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Found 32 results

  1. Hello comrades, i was just curious as to the reason(s) why these mushrooms grew so funky... As you can see, they have super wavy stems which are almost completely hollow. As they grew, the stem eventually split open to reveal the hollow insides, and those that didn’t do this ended up with split stems upon being picked. Anyone have the issue before or know why this would happen? For the record: They were grown using BRF cakes that were shredded and combine with Coco coir & verm (50:50) and converted to bulk substrate in a mini plastic Tupperware container with air holes poked into it with blackout paper glued to the sides to prevent light from entering where it isn’t supposed to. They’re misted 2-4xs per day w/ d-H2O. I’d guess maybe too much water/misting? But hey, if I knew, I wouldn’t be posting this question on here right now lol Thanks in advance! -YukonX
  2. Hi everyone! I just did my first inoculation a week ago. We have zero growth thus far? Should I suspect the spores I bought were garbage or should I wait longer? If they are garbage, I'm wondering if I need to make all new cakes or should I buy new spores and reinoculate? I'm super bummed. The jars and cakes look exactly the same as they did the day we made them. Thanks for any help!
  3. PoliteHunter

    Monotub Noob

    I am going to try and grow a Monotub, I've read the guide and have some questions, dont know if there stupid or not haha. Knobbly have experience with jars. 1. It says to add a casing layer once the mycelium turns white, what does this mean? More Substrate? 2. After you make the substrate how do you inoculate it inside the tub? do you just inject it with syringes throughout the tub, if so how much do you need? Doesnt seem like it, i tihnk im missing something. If not syringes what do you use and how much do you need? 3. How much weight can you expect from one tub? Like a 1/2 pound? 4. It says it needs natural light? How could this be accomplished artificially, does anybody have any recommendations? 5. Some say to lessen the heat during fruiting? I've never heard of this until today, is that normal? I would really appreciate it as i plan on growing multiple Monotubs.
  4. So this is my first time growing and everything is going great so far. I'm on day 11 of fruiting and I am starting to see pinning. With that being said I just found some mold in one of my tubs and I'm positive I know what caused it. This got the ball rolling for me asking the questions I've been accruing since I began. I'm trying not to get too bogged down with perfection but I'm curious what other people do. Questions Is the black trash bag used during the spawn runs only purpose to block out light so the mushrooms know grow up? I believe I've seen people use black duct tape on the outside of the bins? -The reason I ask is because when I just checked my tub and moved back a crease I found mold where the trash bag bunched up. Is the tub I found mold in toast? Could it contaminate my other tubs? How much misting and fanning should I be doing? How long should I leave my fan running on my tubs at a time? Should I mist then fan? -I've read a lot of different things from different people. 3x times a day, 5x times a day, more fanning then misting, How important is sterilization during the fruiting stage? -I typically wash my hands and put on gloves before I touch my tubs to mist and fan but that's about it. Is the risk of eating contaminated mushrooms? -This questions just popped in my head. Is a gap between my 2 tubs a worry? Should I use tubs that lay together better? -I noticed a gap when I put my top tub back on after I did a mist and fan. It's because the tubs I'm using are kinda thin and shitty. How important is the light I use in my fruiting room? -I realized I never changed the light in my fruiting room. P.s. I was freaking out that nothing was going to grow then BAM!!! I start to see some pinning!!! Super excited for the coming days and to perfect this technique.
  5. kakki38

    Greetings Community!

    Hello Hello! This seems to be the best community for fellow cultivators! I want to say hello to everyone and also say from the start that I am always grateful for knowledge in any form! Yes I am a beginner but mushrooms have always fascinated me, I've done a lot of my own reading over the years, and more than anything now I want to learn from others who clearly know what they're doing. Soooo tips, questions, concerns, ideas, tricks, advice, suggestions, random comments, anything at all is not only welcome at all times but is greatly encouraged! Can't wait to start the journey it will definitely be wild!
  6. Omen

    hi, is this mycelium of mould.

