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Found 10 results

  1. jammingshroom

    5 time trying 2 time success

    hey guys I'm back again with my 5 try but second success at growing I have a few pictures to show and a few questions as well, but before I get into that I'll give the basic setup info I'm doing a 6 qt dub tub mist and fan Tek tut by mushzom I have 4 tubs two of which I used the ztub tek making holes and putting polyfill into them one of those two I used microspore tape (it didn't work) of the 4 tubs I got going right now 2 have started to pin and showing tiny mushrooms (one of which I used the ztub tek - the other old school mist and fan), one is still coming along the myc haven't gotten past the casing yet (this one I modified the ztub tek and used microspore tape "big no no") and the other well I'm not sure... the myc has gotten past the casing an it's making weird formations (I think this one is one I used cyan spore instead of regular cube spores but I'm not sure because I messed the labeling up and if I'm not mistaken I think the strain I'm using is either Burma or treasure coast an that last tub might be a cyan not sure though... you'll see in the pictures this is tub 1 (mist and fan Tek) + pins this is tub 1 again (closeup) + pins this is tub 2 (ztub tek with polyfill) + pins this is tub 2 closeup + pins this is tub 3 (the one I think it's a cyan spore + had weird myc formations) this is tub 3 again closeup of those formations I'm talking about this is tub 4 this is all four in a greenhouse with a humidifier at the bottom when I was using dubtub tek on all four I couldn't tell the humidity but my room was around 50 give or take and the temp was around 70 average in the greenhouse I've got it up to 90 percent humidity and the temp is still around 70 highest 76 since I took the tubs out from the spawn run and began to fruit it's been 2 weeks and the pins first started to show around the 15th day ok so here are my concerns/questions 1. how do they look 1 - 4 2. is it ok to move them from the dubtub tek to the mini greenhouse? 3. since I moved them to the mini greenhouse do I still mist and fan, fan only, or since I have the humidifier don't fan or mist at all? 4. the lil darkness on tub 2 at the bottom and 3 on the weird myc growth...is that contam or bruising? 5. since tubs 1 and 2 are pinning do I stop misting and just fan, especially since I have the humidifier on?
  2. So this is what Iā€™m working on . 8.5ā€™ x 3.5ā€™ x 3.5ā€™ approximately . Pvc frame, thick painters plastic skin, two computer fans intake at the top, outflow at the bottom opposite side.
  3. Is it normal to have to mist tubs in a greenhouse? I might have too much fae. Is the best indicator of too much fae the size of the fruits?
  4. Reading all the greenhouse teks and don't really see what an ideal or acceptable humidity range is. My greenhouse rev. 1 is just a prototype but it quickly gets up to 93rh but takes forever (maybe never) to get to 99rh. Is a range from 85 to 95 good enough for cubes. Also my temp is a little low, about 65f. Also again, this is for cubes. What do y'all think?
  5. I've been growing MMJ for about 5 years now. The 1st 3 years I grew indoors with 9,ooow of HPS lights in my flower room. I saved my money the last year of that and bought 40 acres of land in the middle of nowhere, about 3 hours north of me. I am on my 3rd season growing on that property in a large greenhouse, last year I even built a second smaller greenhouse, but this year I am going back to just the 1 big one, measuring 20'X50". It is not completely enclosed, the ends and sides are open to provide plenty of fresh air. I just wanted it to be protected from the rain and strong winds, and I have a 30% shade screen over the top during flower. I noticed the pistols were starting to burn without the shade screen, so now I take it off for faster veg growth and put it back up when they start to flower. I just got done building another indoor flower room, but right now I only have half the room running. I didn't have room to veg a full room, as I start my plants indoors under T5 lights and then move them up north into the greenhouse when they are a couple months old, averaging about 2' tall when they get planted outdoors. The 1st 2 years I did hydroponic grows outdoor in the GH, this year I made a No-till type soil mix in 100 gallon pots I made from 2X10's. The soil was mixed in a big pile, wrapped in a tarp for a month, then loaded into the pots, watered, covered and cooked for another 3 weeks. I keep forgetting to take pics of this year, but I will when I go up this weekend. Here are a few pics of getting ready for this season (2016). After being filled and watered, the 100 gal pots were covered with a big tarp, which was actually a billboard plastic. The plants were put in these pots on June 10th, I meant to get them up June 1st, but I had delays this year. This is my 1st soil grow ever, and the plants are already pretty big and very healthy, I am very pleased (as of 7/11). Last season I was not happy with at all, but here are a few pics anyway. This is the big GH from last year. First they start indoors: Then to 3 gallon pots: And finally up north in the GH: This is the 2nd GH I built last year, not going to use it this year though. And some flower shots near the end of the season That last shot was Master Bubba, a cut I got from this random asshole. It made awesome wax, but not good bag appeal Fuck taking clones from strangers, I've learned my lesson more than once. Anyway, here are some pics of my new flower room half full this 1st round with only 1/2 the lights on. Just went into flower like 2 days ago. I will post pics at the end of the weekend of how my GH soil-grown plants look like in their No-till 100 gal pots Here are a couple pics from my indoor tent a few months ago
  6. I know i have been talking about this for a while now but i have finally started my greenhouse build and I am very excited to share what I have found. DISCLAIMER: I did not come up with the ideas for this construction, this is a hodge podge of ideas from different peoples gh builds mostly one person who resided in a paralel universe. so anyways here are the materials i will be using. this is the twelve tier greenhouse I will be working with. i purchased two of these ush's to make sure the whole gh will get coverage. these are very very cheep on amazon and the standard size sump pump corrugated tubing fits perfectly snug down in the blue vapor chimney you see in the middle. the corrugated tubing will be used to pipe in the humidity into the roof of the greenhouse at the front and back. It also occured to me that while the ush's are off air still freely flows througth them so i am concidering having the air intake throught those as well. I will use two computer fans at the bottom of the gh in opposite corners for exhaust. they will pull air throgh the ush just fine. my only concern is regarding the sanitation of said air. thoughts?
  7. hey i was wondering what you guys think about how i should use this austin air 400 i was thinking like this with the piramid being an ultrasonic in a big tote. it could be controlled independent of the airflow with a hygrotherm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I spent today setting up my GH. I taped a layer of heavy duty poly at the bottom, but I can't figure out how to properly seal/tape around the zippers. I read Sugaree's tek through and through but still can't seem to make sense of that part. Here's what I've accomplished so far:
  9. hey yall i was just wondering what you guys thought about fan placement setup etc on something like this. i think itd be awesome because you could put full dub tib sized cakes on the racks and have more surface area to pin. and the bottom racks are directly on the floor so they may be usable for colonization of extra bags or regular dub fruiting
  10. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Sunbeam-Cool-Mist-Humidifier/21077812#Specifications Is this a good cool mist humidifier for the GH?
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