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Found 55 results

  1. Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I have become interested in growing mushrooms, and had a few general questions. I was wondering what one should do after each flush, do I soak, or spray, or leave alone? And for mushroom cultures can those store in the fridge for longer periods of time? Also during monotub cultivation, do yeilds drop on second flush if mushrooms are picked from the mycelium rather than cut? Any information is appreciated as I am just starting to learn about these things. I was looking at this tek if anyone was wondering;
  2. Long time visitor, first time poster. I am starting my first grow this week with 20cc of Alacabenzi's (From the SoS of course) and six sterile 8oz BRF/multigrain flour/Verm/gypsum substrate bags. I've purchased everything for a 48l monotub but am now hesitant to combine and commit all my spawns to a tub. I'm thinking of fruiting all 6 in their bags for the 1st flush and then making a bulk substrate (verm/coir+late casing) for the tub after. Is it a good idea to mix spawns to a bulk after they've fruited once? I am concerned of contaminating a tub on my first go and wasting it. Going with bags seems like less risk of contam. 6 seperate bags gives me 6 opportunities of success/failure rather than just 1 with a tub and allows me to make my $60 investment back. What would you do? Play it safe or Go Big or Go Home? also, I'm aware i don't need to mix all my spawns to my bulk but wouldn't there be an increased speed of colonization? Having a heavier myc -to- non-colonized sub ratio and all..? thanks in advance for any input!
  3. is horse poop compost with peat good for monotub? and how much do i add calsium hydroxide to that?
  4. Not sure what is causing this. Any feed back is appreciated!
  5. So I have a mix of 4 cakes and 1 brick coir. I mist and fan daily, have a little cycle of 12/12. Am following all the teks. Wtf is going on? Why is there this green layer(not dark green)? Why are the pins so smol, and why aren't there more of them? FIRST GROW closeup Pictures from like 4-5 days ago
  6. I have this mono tub, and the pins seem to have somewhat stalled, or are not getting large like they have in the past. I am assuming its because there is not enough moisture in the substrate. Could there be any other reasons for this? Does anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks
  7. I apologize if there is information on this topic. I did a search and found some, but am hoping for a few more details. Does anyone have experience with unmodified monotubs? I am about to start one and I would like to know exactly how much I should be misting and fanning. The dub tub tech required a few mist & fan a day. I have seen someone post here that with an unmodified you do it once a day. So I am assuming that you moisten the casing then fan for 2 minutes and recover the tub. Is this correct? I would love any information on unmodified Mono that anyone is willing to share with me. I really appreciate everything that all of you do here to help us newbs out. Thank you.
  8. Moving on up.

    Hey guys things have been growing well for me. My lil monos from the other thread are all still producing albeit kinda poorly but I think it's my bad ISO selection and agar work. So mush more to learn in that aspect. I decided to scale up some this is a attempt to fruit Aa+ from a m.s sample in a 72 qt sterilite tub. The Content will be 4 jars of spawn and up to 13 jars of sub. I'm gonna be kinda lazy with it as I go so I'm not sure if you new guys wanna follow along to learn from...this is more for the entertainment value lol. I tend to fail epicly when I fail. Let's begin the tub, no holes yet cause I've got no idea where to put them yet. A normal person would dump 16 or 17 jars of material in there and draw a line, but I'm far from normal. My process lol. I'm gonna take a garbage bag and dump all my jars in it and mix it up. This bag will also be my liner when I'm finished. I'm gonna open them all in front of a flow hood but I question if I really need to do this anymore. I learned a very important lesson "if your spawn is clean you really can't screw this up". OK so while what passes as a f.h in my house is set up I did g2gs on all the jars in case I fail. Now all the spawn is in the bag.so it looks like it takes up about 25% of the space @ about 2.5 inches thick so I'm gonna add about 12 jars of sub it looks like but I'll