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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings fellow mushroom enthusiasts, What is the best CMC (cow manure compost) to use for my bulk grow? I called my local grow shops and they both carry the same brand of CMC: Bu's Blend Biodynamic Compost: Organic and GMO-Free Soil Amendment. Ingredients: Organic dairy cow manure, straw, wood chips, and biodynamic concentrations of yarrow, chamomile, valerian, stinging nettle, dandelion and oak bark. Is this good to go? Should I look for a different brand? What do you use?
  2. So I want to do a Monotub-grow and use horse manure as substrate. The problem is that i can't find simple dehydrated manure. I can only get HPoo pellets. The pellets are 100% HPoo and have 1.9% nitrogen and 1% phosphorus. Can I use those pellets for a bulk substrate? Help would be appreciated
  3. Hey everyone. I'm wondering why its so hard to locate composted manure and dry horse manure online or at any hardware store or anything. Do you all have a format to acquire manure or is there a reputable online provider or store chain that provides this? Also I cant use any manure right? Gotta be purely composted manure? I have some manure with peat added, would that work? Any help would be lovely. I hate using coir/Vern/gyp. Is there a healthy substute for manure? Sorry for all the questions. Y'all have a great day
  4. So it's about that time again. Bout a year haitus and I'm now back and as full of questions as ever. How does this substrate sound? I tried to use what I had with the calcium carbonate bc I couldn't find it at a few grow shops (I'll have to get online in a week or so). 5 qt coarse vermiculite (water retention and structure, I assume) 3 1/4 qt cow manure compost (said dairy manure compost some bagged bs brand from walmart), nutes 3/4 qt worm castings, nutes 339 g coco coir (close enough to the 325g that mtdorashane used in the tek i am roughly emulating), water absorption and structure 1/4 cup gypsum (calcium sulfate, extra nutes) 1/4 cup coffee grounds (nutes) 1/4 cup spagnum peat moss (I'll be using this for the casing, so i figure if I introduce it to the mush now, they'll know how to digest it better when it's spread for the casing) 1 tsp pickling lime (calcium hydroxide for a quick ph raise to give mush a better start (they prefer acidic, but their competitors will like it more, their adaptability allows them to also thrive at 8.5 or so) 2 tsp crushed oyster shells (I could not find calcium carbonate. Limestone, or oyster shell flour, or gardening lime that had less than 5% magnesium) ((I attempted to crush the oyster shells a bit more with a porcelain bowl and hammer, it kind of worked to lower the size...)) 1 pack of active yeast, approx 8 mg (Just dicking around, pretty much. I assume mycelium like it bc it's used in agar, so why not bulk. Hopefully someone doesnt respond and say you're a dumbass who didn't research the affects of yeast enough.) 1 tsp extra light malt extract syrup (This is also not called for fromany tek, but I figured why not. Hopefully no one has an actual point about not using malt syrup in bulk substrates.) 12 qt boiling tap water added Dry ingredients mixed. Wet mixed. Both mixed together. Bagged in oven bags (w/ micropore tape covered holes). They will be pc'd tomorrow since I have to visit my 'rents tonight. So I also made agar, that is currently pc'ing. Recipe as follows. 26g agar agar powder 11g yeast (might have really overdone that) 9g extra light malt extract syrup (it's what I have and want to get rid of/use) ((I think I should have used 12g syrup?)) 1/4 tsp organic brown rice flour 900 ml distilled water Will pc for 30 min. Plan is to use z-tubs. Everybody loves pics. Strain is APE. Can i use this flavor injector to suck up my LC and inoculate the agar? At least once. I can then presssure cook it to sterilize and reuse, right?
  5. I have a lot of wbs jars done and ready to use so Im gonna do an all rabbit poo substrate in zombie tubs. I have seen in other forums that rabbit shit pops up from time to time. So I have rabbit poo in my pc now and will attempt to turn little balls of rabbit shit into cubes. I sifted it and it came out like a light and fluffy potting soil. I made about 5 gallons and I did put about 2 quarts of my medium grade verm (just to get rid of some). Every time I buy course grade verm it is almost powder its so fine. I need a substitute, but any way... I wet it to field capacity but a little dry but not to dry I think. put 8qt or 2 gallons of poop in a cooking bag. Not the turkey size but the one for up to 8 servings.(that's what it says on the box) I used an old sweat shirt added water to the pot, added old sweater, and put the bag in the sweater. I folded it all up - added some wood to the top to keep the pc from clogging up. that's where we stand for now. going to pc 1 more bag just in case I want to do the monotub again. excited - lets see what happens.
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