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Found 3 results

  1. mycoandbjj


    Image 1 is a my first tub - Image 2&3 is second tub - Image 4 third Alright big dogs its my time growing and I think one of my monotubs is contaminated (Image 4). I used a Mycowilly tutorial on Vimeo and my tubs have polyfill in them from the start. He says they'll pin in a few days if you fan and mist often but I also see people say not to open the tub and let it the full colonization take place. I think its been about 7 days, I've had them in some natural light during the day, was fanning but backed off and my room temp has been like 70-85 f probably. Do I just let these bad boys sit and keep colonization? Should i just stick them in my closet for a week? Mist and water more? #ganggang
  2. Hello everyone, I have a simple but somewhat complex question regarding moisture. I moved to a new area and I am noticing my tubs are colonizing and consolidating they get a lot more wet then before. They wont start pinning until I bring them to FAE and I am noticing although the humidity is great the pins come out rather skinny and stumpy. I have read this is because of over moisture. My question is is there a way to reverse the extreme moisture while its fruiting to save the pins from aborting or becoming stumpy and fat. I currently just remove polyfill until it gets dry but I feel this is not sufficient enough, the fruits still come out stumpy. The other question is, would the moisture issue be corrected during when I am checking for field capacity? I stopped checking because my flow was working so well but I may be getting over moisturized substrate from the get go. I am currently using 4 quarts Distilled water, 1 brick coco coir, 2 quart Vermiculite and 1 Cup of gypsum. Bucket pasteurize. always works but Im getting wet tubs. Thank you. If there's any tips or techniques you all use I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. Fungi2b

    Fungi wants mono

    Back when I was growing m.r I tried to do a 5gal bucket mono and failed horribly. I have since tried a few more typical monos a few times with mixed results, mostly bad. I had decided to just stick to tubs cause they are easy for me. But I've allowed myself to be convinced to try them again. On the 28th I built 4 16 qt monos. All have 1 jar of grain spawn, 1 jar of prepped cardboard, 1 jar of prepped cmc and 2 jars of coir/verm sub. This has been by far the smallest ratio of spawn to sub I've tried, typically I do 1:1 or 1:2. I used the smallest tubs I had on hand because I'm not sure they are gonna work. I lined 3 of them and left one unlined for observation. I didn't follow a exact tek so much as copying other ppls modifications to the basic mono tek. I have my row of holes at sub lvl and some holes up higher. But I also put holes in my lid. I think my issues before were r.h and fae related, bad spawn even. I plan on using a mix of poly and micropore to regulate my evap and fae up until I have pins then I'll let them alone to finish fruiting. I'm using 2 isos of Ajax and 2 isos of alacab I've been working on. I've messed around with each of them in small trial grows and dubs I'm going to use this grow as a final exam for each of them and at the end I will pick the ISO of each one that shows the most promise and put it away for future work and I will retire the isos that are not as good. Here is a pic after 4 days. Right and left side of tub.
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