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Found 40 results

  1. This is a first time grain spawn using a spore syringe. Can anyone please identify if this is more likely like a cobweb mold or mycelium?
  2. Here are pictures of a couple of my cakes from my SGFC and just wondering if the white fuzz is good or bad... I birthed the cakes a few days ago and they were already growing fairly large mushrooms as well as pins so I went ahead and followed thru the rest of the steps because they smelled like healthy mushrooms to me, nothing bad. Some cakes have very healthy looking pins coming out, a couple of the more mature ones got bruised large shrooms I had to force out of the jar a little and they didn’t detach from the cake so I just left them thinking maybe they’ll get even bigger. Now they’re fuzzy and just wondering if that’s good or not
  3. Dez

    Please help!

    Can you please help me identify if this is mold and contaminated? This is my first time growing and i am still in the trials and errors stage. I started growing B+, Amazon, Brazil and Mazapatec. Harvested about 350g Brazil(wet), 700g B+(wet) and 300g Amazon(wet) so far. In the last couple of days, the color in the bins started changing and i am worried about my babies. No funny smells coming from the bins yet.
  4. Got a few dub tubs going and spotted a single 2mmX2mm green spot in one of them. It is the first flush and fruiting is well under way. I immediately took the tub that was showing contam out of the the house, cut the spot out with a sterilized scalpel, and then heated a bolt with a large head up with a torch, and branded a 1.5" spot where the mold was. Anyone ever tried this? Im sure that there is a damn good chance that the mold was larger than the green was showing, just hadnt greened up yet. At least its out of the house, and i will be very closely monitoring the other 2.
  5. Gonnadoit

    Mycelium and Green Mold Competition

    This is my first attempt at growing mycelium. I used soaked, boiled and dried rye berries w/ gypsum in mason jars with 1/4" hole in lid, stuffed with cotton. Cooked at high pressure in insta pot duo for 2 hours. I used purchased oyster wood plugs, that I have had for a month. Used sterile gloves to drop the mycelium plugs in the jars as quickly as possible. Here's the part I don't understand. After a few days, there was definitely green forming, at about the same pace as the mycelium. Now the mycelium is completely dominant and there is very little green. Is it safe? Can the bad mold be eliminated? AND, I shook one of the jars and the "white" disappeared. Literally just from shaking it. Like the mycelium had no real structure. See the image with the side by side of the jar I did not shake and the one I shook well. It was like a magic trick. Thank you in advance for any feedback. Oh, and btw, I just got a Presto 23 quart yesterday. Can't wait to try it out today! On my way to get mason jars now.
  6. Observer15

    Contamination, or normal?

    Hello I am running a test batch of portobellos for observation (first time) and wanted to know if anyone can tell me which this is: A contaminant, or normal growth? I've seen similar images of both that have been called both contaminated and normal, so I am not sure. If they are contaminated, what would be the next step? I am trying to find out if I have it in me to grow anything at all without ruining it. PLEASE SEE EDIT/UPDATE BELOW ______________________UPDATE________________________ I decided to sacrifice one of my test batches to get a better picture. I've never tried to grow anything before so I cannot say for sure, but past experience with moldy food tells me this is probably mold. I would obviously be delightfully surprised if it were not, but alas, it probably is. I am testing several levels of sterilization to see what level works best for me and gives the best results in my environment before I commit to growing more expensive types of mushrooms. Hopefully any helpful input will further that effort. Thank you in advance.
  7. The shroom Todd

    Contamination or not ? help ...

    Hey Guys, First post here even if I have been active here for 5 months. I learned everything from this forum and thanks for that. I started by doing cakes and switched to the "Rez effect reloaded" by Mush Zombie and I was doing great until now... I face a problem I can't fix up... so I would need your advices please. I don't know if it s contaminated, or it s just bruise-y because to much fan .... what do you think ? Of course we can't say it s an healthy tub. I have changed 2 things : - the location from my living room with high ceiling, natural light to a "closed room" where I guess the air doesn't move that much... - I pocked more holes around my tub I didn't take a picture before but 2 days ago, the blue "part" was less than that Thanks in advance for your help
  8. kingbuzz

    Help!! Mold?