add 8 at first so I keep my 1:2 ratio I like to use. after 8 jars of sub. Now I've got 2 issues to work out for the future, I think I'm packing my sub too tight in the jars. Secondly one of those jars smells "hot". So I think it didn't sterilize right. It's not a fish or yeast smell it's something else. It's too late now tho I didn't notice till it was dumped. So this is prob a fail already but I'll keep on keeping on. OK so my liner is a lil small but it's no big deal. I cut and rolled it back and it's time for foil.you can't see them but I used a thumb tack to poke a few holes in the foil. Now in hindsight I should have did my holes before I cut and rolled back the bag and added foil but too late. I chose a small hole configuration because I can always make them bigger if needed, and my lid is not air tight. I'll MP them up and set the tub in the room, since it's made outta the same tubs I use as tits it should fit in one like a glove. If not it will just have to sit a lil longer at room temp. I'm kicking myself in the ass guys that one jar of hot sub is gonna ruin this whole tub I think. I spent 2 or 3 days talking to @OpenBar about whether to do a mono or 4 z tubs. And I flipped flopped back and forth for days finally deciding to do a mono tub. But now I have all my eggs in one basket. One of the great things about z tubs is the ability to throw away a bad tub if you have one. I now have to hope my myc can adjust and compete or that by some miracle the bacterial tam ends up beneficial in some way. (Highly unlikely). My predictions at this point. In 10 to 14 days I'm gonna open this up to a stink and a bunch of myc piss. If you wanna learn what not to do just follow me. Check back After my run to see if I can save it.
  9. Time to go big

    Well I've gotten pretty comfortable with cakes and growing the shrooms, I've had a couple ounces now between the last couple batches. It's not quite as much as I expected and it's all been from MS as well. I'm looking to move forward and get into bulk growing with hgher quality spores. I also would like to get into using spore prints, but I have no idea how to use them or make liquid culture, none of that. All I know is the cake stuff. I was wondering what my next step should be. Which shrooms to buy? What materials? Which tek is the easiest for a novice like myself to start with? Some advice would be useful, I'd appreciate it.
  10. Grow Log

    So about seven months ago I started browsing this forum and developing a plan to get my grow on. I found everyone here to be super helpful and friendly and getting my grow started was one of the best hobbie experiences of my life! I promised then that I would share my results with all of you but, as often happens, life got a bit in the way. A new job, a new city, a new everything and it's been nearly half a year since I made that promise. But, I'm back. And I'm here to deliver! This pictures show my journey over about two months using spore syringe to pre-made rye berries bags to mono tubs. I had some trouble at first by not breaking up and shaking the bags which caused some delays in initial colonization. I also had a tam scare in two of the bags. I colonized one tub first with the two good bags. The two with questionable tams I isolated and then removed the contaminated area from the cake + about 20% extra. I then colonized a second tub with this batch in isolation and in the end it turned out pretty well. Actually out performed the original tub! I also had an issue along the way of a delay in fruiting. I solved it by taking everything back to incubation conditions for about a week before trying fruiting again. I think this may have been a mistake over all and I should have just been more patient. My end results, while nowhere near as impressive as some of the yields I've seen on this sub, were still FAR more than I ever expected at just a littel over 5oz! I gave nearly half of my grow away to friends and family (gotta share the love) and spent half of the rest experimenting with various storage methods. I've got just under 1oz left from the original grow. I've had some great experiences over the past several months and learned a lot and I couldn't have done any of it without help from all you wonderful people. Thank you all! I'm about to start my second grow using a WBS tek and the same mono tubs I used for this last grow. I'll also be experimenting in starting a liquid culture for future use. So I'll be back around asking more questions again. So