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Found 9 results

  1. So after prepping up a few bags the Lions Mane has been inoculated today have a closet set up as an incubator set around 70-75°f and their all tucked in. Will be checking them in about three or four days to make sure their off to a good start, I'm super excited.. I am a newbie at this so any tips or info is always welcomed!!! Thank you!!!! P.s. just had to show off the pretty pictures with the spores in them. They look so stunningly beautiful!
  2. Hi all, I'm pretty new around here. I got into this hobby for several reasons. One main one was to explore microdosing. There is a 2017 video where Paul Stamets proposes a nootropic "Stack" for "Epigenetic Neurogenesis" (about the 27 minute mark): I'm wondering if anyone here has tried this stack. I have, for about 5 weeks now. I took the dried mushrooms from my first grow, ground them up and put them into #00 capsules. I did this for consistency of dosage, as well as ease of use and a less conspicuous form of storage. I've seen reports of people getting up to 0.5g in #00 capsules, but I couldn't get anything more than 0.4g, with most being between 0.33-0.38g. Since I am 215 pounds and Stamets recommends between 0.1 - 1g for a 154-pound person, I figure one capsule is a reasonable microdose amount, and it does seem to be -- no hallucinations, normal functioning, etc. Then I bought some Lion's Mane powder online since I am barely a novice and LM looks like a challenge to grow. I got some from two different sources, but the kind that I really like is from a Canadian grower with a seemingly good reputation -- organic, water extraction from fruits. I encapsulated the powder as I did with my home-grown psilocybin, with the same 0.33-0.38g average. Stamets is suggesting a rather large dose of LM (~5g - 20g! -- is he trying to get rich selling LM lol?), and I tried 5g for a few days but.... I also bought some Niacin, 100mg tablets. I've taken the stack with and without Niacin, don't think that it has a discernible effect for me. So I can take the psilocybin alone and pretty much not have any noticeable effects with my daily function. But combine .35g of psilocybin with ~1g of Lion's Mane and things get weird. What's up with that? It isn't a psychedelic experience, rather one that is hard to describe -- a certain alertness that comes with a certain edge to it. Furthermore, if I only take 1g of Lion's Mane (without psilocybin), I still feel something. It isn't a psychedelic experience, more like that indescribable edge, but way less pronounced than when done with the stacking. I can still function with the stack. It isn't psychedelic, but there is something going on. I feel like somehow the LM amplifies the Psilocybin and vice versa. (I also bought some Reishi and some Cordyceps powders from same Canadian supplier and have encapsulated them as well; not part of my daily regime, trying to keep the variables smaller, so nothing to report yet.) So, has anyone here tried this particular Psilocybin/LM Stack? Or any other stacks? How have you felt combining Psilocybin with LM? Has anyone noticed perceivable effects from taking LM alone? What about Cordyceps and Reishi? Do you have any general experience microdosing you could share? I would really appreciate your experience. One thing I am learning is that mushrooms (and not just psilocybin) are not to be taken lightly....
  3. wayne2oo8

    Lions Mane Progress

    Hello, Bought a lions mane kit over a week ago, about 8 days in on fruiting hopefully done in the next few days. The right one started to cauliflower at the very beginning and hasnt quite recovered. I've been making adjustments with FAE, have a hair dryer (on cool air) kick on at certain intervals. The right fruit is also turning brown a tiny bit on the top, i think it may have gotten too dry. I was running my FAE on for 30 seconds at a time and think that may have contributed to that. Im currently trying out about 10 seconds on, then off for about 8 minutes. Keeping RH about 95% for the most part.
  4. So for a bit now I've been talking about trying the edible side of mush growing and finally have done it with pink oysters. There will be others coming soon (golden oyster, king oyster, reishi and lions mane). I will just add them to this thread as they come along. I used phish' wood substrate recipe, so far it has worked great. The only change I had to make was I used alder pellets because the store I went to didn't have oak pellets. I will get oak soon for next round. You can find his recipe here The first couple of pics was when they started bustin out of the bags, and then a couple days later. Anyways thanks for peeking!
