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Found 8 results

  1. Generally, when I do a pf-tek grow, I place a rack about 1 cm above the perlite. I then place my cakes on this rack. But what if I were to raise them up further? Something close to 10 cm. Do you think it would have any observable effect? If so, good or bad? My hypothesis is that the only effect would be that mushrooms would grow more freely from the bottom, but that would be about it. Perhaps you might get smaller mushrooms overall as the cakes have another surface they can grow off of.
  2. Im a first time grower so I am working off of the limited research i've done and the posts on the online forums,. Ended up getting the inoculation and incubation down pat after a few attempts but now that i'm in the fruiting phase I feel as if i'm doing a few things wrong. I've have had theses babies in the fruiting chamber for about a week now and the caps on one cake are developing wayy more than the body of the shrooms. And now I'm a bit worried because there are little to no pins on the other cakes and the ones that have developed seemed to have stalled or are growing abnormally. I mist above the cakes, far enough so that they only get misted and not drops of water on them, a couple times a day and fan about 4-5 times a day. The first three images are of the one cake with good development at the start. This is what they looked like at day 4. This is how they've developed after one week (present)
  3. so my jars where colonizing really good for the first 2 weeks. but then when they hit 100% colonized they seem to have stopped growing. this jar has been fully colonized for almost 2 weeks now and it looks the same. the mycelium does not look any thicker. the temp for my jars have been right at 75 F the whole time. should i just birth the cake and see what happens? i feel like the mycelium does not have a good enough hold of the substrate and will just fall apart when i take it out. any suggestions on what i should do. here are some pics.
  4. woodedholly

    Growth on mushroom cap

    Three of my mushrooms have strange growths on their caps. Is this contamination or just disfigurement caused by somethijg else? The last picture is a mushroom that didnt grow upright and is turning a different color. Should i take that mushroom out?
  5. so i like bird seed the best. my fungus really seems to like the bird seed and colonizes it faster than all other types. every day i look at my jars and take note of individual growth rates. The fungus doesn't seem to like lots of moisture. perhaps that is why they are doing so good with the bird seed. drying that out was a synch. light bulb! hm still like the bird seed better. right now i can't get a fix on optimum temps. moisture seems to be the biggest hindrance to growth. and if i assume the bird seed was the driest then the best temp is like between 80F and say 87F. some of my newest (about 10 days old or so) jars aren't doing so hot. here are my 25 day old jars. do they look like they are where they are supposed to be? i was told that they need 5 more days and then a week to consolidate. just to keep things going so i can continue to learn I'm thinking about making a few more jars of bird seed. Below are my new Jars. As you can see the bird seed is doing outstanding and my oats are not and that's probably because i didn't dry them out enough. waay too much condensation. bird seed is just plain easy and that's why i like it.
  6. i have a few tubs that have pins covering the surface and a few early birds. the few that popped up early are 2-3 inches tall and i feel like they should be mature since its been 4 days since they appeared. this is taking too long,what am i doing wrong? im keeping the room about 75-78 and im using monotubs with 6 holes. the holes on the long ends are loosely packed and the four holes on bottom are tight. is it a humidity issue? ive been misting once a day,even though monotubs dont need it.
  7. Hey there to all my senpais (don't worry I just like to act like I'm retarded). I a new hobbyist in the southeastern US in the beginning of my first incubation.. I've had a good bit of expeirence with hallucinogens but I grew tired of paying for them and waiting for them to pass through so I planned a long tolerance break from everything and dedicated a lot of time to learning and getting a home grow started. Now I have 7 nice little 1/2 pint brf cakes with about 6 days of growth. So here comes my question. I'm trying and failing to leave my cakes alone., but I've observed my mycelium to be a bit uneven... I guess. Two jars have long sections of what appears to be rhizomorph from my verm top layer to the bottom of the cake. But it is tinted ever so slightly yellow. I may just be obsessing but just curious if you guys think so too. Doubt the photo quality is decent enough. Also, is if normal to have big runs like that and only spotting mycelium in the other jars?
  8. What it looked like before i cased them. Pretty much all 5 of them look the same. I would say not bad for a first timer.. Almost like tiny fireworks!!
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