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Found 90 results

  1. Hello everyone, After patiently following the 6q monotub process I have finally got two tubs of mushrooms to the pinning stage. It has actually taken a couple of months to get to this point. The spawn jars took over a month to colonize and the spawn run has taken 3 weeks so far. I suspect that spores I have are a bit on the sleepy side, and I made the mistake of not keeping the spawn run warm enough. Anyhow, I have what would seem to be a dumb question. The Tek talks about dunking the media for 24 hours and then letting it drain: - I assume that I have to take the media out of the black plastic to let it drain after soaking? - Is there any risk of the media breaking up when it’s wet? - Do I need to do this in a glove box? - Do I need to boil the water, or use distilled water? Thanks
  2. I have to small monotubs setup and they seem to be going strong as far as colonization. However I opened them up today and noticed an off smell, somewhat like plastic. The mycelium seems to be quite strong. I also notice a little pooling of brownish liquid on the tops, which I've read could be mycelial metabolites. This is my first monotub test, so I dont know what to expect. I am attaching a photo of each tub. Only one has the brownish water. Below is a description of my methods. Any advice on the smell or pooling of brown liquid would be appreciated. -Wheat berry grain spawn jars (with some coffee added) were fully colonized. I have since started more jars from the originals with no signs of contamination. Pressure cooker sterilized. -Coco substrate, boiling water on top to hydrate. -Spawn to substrate ratio was 1:2 -Monotubs were colonized for 10 days with micropore tape over 2 inch holes.
  3. Hello fellow shroomology members! This is a grow log for my first attempt at cultivation. I will be following the "MZ" Monotub Tek as well as his NO FAIL WBS tek. My strain of choice is PC Ecuador, as i have read that it is one of the more reccomended strains to start with, as well as a personal preference as the first grower I met also started with PC Ecuador. Pictured below is my DIY Incubation/fruiting chamber that will serve as my climate control ecosystem. Spore Syringes arrive in 3 days and I have all of the exact equipment and much of the knowledge necessary to make this a success! (Much thanks to all of the members of shroomology & shroomery) But I am definitely going to need some second opinions from the experienced community that has blossomed here! Anyways, here is my chamber and I will be sure to post every step along the way to contribute to the peer review practices that keep this engine running! (for those wondering what this chamber is constructed of, I created a PVC chassis made to fit into my metal rack lmao this and everything else will be wiped down with iso before any actual use, and this chassis is contained in a double layered 59 gallon clear yard bag, which will be made air tight, as well as a sterile access port for anything hands on (or gloves on lol) all the way from opening the pressure cooker inside, then innoculation, through colonization all the way up to transferring the jars to the tub of substrate, to pinning, fruiting then harvesting!!!!) equipped on this chamber is 2 CPU fan/HEPA filter vents made from cardboard and lined with foil and there will be an air tight seal on all of this once it comes time to store my jars. Let me know what you think so far!!!
  4. I have this longer skinny closet that is great for mono tubs. so i was wondering if i were to line the walls with cardboard to help maintain the temperature when fruiting? or would the cardboard retain to much of the humid inside?
  5. I will start by saying this is my first grow, and first monotub. I spend tons of time researching and lurking so this is my first post on any forum. I can't really seem to find the specific info that I am looking for. For Background info, I used 12 BRF cakes nocc'd with B+ MS syringes. Seemed like pretty slow colonization in the jars but everything seemed contam free (except for one, Blue Mold). Once my jars colonized I did Damien's Bucket tek. I think that my first issue was that I did not have nearly enough spawn... (12 4oz jars) but I broke them up and mixed them at about a 1:2 ratio. I put my mix in a standard mono set up, 2 holes at sub level on the long side and 1 on the narrow side high up. Now this is where i think i really messed up. When I was spawning to the monotub, I did not really understand the casing layer so I added the case over the sub mix then taped my holes and put the bag around it. It colonized in a normal time frame (8-10 days). The top layer was not 100% but i was worried about co2 buildup so I put it into fruiting conditions. When I put it into fruiting conditions there was no odd smell and no sign of contam. There were some small yellow spots here and there but apparently thats myc piss? Anyways the tub has been in fruiting conditions for about 3 days. I did not notice any smell when I put it into FC. However yesterday, I noticed a STRONG sweet smell. I was prescribed liquid penicillin when I was younger and it smells EXACTLY like that. When I put the tub into FC there were a few yellow spots, nothing crazy, but now it has spread pretty fast. I'm still seeing new pins and have a couple shrooms growing nice and fat, but I am very concerned. ALSO, I did notice fuzzy feet pretty early on so I increased airflow in the tub, loosened poly on the bottom holes and removed it on the tops. opened the tub to fan a few times daily. I know there are a couple vectors here, I think over misting caused the fuzzy feet? I was worried about the thickness of the sub, and moisture retention. I know there is not much that can be done but give good FAE and let the mushies battle it out... My main questions are, Is this a bacterial contam? Why did mold not grow instead? If Fruits are produced, are they safe? and could the penicillin smell and the yellow blotches be the mycelium fighting against a contam that has not yet appeared? Any new info and tips would be greatly appreciated.😥
  6. Hey friends, New here and have cultivated before but I am a practicing analytical chemist and getting the hang of doing bulk mycology work as a hobby. Trying to get some help from the community on identifying some of these odd looking occurrences in my mono-tub spawned off oat grain and grown in bags from LC using MS syringe. I understand there is an immune response occurring but specifically I would like to : -identify the microbes if one may be spotted by you more adept cultivators. Thank you much -how likely am I to see a good flush, the pinning seems to be uneven and slow compared to other bins (5-6 days longer to form pins) Thanks you. -Nanowerk
  7. I definitely don't want to freak out till I know something is wrong. This is my first attempt at a monotub and up until now things have been looking good. I just returned home from being gone this weekend and this is how my tub looks. Freaking huge white patch growing and I have no idea why... The tub has been in fruiting conditions for 7 days now. My question is: what the hell is it? what can I do? do I leave it alone? Please and thank you my fellow fungi family.
  8. I’ve had this mono cased for about two weeks . It started to pin a couple times . But wouldn’t give much at all . You can see the Lone mushroom in there I’m about I pic . My ac was out for a day and it got a little warm like 78 in my place in the afternoon . At night it was back to 70. I’ve been having trouble with Pinning the last month on my mono, as well as the dubs I let incubate too long . Any thoughts from your guys ? Current temp in my place is 72.
  9. So Ive been trying my best on this mono tub and im just scared that it wont come out right. Im doing it the cheapest way becuase this is all i got. I plan to get better equipment in the future. Can anyone give me some advice on this tub.
  10. So this is from a grow I started 13 days ago and thought it good timing to do the WBS “shake”.My question is this has anyone experienced three diff forms of mycelium growth all coming from the same strain and same spore syringe?The picture should put things in perspective.
  11. GoldenCaps

