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Found 13 results

  1. El_Piraña

    Back at it

    After two years without growing, I’m finally starting some small grows. Lots changed, I used to have an entire room dedicated to fruiting and a closet for incubation. I’ve moved and have nearly no space to do anything, have had to be creative just to find a space to keep my current supplies and SAB. oh and I got rid of nearly all my supplies before my move. My pressure cooker is pretty much the only thing I kept. I inoculated an agar jar on 8/19 from an AA+ spore print. Today I transferred a small piece to more agar and used the rest to inoculate three grain jars. The grain is wheat berries. Never used it before but I wanted to give it a try. Also just for fun, I cloned a couple two year old dried fruits. I transferred each of these today to new agar. Burma: and Ecuador:
  2. Hello fellow shroomology members! This is a grow log for my first attempt at cultivation. I will be following the "MZ" Monotub Tek as well as his NO FAIL WBS tek. My strain of choice is PC Ecuador, as i have read that it is one of the more reccomended strains to start with, as well as a personal preference as the first grower I met also started with PC Ecuador. Pictured below is my DIY Incubation/fruiting chamber that will serve as my climate control ecosystem. Spore Syringes arrive in 3 days and I have all of the exact equipment and much of the knowledge necessary to make this a success! (Much thanks to all of the members of shroomology & shroomery) But I am definitely going to need some second opinions from the experienced community that has blossomed here! Anyways, here is my chamber and I will be sure to post every step along the way to contribute to the peer review practices that keep this engine running! (for those wondering what this chamber is constructed of, I created a PVC chassis made to fit into my metal rack lmao this and everything else will be wiped down with iso before any actual use, and this chassis is contained in a double layered 59 gallon clear yard bag, which will be made air tight, as well as a sterile access port for anything hands on (or gloves on lol) all the way from opening the pressure cooker inside, then innoculation, through colonization all the way up to transferring the jars to the tub of substrate, to pinning, fruiting then harvesting!!!!) equipped on this chamber is 2 CPU fan/HEPA filter vents made from cardboard and lined with foil and there will be an air tight seal on all of this once it comes time to store my jars. Let me know what you think so far!!!
  3. MagicalCriminal

    Grow log 1 AKA Trials and Tribulations

    3-14 I used Strobe's no fail WBS Tek but subbed oats. Made 9 bags because I wasn't sure if the PC could hold more. It can. Next time the goal is 14 bags. I have to make a larger pillowcase because all are too small for the PC. When they came out, they all appeared too dry. Being new, and having read "just follow the Tek" so many times I did just that and nocced 4 bags 24 house after coming out of PC. No grain sticking or shiny grains. Placed those 4 in closet to incubate at 75*. My incubation heater wasn't finished yet and I was prepared to wait on slow growth. 5 bags sat for 2 more days while I searched the site for info about adding water and re sterilizing. No luck. Seems no one has used this Tek with oats. Making a command descion to add water, gave instructions to SWMO since I was out of town. 1/2 qt added to 2 bags, 1 qt added to 3 bags. The measure was meant to be a cup but someone wasn't paying attention. Grr She was estatic after removing the bags from the PC because it was her first time so I didn't have the heart to spank her for messing up the measure of water. 2 days of massaging the bags soaked up all the water. I felt the 3 with an extra quart we're slightly too wet but the other 2 looked great. Plan was to noc on third day out of PC but woke up to the room smelling like piss and one bag swole up like a new pillow. That was yesterday. That bag was tossed and noccing was put back till tomorrow to make sure the remaining 4 bags aren't tammed before noccing. The above info is scattered through a few previous threads along with some pics. Future posts to this thread will contain pics and one pic will likely be posted to the NSFW forum. Just check back occasionally.👺
  4. aqudoc

