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Found 2 results

  1. Those Who Were

    DMT Mason Jar Lid Deterioration

    Hello yall, I have been saving all of my old dmt jars and recently did 2 pulls on each on of them all in one go. There were about 7 jars and every last one of their lid linings were deteriorating and flaking off. The deterioration is also noticeable on my very recently made jars. This is especially concerning because i read on the nexus that those lids do contain BPA and im sure other things that may or may not be soluble in naphtha but nonetheless SHOULD NOT be contaminating your extractions. I believe i have a solution to the problem where mason jars can still be used but i have not tested it out yet. basically it envolved using a layer of ptfe to seperate your wb and nap from the lid. PLEASE! DO NOT CONTINUE TO USE MASON JAR LIDS AND IF YOU DO YOU SHOULD IDEALY WASH OFF THE INSIDE OF THE LID WITH VINEGAR THEN WATER AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ESPECIALLY BEFORE PUTTING AWAY THE JAR FOR STORAGE. hopefully you wont open a jar to see fleks of coating falling into your wb. JW
  2. BEYOND2


    THINGS YOU NEED -JAR LIDS ANY SIZE WILL WORK -SCREW DRIVER OR NAIL -HAMMER -TYVEK(there free at your local post office) -RTV HIGH TEMP SILICONE -RAZOR KNIFE -PEN OR A PENCIL(OPTIONAL) -MAKING THE HOLES grab your hammer, screw driver(or nail), and jar with the lid on........ also make sure your center.... like so then make the holes and dont pound on the lids like you would nailing somthing to the wall youll break the jar.......it dont take that much stregnth to puncture the lids -MAKING THE TYVEK now grab the razor, the lid, and pen or pencil(optional)you can trace the lid with the pencil thn cut it out or you can just cut around the lid watever you thinks easier check it out thn grab the RTV SILICONE take the cut out of the tyvek and dab some silicone on..... again make sure your center like this NOTE: watever side you punctured will leave a bur like this now that side needs to be faced down like this NOT LIKE THIS it doesnt matter if you punctured the top or the bottom of the lids either....... they work both ways the reason why the burr needs to be facing down is because the tyvek will be sticking up and wont seal as well and will also allow for a higher rate of contamination in my experience so i always do it this way, now put the lids on first then the tyvek and seal that bitch LET IT DRY 24 HOURS BEFORE USE YOU CAN ALSO REUSE THEESE MULTIPLE TIMES IVE DONE IT................. AND YOUR DONE AS SIMPLE AS THAT -HERES THE END RESULTS
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