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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, I received 2kg of some inner root bark from Mimosa Hostilis, I did a STB extraction using @mushmouth's tek. I used 4 qt jars, 50g of shredded bark each. I let it sit in the lye water for 2-3 days before I got around to doing the 1st pull. I am warming the jars up in my old PC, and the naps are getting warmed in a small pot of hot water. I used old naps that were a little yellow for the 1st pull. First pull After the pull 24 hrs in the freezer set on high: Here is
  2. I am inspired by Mushmouth and his tek, and from Mushinist and his fucking sexy crystals. I followed MM's tek like it says in his sig, 2 jars with 750ml RO water in each jar, with 50g lye disolved in each jar. Then I added 50g shredded Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark slowly to each jar. I am letting the jars sit to break down the bark, since it almost broke my processor trying to powder it more. Mad props to Mushmouth!!!! And Mushinist for insiring me to do this with his xl shots lol Here's the shredded bark Then mixed with the lye water, 50g each jar of bark and lye, 750
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