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Found 46 results

  1. I have to small monotubs setup and they seem to be going strong as far as colonization. However I opened them up today and noticed an off smell, somewhat like plastic. The mycelium seems to be quite strong. I also notice a little pooling of brownish liquid on the tops, which I've read could be mycelial metabolites. This is my first monotub test, so I dont know what to expect. I am attaching a photo of each tub. Only one has the brownish water. Below is a description of my methods. Any advice on the smell or pooling of brown liquid would be appreciated. -Wheat berry grain spawn jars (with some coffee added) were fully colonized. I have since started more jars from the originals with no signs of contamination. Pressure cooker sterilized. -Coco substrate, boiling water on top to hydrate. -Spawn to substrate ratio was 1:2 -Monotubs were colonized for 10 days with micropore tape over 2 inch holes.
  2. This is a first time grain spawn using a spore syringe. Can anyone please identify if this is more likely like a cobweb mold or mycelium?
  3. So I thought these were looking pretty bomb cause actual giant mushrooms are growing inside my jars but then I started researching and I don’t know if it’s awesome for fruiting to start in the jars and that means I did something wrong/I can’t tell what looks like healthy mycelium vs mold. Are blue spots due to bruising mushrooms or to mold? Is the mega fuzz the “fluffy white mycelium” I’m told is good or is it mold? Please tell me if I’m good to go or if I gotta toss them all. I’m not sure if I should open any of them for dunking or just throw to trash immediately. That would be disappointing as I’ve been at it for some time, but better to know and also if they are bad, what do you think I could do better? These pics are of 7 different jars. Thank you so much for your knowledge!
  4. Hi guys I’m a noob 🤪 was wondering if things looked okay... let me know what you think
  5. So my question is this if I take one cake and inject (4 different varieties) of psilocybin cubensis what will the resulting outcome be? Will it eventually fruit only one variety that was ultimately genetically stronger or will so many recombinant mycelia families be produced that the cake will fruit several “mutant” and “new” mushrooms that can be isolated and cloned on agar and sold eventually as my very own?Or a third possibility is the mycelium networks will create a patchwork of “fiefdoms” that produce fruiting bodies of the original genetic variety? Also could someone explain why their are not more varieties of oyster colors if making two separate varieties but same species is technically possible?
  6. Hey guys. Some I'm running a monotub of penis envy for the first time. These things have been weird from the start. I have a 56 qt tub with 3 2 inch lower holes on the longer sides and 2 2 inch higher holes on the smaller sides. Spawned to Coco. Some of the caps are cracked and now the mycelium is turning blue. I hope this is just bruising and not trich. Any opinions?
  7. Omen

    hi, is this mycelium of mould.

    Hi all I'm new to mycology, I found these pictures on the net and I'm wondering if it's mould or new mycelium growth. The pictures say that they were inoculated on the 27th of January and are sitting around 25 degrees Celcius. Cheers Omes
  8. MushroomBush

    not sure about these

    could yall tell me whats up with these oat jars please ? im skeptical spore - agar - 3 transfers - blenderless Liquid inoculant - grain these are 8 days old, it just looks really wispy to me. Has anyone had cubensis myc that looked similar ?
  9. Hello guys i love this forum been reading for a year and just started playing with fungus 3 month ago its puerto rican cubensis. i did MS to agar then agar to LC and innoc some jars and spawned to horse poo for 12 days then moved to martha fruiting chamber 3 days ago.today am seeing something new on the sub is that a baby pins?should i start giving it more FAE?thanks
  10. so my jars where colonizing really good for the first 2 weeks. but then when they hit 100% colonized they seem to have stopped growing. this jar has been fully colonized for almost 2 weeks now and it looks the same. the mycelium does not look any thicker. the temp for my jars have been right at 75 F the whole time. should i just birth the cake and see what happens? i feel like the mycelium does not have a good enough hold of the substrate and will just fall apart when i take it out. any suggestions on what i should do. here are some pics.
  11. jhaul21

