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  1. Crackeddoor

    First bulk pic log

    Hello this is my first bulk grow I owe completely to this site ,I had a case of jars and decided to do 2 dubs,2 rez,and a mono,the dubs are fruiting great ,the mono is full of pin ,and I lost both rez...I'm hooked I love this , the complexity ,the surgical tediousness, all the different types of equipment .... Anyway I suck at typing so here pics of my trip..
  2. Borgfer4542

    First LC

    I think this is looking good. I figured I'd ask the pros! When should I take it out of the Inc?
  3. I just moved over my first wbs jars to bulk spawn. Cambodian. I also have 2 Cambodian LC's. 2 golden teacher LC's. 5 GT wbs jars about half way ready. 3 jars of hawaiin LC (didn't have wbs ready and the other syringe of hawaiin tammed, most likely from my technique as a beginner, thought I would triple my odds at success with 3 LC of it ) 7 wbs jars waiting to noc tonight after work 7 LC jars waiting to PC and noc after new spores come in (pink buffalo, Texas yellow cap, and I forgot the other cube) and also reishi and Lions Maine. Did I start way to ma
  4. Hope this question isn't too general, but I have a syringe of black morel and hen of the woods LC. Heading down to Florida for the winter into the spring. Have a good sized yard with plenty of trees. Is there some way to turn this LC into some delicious mushrooms? Is Florida at this time an ok environment?
  5. New to growing here. I want to start getting in to agar work but don't have my petri dishes....or agar...or flow hood setup. One of my golden teacher multispore grows is huge and i want to clone the sucker and it has to be tomorrow. However, since i dont have the agar I was wondering if i could clone to LC first. Let it grow and do its thing, then grab a sample and put it back on agar to check for, and separate from possible contams. I"m thinking this way i can store my LC in the fridge until I have my flowhood set up and agar in hands. So the idea here is to grab a clone of this fruit (w
  6. budmaster669

    Canadian Karo

    Quick question new to shroomology when using krown instead of karo all i can find is krown lily white corn syrup will this work the same
  7. So this is my very first LC 1.5 Pint Jar Light Corn Syrup Barley Malt Syrup (I have powder now for maybe a second one pending this one) PC'ed 90min@15PSI Cooled for 24 hours Innoc 05FEB - Kept at about 75F How is it looking? I swear it's like a game of second guessing yourself every night while reading forums. I worry it's sooo caramel yet. As I've read a bit the myc should be taking a bit of the color out.
  8. Here top picture is grain water. Bottom is karo lc knock up same time same syringe. 10 days ago
  9. Hi Guys, I have attempted my first LC a few weeks ago. I am now swirling my jars daily and starting to see things growing inside. When I swirl them I see these thin filament kind of things float by. I am assuming this is mycelium, but it doesn't look like nearly enough. It has been 3-4 weeks now. I used honey and gypsum for the lc. You can see some pictures I made here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bVLD7rtSZSjkRvGg1 I wonder if this is going the right way? Any feedback is welcome. Thanks
  10. OpenBar

    Ajax Log

    Got this strain from a good fellow in the community, Now that I have the Flow hood, I was thinking good time to try out a new strain So far i just Made two Jars of Oats and Noc'ed them up yesterday. I think I will be going with Ztubs. But we will see as we go.
  11. Hey guys have something sticking to the jar on a pan LC.had it happen b4 and placed in the sun and it turned green this one hasn't .its the same color as the myc .any clue?
  12. widespreadwizard

    Is my LC contanimated

    I started this Jar on July 7. It looks like something is growing out of the solution. Im new to this so any help is appreciated. Thanks
  13. Normally I do a lot of little experiments with side by side test and never post anything about it cause it's not perfect science. I will also say I feel bad about never putting my data out there for the masses who do research before starting grows if I could have saved someone form a bad choice I'm sorry. Now what I did is knock up a lc with an isolate culture. Then after it grow it in many jars corn and oats. I took one colonized jars of each and spawned to a shoebox of straight coir and cased the top with 1/2 inch of pure coir. All done 7/6/17 Theory: Most growers feel corn has l
  14. Hello everyone, was reading up on medicinal mushrooms and was highly interested in these two. I found LC syringes at a decent price from a reputable vendor and are on their way. First will make 250ml LC jars for each one, then play. I know they are wood lovers, but can't decide if I want to try logs, hardwood chips, or sawdust blocks/bags. Which would be the easiest route to get my feet wet? I understand the WBS jars colonization is the same as cubes and it is just the substrate/growth/fruiting conditions that change, right?
  15. Moxie3000