    Please help! Shrooms are pinning nicely, but now I'm getting the dreaded stuff that looks like mold. I assume this is more than bruising. Should I be concerned? Should I toss everything? Are the shrooms salvageable?
  9. First time posting...first Mono tub bulk grow...Ive been having a lot of moisture without even misting and these strange colored spots just popped up. I have increase air flow drastically. Are these discolored spots something to worry about? Any tips or ideas? Should I be worried? Thanks Guys!
  10. I have some Liberty cats that should be starting to pin anytime this seems to be the point in the cultivation that I experienced the most problems with, if any of you could give me a tip just by looking at the pictures I would appreciate that if it need more detail I can give you all the information in the about the set up I'm running, I have a full time job so I had to buy this automated system. on the right are some Amazon's that have been producing just fine, on the left are growing Liberty caps that for some reason smell and look a little off for some reason.
  11. Blade

    Mold or mycelium

    Hello everyone what can I do and what’s this ?
  12. MayoYayo

    Throw away?

    I was checking for side pins during first flush and found what I guess is mold. The second flush is coming should I just toss the whole sub? It’s only that one small spot on the side.
  13. Here are 2 separate jars with the strain: Hawaiian liberty caps, noticed they are looking good ..... BUT moisture is gathering i can tilt jars and the water garters up on the edge of jars. The only thing i can think of is it's getting colder outside 32* freezing out temp inside house and then rising to 70* the same day up and down changes to jars are fluctuating as well by 5 deg. Other then that I've left them alone for about 4 days and then gas exchange and checking in on them to notice this. I'm a lil nervous now Any help would be appreciative.
  14. Hear are different jars. same time. 8/29 There is some funny coloring to the jars never seen before myself would like to get somebody else's advice. Are they have stalled not sure what I should do quarantine them or just throw them away or rents and wash and put them in the fitting Chamber
  15. DimensionalTraveler

    Is this contamination?

    Both jars are about 75% populated. For whatever reason a couple of the injection sites never got going so the mycelium had to work it's way around. The area in question is in between the areas of good-looking mycelium. It looks like cobweb or something potentially but I just wanted to check if I need to get rid of these two now.
  16. DimensionalTraveler

    Help! Contamination 1st Grow

    I started my first grow about 11 days ago. I had four different varieties and used two different substrate types to see which I like best. Some in grain and some in vermiculite and brown rice flour. I had pressure cooked all of them prior to inoculation for an hour at 15 psi. I have a closet room in the basement that was five by five. I previously had painted it white and used it for herbal growing. Before I got started I sprayed everything down with bleach water. I was really bummed when I started seeing a decent amount of contamination. I've had green (trich), black, and cobweb contamination. All of them have been disposed of outside and then I pressure cook the empty jars. As soon as I noticed the contamination they were removed. At any rate I searched around my basement and found some black mold behind the baseboard trim. Whoever drywalled the basement put the drywall all the way down to the floor which wycked up any moisture. I moved my tub tub upstairs in hopes that I could save some of what was left. The coat closet it's currently in it's not ideal long-term. Basically what I need to know is a good way to seal that closet space off to help prevent any further contamination in the basement. I cut out the affected drywall and removed it. Unfortunately I probably disturbed the spores doing this and have potential billions in my basement now. What I need to know is, is there good way to make sure things are cleaned up without risking further growing? I was considering setting a petri dish out the room to see if anything naturally begins to grow. I plan to buy some concrobium to address any visible mold I find. I plan to spray solid surfaces down in bleach water. I also considered using the reflective mylar I have to basically tent off the room, sealing the corners with duct tape and even potentially leaving some hanging flaps in the doorway to make it more difficult when the door is open for contaminants to come in. Any recommendations?
  17. oomiedoobie

    Is everything ok?