    KSSS grow

    Hi folks, busy w/ life but haven't stopped learning. Started a KSSS grow mid December that had first flush harvested last night. Here's some pics: Those are the jars I (way over) noc'd from the syringe mushinist sent me. Here they are colonized 1/7: Mixed them in coir/coffee sterilized sub and set to inc. I pulled them from the TnT 10 days later, one had tam'd. Set them up dubtub, cased w/ sterilized 50/50+ & started work on a Martha. While waiting to pin another tam'd and started worrying about my grow room and decided to move them into the Martha reasoning the last 2 were at least as likely to thrive there. Deconstructed my grow setup a TnT and it was disgusting. We have high mineral hard water and even w/ bleach it was a foul mess so I hauled it all out and cleaned down the room. Pleasant surprise on 2/2 By 2/5 Yesterday 1st flush harvest: They're in DW overnight soak I'll drain when I get home after work and set them back for 2nd flush. Comments/critiques welcome.
  5. CAlling all shroomans, and magi. Lmao nah im trying out Z-mush tubs with Verm only casing. Got one in incubation, 3 days in.
  6. sneakymortar

    Second Grow

    First off, thanks for having me! I've spent hours pouring over the knowledge here. I've made some mistakes and learned some lessons. I've been focusing on documentation and adjusting as needed when I make any mistakes. I'm open to feedback on any and all of this. I did not take pictures of the WBS or Jars while colonizing so I apologize for that gap. I initially started going the way of a monotub but decided against it. I'd rather chuck 6 quarts of effort over a whole large tub. Maybe some day when I actually get things sorted and feel more confident. I used the following TeK's so thanks to those authors and everyone who commented on anything related while I was google-fu'ing Inoculated w/ MS Golden Teacher Syringe - Used 1ml per Jar / Tried and failed at my first LCs with the rest. str0bes No Fail WBS TeK-v2.0 - I learned after my first batch of Jars - 1.5 cups of wbs per quart jar as they seemed much more full once hydrated/cooked and rocked me to shake. They also were pretty slow colonizers. Out of 8 quarts of spawn I lost 2. I was probably over-cautious but I'd rather be safe then sorry. 6 Quart Dub Tub *mist And Fan* Bulk Tek - Used coir and spent coffee grounds for substrate. Mixed 3 quarts of substrate to 1 quart spawn 10 Days Incubated at 78F The first two tubs could have used more time and after popping the top I realized I didn't cut the bags down as well as I should have. It did cause problems with side pins later so I guess it's a lesson learned. If there was any fluid on the top I used paper towel to soak it up before casing it. Used 50/50 casing from this same TeK The rest turned out to be much nicer. More like this: Mist and Fan, Mist and Fan, Mist and Fan. Days of patience and then the side pins started! During this time I was doing further reading as only 2 tubs were showing much activity. Turns out I was over-misting. I began fanning a little extra on 4 not showing pinning. One tub was lost, probably again overcautious but I'd rather be safe than have any amount of green or odd color in my tubs. Didn't take pictures of it and didn't keep anything from it. Just tossed the whole thing in the garbage. On day 12 there was some visitors - I'll take what I can get right? Next Day: This is what the side pinners looked like as they came into their own Second Dub that was quick and on the side for the first flush: Focus was on keeping things habitable as possible and I only allowed indirect light for the tubs. My third tub was pretty active during this time. They kinda looked different. I did buy an MS syringe for this run so maybe there's some differences This guy was fairly thick but short. Perhaps I'm not misting correctly or something is off. They popped veils quickly. Last two tubs are flushing now and the pinsets are a little better: Quick totals First flush - Wet: 1227g Dry: TBD - In Progress Thoughts ? Pointers? I'll be building a flowhood next month - 24x24 I'm looking to grab an All American off of Ebay soon, been using a TFal Thanks for looking! TL;DR - I feel like I'm getting somewhere, heres some pictures and my experience!
  7. PsychoNanoNaut

