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Found 57 results

  1. I inoculated 11 jars on May 15th, I have four left because all but these four had distinct spots of green among the healthy rope like growth so I tossed them in the trash. Out of the four jars I have left, I don’t have any distinct green spots but I feel like two of the four jars look different than the really healthy ones I have. The two really healthy ones I have are almost fully white and have rope like strands. One of the two strange jars has a slight yellow tint to part of the jar and is growing much slower than the very healthy two jars. The other one has started growing little mushrooms inside the jar even though it’s not fully white. Please take a look at the pictures attached and help me figure out what the heck is going on with them and if I should toss or not. Attached is also a picture of one of the healthier looking jars.
  2. Hey, still very new to posting here, but very passionate and sticking around, so let me know if I'm even posting correctly. Just made my first tub and wanted to know if there's anything I should do differently. Any advice would wonderbull.
  3. I have been doing a monotub tek for the second time, this time with PE strain Last time I did a monotub I had less than ideal conditions in every step(mold colonizing in 3/4 of the cake style jars, improper soil(yard dirt instead of coco-coir, 80-90 fruiting conditions, flooding my tub continually, 2 1/2 pint colonized jars in a 60qt mono) and still grew 20g's dry. I have a few questions: 1: I am wondering what dry weight I should expect from 3lb's of colonized rye seeds and approx double the amount of coco coir as there is rye seeds in a 60qt monotek. PE strain ?????? (setup is fan/mist often, 12hr light cycle) 2: I am having trouble fruiting and have not seen pins yet and it's been 5 days since I put my chamber into fruiting conditions.(fan/mist, 70-80degrees, 12hr light cycle) I did not wait for the chamber to create the white fuzzy layer entirely before introducing fruiting conditions, but I did wait until there were white fuzzy spots in quarter size diameter around the rye seeds. Did I do something wrong? is it going to be okay? Did I potentially affect my overall yield? Should I continue fruiting conditions, or revert to no light, no mist no fan for a short period? What the tub looks like currently is the attached photo: Any advice would help, or if you want to suggest any improvements.
  4. Rykan1408


    Hello Everyone, I hope this post is in the correct section of the forums, but given this is my first post I'm not %100 sure. If not I'll happily create a new thread in the correct area if someone would kindly direct me to said area. With that out of the way I come to you seeking aid. This is my first attempt at cultivating mushrooms, and I have one jar that's developed a dark discoloration at the very top of the cake. It appeared about a week ago and has slowly claimed the upper 1/5th of the cake. I can't tell if it's contamination, dead mycelium, or natural discoloration of the mycelium. I don't know if it'll help, but the strain is KSSS, and the cake is ready to be birthed. On that note if the cake is contaminated would it be possible to sacrifice the upper 1/4th of the cake to save the rest? The discoloration stopped spreading several days ago, and is hopefully isolated to that one area. Thank you for your time, -Rykan1408
  5. Hello everyone! For the last few months I've been doing lots of reading on the effects and benefits of using psilocybin mushrooms and have decided I would give it a try. I have never had a real psychedelic experience unless you count a couple high dose cannabis edibles that sent me way beyond any place I have ever been. Without having friends who used psychedelic mushrooms I had no way of acquiring the mushrooms and with 2 feet of snow on the ground foraging was totally out of the question… I also have zero experience with picking wild edibles so I knew this wasn't an option. Anyway, I decided to grow my own and this is where I'm at. I'm currently in the middle of my first attempt at growing my own mushrooms using the PF tek method with BRF cakes and a FC. So far I've had luck with all 10 cakes colonizing their jars without contamination. All 10 jars are at least 80% colonized or more… but variably so. They have been colonizing for 18 days at 71F with indirect sunlight coming through a window. The pictures are present time. Here is my plan of attack. Once the jars are fully colonized I'll let them sit for another week so they can really take hold of the substrate. Then I'll birth them and soak for 24 hours. I have a FC where I'll use 4-5 inches of perlite and the cakes will sit on top of a small piece of tin foil. This is the point where I'm not quite sure what works best or what should be done and when. Once in the FC should I drop the temperature? I've seen some people say 68F is ideal while other people make no mention of temperature. What do I do if the cakes do not colonize at the same rate? Do I wait until they are all fully colonized or birth them as they become ready? Once they are in the FC do I mist the perlite, walls, and the cakes… or only the perlite and walls? Also, how much do I mist each time? I plan on misting and fanning 2-3x/day. I'm not even really sure what I'm looking for when fanning to be honest. Seems like most people fan for 90 seconds to 2 minutes so I guess I'll follow suit. Last question that I have at this time is how do I go about picking? If a cake has some that are ready to pick and some that are not do I pick the entire cake or only the ones that are ready? I'm super stoked and will update too often!
