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Found 22 results

  1. So without nutrient agar for the mycelium to feed on does it then turn upon itself to solidify and consolidate its advances?This is my first foray into agar and Petri and just really trying to get a grasp on it all. https://imgur.com/gallery/T3lB5kT
  2. This is a first time grain spawn using a spore syringe. Can anyone please identify if this is more likely like a cobweb mold or mycelium?
  3. MagicalCriminal

    GT spawn, 1st grow

  4. Hey all! i built my glovebox, gathered everything, and im ready make my jars and pc them. In the bulk tek, it wasnt super clear if you need the metal part of lid of the mason jar. I know it says poke a hole in it. I was under the assumption that if youre using tyvek and RTV as SHIP, the tyvek would allow gas exchange? If youre using the metal disc under the tyvek, why use tyvek at all if you can just use RTV silicone over the hole. Wouldnt there be no exchange if there are no holes with, say, micropore tape? Sorry if this is a newb question, just trying to understand.
  5. Maddhatter420

    Wbs No PC

    So, I accidentally wet some bird seed and said eff it. Washed, soaked, boiled the seed and steamed it in my giant pot for 90+ min on full boil. I split up my jars between a pf classic and an oyster mushroom that I obtained from a home depot kit(which was really fun to Play with Bee Tee Dubbz). I had made a few spore catching jars, with hanging a metal X over a jar of sterilized water(also steamed). Caught some spores, sucked em up in a sterilized plunger and inoculated. So far 2 out of the 6 got green yuck. But i think that was bc i over filled and unscrewed the cap a bit too much
  6. I innoculated these jars on 9/8. I feel like 4 are going really slow for some reason. Maybe they are colonizing in the middle of the jars instead of the outside? I drew lines where the myc was a couple days ago because I thought they stalled on me. What is yalls advice or thoughts. These are the "fast" ones And the slow ones Inc sitting at 78-79 constantly
  7. I'm very new, so far I was able to grow out the pf tek successfully using BRF a couple months ago and have been trying to expand my knowledge as much as I possibly can, trying as many techniques as I can. I decided to try rye grain jars, but after two sets (7 jars each time) of innoculating from multispore using two different syringes, I had no success. These were from a different vendor than what I used for my pf tek, so I tried a third set of jars using the last 5cc of a syringe I kept from my first grow. The spores germinated fine, but I am sure I got different amounts in each jar b
  8. Well I just started this hobby in August and I have had some very mixed and bad luck getting viable spore syringes. I tried inoculating some rye grain jars from some golden teacher spores on 10/31 and still have not seen any growth. Then I tried another set of rye grain jars using some Ecuador spores on 11/6. Finally, a few days ago I spotted a tiny amount of growth in one of these jars. The picture was taken yesterday. To me it doesn't look very good, appears like it is very weak. What should I do, or what can I do with it? Is it possible that the spores I received were too ol
  9. How far in advance of inoculation can I prepare rye grain jars? I have only prepped these one day before inoculation, but will they dry out if I wait longer? 1 week? 2 weeks?
  10. MushFlush

    Whole Oat Prep

    This is not my tek, but I like this grain and it works. My particular method is No Soak, No Simmer. That's just what I do. I did it with white millet forever, got turned on to this grain, simply loving it. NSNS is not for everyone, but if you do it right it works every time. I know there are other members here that use this grain, but prepare it different methods. If you are one of those, and you're reading this, please chime in with how you get your oats in a jar. This thread is WHOLE OATS PREP...so let's get a couple methods in the mix. You'll need: Widemouth Quart Jars Proper
  11. Hey there, I've tried inoc'n twice now, 3 jars each time. Both times I waited about 2 to 2.5 weeks, and no sign of life was shown, neither myc or contam, I'm using the no fail wbs tek. Load 3 qts pennington classic wbs in 5 gal bucket. Load with water, skim out the black seeds and any dirt,twigs, corn, (anything not grain). I flush this several times till all the crap is gone and the water comes out clean and clear. Dump through strainer, rinse, comb again for any unwanted material. Put back in 5 gallon bucket and cover in boiling water and let soak for 90 mins. Strain, rinse thoroughly, loa
  12. mushy-madness

    3 of the 4 tubs I have going right now (8-2013)

    From the album: First attempt!