I'm sure I'll be seeing all of you around some more in the near future! Now, onto the grow! Day 1 - Inoculation in my glove box. Day 1 - The bags begin to incubate. I set up a space heater in a closet with a tray of water to keep up ambient humidity. Not sure if this had an effect but I doubt it hurt anything. Day 5 - First signs of growth! Day 15 - Slow growth as you can see. I neglected to crush, shake, and redistribute the newly growing myc resulting in a very long colonization time. Day 26 - This was the day I mixed everything up based on advice received here. I probably could have cut two weeks off my incubation time if I had done this sooner. Day 30 - Four days later and BAM! Colonization at nearly 100% Day 36 - I took the two fully colonized bags and spawned them to bulk using Mush Zombies great tek. Day 36 - Mono Tub A labeled and ready! Day 36 - I kept the other two bags isolated during Tub As initial growth but i got a picture of them together here. Day 39 - Tammy's a bitch! I found a small amount of contamination in the other two bags. This was probably the cause for their slower growth. Day 39 - You can get a better look at the tam here. Especially in the bottom right. I removed nearly 30% of the material from both bags. The contaminated portion and anything within 6" of it was removed and destroyed. I then used what was left to spawn to a second monotub. Day 39 - Monotub B is set to spawn isolated from Tub A. Day 48 - Tub A is fully colonized! Tub B (not shown in this picture) is also fully colonized at this time and shows no sign of further contamination. Day 48 - Tub A (left) and Tub B (right). In this picture a casing layer has already been applied to B. Day 56 - Both tubs have been cased for several days at this point with no real growth noted. I decided to let them go for a few more days before I did anything about it. Day 60 - At this point it's been a week without any real change so I decided to reapply a foil layer and increase the temp by about 2 deg F for a few days. In the end I think this was probably a mistake and I should have just been more patient. Day 63 - I noticed some serious growth around the sides of the foil and when removed saw a forest of pins and some half grown adult mushies! I removed the foil and lowered the temp a few degrees and began a 12 hour light / dark cycle. Day 65 - DICKS! DICKS EVERYWHRE! Day 67 - At this point I figured I was'nt going to get a "canopy" type growth and was just going to harvest in increments. I took all the adults In this photo. Day 67 - Some dongs in a bowel Day 69 - Second harvest. I would get a third harvest as well but did'nt photograph that. I tried for a second flush but had no success. Day 69 - MOAR dicks! Nice pick of one of my drying sessions. I used my dehydrator at 90F. I took the little ones off first at around 8 hours. The big ones taking the longest to get cracker dry at around 18 hours. Pic of my full yield after drying. Banana for scale. Little over 4oz in the bag and 1 oz on the plate baked into 1g candies. I used bakers chocolate, coconut oil, and Stevie powder. Worked great! So that's that. I couldn't have done any of it without all your help! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY MUSHIE <3
  11. Has anyone used more than one type of spores for a monotub at one time? I have 4 jars of A+ and 2 of GT. I am curious if there will be any effect of combining them in a monotub.
  12. I have to case a monotub and ran out of verm pretty much. I have fine grade verm. And like half a quart of medium grade. Should I go with the fine verm or just leave the verm out completely
  13. monotub

    I was reading the monotub tek and I noticed on the drawing that there are 1/4" holes 5" from the bottom. However the grow picture shows 2 square 1" holes 5 " from the bottom with poly fiill that were not included in the drawing. Are these needed? I do not have an exact 60q tub, but I am assuming that my botton 1/4" holes should be just above where my casing is, is that correct? I would think if I had 1" holes there they might need to be slightly higher so the poly fill doesnt touch the casing. I appreciate all the help I have gotten here, everyone is great for helping us nubes.
  14. Monotubs

    Does anyone have a recomendation for a momotub. I can't seem to find the 60q sterilite. Is it better to get one with a locking lid? I notice all the lids seem to fit differently, and I know I can use weather stripping. Is weather stripping required on all sizes?
