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Found 4 results

  1. This is my first grow and this is what I have going on. I want to go to Peru in January and I have no one to look after mushrooms. I have 3 bags that I soaked on nov 27th and rolled in verm. Not sure when I will have mushrooms. Probably soon and then I inoculated 12 half pint jars. So I am thinking a couple of more weeks until they are colonized and then a week later for full colonization. On the 3 bags is there a way maybe after the first flush I can delay fruiting again by not soaking bc I don’t want them growing when I won’t have anyone to water or fan. I really could use some help. Could someone answer this question for me since I would love to go to Peru but will not if I lose mushrooms and all that time and hard work will go down the drain. Thanks so much. I can’t find any answers on this.
  2. The green mold got me down but I hung in there and nursed some good results out of two of my tubs (so far). But that left me with some questions I thought I knew the answer to. First, the shrooms seemed to mature suddenly and it seems I was late getting them before the veil broke. Also, they aren’t all at the same maturity level. Should I harvest all of them anyway, or as they mature? Harvesting them was a little more difficult than I expected because they were in large clusters that I tried to tease out. How much of the “root” of the cluster should I keep? Is it potent like the stem, or should I trim it off? I ended up with about 500 grams between the two tubs . The picture below shows the scale for one tub reading 10.0 ounces. Third, isn’t really a question, unless someone wants to chime in about the details of my setup, but this is how I dried them. I used M Z’s fan/ furnace filter setup and it worked beautifully. I put window screen over the filters to catch the small shroom bits. I spaced the filters about an 1 1/2” to give the clusters some space. Left the fan on medium about 16 hours and they are mostly dry. Letting it run a little more to get the cluster bases 100% dry. Note that I put the fresh shrooms in a wide circle sine the fan motor is in the middle and there is very little air movement except at the perimeter. Another picture shows my mist & fan setup. Two fans on top, one double window fan below. All three on a timer. Man, that helps!
  3. Hey guys I'm growing PES Amazonian shrooms, they're going great for my first time I just wanna know when do you guys think I should start harvesting them? They've been growing 5-6 days and some of their veils are breaking (little less than half ) the thing that I was thinking about though is that they look smaller than the pics I've seen of them matured? It's just confusing me because the veils are breaking. A bit of help would be appreciated, thanks
  4. Hey there! first time cultivator here and I dont know how to dunk or flush! Tried figuring it out but really dont want to mess anything up! I have a 6 qt tub with a peat moss casing and just finished the first harvest and now I am not sure what to do! Anything helps Thanks, JJ
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