    Growin three different kinds
  13. mushy-madness

    First attempt 4 of 4

    From the album: First attempt!

  14. mushy-madness

    First attempt 1 of 4

    From the album: First attempt!

  15. mushy-madness

    First attempt 2 of 4

    From the album: First attempt!

  16. mushy-madness

    First attempt 3 of 4

    From the album: First attempt!

  17. Okay, so I got really bored and creative this weekend and decided to build this and wanted to share it with you all. This is definitely nothing new or ground breaking, but I think I just improved upon the original way a hair. The Problem: Wild bird seed is very dirty. There's no way around it. It's grown outdoors, harvested with machines and treated and processed in factories. There's no need in sanitizing it since it's meant for wild birds and not human consumption. The Resolution: Washing it. Plain and simple; if something is dirty and you want it clean, you wash it. There are plenty t
  18. Grain to grain transfer is one of the best ways to expand your grain spawn greatly, using very little in comparison. In this tek I created 14 jars of grain spawn with one jar of grain spawn. However, 90% of contaminated subs come from contaminated grain spawn. It is VERY important that you be extra careful and practice sterile technique to the extreme. This is not one of those parts of the hobby where it is ok to cut corners. Use a glovebox or flowhood. Shroomology has a couple of excellent glove box techniques in the glove box tek section. First start by wiping everything down with iso alco
  19. THINGS YOU NEED -JAR LIDS ANY SIZE WILL WORK -SCREW DRIVER OR NAIL -HAMMER -TYVEK(there free at your local post office) -RTV HIGH TEMP SILICONE -RAZOR KNIFE -PEN OR A PENCIL(OPTIONAL) -MAKING THE HOLES grab your hammer, screw driver(or nail), and jar with the lid on........ also make sure your center.... like so then make the holes and dont pound on the lids like you would nailing somthing to the wall youll break the jar.......it dont take that much stregnth to puncture the lids -MAKING THE TYVEK now grab the razor, the lid, and pen or pencil(optional)you can
  20. WBS Prep: My WBS prep is pretty much the same as everyone else's, minus a few things that I do. I get the desired amount of WBS, I usually use the kind with cracked corn, and get a pot of BOILING water. Throw in WBS and stir that bitch or else it will stick to the bottom and smoke up you're house for about 5 minutes. Then turn off heat and let sit for 30, take of hot burner and place on the other cool one. Remember to stir about every five minutes to make sure they are evenly distributed. NEXT, begin rinsing them with COLD water until the water is clear. When that has been achived (cracked
  21. First the diclaimer, obviously I did not think of this tek on my own (other then my measurement that work for me) it is just a compilation... :DI have not soaked or simmered grains in a looong time and I have not yet lost a jar due to contam since using this method, and I also do rye and WBS the same way.I prefer white millet over any other grain, it colonizes way faster IME..I hope this will help you on your mycology adventure, follow this exactly as I spell it out and you will say fuck soak and simmer..Items needed:Quart jars with whataver lid tek you preferWhite milletMeasuring cupWaterAlum
  22. There are many ways to do this. This is my way. If you cant do it exactly the way I do it, just make it happen! Things you will need: [*]5gal bucket [*]Wild Bird Seed [*]Gypsum [*]Screen [*]Quart mason jars [*]Pressure cooker HOW TO: First we start with the Wild Bird Seed (WBS) Good bird seeds for this tek are ones that are cheap, have no fungicides. I get mine from wal mart, and reccomend wither the Economy mix, or Pennington Clasic. The economy mix is mostly Milo (AWESOME!) and is cheaper than the name brand by a couple bucks. Pour however much you need into the 5 gal bucket. 1 quart
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