    B+ Brf Cake Hyphal Knots

    Pretty sure these are Hyphal Knots, it is Cubensis B+ on a 1 pint jar Brf cake. It has been in the fruiting chamber for a week.
  12. I was noticing today, that my mycelium seems to be loosing it's bright white thick appearance. Could it be from pressing against the glass? The myc on the very top, looks like a super white thick puff. Seems as though the myc is becoming more transparent? It's still growing, but older growth not as vibrant anymore? Thoughts? I couldn't find anything in the search of a similar situation. Day 15, MS syringe, constant 78, no visible moisture in jar, rye.
  13. Hello guys. I have 2 pictures of 2 cakes. The one where is just a little of mycelium I am sure that this is healthy but the other one which has a lot of white staff I am not because this white things grows very fast and also because of the color it's more white sad. Can you confirm that everything is OK?.. Thanks in advance. This is the mycelium that I have doubts about: And this one the healthy one:
  14. so i like bird seed the best. my fungus really seems to like the bird seed and colonizes it faster than all other types. every day i look at my jars and take note of individual growth rates. The fungus doesn't seem to like lots of moisture. perhaps that is why they are doing so good with the bird seed. drying that out was a synch. light bulb! hm still like the bird seed better. right now i can't get a fix on optimum temps. moisture seems to be the biggest hindrance to growth. and if i assume the bird seed was the driest then the best temp is like between 80F and say 87F. some of my newest (about 10 days old or so) jars aren't doing so hot. here are my 25 day old jars. do they look like they are where they are supposed to be? i was told that they need 5 more days and then a week to consolidate. just to keep things going so i can continue to learn I'm thinking about making a few more jars of bird seed. Below are my new Jars. As you can see the bird seed is doing outstanding and my oats are not and that's probably because i didn't dry them out enough. waay too much condensation. bird seed is just plain easy and that's why i like it.
  15. This is 6 days later but looks slightly dry and lots of aerial mycelium. I've always used the same recipe but let me know if any of you have experienced this and they turned out alright. I'm about to put a casing on it and hopefully that will rehydrate the substrate a little bit. They look fully colonized though and no odd smells?? No cobweb either? I did use a room heater this time to keep temps around 80f cause it's in the 60s at night in the house and that low temp would be terrible for spawn run and wouldve most likely have stunted growth altogether so I didn't have an option. Still though they look dry, idk...
  16. Hey guys...cakes starting to pin. The mycelium is growing in small white dots on the surface of the cake especially towards the bottom. Reminds me of snow. Any ideas what is causing this? I am assuming it is fine just never seen it before. Thanks.
  17. Hi Guys, I have attempted my first LC a few weeks ago. I am now swirling my jars daily and starting to see things growing inside. When I swirl them I see these thin filament kind of things float by. I am assuming this is mycelium, but it doesn't look like nearly enough. It has been 3-4 weeks now. I used honey and gypsum for the lc. You can see some pictures I made here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bVLD7rtSZSjkRvGg1 I wonder if this is going the right way? Any feedback is welcome. Thanks
  18. FIRST TIME DOING THIS Alright guys (or girls or whoever), I am an inexperienced mush grower, but have dabbled in microgreens and other plants and thought I should give it a go after trying shrooms the first time. Loved it. Anyway, I followed the PF Tek and used PE6 from (non-sponsor vendor), and it's been about four-five days and no sign of Mycelium yet. The temperature of the cabinet I have them in got to 104-105 once for less than an hour and also has been getting to mid 90's once or twice for a short time. I keep one cabinet door open and the heater inside on and it stays at 77.4F which seems just right. My roommates keep closing the door on accident and that's when it gets too hot. The cakes look kinda gray and clumpy towards the bottom of the jar, but as I said before.. no sign of myc. Do I wait it out for another week? Or do you guys think they experienced thermal death? Any tips also would be greatly appreciated, I'd like to get some boomers for myself and some friends.
  19. Moxie3000

    The myc is beautiful

    From the album: Pan Cyan Hawaii

    It's hard to get a good picture of this, but I think it's beautiful the way mycelium spreads in LC. It branches out like little fluffy clouds. It looks almost like a part of the human nervous system. I had the chance to see The Bodies exhibit in Las Vegas. It has preserved human bodies and organs. They managed to preserve the nerves and nerve endings of the nervous system - just that, no flesh or skin or anything - and it looked like this. Beautiful, methinks.
  20. So, after putting my jars in a box on the fridge I have white all over the one that I just multi spored from a BHT print. I did the nocc totally nonsterile in open air and everything so am amazed to not have green all over the jar lol. Can someone tell me if this is cobweb, or if I lucked out on it please? Thanks!
  21. Is the stuff at the bottom of the jar mycelium? Looks different then the other stuff.... not fluffy white... Thanks!
  22. Gt005

    Is this mycelium contaminated?

    Inoculated 1/2 pint jars of GT spores about 2 weeks ago and was wondering if the mycelium is contaminated. I used brf tek, stored at room temperature, I smelled the jar and it doesn't have any foul odor.
  23. tbtitans1

    Possible Trich?

    Hey guys...is this trich? Any input appreciated thanks!
  24. Pretty gnarly formation made by the mycelium growing over the verm rolled layer. Could it somehow be from the design on my jars? Or maybe I touched those spots? Seems to perfect of a design to be the latter I think. Pretty cool either way haha what do you guys think?
  25. tbtitans1

    Possible Contamination?

    Hey guys so...the whole jar is colonized, however there is a defined white circle at one of inoculation points. Is this a possible contamination? I could not find any contams that resembled this. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks
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