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Found 24 results

  1. BakedNurse


    This is my first post. I am completely overwhelmed as my title states. A close family member passed away and left me all of his spore prints. I'm not here to sell anything. But I have over 150 individual prints - with more coming next month. I'm trying to organize and sort through these. He had been growing psychedelic mushrooms for over 40 years and traveled all over the world. Each print is on foil inside a round little plastic case that has a lid (looks like empty agar jars to me but I'm not certain). I included a couple pics of how they look. These are labeled Blue DeIta. Some are labeled Hawaiian, Penis something, there are just so many. I feel honored to receive these from him and want to do good. Where do I learn more about each one? Is there a good book? How do I store them? Right now I have them all in my closet in the boxes they came in. My closet is cool (around 66°F right now). Is this ok? These are not old prints. She said he printed a lot for me about 2 weeks before he passed away. I've never grown mushrooms before but am looking at the posts here on different tek set ups. I work in the healthcare field as a professional so I have lots of syringes, sterile water, sterile gloves, Medipore tape, etc etc. Where do I start? I'm very familiar with proper sterile techniques from working in the OR for 5 years so I feel pretty good about that part.
  2. Hello all, Been wanting to grow mushrooms for a while and finally started reading and researching this past week. I've decided i'm going to try the 6 quart dub tub method to begin with the B+ Can't wait to mess up and ask for help !
  3. k3llcor1

    Hello from Canada!

    As you've guessed, I'm new here. Filled with questions about all of lifes mysteries but more importantly, the process of growing theses beautiful little creatures we call mushrooms. I've gone through 2 kits that I ordered online from a site here in Canada with what I thought were ok results until I started browsing the grow logs and I realize I got a fraction of what I COULD be getting from growing my own...properly. So I just got my hands on a pressure cooker and I have a pot of WBS soaking with a bit of gypsum. My questions is I keep reading about coffee and I'm wondering 1st, are you using brewed coffee, or are you guys using the coffee grounds? What are the pro's and cons? If I decide to add it after my WBS is done soaking, is that an issue? I have so many questions but I'm spending plenty of time reading. Everyone has their own style, I hope to eventually have my own. My goal is to supply enough for myself and family and friends. We're all lightweights. For example. The last bag I bought which was 7 grams, last me almost a month. Anyway, thanks for having me. I'm open to all sorts of suggestions. I think my first project with the WBS will be a shoebox type operation. I've attached some pics of my first kit that was a moderate success. The problem is I've fallen in love with whatever strain this is. They are beautiful on the inside AND out. I've kept some mycelium alive from the colonized jar that was supplied. I want to get good enough, that this strain survives. Anyone know what actuall strain this is? I've had mixed reports. Thank you for your time.
  4. Borgfer4542

    First Try

    What up group. I’ve been wanting to grow for 15 years and finally in the right place!! Everything in life is in order. I did months of research before I actually ordered my spore syringe, and here I am today. Thank you all for the massive amount of info and the open arms to teach. Inoc. Date is 11/20/18. The wife and I are beyond excited to microcose regularly and see how, and if it improves our quality of life together even more than it’s been elevated on our own. I’ll keep posting pics, updates, and I’m sure a million more questions sorry.... This has been one of the most fulfilling hobbies I’ve tried.... and I’m not even at the finish line yet! More to come... Thanks..
  5. So i started to try and do the pf tek and when and when i was done steaming the substrate and took off the tinfoil there was a bunch of water all over the lids. so i tried again with less water and had most of my jars lids come out dry but a couple sill did not stay dry. ive been doing a lot of research and every time people are putting the holes in the lids before steaming their substrate. i was just wondering if there is a reason for this and if i could just put the holes in after steaming to prevent water from getting in or just taping the holes.
  6. So I'm trying something I've not seen done, but I see no reason that it shouldn't be possible. Instead of using a tit or cabinet as my incubation chamber I placed my inoculated WBS jars into a 6 quart tub then placed that tub inside of two trash bags and set them high up above my baseboard heater. I haven't measured the temperatures but I would estimate that they are high 70s low 80s. are there any issues with this that I'm not seeing? Side note, I'm new here. I'm hoping to get to know everybody pretty well here. You all seem like my kind of folk. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Psychonaughty

    Dub Tub Help, Stalled Tubs!