    My beloved mushies: part deuce

    I had an old grow log: My beloved mushies, it got lost somewhere so here's part deuce. I started my journey by chance 18 months ago. Came across some mushrooms out of the blue, had not done them in 16 years prior to that. I was hooked, being a gardener, I decided to grow them. I miss brf cakes, lol. My last grow was like 6 months ago, Matias Romero. I went with new grains (cheap whole oats). I had troubles with tam, and I had trouble dialing in the moisture and nsns tek. Finally got it down somewhat. First pics is my last flush of MR. 7/29 I nocced some oats with AA+. On 8/2 I nocced some jars with A+. Also one jar each of P. Cyan brazoria and PE. First growth in 4 days for AA+ jars First growth in 4 days for A+ jars. AA+ did well but after first shake, 5 of 6 tammed out. (My bad, pc'd micropore tape, it became solid and caused a vacuum.) You know what went wrong after it happens. The brazoria jar was a dud(old LC) but I have a fresh swab to play with later. The PE showed growth but very little. The A+ did better: On 8/19These jars had poly, tyvek or micropore tape(applied after pc). On 8/25 I nocced another 5 jars of oats with AA+. The PE jar is showing better growth: On 8/26 I got around to cooking some sub and making some trays. Made 2 medium trays and 2 mini-trays of A+. Made one mini-tray of AA+.Trays on 8/31, they are colonizing well, I noticed one had too much moisture. I like the trays I use because the clear lid catches all the extra condensation, I can tilt the tray, pinch a corner and let water out. I did this to tray that was too wet. You don't get this chance when there's foil directly above the substrate in a larger tub. Fingers crossed, it's been a while. Next I case and place in FC. I just received 3 LC syringes, PE Uncut, KSSS and ATL #7. So I bought a bag of Pennington classic WBS, these never let me down and I'm bitter with oats. Got 14 jars in the PC now... more to come.
  8. colddayinapril

