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Found 10 results

  1. I have been doing a monotub tek for the second time, this time with PE strain Last time I did a monotub I had less than ideal conditions in every step(mold colonizing in 3/4 of the cake style jars, improper soil(yard dirt instead of coco-coir, 80-90 fruiting conditions, flooding my tub continually, 2 1/2 pint colonized jars in a 60qt mono) and still grew 20g's dry. I have a few questions: 1: I am wondering what dry weight I should expect from 3lb's of colonized rye seeds and approx double the amount of coco coir as there is rye seeds in a 60qt monotek. PE strain ?????? (setup is fan/mist often, 12hr light cycle) 2: I am having trouble fruiting and have not seen pins yet and it's been 5 days since I put my chamber into fruiting conditions.(fan/mist, 70-80degrees, 12hr light cycle) I did not wait for the chamber to create the white fuzzy layer entirely before introducing fruiting conditions, but I did wait until there were white fuzzy spots in quarter size diameter around the rye seeds. Did I do something wrong? is it going to be okay? Did I potentially affect my overall yield? Should I continue fruiting conditions, or revert to no light, no mist no fan for a short period? What the tub looks like currently is the attached photo: Any advice would help, or if you want to suggest any improvements.
  2. Hey everyone im hoping i could get some answers to some questions. This is my girst grow and i dunked my jar cakes for about 11 hours then put them in the fruiting chamber. Three days later im noticing a very slight yellowish color on 2 of my cakes. Ive been doing some research and some people say its because of high humidity. Im at 99% humidity, is this too much? I have a growkit that came with a humidifier and im currently using it. There is alot of moisture in the container. There is no standing eater but its very wet inside.I also have a heat mat under the container to keep my temps average ( Around 76-78 F). Im really worried and hoping to get some answers
  3. Here are a pictures of a couple cakes I am growing I noticed this round all the mushrooms seem to have a white shell over all of them almost like a protectant of some sort you can clearly see in the picture wondering if anyone has any ideas thank you. Here's another picture of 1 I grew same condition and environment but y does this one have no outer shell? Any tips would be great thank you.
  4. First off let me say I'm definitely new to to mushroom cultivation. Three weeks ago I started some BRF Tek cakes, some of which are about ready to move to the FC. About 3 days later I started some spores in rye grain following a tutorial on another mushroom related site. Out of 7 qt jars only one ever had mycelium growth. On that one I got a little shake happy and I think killed it off. Two were contaminated ( I found some mold on the wall behind the baseboard about 30 feet from the basement closet I was using, possible source?) and disposed of outside. The other four never had any noticeable growth. There is a layer of liquid goop at the bottom of them. I'm thinking bacteria but I don't know. I tried to get a picture but it wasn't very clear so I didn't bother adding it. Where did I go wrong? I'd soaked the grain for 24 hours to bloom bacteria as the tutorial suggested. At that point I drained/rinsed/added fresh water and boiled for 45 mins. Then I rinse that through really well and moved it to the jars. I PCed at 15 psi for an hour. After they cooled down I oculated with spore syringes.
  5. I am new to ALL this please bare with me. I have a few questions about this set up. Humidity stable at 99%, temp stable at 78-79 F. An aquarium pump pumping in air "unfiltered" into the air wards or bubble makers both sides, starin is (P.F. original) On another note before i moved these 2 cakes to this setup this a few of the lil mushrooms had slimy heads and were darker color u can see them in the picture of the (Before the new setup) and along the side of the one that is growing they shriveled and dried up...thoughts? 1:Should i have the holes on top and bottom? 2:Because of the water in the bottom that is needed for the bubble makers should i be treating the water with some kind of cleaner like salt or a peroxide solution? to me this the biggest issue. 3:Should i be using Geolite (Hydroton) instead of Perlite? 4: Is fanning something that is required for this type of setup? Any and all advice and help would be super coo. i tried only 2 cakes for trial and error, i have more on the back burner rdy to move into a setup that works in a few weeks. ^^^(after move)^^^ ^^^(Before move to new setup)^^^^
  6. Hey guys. So I'm getting to the fruiting stage on one of them and I was wonder what kind of fogger and humidifier to get. Also, how what kind of light should I get. I have a mini green house and i figures that some LED strips would do the trick. Thanks
  7. Hey everyone ! This is my first time doing a grow! Things have gone without any issues til this point! I've been following the 6 quart tub tek. So I'm to the misting and fanning stage. I've been keeping the environment at 97% humidity most of the day for the past two weeks since adding the peat moss top layer. I just have a couple of questions so for clarification I'm growing two strains. 1 tub of Lovely Golden Teachers (first 3 images) , and 1 tub of A+ Albinos (last few images). So on to the first question . in the last pic of the albinos I noticed a little orange spot. I don't know what pins look like , as it's been about two weeks now of misting and fanning twice a day. I was hoping some one could tell me if it's something I should try cutting out of my cake or leaving ? Mu second question is how much longer do you think they have til they start pinning . I've been doing a lot of reading but keep hearing different estimates. It's been just over two weeks since misting and fanning has started. From my understanding the pinning is something once it's started is pretty quick right ? All I've seen so far is just the mysilum growing more and more. Last question : is there something I need to Change with the golden teachers ? They have seemed to be growing as quite a bit of a slower pace than the a+ strain. They just haven't gotten as thick on the top layer as the a+ have. Are they a slower growing strain and I was unaware ? For any and all who answer I appreciate all help and feedback, thanks !!
  8. Can anyone tell me if this is ready to fruit? It's been going since August 13th and I still see a patch of black on the middle and I can't tell if that's ok or not, I do notice some spots of metabolites in the corners but it shouldn't be taking this long
  9. Help Me Please I inoculated 11 jars of substrate with albino a+ and 1 with blue meanie. I let them fully colonize, then sit for about a week, before birthing the cakes. I didn't dunk them, but did roll them in left over vermiculite. Currently, I have them in a growing chamber with about 2 inches of damp perlite, sitting on top of paper towels. The blue meanies started pinning quickly and I've already harvested two fully grown mushrooms from that cake. It's now growing new pins, along with 2 aa+ cakes, but no others show mushroom growth. The temperature stays at roughly 75 degrees (24 c), 95% humidity, and 12 hours on/off of indirect sunlight and LEDs. I allow 30min of FAE about 3 times a day, and the growing chamber has an air filter. All 12 cakes also have a blueish tint, like they've been bruised, but I scarcely touch them, and am sure they're not contaminated. It's been two weeks since I birthed the cakes, so am I being impatient, or has something gone wrong? Thank you in advance for your advice.
  10. This one is just all stumpy and weird looking. I'm also really hoping that blue in the myc is bruising, I think it is. This one because all of them are growing to the left Different angle:
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