    Hey guys, let me start off by saying that I love the forums and members here. Been a lurker for a long time on the site and have gained alot of valuable info from all of you. Thanks for all you do! Now, this is my first post here and my first grow. I'm using the method linked below and have followed it to the letter, save for one mistake which I'll mention in a sec. I'm growing 2 strains of cubensis; Costa Rican and Albino Penis Envy. Everything has gone wonderfully until I started fruiting. The CR's were ready for fruiting before the APE's were, but for both I did the spawn run for 14 days, then did a 1/4 inch casing of a mix of lime, coarse verm, and sphagnum peat moss. For the CR's, I used this light brown ropy shit from the pet store that said it was sphagnum moss, and realized that mistake when I saw no pins whatsoever after 13 days, at which point I did heavy research and found the mistake. I scrapped that casing and used the correct stuff. See the pic of the original casing vs pics of the right stuff at the end of the post (can't figure out how to keep typing below the uploaded pictures, why they're at the end). First pic is the garbage case, and the rest are two tubs of APE, two tubs of CR, a close up of the kind of pins I'm seeing, and the closed tubs. The closed tubs have no moisture on the walls/top in the pic because i wiped off the condensation, for fear of water droplets causing what pins I do have to abort. But they're usually moderately condensated. I've been misting and fanning 3x daily, 12 hours of light on and 12 off, keeping the temp at 65-68°. The pins showed up after 3 days in fruiting conditions (after correct casing was applied) and havent budged since, plus no new pins have graced me with their presence. I have seen a bit of myc growth through parts of the casing, but beyond that it's been totally stalled. I'm at a loss for what to do here. Done days of research with no helpful info. I would really appreciate some feedback and advice on how to welcome my mushies into the world! Thanks in advance, guys.
  8. Hello all, My friend and I are going to start growing soon! I've decided to use the dunk and roll method with a mono tub using brown rice flour, vermiculite & perlite substrate, & will later try fruiting once I'm more experienced (it seems easier to mess up, but I obviously do not know). If any of you have advice for bigger yield, let me know! This site isn't the easiest to navigate, so I hope I'm making this post correctly. Also, does anyone know where to get decent spores from? I'm looking for some golden teacher, & a more potent strain perhaps, that's easy for a newbie such as I to grow. I will hopefully get this altogether within a month, & I'm just so excited! I still have a few things to buy & complete the set up. Feel free to "add" me on here! I will be documenting the progress & blog the mistakes I make so other newbies could learn from me. I want to reach the stars in meditation, and curb a few disorders I suffer from with the medicine. I'm also just curious, what other hobbies do you all enjoy? I also love herping (snakes) & going to arcades.
  9. I’m new to growing and was wondering if anyone has any tips? Or advice to learn from mistakes?
  10. Stj92086

    New around this forum

    Hello all. I am new to this forum & would like to thank everyone for the wealth of information. I'm starting another project and would love to log it & get helpful advice.
  11. I was hoping for some clarification on a few things. Noob questions ahead! I got a all in one growing bag. It has manure, straw, and ryeberries. Once it is inoculated, it needs to be put in a dark place for a while? Does the dark place need lots of air ventilation or can I put it in a drawer or something? If I get a reptile heating pad to keep the temperature steady, what is recommended temp to set it at? I read somewhere that growth of spores creates heat itself? Would it be better to keep everything in the bag once it is all colonized? Or is it better to move it into a tub? What would the difference in results be? I was studying the REZ effect tek, would I follow those steps if I transferred it into a tub?
  12. Moonphase

    Hello! New guy here.

    Hello. FNG here. Trying BRF cakes. Hope to learn the best details.
  13. Baconed

    Hello, New guy here!

    Hello, I'm new to this whole subject of mushrooms. I'm here to get to know all of you, and about this hobby.
  14. ?KUSH?

    Hi! I'm KUSH!

    Hello! I'm new to shroomology. I've been raising oysters for about 5 months now and want to eventually get into the study of actives. ALSO THANK YOU @1nickthegreek for telling me to join and helping me with this intro!
  15. MyShrooms


    Hey guys and gals, I'm new here and I like mushrooms (especially drawing them and the way they look) so I just wanted to say hi and I'm looking forward to talking to you all! Cheers!
  16. Burses

    Hi all!

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking around for a bit now. Unfortunately I'm currently in California and I can't get spores to test at the moment but I'm moving soon and planning. I'm thinking of trying a zombie tub first off with penis envy. The supplies won't be difficult to get except the spore syringe. It seems the sponsored vendor here is out of everything! (Seems they stopped selling for a bit) I'm currently looking for a vendor that i can trust.I'm sure ill find one in the month or so it'll take for my move. Anyway... Hi all! Thank you for the info you have contributed here! I've enjoyed reading it so much! I can't wait to start my first test out.
  17. InnerExplorer

    Hello All! :)

