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Found 18 results

  1. Crackeddoor

    First bulk pic log

    Hello this is my first bulk grow I owe completely to this site ,I had a case of jars and decided to do 2 dubs,2 rez,and a mono,the dubs are fruiting great ,the mono is full of pin ,and I lost both rez...I'm hooked I love this , the complexity ,the surgical tediousness, all the different types of equipment .... Anyway I suck at typing so here pics of my trip..
  2. Hello shroomers, day 14, golden teachers, I have here what after doing some research, looks to appear to be overlay, I have made other threads of this mono and people say it looks okay and should pin and my humidity is high and maybe not enough FAE. But im worries it is getting to much FAE as the cake is slowly shrinking, pulling from the sides. It's been about 2 weeks since spawn with no signs of any pins. Anyone have suggestions ?
  3. Sonshyn

    Sonshyn’s mono

    This is a 66qt sterlite, just cased it about 4 days ago .
  4. OpenBar

    Open Grow log

    Starting a Open grow log for all my random and funny grows. Here is a jar i was using for g2g that i was done with and just put into fruiting mode, I didnt take pics of first flush. This is a jar that was ready to spawn. i started to shake it up to pour into tub and i seen this little guy growing. This is a tub that I picked today... Something in missing.. can you tell what it is?
  5. dboone27

    DBoone's First Log

    Alright guys and gals its time to start my first grow log. I feel this could really help my progression in my new hobby, which I absolutely love! Any help is much appreciated. This log will cover the final fruiting stages of my first grow ever and my second attempt from start to finish. I'm using the same teks in both grows. A quick summary of whats going down: First Grow: B+(60 qt auto mono) and PE(4 z tubs) using MZ's teks -Malt/Karo LC used, spawned in WBS using no soak/ no simmer tek. These jars were 100% in 8 days @ approx 80 deg. -I then spawned 6qts B+ into trash bag lined mono. Did the same with PE into 4 separate z tubs using 1 qt each. The z tubs were lined with trash bags and I put a small amount of verm in the bottom.(mistake?) -Substrate colonized 100% in 10days. 50/50+ casing was added approx. 1/4inch thick, approx. 7.9 pH. -3/4 z tubs were contaminated within the first 2 days. Simply said, FAE was low, RH was very high as i didn't have my closet set up correctly. I ended up fighting the last tub for 1 week until I surrendered to green tams.. It was a constant battle lol. H202 was used that slowed down the green, but also slowed myc growth. When myc started to show growth, green ninja was growth 3x faster. Most likely a fight I wont take again as it was a waste of time and brain power. This was a picture of the cobweb green mold encountered in all 4 z tubs: Despite my loss, I feel I could now concentrate on dialing in my monotub. Mono settings are approx. 77-84% RH, approx. 69.5 deg (max and min, along with average over 4 days) -8 days into fruiting pins started to pop!!! We are currently on day 12, heres some pics ;))) As you can see lots of pins on one side,but still amazing. It looks like it wants to explode! Second Grow: PE and B+. I really want to grow some f'ing PE since I was unsuccessful in the first grow. Total tubs= 1 PE auto mono. 6 z tubs (2 PE, 2 B+) I'm doing more z tubs to try out a new tub design introductiing weather stripping and some stainless steal hardware to hold it into place. 8 PE jars and 4 B+ WBS jars were knocked up last night: So this is were I'm at right now. Obviously I want to improve. Here are a few things and questions I have noted throughout my first growing that could be possible reasons for tams in the ztubs as well as "not the greatest" pinset in my mono. Any help or thoughts would be helpful;) -For incubation, I'm using two separate tub-in-tub with sub heaters. When incubating my sub, I staked my incubators on top of each other and put a towel over them. This increased the temp in my top tub by accident because they were not dialed in when staked. The 4 z tubs were in the top incubator. Temp was greater then 88deg for a day and fluctuated between 75-85 for the next few days. The bottom inc(monotub) remained approx. 80deg). Even though my z tub sub looked great after 10 tens, could this have caused the early tam? -Fruiting Conditions were def not meet within the first 2 days. On day 1, I believe my 6500k light dried my casing on all 4 ztubs. Also, I didn't have a box fan and thought my other fan would be fine. On day 3 I bought a box fan... As I said before conditions were very high RH and low FAE in the z tubs, which I couldn't measure at the time. Could these conditions cause the green cobweb ninja? -The wood chunks and large pieces in my sphagnum moss was not filtered out. Possible tam? Even though I used the same casing for my mono...This will be done in my new grow. -Verm was added in the bottom of my z tubs before sub was added as instructed by the tek. I forgot about this part and quickly added the verm. It wasn't PC'ed, straight outta the bag.. Possible tam? even though my sub looked amazing after 10days of being in the incubator. Should I add verm in my new grow? If so, should it be pc'ed? -Casing was 7.8 pH. Too high? Sub pH wasn't measured. What should that approx. be? and could my pH have been a possible tam culprit? -I know my mono isn't totally flat as I will be using a leveling stick next grow. The chunks of wood def affected pin set... That's it for now guys! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy;)
  6. ok this is my first grow log, wish me luck... this grow actually started a month ago and i dont have pics of every step ive taken but i will try to fill in all the gaps as i go. i started with a ms pe syringe i used to noc 10 jars of wbs, once they colonized i used one of the jars for g2g transfers to 8 more jars and the rest were spawned to a mix of coir, verm, gypsum and a bit of lime. these are pics of the first flush...it started with a bunch of blobs and i thought i had verticillium but they cleared up and finished quite nice.
  7. OpenBar

