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Found 4 results

  1. Hello comrades, i was just curious as to the reason(s) why these mushrooms grew so funky... As you can see, they have super wavy stems which are almost completely hollow. As they grew, the stem eventually split open to reveal the hollow insides, and those that didn’t do this ended up with split stems upon being picked. Anyone have the issue before or know why this would happen? For the record: They were grown using BRF cakes that were shredded and combine with Coco coir & verm (50:50) and converted to bulk substrate in a mini plastic Tupperwar
  2. So a few days ago I noticed this strange white blob alongside some of my pins. Prayed it wasn’t contamination and two days later it is starting to grow a stipe! Strange albino mutation? Or what? It’s so white!!!
  3. Hi 'ology! Here's an update on those weird growths. Sorry, but I couldn't add pictures to my last post, so I'm opening a new one. It is interesting that all the mushroom growth was around the sides. Interesting because I had a HEPA filter balancing on each of the corners for a half hour each corner to trigger pinning, and that's what I seem to have got, just in the corners and sides. I have some wire/screen now, so I heavily misted everything and put the HEPA filter blowing directly into the middle of the Steralite tote. There are currently only a few little stragglers in the middle. I hop
  4. Paranoid

    Mutations? (with pix) -what?

    Hello 'ology! I hope someone can identify this weirdness. I searched google images for hours, but couldn't find anything remotely like it. These are Golden Teachers. This is my first "no mist no fan" 116 Qt Sterlite tub with weatherseal on the lid, 1/4 in holes all the way around (covered with micropore tape), 1 1/4 in holes in the top (filled with poly-fill), slow moving fan. MZ mentioned that he set up a box fan on his shrooms for 10 hours to make them pin, so I used a HEPA filter instead for about 1.5 hours. The temperature of the environment is crazy hot, ranging from 75 to 93 degr
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