  6. So....this hasn't been a great first timer experience. I went and checked on my jars today and immediately started feeling nauseous and had a headache. Should I just toss the whole set of jars?
  7. So I'm trying something I've not seen done, but I see no reason that it shouldn't be possible. Instead of using a tit or cabinet as my incubation chamber I placed my inoculated WBS jars into a 6 quart tub then placed that tub inside of two trash bags and set them high up above my baseboard heater. I haven't measured the temperatures but I would estimate that they are high 70s low 80s. are there any issues with this that I'm not seeing? Side note, I'm new here. I'm hoping to get to know everybody pretty well here. You all seem like my kind of folk. Thanks for any advice.
  8. Here are a pictures of a couple cakes I am growing I noticed this round all the mushrooms seem to have a white shell over all of them almost like a protectant of some sort you can clearly see in the picture wondering if anyone has any ideas thank you. Here's another picture of 1 I grew same condition and environment but y does this one have no outer shell? Any tips would be great thank you.
  9. I have some Liberty cats that should be starting to pin anytime this seems to be the point in the cultivation that I experienced the most problems with, if any of you could give me a tip just by looking at the pictures I would appreciate that if it need more detail I can give you all the information in the about the set up I'm running, I have a full time job so I had to buy this automated system. on the right are some Amazon's that have been producing just fine, on the left are growing Liberty caps that for some reason smell and look a little off for some reason.
  10. Hey guys so this is my first time growing , I bought a kit from non-sponsor vendor. so it’s been 9 days sence I put spawn in substrate. My question is if it looks rdy enough to case it . It says instructions it could take 12day to 3 weeks to be fully white with micilium. But it looks white now . So is it rdy to case ? I can put more pictures up if you guys want
  11. Hi! This is my first post and Im so excited to have actually signed up and am now able to chat with you guys. I have gotten so much great information from wonderful people, just willing to share their knowledge.. thank you for that! anyways I started these jars (my first) 3 weeks ago and I've been questioning if this is cobweb mold or am I good to go? Some spots, like the pic, seem pretty wispy..? They aren't completely ready but I need to get the go ahead, or not, from some expert veterans before prepping them for the chamber! any feed back or advice would be very helpful and much appreciated. -Love
  12. Here are 2 separate jars with the strain: Hawaiian liberty caps, noticed they are looking good ..... BUT moisture is gathering i can tilt jars and the water garters up on the edge of jars. The only thing i can think of is it's getting colder outside 32* freezing out temp inside house and then rising to 70* the same day up and down changes to jars are fluctuating as well by 5 deg. Other then that I've left them alone for about 4 days and then gas exchange and checking in on them to notice this. I'm a lil nervous now Any help would be appreciative.