    Mono Tub Contaminated?

    So my first run at a mono tub Isn’t going too well. Things started off fine but then I noticed some blueish coloring right underneath my filter holes around day 15 post birthing. It was either mold or my substrate was drying out. In a panic to save the whole tub I decided to put a late casing on to moisten the substrate hoping that this would minimize the chance of the blueish coloring getting worse and things don't look quite right. Some of the caps are deformed and some of the stems have white fuzz climbing up the entire stem. Is it safe to consume these? If there is mold in my tub should I toss the whole thing or pick the healthy looking fruits and roll the dice? I have probably done multiple things wrong but I am hoping to learn from these mistakes to make the next batch go a lot smoother. Ive attached photos before and after the late casing. Any advice/ input is GREATLY appreciated!
  12. Hey guys. Some I'm running a monotub of penis envy for the first time. These things have been weird from the start. I have a 56 qt tub with 3 2 inch lower holes on the longer sides and 2 2 inch higher holes on the smaller sides. Spawned to Coco. Some of the caps are cracked and now the mycelium is turning blue. I hope this is just bruising and not trich. Any opinions?
  13. On bulk grows of 6 qt and up I have a question. How do YOU rehydrate your bulk grow after the first flush? Do you remove it from the container? Do you add water to the container and then pour out the rest and if so how do you remove the substrate to allow it to drain off? I am interested in everyones techniques. I've been tossing this around in my head for a while now ever since spawning my first rye berry spawn to coir/coffee ground substrate in 6 qt tubs last week. How do you all accomplish this task?
  14. Hello shroomers, day 14, golden teachers, I have here what after doing some research, looks to appear to be overlay, I have made other threads of this mono and people say it looks okay and should pin and my humidity is high and maybe not enough FAE. But im worries it is getting to much FAE as the cake is slowly shrinking, pulling from the sides. It's been about 2 weeks since spawn with no signs of any pins. Anyone have suggestions ?
  15. I have been doing a monotub tek for the second time, this time with PE strain Last time I did a monotub I had less than ideal conditions in every step(mold colonizing in 3/4 of the cake style jars, improper soil(yard dirt instead of coco-coir, 80-90 fruiting conditions, flooding my tub continually, 2 1/2 pint colonized jars in a 60qt mono) and still grew 20g's dry. I have a few questions: 1: I am wondering what dry weight I should expect from 3lb's of colonized rye seeds and approx double the amount of coco coir as there is rye seeds in a 60qt monotek. PE strain ?????? (setup is fan/mist often, 12hr light cycle) 2: I am having trouble fruiting and have not seen pins yet and it's been 5 days since I put my chamber into fruiting conditions.(fan/mist, 70-80degrees, 12hr light cycle) I did not wait for the chamber to create the white fuzzy layer entirely before introducing fruiting conditions, but I did wait until there were white fuzzy spots in quarter size diameter around the rye seeds. Did I do something wrong? is it going to be okay? Did I potentially affect my overall yield? Should I continue fruiting conditions, or revert to no light, no mist no fan for a short period? What the tub looks like currently is the attached photo: Any advice would help, or if you want to suggest any improvements.
  16. mycoandbjj


