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  1. hey there everyone, I'll just start out with a little preface: - I'm a complete newb to mycology (even consuming) and am mainly interested in this as a hobby - my background is in technology; software, electrical design, custom circuit boards, robotics, mechanical designs and prototyping, etc A friend of mine asked if i could help him build a system to maximize/standardize growing for consistent and big yield results with a minimum of human intervention. There's definitely lots of ways I can accomplish that, but there's some parts of the puzzle I'm missing. I have done quite a lot of reading so far about bulk and shotgun methods of grow chambers, and that got me thinking about some of the things I'd like to build into an automated fruiting chamber. I'm hoping you, as an experienced community, can give me feedback on what parts of that concept can work, what's unnecessary, and what's dumb and should be avoided. planned automation features: NodeMCU (ESP32 or ESP8266) units for each chamber, featuring air temp/humidity sensor (DHT22), and soil/substrate temp/moisture sensors (D18S20 / ADC comparative circuit), as well as environmental control units. Environmental control will be effectuated with: Peltier TEP on the air intake. Applying voltage causes air to be either heated or chilled depending on the polarity Piezoelectric transducer for vaporizing water in the case that humidity drops PWM controlled LED lights for fruiting stage (not sure what wavelength to use yet) Intake/outlet fans controlled on the a schedule by host server over MQTT with activated charcoal sheeting to address any escaping odors MQTT Enabled host server (Raspberry Pi or other cheap SBC) for data acquisition and aggregation (this will be used to host a web interface displaying sensor data and allow for manual control over environmental devices) Theoretically one rPi server could handle any number of these units physical construction plans: 1x 105qt sterilite tub outer chamber with polyester batting insulation and RTV silicone gasket seals 6x 12.9qt iris storage bins (they all fit when stacked 2x3) HEPA intake and outlet filters using 86889 filters, 120mm fans, and a 3d printed mount for the 105qt bins 50x10mm fans plus carbon filter sheeting for air circulation fans on the 12.9qt bins Let me know what you guys think!
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