  13. Hear are different jars. same time. 8/29 There is some funny coloring to the jars never seen before myself would like to get somebody else's advice. Are they have stalled not sure what I should do quarantine them or just throw them away or rents and wash and put them in the fitting Chamber
  14. More beginner questions... 1) How detrimental could a slight temperature fluctuation be throughout my colonization process? Ex 1) I'm using my guest room as my fruiting room and attempting to keep it at a constant 68-70* for when it's time to fruit. But when the heat comes on it raises the temp to about 72*. Then when it kicks off it will stay there then eventually drop to 68-70* till the heat kicks on again. Ex 2) My incubator sits in my fruiting because that room keeps the most constant temp. When the heat kicks on in the room it also effects the temp in the incubator. It typically stays at 78-79* but when the heat comes on it can raise the temp to 81* 2) My next questions is about incubators in general. What do you use? I will attach a photo of mine and would love some feedback.
  15. okay guys, new here, glad to be a part of shroomology. this is my first time, and I have inoculated 9 brf jars, 14 days ago (9-22) and 8 of the 9 are looking beautiful, but 1 jar has literally no growth, wondering if i should toss it, or wait more? also have FC questions if people don't mind me rambling. thanks, shroomsy forgot to mention it was from spore syringe.
  16. Hugh Benzi


    Help! What am I doing wrong? I was very careful in sterilizing everything.
  17. Not sure what is causing this. Any feed back is appreciated!
  18. I am new to ALL this please bare with me. I have a few questions about this set up. Humidity stable at 99%, temp stable at 78-79 F. An aquarium pump pumping in air "unfiltered" into the air wards or bubble makers both sides, starin is (P.F. original) On another note before i moved these 2 cakes to this setup this a few of the lil mushrooms had slimy heads and were darker color u can see them in the picture of the (Before the new setup) and along the side of the one that is growing they shriveled and dried up...thoughts? 1:Should i have the holes on top and bottom? 2:Because of the water in the bottom that is needed for the bubble makers should i be treating the water with some kind of cleaner like salt or a peroxide solution? to me this the biggest issue. 3:Should i be using Geolite (Hydroton) instead of Perlite? 4: Is fanning something that is required for this type of setup? Any and all advice and help would be super coo. i tried only 2 cakes for trial and error, i have more on the back burner rdy to move into a setup that works in a few weeks. ^^^(after move)^^^ ^^^(Before move to new setup)^^^^
  19. I have 3 spore syringes that I need to store. I am guessing the refrigerator is the best option? How long can they be stored and still be good?
  20. This is my first time growing here are 3 pictures of the same jar, growing has slowed noticeably all of a sudden, i suspect that i did not circulate the air well enough, i saw smiley blackish tops and here are i am, i only tried 1 jar my first time figured this type of thing would happen any advise and help would be great.
  21. So I have a mix of 4 cakes and 1 brick coir. I mist and fan daily, have a little cycle of 12/12. Am following all the teks. Wtf is going on? Why is there this green layer(not dark green)? Why are the pins so smol, and why aren't there more of them? FIRST GROW closeup Pictures from like 4-5 days ago
  22. So im totally new to making my own spawn and I'm afraid that I messed up. 3 days after i inoculated my jars I reckon they are starting to look dry? I made 4, 6mm holes in the lid and covered it with tyvek. My question here is did I make to many holes and by doing that to much airflow, so they dry out ? And if yes how can I fix it? I hope you have a nice day
  23. Hey guys. since this may be a noob question Ill do my best to keep it short. Bellow is a picture from of 1 of 3 dub tubs I have growing. (that picture is one occurrence of many other similar areas in the tub). Which are from the same WBS and the same casing recipe and the same the strain. Each dub is on its second flush now and besides this one tub things are going swimingly. I have dunked them and I am convinced my FAE is at least adequate considering I mist and fan at least 3X a day. So I cant figure out why this one dub is producing such strange fruits. They seem almost gelatinous and are very dark in color. Not to mention I am picking out new aborts almost everyday. So are these boys fine? Or is there something I may be overlooking? Thanks in advance for the help.
  24. I have two jars that have been nocked up almost ready to spawn. I was wondering if i could put the mycelium into two large pickle jars that I have and fruit them that way. I just dont know how to get good airflow in them. Any help would be awesome. This is just an idea I want to try. Thanks!
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