  5. Here’s a great recipe, that’s really easy too. I’ve made it with both wild Shaggy Mane and home grown Lions Manes too, and the LM can’t be beat. I’m sure it would be excellent made with any store bought mushroom, especially Crimini’s (baby portobello ). Cream of Lion's Mane Soup 3 cups. Diced Lions Mane/ Shaggy Mane 1 cup Chopped scallions 3 Tbsp Butter. **unsalted has less chance of burning**. 1 clove Fresh garlic, minced 2 Tbsp Flour 2 cups Chicken stock or Vegetable stock 1 cup Whole milk 1 cup Heavy cream 2 Tbsp Sherry (Optional) * Salt and pepper to taste * Oyster crackers to top off bowl (optional) * 2-4 Tbsp Thinly sliced scallions to garnish (optional) Melt butter in pan over medium heat. Add 1 cup of scallions and stir often (don't burn it) sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add mushrooms, garlic and cook for another 3 minutes. Then sprinkle in flour and cook for 3 minutes while chopping/mixing and stirring to keep it from clumping too much. Add chicken stock and whisk like hell to separate the clumps some. Bring to a low boil, then turn down to low and low simmer for 30 minutes covered with a lid. (It's going to get thick as hell,but don’t panic you'll thin it with milk and cream soon). After 30 minutes add milk, cream, sherry, salt, pepper and heat while stirring until hot Serve with oyster crackers and a sprinkle of finely chopped scallions on top. Be sure to share with those you love😉🤙
  6. Here is a recipe for wood based substrate for edibles/medicinals that has worked well for me .I'm sure it could be tweaked, but it's a winner and it works great just the way it is. I dont use Vermiculite and I dont use wood chips .( though I just picked up a huge bagged mixture of chips and sawdust to play with) Just wood pellets,Gypsum,and Wheat Bran.I've got photos but dont have the will right now to dig them up.I'll work on that later. These ratios will make 13 lbs. of substrate which will provide enough sub for 2 - 5 lb. blocks and 1- 3 lb. block (with a little left to toss to the mushroom gods ) that will all fit in my 23 qt pressure cooker nicely. But if they seem a bit tight in your PC, it's ok to lighten them up just a little bit So...enough with the bullshit, lets get started * In a 5 gallon pail, or something big and similar ,add- 10 ozs.- Granular Garden Gypsum...fill a qt.jar to just above 8 oz. line) Add 3 , topped off quart jars of Premium Hardwood Fuel Pellets Mix these together by hand a little bit and then add- 1 gallon - Distilled Water or Soring water because moisture content is critical here. Dont use Chlorinated or Flouridated tap water if you can avoid it. Now get the ol ladys' big long fuggin spoon and mix that shit up some, just to get it all nice and wet.It's all gonna break up real fast. BOOM...instant sawdust. Throw a top on it or a couple towels to prevent any evaporation and let it sit for 12 hours or so.I like to give it a stir every few hours just because of water settling a little....But puddling water is fine ,our bran will absorb it .PERFECTLY After your 8-12 hour soak,,give it one more good stir cuz its time to add the nutes.I like Wheat Bran but Rice Bran will work also.You can get this at any health food store. Fill a qt. jar up to the bottom of the threads (14 ozs.) with Wheat Bran and sprinkle some of it on top of your sawdust to cover it and smush it into the mix.Turn it a bit and keep doing that till its gone. I tip my bucket at an angle to be sure to stir it up good and evenly. It's gonna take some arm work.(Remember way back when, when you smushed your brf into your moistened verm for those PF Cakes? .....same thing! Now we start filling bags.I use 8" gusseted autoclavable (5 micron filter patch) grow bags that I get from a non-sponsor.Fill your bags with sub and dry fit them in your pc to be sure they'll fit.I stand mine up on end..Dont jam pack your pc you can always split your bags up and run a 2nd campaign tomorrow with the rest of your substrate if you feel the need. When youre happy with your bag level ,fold it over itself and seal it up really good, getting all the excess air out,with Scotch Brand Heavy Duty Shipping Packing Tape.Its great shit and will hold up to the heat .Careful how you tape it up because you have to cut it away in order to add your spawn and you dont want to butcher up your bag.... SO BE CAREFUL AND PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL Toss a few jar rings in the bottom of your pc , put your rack in , and a couple between the bags and side wall . I like the rings on the