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Found 15 results

  1. Hi All, is anyone here able to recommend any liquid culture recipes they've found work well for Panaeolus species? My go to is AL203's karo and extra light malt extract recipe which works very well indeed for all Psilocybe species I have grown, and lion's mane mycelium loves it to. Pan cambo and Pan cyan on the other hand show initial promising growth before things stall a bit. There is some mycelium present for sure, but it doesn't seem to be thriving like the mycelium of other species I have grown. Wondering if anyone here has found success with any LC recipes for Panaeolus?
  2. I received a pan cyan Hawaii print from the awesome @magicman. In a glovebox, I made a multi-spore syringe from the print. The day after, I used it to inoculate hippy piss liquid culture. I'm using mushroom grow bags for grain colonization. The bags are small size, with 0.5 micron filter patches. I made my own SHIPs with red silicone. I placed 3/4 cup of medium grade vermiculte at the bottom of each bag and then filled each bag with 3 quart jars' worth of WBS. PC'd the bags for 90 minutes at 15 psi. Afterward, I inoculated the bags with the LC.
  3. Hey guys have something sticking to the jar on a pan LC.had it happen b4 and placed in the sun and it turned green this one hasn't .its the same color as the myc .any clue?
  4. Hey guys, I've been looking, and perhaps I am simply missing it, but has anyone here ever tried the Pan-Cake or Hippie-Poo cake method for Pans? If you did, and had any success: (1) If you did dunk and roll as a part of it, what did you roll it in? (2) What kind of fruiting chamber works best? (3) And any other notes.... Thanks!
  5. Niidaho

    Pan on agar growth

    Hey guys I have two types of growth from a pan print .not sure if it is just two different types of growth being presented are if I contaminated it with cube spores .i would love some input from u guys with experience with pans.thanks
  6. Hey guys, so I came across this tek for growing pan cyans and from all the pictures it works REALLY well!!! For some reason Mycotopia will not let me become a member for a reason i'll never know so I can't ask the guy who wrote the tek but I feel you more experienced mush heads would be able to give me the answer...Okay so I obviously won't get into the whole thing but after sterilizing and colonizing the substrate he talks about mixing and applying the casing...There is 2 things he leaves out, first, do I need to PC the casing mix? I feel like I know the answer is yes but he doesn't mention i
  7. Niidaho

    Messing around

    I'm not doing a lot waiting for the heat to break .but I thought I would show everyone what I'm doing so u all don't know what a lazy ass I am lol.these are my pans the mycilium is way different looks like cotton. This is supposed to be yellow oysters trying to get the right order from the company now .its a producer tho. And the last one is a king oysters tray I'm trying to get to pin that's if they sent me kings same co the yellows came from.
  8. Hey guys was hoping u long time growers could answer a question.i have read that blue magnolia and oakrige are equal to are stronger then pe.but that runs contrary to what I have read here.so I would love to hear some first hand reports on what u guys think thanks in advance!
  9. So I was encouraged by AL2O3 to start a grow log for my Panaeolus Cyanescens. So here goes. A few weeks ago I bought some spores of Panaeolus Cyanescens, and after copious reading (Copius Copelandia Reading? lol) I got to work. I started some grain jars and a few hippy poo cake jars. I am following along with this TEK where you fruit the pans in the poo cakes straight out of the tops of the jars, and the grain spawn I am spawning to bulk trays. I have already been at this for a while, and I've got the jars most of the way colonized, and the grain has already been spawned to bulk CMC, gyps
  10. Can someone please recommend a reliable vendor / source for a viable Pan Cam Sandose multispore syringe? Or if anyone has sandose spores to share I can make a donation via bitcoin and you can ship to me anonymously. I purchased a spore syringe from a reputable vendor a few weeks ago and inoculated 3 jars of Rye but have yet to see any myc colonizing the jars and it's been over a week. I've had successful bulk grows before but this is my first time with Pans. I know my Rye Jars (GE) & Tek, Temps & RH are all correct, so I'm not sure what gives. I suspect the viabili
  11. I plan on going MS > Rye Grain Spawn > Bulk Will 1cc to 1.5cc's of Panaeolus Cambodginiensis Sandose multispore solution per quart (2/3rds full) of rye grains be sufficient for germination? By my calculations, 1cc = 1ml = 20 drops so I'm thinking of squirting in 5 drops of spore solution at 4 different inoculation points between the glass and rye grains in each jar. Or am I better off going with smaller 1/2 pint size jars to start a spawn run? I have an osterizer blender that can make Liquid Innoculant from the Pint Size jars (regular mouth) and from there I could introduc
  12. I am going to post my thoughts on the necessary features a microscope needs to have!! COMPOUND MICROSCOPE 1. Oil immersion lens 2. 1000x plus magnification 3. Ocular micrometer eye piece 4. electric light source 5. controls to move stage mechanically 6. both a fine and course focus knob 7. standard interchangeable fitments If I have left anything out please add to the basic list!! Remember this is for the basic beginner microscope. Enjoy! PLEASE READ MZ's post below for other great options. I am going to get what he is talking about for
  13. Hi! I'm a new member and I'm interested in growing for the first time. Question is...which type of fungi do you all recommend? Psi Cubensis seems to be the popular choice, but I do like the idea of the supposedly stronger Pan Cyanescens. Is there any difference in the tek for the Pan? Any suggestions/words of wisdom is much appreciated I am but a humble padawan...you guys know your shit so I trust yah
  14. Well Myro Pimps,Yet another Grow log from me, hope I am not boring you all. This is my first time Grow of Panaeolus (Copelandia) cambodginiensis : Sandose Domesticate. I would like to thank Magicman for the Print.. I have in the making 2 trays spawned and almost ready to fruit, I also have 6 Hippy poo cakes that I added verm to for a little fluff.I also have 4 rye jars that are about 50%, Pan Myc seems to be fluffy and not ryzo, I will show a comparison to a cube myc. here are the pics I have pan on the left and cube on the right.
  15. This is log for Panaeolus cambodigiensis (Sandose domesticate)I will be using a super easy Pan tek that goes by many names, one being "Hippy Poo Cakes) .This is not at all my tek but has worked out very well infact and you can use it for cubes too, but it was intended originally to cater to Pans. There are a couple versions of this tek so not exactly sure of its origins but I learned it from none other than the great Heavy Metal Hippy!If he doesn't post this tek soon I will with credit due where I know to give it of course. ;)This tek is another cake tek that cuts a lot of possible mistakes o
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