    Image 1 is a my first tub - Image 2&3 is second tub - Image 4 third Alright big dogs its my time growing and I think one of my monotubs is contaminated (Image 4). I used a Mycowilly tutorial on Vimeo and my tubs have polyfill in them from the start. He says they'll pin in a few days if you fan and mist often but I also see people say not to open the tub and let it the full colonization take place. I think its been about 7 days, I've had them in some natural light during the day, was fanning but backed off and my room temp has been like 70-85 f probably. Do I just let these bad boys sit and keep colonization? Should i just stick them in my closet for a week? Mist and water more? #ganggang
  17. PoliteHunter

    Monotub Noob

    I am going to try and grow a Monotub, I've read the guide and have some questions, dont know if there stupid or not haha. Knobbly have experience with jars. 1. It says to add a casing layer once the mycelium turns white, what does this mean? More Substrate? 2. After you make the substrate how do you inoculate it inside the tub? do you just inject it with syringes throughout the tub, if so how much do you need? Doesnt seem like it, i tihnk im missing something. If not syringes what do you use and how much do you need? 3. How much weight can you expect from one tub? Like a 1/2 pound? 4. It says it needs natural light? How could this be accomplished artificially, does anybody have any recommendations? 5. Some say to lessen the heat during fruiting? I've never heard of this until today, is that normal? I would really appreciate it as i plan on growing multiple Monotubs.
  18. Good Evening Folks, I'll try to be brief: This is the first grow i've ever attempted, and up until about a week ago I thought I was doing fine. No contams, proper spawning appearance, etc., but I messed up folks. I didn't follow the tek to the letter (apologies to Mush), and I think in doing that I messed up my sub. Hoping that advice here can help me at least salvage the work, as I know it is a viable sub and should be able to fruit. So far: grain spawn from LC, mixed with 80/20 Coir/Verm substrate, no casing layer. I didn't really tamp down the surface with the back of my hand when I finished, i just wanted it mostly level and (I assumed) not at all packed. Where I think I messed up: It had been over 14 days and no pinning. No primordia, no signs, etc. I hadn't really taken off the top too much, so I decided to get a bottle of distilled water and spray the sides of the container as the RH sensor was showing 60% humidity. The temps this container was in weren't entirely stable, dropping to 66F at night, and sometimes (accidentally) 75 during a few days. I moved the bin from one room to the other (Another post tells me this likely caused it to bow in the center), and have kept temps stable between 69-71F. After the surface turned a bit whiter, I assumed the mist had helped...and misted the whole sub with distilled water. I looked in a few days later, and the sub had...pulled away from the sides. I did not use a trash bag. I then pushed lightly at the plastic bins' sides and slowly poured distilled water down each, and then spent 2-3 mins tilting it back and forth to try and get it to evenly absorb until there was no water seeping from side to side. This raised the RH in the chamber and made the sub smell like...what I remember mush tea smelling like. It started fruiting after this. I now know I shouldn't have moved it (or at least had something flat underneath when doing so), and i shouldn't have misted it at all. Should I also not have ever lifted the lid? The tek is simple, 54QT sterilite container no holes, lid just flipped over for FAE. I never fanned at all, just mixed the sub/spawn after getting sub to field capacity, and then put it in a closet. So now I can at least see I didn't "fail". There are fruiting bodies (I feared the LC was just not viable). It's further than I've ever gotten. But, they're only pinning at the sides, with no visible growth on top at all. What's worse, you can see the cracks in the sub? I set it onto a stool briefly while moving it (stupidly) and it bowed UP in the center briefly, cracking the sub. What can I do to save it? Is it too early to try and dunk/flush? I was thinking of: 1. Placing a trash