    The myc is beautiful

    From the album: Pan Cyan Hawaii

    It's hard to get a good picture of this, but I think it's beautiful the way mycelium spreads in LC. It branches out like little fluffy clouds. It looks almost like a part of the human nervous system. I had the chance to see The Bodies exhibit in Las Vegas. It has preserved human bodies and organs. They managed to preserve the nerves and nerve endings of the nervous system - just that, no flesh or skin or anything - and it looked like this. Beautiful, methinks.
  16. Hey all. Just received a GT spore print (thanks magican!!!) and i am not quite ready to start my grow yet. I was thinking either to store my print, or at least try and get a liquid cultire going. How can i make a liquid culture with this spore print so atleast that can get going while i finish gather together my supplies (... a pressure cooker! ) Also, is there a way to do this without a syringe? I have no clue where to get a syringe like the ones necesary for Innoculation.
  17. I am trying out liquid culture for the first time, using AL2O3's tek: Also made my lids from this tek (made my own SHIPs): I'm using pint jars. Inoculated three jars, each from a different strain, each from a small piece of clean growth from an agar plate. I have had these in my incubator, generally between 75-78 deg. The incubator's not very nice, gonna set up a new one later this week. The pictures are difficult to get a good view of growth but it seems they are roughly the diameter of a nickel...more or less. Does this look about right? Noc'd these on 1/17,
  18. Herbert

    Herb's 2nd Go

    Hey ya'll - so after a bit, I have started a couple new projects. My first cakes, while enjoyable, were light on returns. So I have started some WBS and new cakes nocced w/ LC of Amazonian. Feeling good - getting ready to prep my sub for a couple mini tubs of my own design. Of course I will keep the group posted of my progress! Check it: Obviously I'm not working with as much volume as a lot of you guys, I just prefer to see how much I can squeeze out of smaller batches.
  19. OpenBar

    LC to agar dishes

    Happy to be back at it again! Will try to focus on mono's. but have some stuff im trying to work out and like a few set of eyes to look and tell me what they think. Will be starting another log soon.,. These LC are from 5/30 ish This one is from same time, different strain
  20. DrDankness

    Hows my LC?

    Hello. This is my first attempt at LC using Karo. The room its in stays at 80 degrees all the time. I injected the spores last Wednesday, making them 5 days old. How do they look for 5 days? Im wanting to use it soon so i can noc a grain bag and see if its contam'ed or not before noccing all my bags. I had myc showing up at day 2 but now it seems to have slowed its growth. Pics are kinda hard to take of this stuff.
  21. Hello everyone. I am starting my first grow. I had a question about steam sterilizing for making liquid culture. I bought a top with a SHIP and one way filter from Shroom Supply. I attached a pic of it. I planned on running a pot of water with about 2 - 3 inches of water with a rag on the bottom and sitting my jar in it and boil it for 60 minutes. Now my question is, do i leave the top cracked or sealed tight? Also is the plastic top going to be ok in the steam for an hour? I figured it would be fine since they say the top can be autoclaved. Do i need to cover the top in tin foil? I see a lot
  22. Those Who Were

    Shiitake LC

    From the album: Edibles

    My first growth from any of the lc's i tried to make. This was my 3rd attempt for the shiitake, 3rd times a charm. Still a no go on the oyster lc's, although i do have clean samples growing in dishes.
  23. mushy-madness


    From the album: First attempt!

  24. mushy-madness


    From the album: First attempt!

  25. mushy-madness


    From the album: First attempt!

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