  15. First ever grow MZ monotub

    Alrighty, guess I start a grow journal on my first grow ever. I've gotten 6 quarts of WBS to colonize almost ready to go. Here is the slowest jar Here's roughly 10 quarts of my substrate which consists of CCM, coco and course verm with added lime and 2 cups of gypsum. Here's the CCM and the blended substrate in a turkey bag which is oven safe (whatever that means) I also have a bale of straw laying around which I will use in future grows and possibly throw in a handful if it's okay. Note, none of my subs nor the casing has been pasteurized or sterilized. Here's the straw I normally use to mulch my gardeni And finally here is the 66 quart tub all drilled out Thanks for all the help you guys have given me along the way.
  16. Hey everyone! So I'm going to get right into it. I knocked up 3 jars on 6-21-17 and let them get to about 25-30% colonized then gave them a good shake, then they colonized for awhile more until 100% 2 of the jars got to 100% fairly quickly but 1 of them was taking a bit longer which slowed down the entire process. I used WBS with 1/4 cup of verm at the bottom. Tyvek filter discs with silicon for the SHIP. Here's some pics of those jars and the colonization process. and after shaking this next one is 8 days later, it's colonized but not thick enough so they sat in the incubator thickening up for awhile waiting for the last jar. Sadly I completely forgot to grab pics of them after they thickened. And about 2 weeks(ish) ago we spawned the jars to a monotub. 3 jars of spawn with my sub. sub consisted of Verm, Coir and CMC. I think I got more coir in it than I had hoped, so the sub is mostly coir. I forgot to grab pics of the clean sub, spawn process too. So anyways, with lined the tub with foil and kinda gently laid the trash bag over it too, to trap in the CO2. Incubated at ~78F for 10 days. Heres what it looked like after 10 days this was on 8/09/17 I don't know why but the sub was really thick and seemed completely solid, not sure if thats normal? Also some water had pooled on top im not sure if this was condensation on the foil or what. So we went ahead and cased the thing. When we added the casing on top of the pools of water we squeezed the casing extra hard to get it slightly below field capacity to soak up the extra water, after it soaked up the water we did the rest of the casing at normal field capacity. Casing was made of 50% verm 50% peat moss with about a cup and a hlf of oyster shells mixed in. So, from this point a have several questions really. Why exactly did the water pool like that? Was my sub a little too wet? Is it normal for the sub to seem super solid? I didn't actually poke at it or anything but it just seemed solid from looking at it. And my 3rd and biggest question, if you can tell from the pictures we didn't have enough sub to get as close to the bottom holes on the monotub as I would like, it about a 1\4" down from the holes. Is that a problem? If so, what can I do to correct the problem?
  17. Gearing up for another grow. Its gonna be my last round of ks then strait into a gt grow. Gonna try to make prints and save a master culture on agar for long term storage. Ks jars made with lc. Also my first time using oats. I like oats more than wbs so far. Quicker to prep oats but more work shaking though. As you can see they were made 7\24 and as of last night 100 percent colonized. These pix are 2 or 3 days old. Nocced 2 gt jars with vendor spores and did 5 jars of lc at the same time. Nothing in these gt oats yet but... Lc is great. These done on 7\19. Almost forgot. Experiment... I shook 2 ks jars right AFTER i nocced them just to see why we dont. Here is the answer. Big difference. Not doing this again. Ok. MOving on. 8\10 Thursday i used my gt lc on 17 jars of oats. I checked them 24 hours later and saw growth in 95 percent of them. I was dead from work so no pix. Will get some tonight. I will be doing z-tubs with the ks and then z-tubs and 66 wuart monotub of gt. Well, you have all been kept in loop here. Wish me luck.