    Hi all I'm new to mycology, I found these pictures on the net and I'm wondering if it's mould or new mycelium growth. The pictures say that they were inoculated on the 27th of January and are sitting around 25 degrees Celcius. Cheers Omes
  7. Are psilocybin mushrooms best consumed fresh, dried, or just personal preference? My uninformed observation might favor dry as it’s less mushroom volume to consume. Does the potency remain the same fresh or dry? Understanding that potency can vary, is there a known/standard amount recommended for consumption? Is it best to test the waters and build to a standard dosage when seeking a spiritual or conscience expanding experience?
  8. Hey guys, I am a new grower and I have a few questions about the monotub. I've read as many threads on monotub teks as I could before they all started to mesh together into an incomprehensible guide for my brain to understand. Ultimately, with some slight improvisation, I decided to use the monotub tek that Mush Zombie included in a guide describing 3 bulk growing techniques: https://www.shroomology.org/forums/topic/6-how-to-grow-magic-mushrooms-shrooms-in-bulk/ I've been reading a lot of old and new posts to get familiar with all of the terminology, so if there is a term that is questionable, please correct me so I can learn what to say instead. In an effort to keep this relatively brief, I'll try to keep the details down to the essentials. I started by inoculating 10 PF Tek 1/2 pint jars. No contamination, everything looked great. I spawned the 10 jars (broken up evenly) into a 51 qt tub, and mixed with about 7 lbs of substrate. I did not measure out the number of quarts, instead I filled the tub until I had ~3.5" of substrate w/spawn, then lightly smoothed down. I then added a 1/8-1/4 inch casing layer, smoothed, misted and set in the incubating chamber. After 8 days the entire substrate was colonized, and mycelium was tearing through the casing layer. It was beautiful. I then introduced it to fruiting conditions; 71F, 90-99% RH, 11 hours of light per day. The tub has been in these conditions for a total of 3 days. I keep the tub in a small 'tower' for temperature and humidity conservation due to where I live. Everything looked great until one day I forgot to turn the setting for a small fan I keep inside a tower (to promote FAE cyclically though out the day), from the outlet setting, to the timer setting. I also unfortunately, had it pointed at one of the polyfilled holes on the end of the tub. All of these frivolous details aside, the point is that while there was condensation on the side of the tub (due to the temperature differential inside and outside of the tub), the substrate had dried significantly. While I have read that it is common for the substrate to pull away from the sides of the tub, I did not line it with a plastic bag, and the gap was worth noting. As well, a crack developed in the middle of the tub, and there was some minor 'blueing' of a few patches of mycelium - 3 patches, each about the size of a quarter. After I removed the tub, I misted until beads of water formed, waited, misted, waited etc. until no more water was absorbed. I dabbed any puddles of standing water, and misted the walls. I was sure to move the fan further away, aimed to cause circulation, and not directly at the tub, and loosened the polyfil at the top. I purchased a new hygrometer with a probe that so far have proven consistent and accurate. The reading is steady between 94-97%RH. The blueing of the mycelium has stopped, and it has returned to a healthy white again. The crack is much less pronounced, and overall, it appears to have made a steady recovery. Side note, temperature has also been kept between 68-72F during the whole process. I've taken a very scientific approach to the whole process regarding sterilization, standardized measurements of temp and RH in equal time intervals after introducing various conditions (misting, running the fan, increasing temperature, etc.). So far, I've gotten that part down. Now, the reason for this post, is that I lack experience and "the special touch" or wisdom that you only get from experience. I've read so much about FAE that truly I don't know what else to really think, and I don't have the experience to rely on my gut. I've read that too much, and too little are negative. Over the past few days while testing variables, I've been taking the lid of the tub off to either dab puddles, or mist. From what I've read, monotubs are a set and forget tek, and thus far, I've been having to interact with mine more than I should have needed to. Conditions have stabilized, and there appears to be no contamination, or serious damage done to the mycelium. At least - it looks that way to my inexperienced eye. My question is, what are the possible adverse effects from all of this, if any of you have similar experiences? Was your pinset or yield affected. Timeframe, # of flushes? I understand I am probably overthinking this, but I'd rather err on the side of caution and consider all of the possibilities, including the best and worst case scenarios. Any input, advice, or shared experience would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hi! This is my first post and Im so excited to have actually signed up and am now able to chat with you guys. I have gotten so much great information from wonderful people, just willing to share their knowledge.. thank you for that! anyways I started these jars (my first) 3 weeks ago and I've been questioning if this is cobweb mold or am I good to go? Some spots, like the pic, seem pretty wispy..? They aren't completely ready but I need to get the go ahead, or not, from some expert veterans before prepping them for the chamber! any feed back or advice would be very helpful and much appreciated. -Love
  10. Hello! I’ve always thought mushrooms were cool. They’re like flowers almost! Recently, I’ve been reading everything I can get ahold of and doing lots of hunting and identifying. I’m interested in the medicinal uses of mushrooms and in psilocybin mushrooms. I’ve never tripped, but I have a grow in progress! I can’t wait to learn from everyone here and share what I learn!
  11. RocShaman

