrees. I attached a photo of the two jars with growth. The jar on the right appears to have some condensation on the inside. Does this mean there is too much moisture? Thanks
  9. I'm preparing my first grow and was considering using organic rye berries. I've heard a lot about WBS, but not that much about rye berries. Does anyone have experience with both?
  10. Im not sure what to make of this slight discoloration in my spawn..
  11. I have had a few problems with grain to grain transfer with my mycelium jars. I have attempted it twice and failed both times. From start to finish, here was my order of operations: -Built a room with the cheapest material I could come across in a bedroom in my home specifically for grain to grain transfers. The room is made up of 2x4 planks and plastic sheets. -Before entering the room, I staged rubbing alcohol (90%), non powdered nitrile gloves, paper towel, the jars with sterilized grain (I know that the moisture content was correct in these; I've brought 18 quart jars to fruit since I've started and fully understand that grains must be hydrated but not wet to the touch), and the fully colonized grain spawn (which I broke up beforehand). I also made sure to shower and wear clean laundry before entering the room. -I went into the room, I put on my nitrile gloves and sterilized them with the alcohol. I sterilized the air by spraying Lysol at the top of the room, on the walls, and in the air. Shortly after I wiped down the desk and chair with alcohol. Once the furniture was sterilized, I began wiping down my jars. On my second attempt I took extra care in this step. I wiped the jars down twice and re-sterilized my gloves each time I finished wiping down 4 jars. After wiping everything down, I sprayed the air once more with Lysol. -Immediately after sterilizing, I calmly but quickly loosened each jar a quarter turn. Once I was confident that there were no contaminants in the air, I re-sterilized my gloves, opened up the mother jar, and began dumping a decent amount into each jar one at a time. The jars were closed as quickly as I could close them after each transfer. I did not use a flowhood, surgical mask, or hairnet but I was careful to only breathe through only my nose during the procedure. I held my breath each time I opened a jar of grain for transfer. the contaminants ranged from green mold to bacteria. Does anyone have any advice for me? Everything I read from other forums doesn't seem to give me a solid answer although I could very well be looking in the wrong places.
  12. Hey there everyone! While I have been an avid reader of Shroomology for several years now, I have never actually made a post. Thus if I'm breaking any rules or am posting this is the wrong place, please feel free to let me know, as I plan to post on here much more often. Anyways, While I have never actually grown my own mushrooms, I have been around several grows before and am familiar the process. However I am about to start my very own grow for the first time and had a question. I have already created several quarts of WBS/Verm spawn jars and PC'd them accordingly. I plan on inoculating them in the next day or two; as soon as my spores arrive in the mail. How long after I inoculate them can I spawn them to my bulk substrate? I looked around before posting and couldn't find a concise answer. Some posts simply said 10 days, others said once the Mycelium has fully colonized or consolidated and some said 5 days after it has fully colonized/consolidated. Also, how can I tell for sure that the Mycelium has 100% colonized? Additionally, I'm currently planning on growing Cambodians.
  13. For about 2 weeks my jars have looked like the picture I attached. I think they were inoculated like 4 weeks ago. I have them in a cardboard box at normal or avg temp is 78. Is there anything wrong?
  14. 3rd time trying to post this.. Hope if works this time.. My lowdown> Liquid culture colonized with south american. WBS and rye cleaned and soaked in hot water for 2-3 hours. 1/16 hole in metal lid, tyvec on top of lid with high temp gasket maker on the tyvec. Pressure cooked at 15psi for 15 min. My question is how dry can the spawn get? It seems dry to me but this is my first time doing this tek. I usually do verm/BRF cakes.
  15. hey hey. have a tub that im really hoping that its not mold... follow MZ dub tub to a T. but i think i see some green showing. hoping i wrong but thought id asked someone else. what ya think??? Its in the middle.
  16. I did a search and nothing about this came up here on the forums or on Google. Wasn't sure where to post this. Alright so I use a pressure cooker to sterilize my jars, but here's the dealio. I moved to this new apartment because my lease was over and this new place has a glasstop stove. I heard that you aren't suppose to use a pressure cooker on a glasstop stove. I haven't used my pressure cooker in almost a year so I completely forgot how this thing even looks like. I take it out and placed it on the stove and what do ya know, it starts rocking around. The bottom of this thing is convex and I didn't even know it! I wanted to test it out to see how well it boils so I put some water in it without the lid, set it on high and waited about 15 minutes. I came back to check on it and it was barely bubbling. Usually it'll take about a minute or two for a strong boil even with 6 cups of water. Is there another way to sterilize jars without a pressure cooker? I feel like simply boiling them in a normal pot wouldn't sterilize it enough. Am I doomed? Is this real life?