    GT grow off

    From the album: ....

  8. OpenBar

    Mono tub

    From the album: Lids and tub

  9. OpenBar

    Mixed Mono

    From the album: ....

  10. OpenBar

    LA + Mono Tub

    Hey folks! Just something Iv got growing Hope you like. Seven jars of LA+ in oats ready to rock Jars after shake Making the Tub CMC/COIR/VERM Mixing Pc 15psi for 90Mins After 50/50+ casing. About 16 days. Temps were very low most of time. 58* to 64* As it sit today. Not a great pinset. But no contams so that's always a good thing. More pics to come! Its has been a very slow tub. Also have a few Gnats in there. I never had that issues till i went to CMC. Any ideas on that?
  11. OpenBar

    AA+ mono log

    Hello everyone, Its been a very long time since iv done a mono tub so wish me luck, I went with the WBS and Tek that can be found all over the site. I used a bag instead of jars. Strain: AA+ (From fellow user) I did not keep track of time line till today, as just started fruiting . Here are some pics! AA+ LC This pic was about two weeks befor i used it. The bag was totally white. I forgot to take pic. Mixed bag with just coco and coffee, then put in Incubator. This is after 6-7 days I did not case this tub. I did a really heavy spray till pooling.Cut bag down closer. I have a box fan about 3 feets away from it on timer that will go one for a hour every 6hours. I think I wont need to case tub because it has a constant 95%RH. Questions and Comments Encouraged !!
  12. Niidaho

    Hole size in mono tubs

    Hi I would appreciate some input from u advanced people on hole size on mono tubs.Seems to be 2 types large hole stuffed and lots of small holes . And is there a difference in rates of contamination?imagine they both work but as always there are preferences and reasons behind them .any input from u guys about which works best for u and why would be very appreciated. Thanks for your time and devotion to the hobbyists
  13. Hey, I thought my monotub was set up properly but I checked back on it after a week and they are super thing, only 2 inches tall and not matured. Along with that the stipes are super dark. any input would be helpful. I guess my zoo med hygrometer isn't as accurate as I thought.
  14. Welcome back folks! Iv got some stuff that kept me away but ready to get back at it! Have some older jars and bags ready to go. Also left over bucket of coco and coffee. Im PCing what was left as we speak and letting my WBS soak to get ready to jar. also cleaned and dryed all old jars for new use, I do have some options on how i wil get to some good mono jars. Im going to use the jars i have that are old but looks ready and see what they come up with and try to go from there. Here are some pics of the jars and bag ready. not the best looking but ill do the dub tubs for each jar then see where i go from there. but the goal is sucessful monos!!! Here are some pics to get started. Strains to be named later the bag
  15. mushy-madness

    Mono tubs

    From the album: First attempt!

  16. mushy-madness

    Mono tubs

    From the album: First attempt!

  17. mushy-madness

    3 of the 4 tubs I have going right now (8-2013)

    From the album: First attempt!

    Growin three different kinds
  18. Those Who Were

    Maz in Mono

    Whats up friends.... Yet another BS log I know what your thinking.. Ok here it goes, first cant remember who gave this print so if it is you please chime in and thanks for the hook up.. Made jars using this tek Buffalos NSNS white millet tek Made LC using MS syringe Mazatapec in a 56qt mono used 4 qts coir/6qts verm/4 qts cmc with 2 tsp lime then 7 qts white millet/maz spawn total of 21 qts (thanks MZ for the recipe) Very aggresive and nice looking jars here is the setup, mono is 56qt so had to use weather stripping and lined with a black garbage bag (thanks MZ) mixing it up In the FC with all the other goodies wrapped in a black bag, get about 79f in the bag.. Enjoy and hope this is a fun ride....
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