    Greetings People..

    Hi folks, I'm new here and new to growing but I'm not new to psychedelics in general, mushrooms included. I'm an older guy and haven't tripped a lot in several years but I never lost my love for the experience or have forgotten the places they've taken me and the insights they've shown me. Recently I ran across a few shrooms and it was beautiful time which got me to looking into maybe trying to grow a few. I always thought it was going to be a hard thing to do, I'd tried it when I was younger with no success whatsoever. But after reading this site and a watching some youTube vids I realized maybe it's not going to be nearly as hard to do as I thought, so, here I am. The info you have here is awesome and I went out and bought most of the stuff I'll need to get it going on. Praying for luck! Good to meet you all... RocShaman
  12. DubTub is holding steady at 74 degrees / 98% Humidity. I pulled a couple jars to see where they are. All the jars appear to be growing roughly equally. Here are some pics of one of the GT & B+ BRF jars that were inoculated about 2.5 weeks ago.
  13. JerrySeinfeld

    Top Newb Mistakes

    Hey everyone, Im about to start a bulk dub tub and have been taking notes from reading here and going over the tek a ton before i invest in anything. I couldnt find a good thread listing out the top newb mistakes. From the vets, what are the things you notice are hardest to deal with at first; where everyone makes the most mistakes, as well as what you wish you were told (tips tricks) when you first started out.
  14. Well ok! Its been about 2 weeks since I've inoculated my BRF jars using Oven Tek. Thought I'd post a few pics for any other noobs that may be going thru their first cycle...(it works!) all the jars are starting to fuzz at all inoculated areas. Humidity is around 87%, Temp is around 78 F in tub Should I be getting excited? :o) Hawaiian, Azurescens , B+, GT & Ecuador - all strains are showing good hyphae branching. Any advice?
  15. Joe230991

    Stalled jars

    I have some jars that have seemed to stall out what can I do to get them going again?
  16. So I did all of my research on multiple sites and kept finding myself back here on shroomology.org. Love this site. I decided to start with the pf tek from this sight and researched, researched, and researched some more. I got all of my stuff together and used two different sponsors from this site for spore syringes. I started my cakes 9 days ago inoculation and all. Today, two of them are completely white and the other 4 are almost there; 2-3 days from it. I have been enjoying myself giving these beautiful fungi a place to grow and work their magic and thanks to all of you who have helped me get started in this journey. When I birth I will take pics and upload.
  17. So this is my very first LC 1.5 Pint Jar Light Corn Syrup Barley Malt Syrup (I have powder now for maybe a second one pending this one) PC'ed 90min@15PSI Cooled for 24 hours Innoc 05FEB - Kept at about 75F How is it looking? I swear it's like a game of second guessing yourself every night while reading forums. I worry it's sooo caramel yet. As I've read a bit the myc should be taking a bit of the color out.
  18. Hello guys! It took a lot to finally make an account on here. I'm very shy. But I did it! I've never had mushies or any other drug. But I hear it could help with depression and anxiety. I would rather take something natural than pills. But anyways, I've bought all the stuff i need other than the spores. (Any ideas on which strain to start out with?) Jars, bird seed, perlite, tubs for fruiting, heating pad, Plus an endless amount of sterilizing stuff, pressure cooker and so much more. I'm still debating on either trying to set up the jars myself and risk messing them up... or just buying the sanitized jars online. So I don't really know... I really don't want my first time to be a fail. Though I'm sure I'll learn a lot through the experience. I hope everyone is having a nice day.
  19. sneakymortar

