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Found 6 results

  1. I’m not sure why I have so much tomentose growth in my tubs. Am I doing something wrong? I appreciate any feedback at all. 🙏🏽
  2. First off shout out to Mush Zombie, I know it’s not his creation ,but I thank him and everyone else for his/there immense knowledge and kindness! i am about 95% there with what to do. Planning to do 2 —-set and forget 6 qt dub tube—- with a 1 qt spawn : 3 qt manure sub and a .25 qt casing 50-50 mix. One golden teacher dub tube and one B+ dub tube I will be drilling the 8- 1/2 holes. 4 on top and 4 on bottom. Do I want the holes on the bottom tube to be as flush as I can get, to the top of the casing? Aka do I want any room between casing and holes. Secondly do you tape the two tubes together when fruiting. How will I know if I need to tighten or loosen my poly? Is it better to use microspore tape? Should the top holes be looser than the bottom? Should I mist the casing after I apply it(100% colonized bulk sub). Or should I mist the top tube. Or should I do neither? I live in AZ so it’s rather dry. Making a major question how can I know/ check if it’s to dry? Or must I truely set and forget and hope? Sorry so many questions! Any feedback or advise would be greatly appreciated as There is so much outdated info, it’s hard to keep it all straight !
  3. I’m fairly new to myc. I have a handful of successful lc jars. Also successfully knock up a couple jars. Iv grown 13 different cubes successfully. A lot of those successes came with help by reading here on shroomolgy. There were a lot of fails to get me where I am now. There are a lot more fails in the future but they are all necessary to get to the lesson at the end. I built a pretty badass glove box. I’m about to break it in soon. Anyways, there’s a lil bout me. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be part of this. 🙏🏽
  4. I'll try to make this short since I'm sure you all have heard the same thing a million times. So first off I'm using wbs. I prepped it by thoroughly cleaning and sifting the seed then adding boiling water to the bucket and cover for 90 min. I used this power cooker for sterilization which I'm worried might be why I'm not seeing any growth in my jars yet (it's been 5 days since innoculation with a spore syringe) and I used the steam canning setting at 13 psi for 120 min. After I put them in a tub over night. Covered with aluminum foil. The next day I inoculated in very clean conditions, naked after taking a shower, gloves, 91% rubbing alcohol, flame sterilized the needle after every jar, everything but a still air box. Then I immediately put them in a box in a cabinet above the fridge. And as I said it's been 5 days with nothin. I would continue to be patient but I have a feeling something isn't right and my first thought is the type of pressure cooker I used as it will only go up to 13 psi. I know you should do it at 15. So is that a difference that would not allow for proper sterilization? They were semi damp when inoculated. But are dry now as you can see from the pictures. This is my first attempt and I'd love any advice I can get thanks! I have mostly been following the Rex effect tek by Mush Zombie
  5. BleepBlorp123

    Help with cobweb in mono tub

    So 8 days ago I brought my mono tub into fruiting conditions. I followed mush zombies mono tub tek and everything was PERFECT up until the 3rd day when I started noticing this weird white blotch in the center of my casing. It was small maybe the size of a quarter and near it was a faint outline of mold starting near the cobweb. It was a very light green and was the start of trichoderma in assuming. Well I scooped both spots out and starting using 3% h202 and was self fanning from then on. Also I wanna note that I used a box fan on setting 1 and had it aimed toward the monotub for its FAE. A few days after that I noticed trich forming in the center but was still small, no other spot had green so I scooped it out again and kept using hydrogen peroxide. So yesterday I decided to put a little salt on the top of the casing and use half hydrogen peroxide and water for misting. I still have the box fan pointing toward the mono tub but I have the box lid slightly pryed open to get more air exchange. It's been a few days and I don't smell anything anymore. Can anybody guide me from here? Im really trying my best not to lose this monotub... I don't have any signs of contamination right now and also should I keep the lid open and manually fan or can I shut it and still have the fan point towards it?
  6. Zemace

    Contamination or ok?

    I haven't seen a lot of myc look like this and was wondering what more experienced users thought. First time for me so its all a learning process. I used mush's 6 qt dub tub Tek. Cambodian strain
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