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Found 39 results

  1. So these b+ sat a little long...prob had 2-3 weeks after 100%noc before birthing.. in vitro was “about to start/had started internally?” This harder solid white ‘coating’ covered probably 20-25% of the cake, went thru the dunk and roll with verm, coco coir n pickling lime.. no weird smell I could notice..possibly turning a light yellowish shade but still looks like mycelium.. has anyone experienced anything similar?
  2. First pan Pin

    First pan pin ever hope it doesn’t abort ! Pan cyanscens. In a green house that isn’t automated. Fanning 6 times a day for 5 mins each.
  3. First Pan Pin Ever!!

    I thought I’d try pans out. In a green house that isn’t automated. I’m manually fanning and controlling temps with a heater beside it on the floor. Temp range from 71-76 changes throughout the day. I box fan the green house for 5 minutes multiple times a day(4-6). I haven’t mist because I’m using a warm mist humidifier and that seems to leave condensation on the trays very lightly on the casing. But I know it’s not much but it’s a step in the right direction. I hope they don’t abort or stall!
  4. More beginner questions... 1) How detrimental could a slight temperature fluctuation be throughout my colonization process? Ex 1) I'm using my guest room as my fruiting room and attempting to keep it at a constant 68-70* for when it's time to fruit. But when the heat comes on it raises the temp to about 72*. Then when it kicks off it will stay there then eventually drop to 68-70* till the heat kicks on again. Ex 2) My incubator sits in my fruiting because that room keeps the most constant temp. When the heat kicks on in the room it also effects the temp in the incubator. It typically stays at 78-79* but when the heat comes on it can raise the temp to 81* 2) My next questions is about incubators in general. What do you use? I will attach a photo of mine and would love some feedback.
  5. Greetings

    Hello all. I am new to 'ology and ironically got confirmation on my first order today. I started this journey because of mushrooms in general from wild edibles, medicinal, and magical. So far I've just been book learning but now wish to invest some time into horticulture as a whole. Any guidance or tips along the way will be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. This is happening across all my tubs. The first few mushrooms i picked got twice as large before tearing, but now all of mine are maturing far too early. What could be the cause of this?
  7. From the TEK: "Next, cover with foil and incubate for 6 - 10 days DO NOT REMOVE THE FOIL TO PEEK AT IT FOR ANY REASON." What temp? Also, the bottom of that 20q tub looks modified. Is it a liner? Is it necessary? Also, after pinning, con't w/ mist fan? If so, 3-4xpd? Finally, from the TEK: "you know he fanned that way more than he said he did " b/c it's advantageous or he just could't help looking at/messing w/ it? Thanks in advance for help
  8. In 16 days (10/26) I have to go away for 10 days (26 days). I don't have anyone to manage things while I'm away. Based on the condition of the jars should I: 1) Transfer to bulk "before" I leave for 10 days - I'm thinking this would be just enough time for colonization of the substrate and once I get back I could start the fruiting process? 2) Refrigerate the jars now - to slow down colonization, and transfer to bulk when I get back (would that work?). Help!
  9. i have a penis envy harvest coming up very soon, and i'm pretty excited to see how big they will get. i heard that penis envy rarely drop spores, but in case they do, how would i get them inside a syringe in a sterile fashion? i dont have a flowhood, but i was thinking i could cut the top of the mushroom off, wrap the top with foil, see if any drop spores, wait 12 hours and quickly transfer the cap to a sterile jar where they would drop clean spores without contaminating the jar. then i would remove the cap with a clean knife, add sterile water through a SHIP, and suck it up with a sterile syringe. another question i have is, if i just make a "dirty" print on foil and store it somewhere clean and safe for a few months, will the contaminants die, having no nourishment to live off of? if not, what about for a year?
  10. I just bought an 18 inch 6500k fluorescent tube bulb and a fixture with a plastic shield around the bulb. My question is, is it the correct type of bulb and fixture? Is it too bright? Too close to the cake? The pin that i thought was an abort actually was just a slow grower, so i really dont want my one and only mushroom to die because i messed something up with lights.
  11. This "cake" is my first grow, as you guys might remember. Its been fruiting for at least 3 weeks now. Possibly 4. Its had the casing on it for over half that time. Been misting and fanning, it doesnt look dry to me. Its eating through the casing layer but no more pins have appeared in the 2 days since the first. Hygrometer tells me its at 95% rh. What could be the problem? Its not a shotgun style terrarium, juat a box with perlite. Could that be the problem? Not enough fae?
  12. It looks like cobweb to me, and its definitely not snowy white like everyone says it should be. My incubation chamber is 75 degrees so i need to figure out a way to bring it up to 80. You see those wet spots? Well, i dabbed them with tissue paper and the mycellium under it was "melted" is the best way i can describe it. Rubbery and maybe sticky. Like a gel. Is that contamination or just a result of the puddle of water?
  13. uneven mycellium