    Checking in

    Good morning, I've been a lurker for the last year or so, I've done a couple of teks with decent success. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and learning a thing or two. Thanks for having me.
  20. Baby Trip

    Dr. Tripps Slave Girl

    Hey Everyone! So if you couldn't tell by the title, it's Dr. Trip's lady. I just put my first grow into incubation tonight. I started with 4 z-tubs, and I used the Cambodian strain. (one jar had B+ in it with the Cambodian, I'm a newbie and used a bit too much. So, we'll see what happens with that tub.) I've been waiting on registration to be open, and I'm excited to be here. I'll let you know how the grow goes!
  21. Howdy everyone, I am Ragnarok, 25 year old fella from Arkansas. New to the forums, have lurked for a while reading the various teks for growing, and finally decided to make an account. I am fairly new to psychedelics but very eager to learn all that the plant teachers have to offer. Also eager to get to know some new friends!
  22. Got my first set of jars incubating, just inoculated them and set them up! Used millet and milo mix in a NSNS method. Have a few questions for everyone! Love all the info on here, wouldn't have even got started without you guys! Has anyone ever used nyjer or thistle seed as a base? Why pressure cook everything? Wouldn't a nice long bath in standard boiling water be just as effective at sterilization - only a 20-35 degree difference?
  23. I'll try to make this short since I'm sure you all have heard the same thing a million times. So first off I'm using wbs. I prepped it by thoroughly cleaning and sifting the seed then adding boiling water to the bucket and cover for 90 min. I used this power cooker for sterilization which I'm worried might be why I'm not seeing any growth in my jars yet (it's been 5 days since innoculation with a spore syringe) and I used the steam canning setting at 13 psi for 120 min. After I put them in a tub over night. Covered with aluminum foil. The next day I inoculated in very clean conditions, naked after taking a shower, gloves, 91% rubbing alcohol, flame sterilized the needle after every jar, everything but a still air box. Then I immediately put them in a box in a cabinet above the fridge. And as I said it's been 5 days with nothin. I would continue to be patient but I have a feeling something isn't right and my first thought is the type of pressure cooker I used as it will only go up to 13 psi. I know you should do it at 15. So is that a difference that would not allow for proper sterilization? They were semi damp when inoculated. But are dry now as you can see from the pictures. This is my first attempt and I'd love any advice I can get thanks! I have mostly been following the Rex effect tek by Mush Zombie
  24. Hello, so this is my first try and cultivation and I'm worried something is wrong. About two days ago my monotub started producing these white puff balls? I don't know what it is I'm hoping it is something I can fix if it's not good. It's my first grow and I'm hoping I can produce something. I spawned on popcorn
  25. Hello. I am asking for advice please in clarifying how to identify contamination. I have a P.E tub. Colonized on WBS and spawned to a 16 or 18 qt tub with coco coir 50/50 verm. This tub was put to fruiting 5/5 and is looking good with the knotting and small blog formations. Yet I see a very very very small spot that looks either dark blue or dark dark green. I can't tell because it's so small. The tub smells fine. Everything else looks normal. My question is Will trich have a smell or something to differentiate from small bruising or the beginning of trich. Thank you. I appreciate your help
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