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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, This is my first post here and it's been a long time coming. I've been working on this grow for about 2 1/2 - 3 months now and I think that my first flush is nearly ready to be picked! The strain is B+ Cubensis and the grow was relatively easy and low maintenance. About 3 weeks ago I transferred colonized spawn bags into my bulk grow kit and my first pins started appearing 6 days prior to this post. My only question at this point is are my mushrooms ready to be picked and dried? Also, I heard that you're not supposed to pick any big mushrooms if there are smal
  2. hello everyone. first of all, sorry if i am on the wrong forum and sorry of the picture's quality isn't good enough. these two are in my garden. no cow dung there but there are dog shits and maybe rabbit, rat, mouse, cat shits. are they psilocybin-containing mushrooms? thank you for helping me have a good continuation
  3. My very dear Mushroom Growers! As a Growing Beginner I have a question about growing Mushrooms outdoor in middle europe - is this possible? In my language there a veryx low inforamtion, that is why I love english speaking sites like this 8) The former german mushroom site just says therefore: (I try to translate as good as I am able to) "The Magic Mushrooms breeding as a cultivation of mushrooms outside (Outdoor), e. g. , in own garden is easiest. From the psychoactive mushrooms the kinds of Psilocybe azurescens and Psilocybe cyanescens are suited for this purpose best of all. Both k
  4. Are these trash?? I'm so sad.... #learning
  5. Hello dear community, I have much experience with different kinds of magic mushrooms and want to grow them now by myself. Therefore I found during the research sometimes the statement, that even new scientific reasearchers found out, that magic mushrooms could really good help by healing mental illness like depressions or support successfully stopping a tobaco addiction. For example in the magic mushrooms blog zauberpilzblog.net I read often about a big healing effect of magic mushrooms. BUT now my problem is: Is that generally right, that scientists discover this effect more and more? Unfo
  6. I've wanted to try shrooms for a while now but havent really had a chance. I finally got hooked up with some a few days ago (no clue what species or anything like that), but didnt have the chance to actually do them yet. I'm currently attending college and living on campus with plenty of willing and trusted babysitters (im not sure if theres anyone who wants to trip with me, if there is im not sure if i still have the hook up, but would it be better if im not the only one trippy?). I have an idea what to expect (but have only drank and smoked bud before now) but I wouldn't mind hearing what it
  7. Magic Mushrooms can be found throughout most of the world, in cold, temperate, sub-tropical, and tropical habitats. Depending on your location you will need to find out what species of magic mushrooms grow in your area to learn where to find magic mushrooms, and buy a field guide to help you learn how to identify them properly. Never eat any mushroom you find without performing the proper identification techniques! Before going to find some magic mushrooms, you should find and buy a good mushroom field guide. A field guide will have pictures, and descriptions of the types of mushrooms you
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