    3rd day into fruiting and my second bin looks like this. Is this cobweb mold or am I ok? No smells except good ole mycelium.
  18. chingy

    is this contamination?

    hi friends, first time grower here. i first saw some small green mold and now the cake looks like this. is this a goner? throw the whole thing out?
  19. peachyogi

    I keep getting Tric

    I am doing everything meticulously right, but keep getting trich in my jars over and over again even before they are mixed with kuar in the bins. I also have beautiful jars and move onto the next step, but then get trich on my cakes after kuar has been added. I have spent countless hours trying to rectify this. Help! I wash my jars and lids thoroughly. My rye has been soaked in boiling water and then rinsed well, then partially air dried. I first add 1/3 cup verm, and I fill 32 ounce jar over 3/4 of the way with rye. I place foil over the lids (mine are prefab lids with molded injection ports and synthetic filer discs) to keep water out. Then in PC for 90 minutes at 15 psi. After it cools, I inject them with alcohol-sprayed needle- and I've sprayed each lid and injection port with alcohol prior to injecting. I use about 5ccs of LC per jar. What here is not right? Can trich be present in the rye and survive the PC for 90 minutes? -- Or -- Is the trih making its way during the injection process. Could trich be in my LC?
  20. This is my first time growing here are 3 pictures of the same jar, growing has slowed noticeably all of a sudden, i suspect that i did not circulate the air well enough, i saw smiley blackish tops and here are i am, i only tried 1 jar my first time figured this type of thing would happen any advise and help would be great.
  21. Looks like water content is the least of my issues. I had five tubs 14 days into the mist & fan stage. Other than taking so long to pin everything was great. I was super careful, gloves all the time, alcohol on everything - including wiping down the fan. Then I changed my routine. I needed to spend less time tending to things so I set up an oscillating fan so I didn’t have to stand there holding a fan for 8 minutes. Trouble is I left the fan blowing for two hours (hey, I’m a busy guy!). The very next day every tub had green mold on the edges where the mycelium meets the black plastic at the top. I cut out massive hunks like trying to stop gangreen by cutting off my leg. Don’t know if these dudes will do anything other than grow more mold, but I have about two weeks before I have another batch in that stage. I need a better setup so I do less handling and have a more consistent process.
  22. Hey, y'all. I've been lurking around here for awhile but I think need some specific advice. This is my first time growing. It looks like there is contamination just under a few of the shotgun holes in my tub. Is there any way to tell if this is Trich, or asper, etc...? Also, does the whiter mycelium around the edges look suspect, given how the mycelium in the middle looks? Thanks for your help! If you need any other pictures I'd be happy to take them.
  23. Mush Zombie

    Trichoderma: green mold contamination

    While experimenting with mushroom cultivation, a cultivator typically has numerous encounters with green mold contamination in their grain spawn jars, substrates, casings, tubs or trays, etc. Most people jump to conclusions about what the genus of the species is, calling the green mold Trichoderma, when in fact there is a high chance it's not! Many molds are light to forest green, and Trichoderma comes in more colors than just green. There are several species of Trichoderma, most of which do produce mycotoxins and anitbiotics that ARE toxic to humans. If you look around on the OMC's about trichoderma you will see a few know-it-all's that know nothing it all, saying that it's okay to eat Thrichoderma. Do not accept this phoney balogna! That comes from sheer ignorance! Here is some information about trichoderma: Trichoderma sp. It is commonly found in soil, dead trees, pine needles, paper, unglazed ceramics (17). It often will grow on other fungi (17). It produces antibiotics which are toxic to humans (17). It has been reported to be allergenic (7, 17). It readily degrades cellulose (3). Source: University of Minnesota, Department of Health and Saftey You can also find A LOT of information about many mold species on that website, in the fungal glossary. So is it okay or safe to eat Trichoderma that is on mushrooms? NO!!
  24. Willienobeans

    Is making tea safer?

    Would the heat from boiling water kill harmful pathogens created by contams? Also.. how dumb is this question?
  25. jgc122

    possible contamination? :((

    hey everyone! i bought the mushroom growkit the package comes ready to start, no 24 hour soaking or anything needed, just keeping it humid and warm and in light ( not direct sunlight ). im around 5 days into the process, but on the edges im starting to notice a web/hair like faded green substance growing, these were not there a few days ago, theres also the same substance growing but in white color, but maybe they turn green too soon? :/ here are pictures i took a few minutes ago.. maybe someone can help me out in identifying what this is and if theres a solution? i think youll notice the web like stuff im talking about on the edges of the growbox mostly.. thanks everyone
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