bottom because I put some extra water in it ........for a 2 hour sterilization. So......get your Pressure Cooker started up and when your rocker starts to roll , turn your heat down to where you want it , a real gentle rock ,set your timer for 2 hours. When your time is up,shut the heat off and leave it alone.I dont ever open my PC for at least 12 hours and sometimes as long as 2 days. Spawning to Substrate So at this point,you've got your sterilized substrate and hopefully some colonized spawn to dump into it. I take a Xacto knife and carefully cut the tape (all this is done under sterile conditions in a sterile as possible environment naturally) across the bag ,without damaging it .If you happen to damage the bag,this tape works well to patch it up. Once ive got my bag tape cut away ,I fold the top 1 " over a couple times and clamp it with 2 or 3 clothespins.NOW, you start to fluff up your sub.Squeeze it and flluff it all up nice nice.When its all broken up your ready to spawn. Now,how much spawn you add to your bags is up to you.You probably dont NEED this much but I add about a jar of colonized spawn to each 4-5 lb bag ( jars are 2/3 full ) .Works for me and colonizes nice and quick. Having just broken up your spawn ,open your bag and quickly dump your jar in, clothespin it shut again and mix it all together nice and evenly. Then I puff it full of sterile air and use my impulse sealer to seal it up. Note: If you have a flow-hood, great. If not you can still get great results. Use good sterile practice as possible and you'll be good.If you don't have a sealer, fold your bag down tightly to just above your filter patch and clamp it shut with clips or clothes pins. Now throw that shit in your IC at 70-80F .I hold steady at 77F.Hericium Erinaceous (Lions Mane ) should colonize completely in about 5-6 weeks.Lentinula Edodes ( Shiitake ) can take a little longer. Both of these strains fruit best at 60-70F. I had a fuck of a time struggling to reach these temperatures in the middle of August . I did get fruits from each flush, and I was happy with the results,but I would've rocked these bitches at lower temperatures.So keep your seasonal temperatures in mind. I fruited the Shiitake's in an old shotgun FC with perlite and they went months before they contaminated. Like I said , I'm not claiming perfection here by any stretch.But this recipe is a great starting point. Good Luck -Phish
  7. Hello everyone, was reading up on medicinal mushrooms and was highly interested in these two. I found LC syringes at a decent price from a reputable vendor and are on their way. First will make 250ml LC jars for each one, then play. I know they are wood lovers, but can't decide if I want to try logs, hardwood chips, or sawdust blocks/bags. Which would be the easiest route to get my feet wet? I understand the WBS jars colonization is the same as cubes and it is just the substrate/growth/fruiting conditions that change, right?
  8. Hey Everyone, I am a newbie starting off trying to grow lions mane but having some problems. Can't really tell what is happening atm. I figured it was one of three things A) Its too dry : My RH is normally around 76% and the temp in the high 60's F. I only mist once a day because I heard that directly misting lions mane will cause bruising.B) Its contaminated: To me I didn't think it looked like a contam (but hell I'm a newb so that doesn't mean much *wink*)So far I am not noticing any smells out of the norm. OR C) These are just aborts. I have noticed that it is still producing new primordia on the sides that look healthy at the moment. Procedure Used - Substrate- Pure Oak Sawdust, 20% cottonseed meal, 1% gypsum Substrate PC'd 90 minutes on 15 PSI Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks!
  9. Hello fellow hobbyists! This will b my first official attempt at farming up some delicious healthy fungus to nom down on being that I'm obsessed with the fungus and 20 bucks a pound sucks so here we grow. So this log will start solely with the lions mane simply because i have made some liquid culture of this and i figure i could add strains as the log goes on. this is 1 of the 4 cultures i have and they are pretty close to equal. Now tomorrow is pay day so i will b getting some grain to prep. Was going to get corn kernels, Millo, and rye berries to prep into some o my wide mouth quartz. If theres a grain any of u find more optimal please feel free to help me out. I'll take any advise i can get.well thanks for reading
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