  18. Hello, so this is my first try and cultivation and I'm worried something is wrong. About two days ago my monotub started producing these white puff balls? I don't know what it is I'm hoping it is something I can fix if it's not good. It's my first grow and I'm hoping I can produce something. I spawned on popcorn
  19. Hi All, need help, I think my grows may be contaminated. Thanks
  20. My First Grows

    Tub 1 (big blue) Golden Teachers , 3lbs rye berry, Select Bulk Casing mix . 6/23 - made monotub (layered, colonization) 7/3 - add Pre-Pasteurized casing mix 7/7 - started misting (5 pumps straight up) and fanning (for 60 seconds) twice a day. Humidity 90 (wrap top with plastic wrap to help increase humidity) no light Temperature 72-77 Need to drill holes at the substrate line Can I drill 3/32" FAE holes every two inches? If I drill 1" holes how many and do I fill them with Polyfill? How do I know if it to wet or not wet enough? How do I know if it's fully colonized? Should I be misting and fanning? Leave alone? Any suggestions on this tub? Tub 2 (mini GT) Golden Teachers 1 lbs rye berry & 2.5 lbs Pre-Pasteurized Mushrooms compost 6/30 made monotub (layered) 7/7 - started misting (5 pumps straight up) and fanning (for 60 seconds) four times a day. Humidity 90 (wrap top with plastic wrap to help increase humidity) Temperature 72-77 7/9 Uncovered FAE (free air exchange holes) -Added light (12/12) How do I know if it to wet or not wet enough? How do I know if it's fully colonized? Any suggestions on this tub? Tub 3 (big clear) Puerto Rican's , 3lbs rye berry, Select Bulk Casing mix. 6/30 - made monotub (sandwiched, colonization) 7/7 - started misting (5 pumps straight up) and fanning (for 60 seconds) twice a day. Humidity 90 (wrap top with plastic wrap to help increase humidity) no light Temperature 72-77 Need to drill holes at the substrate line Can I drill 3/32" holes every two inches? If I drill 1" holes how many and do I fill them with Polyfill? Should I add a Pre-Pasteurized casing mix (light)? How do I know if it to wet or not wet enough? How do I know if it's fully colonized? Should I be misting and fanning? Leave alone? Any suggestions on this tub? Tub 4 (mini PR) Puerto Rican's 1 lbs rye berry & 2.5 lbs Pre-Pasteurized Mushrooms compost 6/30 made monotub (layered) 7/7 - started misting (5 pumps straight up) and fanning (for 60 seconds) twice a day Humidity 90 (wrap top with plastic wrap to help increase humidity) No light Temperature 72-77 7/9 Uncovered FAE (free air exchange holes) How do I know if it to wet or not wet enough? How do I know if it's fully colonized? Should I be misting and fanning? Leave alone? Any suggestions on this tub?
  21. First off I wanna say that this is my first post here! Happy I chose this community over "the other guys". Definitely not a stranger to growing small scale with PF Tek, but I am new to growing bulk. MZ's Monotub Tek looks extremely well thought out and promising, However... The only thing I'm concerned about is the ideal atmosphere for open air g2g transfers from a bag/jar into the monotub since all of that won't fit under my SAB? It doesn't seem to elaborate on how dependent the myc is on a clean atmosphere to not suffer from tams during the transfer process. Maybe it's because it's not as big as a deal now that the myc is grown strong? I would have no clue since I'm anal enough to play it safe and do everything I possibly can with gloves on under a SAB. I apologize in advance for any goofy formatting since I still have yet to feel this place out! Thanks Guys
  22. Part 2 thanks GT Day 13 of colonization (6 days wax paper) added a light layer of Shroom Supply casing. Temp. between 77-83 Why is it taking so long to start pinning, Is it the temp or is there something else I should be doing?
  23. Golden Teachers, Midwest grow kit, 3 lbs Rye berries, 5lbs Midwest select bulk casing mix (layered) 9 day of colonization (last 36hrs covered with wax paper to start pinning, no pins). Should I wait for the pinning to start under the wax paper or should I start fruiting? and why does it look like crystals?
  24. I recently did a monotub where my sub came to about an inch and a half below the bottom row of holes. Can i just let it colonize and pick it up by the plastic and put it on blocks when i case it? Or is it ok to be little short? Or is it my mistake probably cost me this tub? If the later is true then i will just make new holes and cover the old ones.