    Grow Log

    So about seven months ago I started browsing this forum and developing a plan to get my grow on. I found everyone here to be super helpful and friendly and getting my grow started was one of the best hobbie experiences of my life! I promised then that I would share my results with all of you but, as often happens, life got a bit in the way. A new job, a new city, a new everything and it's been nearly half a year since I made that promise. But, I'm back. And I'm here to deliver! This pictures show my journey over about two months using spore syringe to pre-made rye berries bags to mono tubs. I had some trouble at first by not breaking up and shaking the bags which caused some delays in initial colonization. I also had a tam scare in two of the bags. I colonized one tub first with the two good bags. The two with questionable tams I isolated and then removed the contaminated area from the cake + about 20% extra. I then colonized a second tub with this batch in isolation and in the end it turned out pretty well. Actually out performed the original tub! I also had an issue along the way of a delay in fruiting. I solved it by taking everything back to incubation conditions for about a week before trying fruiting again. I think this may have been a mistake over all and I should have just been more patient. My end results, while nowhere near as impressive as some of the yields I've seen on this sub, were still FAR more than I ever expected at just a littel over 5oz! I gave nearly half of my grow away to friends and family (gotta share the love) and spent half of the rest experimenting with various storage methods. I've got just under 1oz left from the original grow. I've had some great experiences over the past several months and learned a lot and I couldn't have done any of it without help from all you wonderful people. Thank you all! I'm about to start my second grow using a WBS tek and the same mono tubs I used for this last grow. I'll also be experimenting in starting a liquid culture for future use. So I'll be back around asking more questions again. So I'm sure I'll be seeing all of you around some more in the near future! Now, onto the grow! Day 1 - Inoculation in my glove box. Day 1 - The bags begin to incubate. I set up a space heater in a closet with a tray of water to keep up ambient humidity. Not sure if this had an effect but I doubt it hurt anything. Day 5 - First signs of growth! Day 15 - Slow growth as you can see. I neglected to crush, shake, and redistribute the newly growing myc resulting in a very long colonization time. Day 26 - This was the day I mixed everything up based on advice received here. I probably could have cut two weeks off my incubation time if I had done this sooner. Day 30 - Four days later and BAM! Colonization at nearly 100% Day 36 - I took the two fully colonized bags and spawned them to bulk using Mush Zombies great tek. Day 36 - Mono Tub A labeled and ready! Day 36 - I kept the other two bags isolated during Tub As initial growth but i got a picture of them together here. Day 39 - Tammy's a bitch! I found a small amount of contamination in the other two bags. This was probably the cause for their slower growth. Day 39 - You can get a better look at the tam here. Especially in the bottom right. I removed nearly 30% of the material from both bags. The contaminated portion and anything within 6" of it was removed and destroyed. I then used what was left to spawn to a second monotub. Day 39 - Monotub B is set to spawn isolated from Tub A. Day 48 - Tub A is fully colonized! Tub B (not shown in this picture) is also fully colonized at this time and shows no sign of further contamination. Day 48 - Tub A (left) and Tub B (right). In this picture a casing layer has already been applied to B. Day 56 - Both tubs have been cased for several days at this point with no real growth noted. I decided to let them go for a few more days before I did anything about it. Day 60 - At this point it's been a week without any real change so I decided to reapply a foil layer and increase the temp by about 2 deg F for a few days. In the end I think this was probably a mistake and I should have just been more patient. Day 63 - I noticed some serious growth around the sides of the foil and when removed saw a forest of pins and some half grown adult mushies! I removed the foil and lowered the temp a few degrees and began a 12 hour light / dark cycle. Day 65 - DICKS! DICKS EVERYWHRE! Day 67 - At this point I figured I was'nt going to get a "canopy" type growth and was just going to harvest in increments. I took all the adults In this photo. Day 67 - Some dongs in a bowel Day 69 - Second harvest. I would get a third harvest as well but did'nt photograph that. I tried for a second flush but had no success. Day 69 - MOAR dicks! Nice pick of one of my drying sessions. I used my dehydrator at 90F. I took the little ones off first at around 8 hours. The big ones taking the longest to get cracker dry at around 18 hours. Pic of my full yield after drying. Banana for scale. Little over 4oz in the bag and 1 oz on the plate baked into 1g candies. I used bakers chocolate, coconut oil, and Stevie powder. Worked great! So that's that. I couldn't have done any of it without all your help! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY MUSHIE <3
  9. This is what I got going on atm. All ks classic cause I had a bunch of jars of the same strain. Hopefully I’ll have a BUNCH of short fatties. The 28 qt is starting it’s secong flush. Starting to see pins once again(: thought it would tam out tbh
  10. Hi, everyone. Been lurking and soaking up info for a couple of weeks now. Finally created an account. This seems like a great community with helpful people. Never grown mushrooms before in my life and am taking the plunge. Am gonna keep a grow log with what I'm doing and I'll ask questions along the way. Hopefully this will help other newbies along the way and will help me, too. Ordered a syringe of Golden Teacher (GT) and it arrived in the mail today. I also ordered a mushroom grow kit bag which arrived in the mail today. Also got some quart jars and made SHIP lids for them using Mushroom Zombie's (MZ's) video. Got a bag of wild bird seed (WBS) and a 22-qt pressure cooker (PC) on the way. I built Str0be's glovebox. I also built the tub-in-tub incubator following MZ's instructions. I just finished making 5 quart jars with self-healing injection port (SHIP) lids according to MZ's video. Here's the plan: - Tomorrow will innoculate the mushroom grow kit bag with 1cc of GT in the glovebox. Will then place the grow kit in the incubator. - PC should arrive day after tomorrow. I'll prep the WBS using MZ's No Fail WBS Tek video method. I'll then innoculate 5 quart jars of WBS in the glovebox and place them in the incubator along with the grow kit bag. I'm also going to prep and innoculate some liquid culture (LC) following MZ's video. - So, that 1 syringe will (hopefully) innoculate 1 grow kit bag, 5 quart jars, and some LC jars. Hopefully I can make that syringe last long (maybe indefinitely) with this, lol. - I'll probably try fruiting the grow kit bag right in the bag. For the grain jars I'm gonna follow the zombie tub tek. - This may seem ambiitious for a first-timer now that I'm typing it all up, but I'm curious to learn all these techniques so I figured why not give it a try. Questions I have: - How long will WBS jars "keep" after prepping them. For example, can I prep some extra WBS quart jars while my LC incubates and then innoculate the jars at a later time? If so, how long will they keep? And how should I store them? - What's a good procedure or tek for the zombie tubs to keep them at the proper temperature and light conditions? The incubator's made with opaque totes so I'm thinking I can't keep them there because they'll be in the dark. The location where they zombie tubs will be gets pretty cold - down to 55* F, so I'll have to find some way to warm the air around them while still getting ambien light. Any ideas or tek anyone can point me to? Thanks again to everyone that's posted stuff. It's helped me feel comfortable about jumping right in and even though I'm gonna make mistakes along the way I appreciate having other people here who I've seen helping people out.
  11. MyFunnyBeard