    Hello everyone! It's a pleasure being here amongst you all. I was invited by Samwise, so I would also like to thank him for directing me here. My interest is primarily in the exploratory, healing, and personal development benefits that may come from working with the mushroom as part of a larger spiritual/personal practice. I am a graduate level mental health practitioner and hope to see these wonderful fungi be used to help people grow, prosper, and find joy in their lives. Thank you again and looking forward to learning so much here with you all! Blessings, InnerExplorer
  18. Hi, everyone. Been lurking and soaking up info for a couple of weeks now. Finally created an account. This seems like a great community with helpful people. Never grown mushrooms before in my life and am taking the plunge. Am gonna keep a grow log with what I'm doing and I'll ask questions along the way. Hopefully this will help other newbies along the way and will help me, too. Ordered a syringe of Golden Teacher (GT) and it arrived in the mail today. I also ordered a mushroom grow kit bag which arrived in the mail today. Also got some quart jars and made SHIP lids for them using Mushroom Zombie's (MZ's) video. Got a bag of wild bird seed (WBS) and a 22-qt pressure cooker (PC) on the way. I built Str0be's glovebox. I also built the tub-in-tub incubator following MZ's instructions. I just finished making 5 quart jars with self-healing injection port (SHIP) lids according to MZ's video. Here's the plan: - Tomorrow will innoculate the mushroom grow kit bag with 1cc of GT in the glovebox. Will then place the grow kit in the incubator. - PC should arrive day after tomorrow. I'll prep the WBS using MZ's No Fail WBS Tek video method. I'll then innoculate 5 quart jars of WBS in the glovebox and place them in the incubator along with the grow kit bag. I'm also going to prep and innoculate some liquid culture (LC) following MZ's video. - So, that 1 syringe will (hopefully) innoculate 1 grow kit bag, 5 quart jars, and some LC jars. Hopefully I can make that syringe last long (maybe indefinitely) with this, lol. - I'll probably try fruiting the grow kit bag right in the bag. For the grain jars I'm gonna follow the zombie tub tek. - This may seem ambiitious for a first-timer now that I'm typing it all up, but I'm curious to learn all these techniques so I figured why not give it a try. Questions I have: - How long will WBS jars "keep" after prepping them. For example, can I prep some extra WBS quart jars while my LC incubates and then innoculate the jars at a later time? If so, how long will they keep? And how should I store them? - What's a good procedure or tek for the zombie tubs to keep them at the proper temperature and light conditions? The incubator's made with opaque totes so I'm thinking I can't keep them there because they'll be in the dark. The location where they zombie tubs will be gets pretty cold - down to 55* F, so I'll have to find some way to warm the air around them while still getting ambien light. Any ideas or tek anyone can point me to? Thanks again to everyone that's posted stuff. It's helped me feel comfortable about jumping right in and even though I'm gonna make mistakes along the way I appreciate having other people here who I've seen helping people out.
  19. Hi everyone. Have been reading info from this group for about a month, non-stop. It looks like an awesome group of people to be my teachers and one day be my team mates. I ordered some syringes, made a monotub, made some tyvek ez-lids, and last night soaked some bird seed. Today I'm gonna pc and inoculate in the morning. Wish me luck. Brad
  20. Pooker

    Help. First grow, stalled in FC

    Hey I have below attach a couple pics of my grows, I'm pretty sure the second, started at a later period is showing hypnal knots already, the first has been in the FC for 6 days, does it look okay? mist and fan 3x a day, 12hr light and it is the 6qt dub tub method, followed every step. The first two pics are the same tub
  21. Hey all. Looking to learn where I can, and share where it fits. Feels good to be back part of a lively omc. Tav
  22. Biekerhouse

    Hello there

    Hello everyone I'm about to start my first grow... I've read so much on ology my brain is mush:P... I Will be attempting 1 mono tub (I know it's not beginner tek but I think I have an understanding of what needs to happen to succeed) Any tips that one might overlook would be helpful Can't wait to share more with the community!
  23. Well I'll start with hello everyone, I'm twixx. I'm getting ready to start my mycology career within the month. I'm very information and research oriented and don't see any issues with growing. I've grown the shake and store mushie bags before as well as some aero and hydro bud setups. I'm not new to cultivation or cleanliness procedures. I'm a shroom enthusiast and feel this will become my new hobby as I share a duplex and can't run my bud setup here. So I'm going to do a PF tek using BRF and vermiculite. Starting out with mist and fan til I get my first set of spore prints and then I'll alter my setup to be more autonomous. I'm getting Cambodian, amazonian, and penis envy(favorite strain). Going to start with the Amazonian. My only real question at this point is for my second batch after I get prints and colonize them. In the setups I've looked at I see differing views. Should I use a ultrasonic humidifier, a air pump and aerator stone or can I keep the RH high enough without those. The setup will be a mono tub. Thanks For any responses and input. Also I've done lots of research and will continue to do so any leads and Info is welcomed and appreciated
  24. Gypsysoul876


    Hello, I am new to this forum, but it does appear that some old friends also visit this forum *waves* *fades to fog* peace!
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