  17. I am going to post my thoughts on the necessary features a microscope needs to have!! COMPOUND MICROSCOPE 1. Oil immersion lens 2. 1000x plus magnification 3. Ocular micrometer eye piece 4. electric light source 5. controls to move stage mechanically 6. both a fine and course focus knob 7. standard interchangeable fitments If I have left anything out please add to the basic list!! Remember this is for the basic beginner microscope. Enjoy! PLEASE READ MZ's post below for other great options. I am going to get what he is talking about for sure!!!!
  18. Hey peeps! I'm new here- but not new to mycology. I've been growing cubensis for a while now, and was thinking of moving on to cyans, and other woodies. A friend told me about another interesting strain that is a dung-fruiter outside of the cubensis family (i think?) called Panaeolus Cambodginiensis. He gave me a link to learn about the growing methods and other general info about the strain; but I figured perhaps someone here may have some experience with the "pan cams" and could give me a pointer or two. I already have the print, waiting for my go, but I need to do lots of homework first, like a good mycologist! any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. I'm curious if any members can point towards a reliable source to get presterilized spawn bags or jars ready to go? I dontmwant to take any chances with my first attempt and I have not pirchased a PC yet! Any info would be appreciated! Especially, info on spawn bags or jars ordered before and that had succesful grows. Thanks!!
  20. Hello Ology! This is my first grow log! I have been reading for months but have finnaly reached the point that I have each step running at all times. A little details to help you guys out. First I begin with WBS that is loaded into micron filter patch bags and pressure cooked. I inoculate 3 days after bags have been in the PC. Mix bags after 25% and trayed up at 100%. I then mix them with Coarse verm 50/50, keep covered in closet for 10 days, case with more verm and put into GH The bags are Incubated at 75 degrees in the closed with the LC. The GH stays between 68-73 with ambient sunlight. I use a Vicks cool mist humidifier with visible mist and a small fan to distribute the humidity evenly when turned on. The whole room is set up to a hygrotherm, which is the best 60 bucks I have spent so far. The GH is 7"x5"x6" with 5 plastic shelving units. I have made several slips in the walls and ceiling to allow FAE as I have the humidifer and fan located inside the GH. I currently dont have the ceiling fan running inside the room with the GH. I was using aluminum roaster pans but have recently switched to 6qt shoe box tubs, due to the fact that the trays flex and bruise the myc. I have a couple LC of honey and a few more light Karo. Definitely prefer the light Karo. I was wondering if anyone could answer some questions in their professional opinion. Does it look like there is enough FAE and humidity? I bought a new hygrotherm and it only reads up to 85% rh and anything over it will just keep the humidifier running... should I trust the digital thermometer inside for the humitidy level?
  21. Anyone else notice that they changed their recipe, or is it just me? It's not even listed in the ingredients. I checked 3 bags.. all the same way. Also, there's corn in there now... yuck! Anyone use this with success? Peanuts? LOL wtf
  22. Calling out peeps familiar with this Tek: https://www.shroomology.org/topic/4686-filter-patch-spawn-bag-tek/ Okay, so I've go a bunch of bags laying around and wanted to give this a try. If it works out, Great! If not, meh. I'm not looking to do a whole lot of experimenting with this, so I don't really feel like fucking with it till I get it right. Here's the deal, the tek doesn't say anything about rinsing the grains, getting rid of floaters, etc. I want to get the moisture content as close to perfect as possible. If I clean the WBS, then I'm going to have to dry them, or compensate with the amount of water I put in the bags. I understand that the bags are going to be a hell of a lot easier to brake up than jars will. Banging those bastards can be cumbersome. So, maybe that's the point?: He doesn't rinse, because even if they get clumped up from the starch, he can just brake it up by hand? IDK, you get my point here; I'm really just looking for decent hydration. If anyone cares to share their experience/tips/advice that have used WBS in filter patch bags before, gimme a holllaaaaa. BTW, I plan on filling up each bag with 3 qts of spawn.
  23. As the topic states, I would like to know what is the longest you have ever let a jar go prior to using it. May I present to you a fully colonized jar that has been sitting since February 3rd of this year. Strain: Maz Spawn: WBS I plan on attempting G2G with it just for kicks. I will let you know how it progresses, but in the meantime I would like to hear your feedback.
  24. Hey all, Tthis is my first time growing mushrooms and I've used the BRF tek with EZ-lids and a self-made incubator (styrofoam and a submersed aquarium-heater) to bake these p. cubensis cakes. They took a long while to colonize, +5 weeks if I remember correctly (maybe even 6-7) and one of the cakes allready had developped quite a big stool while still in the jars. The others were spotless except for some small pin formation. They are in the aquarium for over a week now (allmost 2) and they spawn at a different rate. One stool has allready opened up quite a lot as you can see. Could anyone give me an advise on when and how to harvest? Thanks in advance!
  25. This guy got sick :/ So this was all done with some grains out of one of my better looking jars. I took the pieces that had the most complex looking growth to assume Im getting only rhizomporhic mycelium? Let me know what you guys think and when should I start slice and dicing these up into some jars? Ha ignore any other pictures I might have accidentally attached..