    This is my cake that was taken out of incubation too early. There are no weird smells or colors. Ive been fanning it 3 times daily and the mycellium has been spreading. As you can see i have two different (or so it seems) types of mycellium. Since this is a multispore grow, can that explain it, or is it some kind of contamination?
  14. I see a lot of flame steralization and alcohol related tips, but i cant find any info on how to keep the bottom part sterile. It has to come into contact with air, but its plastic so i cant flame it. Should i dip the syringe tip and the plastic of the needle in alcohol before i connect them? Should i soak the luer lock tips in alcohol before closing the syringes for long term storage? Im afraid that contact with alcohol could harm the mycellium. I will be preparing a GLC syringe soon and i cant screw it up. I have a sealed 60cc syringe and plan to pressure steralize a needle. I'll need to connect them afterwards, during which time they will need to be in contact with air. After innoculation, i plan to store the rest for later, and i will need to use a pressure steralized luer lock tip to seal it, during which they will also come into contact with air. I don't have a flowhood and have had bad luck with gloveboxes, but ill follow any good advice
  15. I've been searching and not coming up with anything useful. Why exactly do we need to spawn to bulk? Could one just grow a bunch of wbs after jars in a 6qt box and skip the incubation phase altogether? Seems like less time for contams to invade and a lot more nutrients too. Sorry if this sounds stupid. I have a pint jar of colonized wbs but wanted to try a neat little grow that i saw once. Basically it was grown in a party cup dub tub (dub cup?) I think that if i tried to mix it with bulk it would contaminate for sure, so i was thinking just using the pint of wbs and be done with it. A novelty grow really, but it looked so neat and tiny gardens are a kind of hobby of mine so i'd love to see what comes of it, if my idea works.
  16. Following mush zombies 6qt dub tub tek, it says it is not optional to case the tub. Ive read elsewhere that cubes need no casing, and i would like to address this now. I dont mind casing at all (though itll just be fine grade verm and shredded coir), but what exactly will it do for the mushrooms? Also because i dont want to clutter up the board, i used some lc to noc a jar for testing and nothing grew. Could this have been due to the refrigerated temperature of the mycellium at the time of innoculation? I also suspect that the culture was stalled. Stalled doesnt mean dead does it?
  17. (again,..sorry for the poor pics. I need a macro lens) Look at them grow! I have 4 different strains in here: Hawaiian, Ecuador, B+ and Golden Teachers. I lost track of my labeling system so I'm not sure which is which. Most of them are popping up from the bottom of the cakes (gravity/moisture), but there are some popping right off the tops of the cakes. I was kinda bummed that some looked like they weren't fruiting, but then I looked really close and there are little pins all over them, they are just too small to see with the naked eye and my shitty camera... Given this is my first time, I am super stoked I made it this far....Next time I am going to stick to one strain. I was a bit ambitious for a first timer! I keep seeing conflicting info about misting and fanning (condensation induces pinning),... some say stop misting and fanning when you see pins because water can kill the pins (rot, etc) and others say keep on misting and fanning until you are ready to pick them. I am misting about 3-4 ft (3-4 sprays + fanning for about 2 mins = 3x per day) above the FC to avoid bruising.... any advice?
  18. Ive made three liquid culture pint jars, two using karo, and one with pancake syrup. All of them took off and i can see mycellium, but its been about 5 days and no more progress has been made. The mycellium is about 1.5 inches long and takes up maybe 5% of the jar. Its definitely more volume than the spores i put in the jar, but because they havent grown in a while i suspect they may have died. I only have about 2cc's left in my syringe, so if im going to try again, itll have to be with a foolproof tek. Is this normal for mycellium? How big should i expect the mycellium mass to grow in a pint jar with 4% karo?
