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Found 3 results

  1. I’m afraid that I might have added my light source too early. I am doing a mono tub and I made my first homemade substrate this time. Pasteurized and all. I was pretty proud when the manure got to that 150 F mark and stayed there for a few hours. Well I mixed my spawn bags and added a thin layer of Verm to case. This is the first time using this layer and I’m kicking myself in the ass for it. There were some spots that were poking through so I thought what the hell throw some light on it. It seems to be stalled. Been the same few spot for over a week and a half now. Is it a no go on this tub or can I turn the light back off to see if it will finish colonizing? Should I dunk and flip the cake? Please, tell me something good.......
  2. So my question is this if I take one cake and inject (4 different varieties) of psilocybin cubensis what will the resulting outcome be? Will it eventually fruit only one variety that was ultimately genetically stronger or will so many recombinant mycelia families be produced that the cake will fruit several “mutant” and “new” mushrooms that can be isolated and cloned on agar and sold eventually as my very own?Or a third possibility is the mycelium networks will create a patchwork of “fiefdoms” that produce fruiting bodies of the original genetic variety? Also could someone explain why their are not more varieties of oyster colors if making two separate varieties but same species is technically possible?
  3. What's up everyone. I'm new here, this is my first post and my first attempt at growing mushies :) I need some help though. Iv decided to followed Rez tek Reloaded but I didnt use the same jars or the post office tyvek envelopes. Instead it just has a SHIP single lid cap. so I PCd the jars and now there's a vacuum inside of them. Is that bad ? Is no gas exchange bad for mycelium growth ? I'm also scared that if I puncture a breather hole it's going to suck air in before I can stick micro pore tape over it, would this contaminate my spawn ? please help . Thanks in advance!!! :)
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