bag/liner over the top, and flipping the container to pop out the sub layer and wrap the liner underneath. OR 2. Following another tek I saw here and spraying the top with my sink sprayer? then flushing it with bottles weighing down the sub, draining it after an hour. It's aggressively side-pinning, and I want to stop that energy waste and prevent contamination from the fruiting bodies rotting due to the collected moisture on the sides. Can i still fruit from this sub, or am I better off starting over? Thanks in advance, the forums really helped me kick all this into motion. I do wish I'd never wasted money on the BRF/Verm/small jars for the cakes, as the grain spawn was much easier to understand, but this entire process has been a fun experience and I can't wait to (eventually) get my first harvest.
  19. Just noc'd my first jars of WBS yesterday, time will tell if there's contamination. Also noc'd a jar of LC to keep things going if it works out. Started by cleaning the sunflower seeds out of the WBS. Poured boiling water into 5 gallon bucket, covered 90 minutes with towel, poured into strainer and rinsed. Put 1/4 cup coarse vermiculite in bottom of quart jars and added the WBS. Pressure cooked for 90 minutes. Made the LC with karo and water, PC for 90 mins also. Thanks for the easy to follow videos @mushzombie . Sprayed a crap load of lysol everywhere, put gloves on, soaked a paper towel in rubbing alcohol and wiped off gloves and syringe and wiped the SHIP's on each jar before injecting, also heated syringe tip until orange before each one. Glove box was not tall enough to noc the jars without leaning them on side so I opted not to use it, hope it doesn't come back to bite me. The jars of WBS and the LC are now sitting in my closet, have a tower heater set at 78, it has gotten the wbs up to 81 degrees though when it's running so I didn't want to turn it higher. Will do everything in my power to not check on these daily. These will he going into a 58 qt monotub (couldn't find 60 qt anywhere) with 50/50+ casing. I also found 80qt container that came with multiple latches and weatherstripping already on it at Target, so of course I bought it. If the LC ends up working out I'll attempt to use it to noc more WBS jars for the 80qt monotub. If it doesn't work out I do have golden teacher spore print which I will be making agar for today with malt agar extract. Also will have more syringested in the mail whenever my beginner starter pack gets here, so I could wait, but I'd rather have multiple monotubs going to keep me a little busier with any free time I have to keep my mind from wandering and thinking about my wifes cancer. One question I do have is should I wait until the jars are colonized completely to mix and pressure cook my bulk substrate? Everything at home is about to be a mess, because of my wifes cancer her parents are coming to visit and guess where they're staying???? Dun dun dun at our house. My wife already agreed to get them out of the house for the day when I need to get the pressure cooker back in action for the substrate, not sure how exactly that's going to work out, maybe spray a bunch of air freshener and open the doors before they come home? Will edit and upload pictures later, bored at work and wanted to get a head start on this.
  20. darkvoyager

    Tale of two monos

    whats up, wanted to share these fruiting tubs and get any comments or advice since my last two tammed (for a few reasons but nonetheless). For the curious the substrate is 7QTS Vermiculite, 6 QTS Poo 4 QTS coir(1/2brick) 2 QTS coffee like a cup of gypsum. 6Qts spawn. 3tsp lime. first tub was in colonization 11 days the second for 10. heres pictures from when I took it out and post casing with 50/50+ ph per MZ tek. I’m also including some outside pics of the tubs. You can see the rings of “air exchange?” around the holes but every time I pop the probe into either they read 99%. First tubs holes are 1”x1” the seconds are 1.5”x1.5” They just came out last night 2/10 but @Mush Zombie says cased subs should ideally be between 70-85% RH so should I try to up the FAE by opening the holes all the way/less poly? Or let continue as is, I’m guessing it’s high as f because the sub Ietting it all loose lol
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