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Found 5 results

  1. First time doing rye berries 0 issues 2nd and third time I have had this green stuff start growing idk if its mold or what I am being sanitary etc still air box never had a issue with cakes
  2. Im a first time grower so I am working off of the limited research i've done and the posts on the online forums,. Ended up getting the inoculation and incubation down pat after a few attempts but now that i'm in the fruiting phase I feel as if i'm doing a few things wrong. I've have had theses babies in the fruiting chamber for about a week now and the caps on one cake are developing wayy more than the body of the shrooms. And now I'm a bit worried because there are little to no pins on the other cakes and the ones that have developed seemed to have stalled or are growing abnormally. I mist above the cakes, far enough so that they only get misted and not drops of water on them, a couple times a day and fan about 4-5 times a day. The first three images are of the one cake with good development at the start. This is what they looked like at day 4. This is how they've developed after one week (present)
  3. I inoculated 11 jars on May 15th, I have four left because all but these four had distinct spots of green among the healthy rope like growth so I tossed them in the trash. Out of the four jars I have left, I don’t have any distinct green spots but I feel like two of the four jars look different than the really healthy ones I have. The two really healthy ones I have are almost fully white and have rope like strands. One of the two strange jars has a slight yellow tint to part of the jar and is growing much slower than the very healthy two jars. The other one has started growing little mushrooms inside the jar even though it’s not fully white. Please take a look at the pictures attached and help me figure out what the heck is going on with them and if I should toss or not. Attached is also a picture of one of the healthier looking jars.
  4. Hello guys I'm pretty new at this so I really would appreciate some help. Do these seem like weird colours? contaminted? pls check this out thanks a lot ! <3 ps I edited the contrast a little bit so it is easier to spot it.
  5. can someone please help me identify these mushrooms, I see them all over at my work and was curious
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