  19. I'm not quite ready to drop big bucks on a pressure cooker, especially since i have an instant pot that already works. I used to grow little lightbulb terrariums and i'd always bake the soil beforehand. I got mold very rarely, and it was probably from handling the soil when it came out of the oven. What if i bottled the substrate and cooked the jars at 212f for an hour, kept them sealed and waited a day for them to cool down before innoculating? Ideally i'd cook them in a pot full of water (something i read elsewhere)
  20. I set out on a quest to harvest fruits and all has gone well thus far. House is fully carpeted but I trashbagged a closet sooo, that may be working? I'm a little anxious fucker who's a crossing his fingers. I've read tons, used wbs, may use oats in the future. Pretty excited and hope all goes well. YIKES! How's everyone else's projects going?
  21. I'd like to grow some mushrooms as practice, and i dont want to spend any money on spores from source of spores (just yet, but i think ive picked out the ones i'll buy). I'm thinking of buying some fresh mushrooms, and using their spores to see if anything grows. I've looked online and i see portobello spores going for 30-40 dollars. That seems ridiculous to be honest, and i'm of a mind to pick the first wild shroom i see and try to make it fruit, but that wouldnt solve my second problem. Ive never liked mushrooms. As a kid they would make me vomit, even on pizza. Im not allergic or anything, but i just hate the taste. Maybe its the species, maybe its the method of cooking them. I want to get over this fear by trying as much different mushrooms as i can and seeing which ones i'll like, and at the same time grow something edible without the irrational fear of getting caught weighing over me.
  22. Hey guys. since this may be a noob question Ill do my best to keep it short. Bellow is a picture from of 1 of 3 dub tubs I have growing. (that picture is one occurrence of many other similar areas in the tub). Which are from the same WBS and the same casing recipe and the same the strain. Each dub is on its second flush now and besides this one tub things are going swimingly. I have dunked them and I am convinced my FAE is at least adequate considering I mist and fan at least 3X a day. So I cant figure out why this one dub is producing such strange fruits. They seem almost gelatinous and are very dark in color. Not to mention I am picking out new aborts almost everyday. So are these boys fine? Or is there something I may be overlooking? Thanks in advance for the help.
  23. I was hoping for some clarification on a few things. Noob questions ahead! I got a all in one growing bag. It has manure, straw, and ryeberries. Once it is inoculated, it needs to be put in a dark place for a while? Does the dark place need lots of air ventilation or can I put it in a drawer or something? If I get a reptile heating pad to keep the temperature steady, what is recommended temp to set it at? I read somewhere that growth of spores creates heat itself? Would it be better to keep everything in the bag once it is all colonized? Or is it better to move it into a tub? What would the difference in results be? I was studying the REZ effect tek, would I follow those steps if I transferred it into a tub?
  24. CAlling all shroomans, and magi. Lmao nah im trying out Z-mush tubs with Verm only casing. Got one in incubation, 3 days in.
  25. Well here I am... When I heard about the z-tubs I knew I had to try it... since I don't have the time to mist and fan all day. So for today I'll start on making a few to see what you guys think. I ordered some spores so I'll be setting up my jars when I get them in the mail... which should be about... Monday? Maybe Tuesday. First I mark where I'm going to make the holes... roughly. I just kinda winged it. Lol Then I used a 3/4 bit thingy. To cut some holes. Do you guys think 3/4 is too large in this format? Well the first tub is done... I'll go ahead and make more tomorrow. What do you guys think would be a good way to stack these? They have a slight lip to them... and they want to fall. Any ideas?