    First Time Growing Shrooms Grow Log

    Hey guys, so I got my spores in the mail this afternoon! I saw that they were due today so I prepared and sanitized my substrate ahead and just got finished inoculating the jars. I have pics if you guys want to see but its just a bunch of jars sitting in a PC and some pics of the jars in a box so nothing special. I'll keep you guys posted as soon as I see some growth. I went with Golden Teacher for my first growth because I'm eager to learn and I figured who better to learn from than a teacher? A golden one at that! Okay that was stupid and I promise that I won't be making any more lame jokes. Anyway, now the waiting game starts... I hope this goes off without a hitch. I was extremely careful about sanitation, I wore gloves, used plenty of rubbing alcohol, a metric ton of Lysol disinfectant spray in a very small space, flamed the needle, and worked as fast and as efficiently as I could. I also have two more syringes, PES Hawaiian and Creeper, so I'll try those with different methods towards the end of this grow. Wish me luck!!
  12. a discreet name

    Finally, our grow log

    Hey guys. I joined and lurked hardcore for a while a couple months back, started my LCs and bugged you guys about them. Because of some ridiculous circumstances we had a lot of set backs but finally we have a few fully colonized jars and a bunch coming around. There is a mix of WBS and barley jars. I am suspicious of how cloudy some of the barley jars look. Unfortunately because of said circumstances we dont actually knew what strain we innoc'd with but we did mark which jars were innoced with strain 1, strain 2, etc. We're going to be doing the monotub tek but my partner has some reservations about the complications of it because he's real into the info disseminated in this (link forthcoming) weird ass DVD Our next step is to prepare our sub (picking up horse poop today hopefully) and get this stuff into the substrate and do the foil step unless you guys tell me that I read the tek all wrong and im about to do something very dumb. Hoping we're on the right track here. Right this second I'm looking into a heating apparatus ( this one seems ok for the little shed I posted a while ago) http://www.amazon.com/Quartz-Infrared-Humidifier-Inverter-purifier/dp/B005XCW0JO/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1451518901&sr=8-4&keywords=heater+humidifier we're in SoCal and it gets down to lowest, so far, around 50 but being inside the shed and having a little heater should keep them at fruiting conditions easily, we'll be doing the step with the foil in another area that is easily 80-82 RE Ambient lighting issue, i remember reading somewhere that LED lights were fine? Correct me if I'm wrong? I'm glad I finally got the gumption to come back on here, you guys are tops. Heres to a hopefully healthy grow
  13. ladonna

    my first grow log

    so I told yous that i messed up with the syringe and only did three jars....they are 10 days old. I think they look awesome, however I can't find any pics of jars that colonize the bottom first.... is it because I put so much in and it sunk to the bottom? I hope the tops are healthy too, any opinions? so I guess this is the start of my first grow log. I don't know how to add the photos.....help please--im NOT a computer whiz.... #####update---MZ for the tutorial!! so here are my little friends!!
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