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Found 34 results

  1. Hello! First grow here and using the PF tek, noob yada yada I am 5 nights into the fruiting stage. Been keeping the temp around 72-73, humidity 95-99, 10 hours light/14 hours dark, and a more or less constant supply of fresh air. ~half of my cakes were noc'd with golden teachers, and the other half with tha lipa yai. I have many questions but will keep them concise, and hoping someone with experience can help a brother out since there is an incredible amount of contradicting information on the web about every step of the process. Questions: 1 - Does anything in these pics look like aborts? 2 - Any signs of contamination, or cause for concern? I am noticing tiny spots on many of the lil shroom heads (#1). One shroom head looks hollowed out (#2) and one looks a bit dilapidated (#3) 3 - Any recommendations for speeding up the fruiting of the TLY cakes? Does my FC in pic #5 sound any alarms to anyone? ....7 GT cakes on the left, 9 TLY cakes on the right and bottom center, and then 1 cake top center that I noc'd with both GT and TLY just because I was curious what would happen. (The humidity is down because I had the top off for a bit. ) In general, it looks like the TLY cakes are lagging. In fact. 4 out of the 9 TLY cakes don't have any pins, but it appears the mycelium is taking over the verm from my dunk/roll. I see nothing other than white in the cakes and in the perite. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. While this is my first time, I'm really trying not to fuck it up. many thanks!
  2. Hey so this is my first time. It's been 22 days since inoculation. I have 7 jars, 5 of them are colonizing. 1 jar is almost done but seems the others are far behind. Please give me any feedback, excited to learn new things. Here are pics of the jars. How do they look?
  3. Yhe lonh wait is finally here. I decided today to pick my first flush from 1 cake of z strain. Started pinning about 7 days sgo in sgfc. It weighs out at 80g. Some grew kinda weird. How do these look? Kinda wanting some feedback for future references.
  4. Hey so this is my first time and I could really use some advice. I'm doing pf tek method. I'm not sure if everything is ok or not. I have 7 jars in incubator at 80f. It has been 13 days since inoculation. 1 jar looks like it is colonizing the others don't. I will attach a couple of photos if someone could please give me some feedback.
  5. So im not sure if i have done this right. I took a mushroomcap, placed it onto a shotglass with water and put a glass over it and aluminum foil under. The glasses and the water were boiled to be sterile. After 24 hrs (about) there was a black layer of spores in the water. I sterilized the syringe with boiling water and squeezed water in and out, then let it cool for a moment and soaked up the spores. Then i inoculated PF Tek glasses with that but so far nothing has come of it (2 days later). Whereas the sporesyringes i order usually show small mycelium patches after just a day. Does it take longer, or did i do something wrong? That was my first attempt doing that.
  6. Hey guys, can anyone tell me wether this is contamination or psylocibin? The cake was totally white while birthing and i boiled the water (let it cool ofc) before birthing. Thanks everyone!
  7. SchruteFarms


    Greetings all ✌ I'm new to ology and mycology. I started my first grow about a month ago. I'm starting with a simple, cheap grow to get me started, following the pf tek. So far I've had a great start, 10/10 of my jars fully colonized with no hassles. They are now in a simple sgfc, going on 8 days and barely beginning to pin. After reading sooo much before starting, I got confused on fc temps, letting it set at 65-68°f for about five days with no signs of life. Then I raised the temp to 71-73°, 3 days ago and they are taking off. Still slow though. One cake refused to pin so she's in a dunk tank currently. I've learned a great deal here over the last month and all the knowledge I've gained is much appreciated. I'm hoping for success in this new, magnificent hobby and learning even more with you folks! I'll attach some photos and feel free to point out anything that might not be correct or just, jabonky. I am slightly concerned about how the pins are so bunched together. Is that "normal"? They are B+ cubensis. I also just noced 10 GT jars last night! Hoping to be able to make my own syringes soon.
  8. Sorry noob here with the whole growing mushrooms. its my first grow and ive finally got a cake in my fruiting chamber thats been in there for a couple of days but seems like theres no humidity in there. there is no droplets of water on the walls or anything. ive got about 2 inches of wet perlite in it and ive been misting it 3 times a day. im not sure it has to do with where i live. i live in a very dry place. ive read that depending on where you live you dont want to have a lot of holes in your FC and to just fan in a lot more. im really not sure what to do to get my humidity up. i dont have a hydrometer to know exactly the humidity but i feel safe its not even close to what it should be. any suggestions on what to do would be great.
  9. Is it not necessary to ensure the brown rice flour verm mix in the PF tek is in the 7.5-8 Ph range? Why not? Has anyone ever checked the Ph level out of curiosity?
  10. Is it a bad idea to reuse perlite because of spores from another strain and or possible contamination. It was rinsed thoroughly but not treated with Hydrogen Peroxide or anything. Or, should I just be using new perlite and not even think about reusing the old perlite?
  11. so i have finally got some growth in my FC and am very excited but i noticed today that one of my mushrooms have some weird stuff on that cap of it. not sure if its anything to be concerned about or not. i have looked all over the internet to see if its mold or not but cant seem to find anyone who has the same problem as mine. here is a pic of what im talking about.
  12. so my jars where colonizing really good for the first 2 weeks. but then when they hit 100% colonized they seem to have stopped growing. this jar has been fully colonized for almost 2 weeks now and it looks the same. the mycelium does not look any thicker. the temp for my jars have been right at 75 F the whole time. should i just birth the cake and see what happens? i feel like the mycelium does not have a good enough hold of the substrate and will just fall apart when i take it out. any suggestions on what i should do. here are some pics.
  13. So i started to try and do the pf tek and when and when i was done steaming the substrate and took off the tinfoil there was a bunch of water all over the lids. so i tried again with less water and had most of my jars lids come out dry but a couple sill did not stay dry. ive been doing a lot of research and every time people are putting the holes in the lids before steaming their substrate. i was just wondering if there is a reason for this and if i could just put the holes in after steaming to prevent water from getting in or just taping the holes.
  14. Hello All, I've been lurking here for about a month now. I finally decided to try my hand at a grow. My cakes seemed to have dried out and got blue bruising. I then re-dunked and re-rolled. Now they've started pinning and one cake has begun growing. Just wondering if these look okay or if I need to throw them out due to contamination? Let me know if I can provide any additional details or take additional photos. Thanks in advance.
  15. I have been waiting for this batch of mushrooms to colonize for over a month now and still nothing! This happened on my last batch too, but I assumed that because I ordered them while it was 110 degrees out that the heat killed the spores... Would anyone be able to tell my what I could have done to keep my jars from colonizing? Also, would anyone be able to ID this contam? It's light green, and wanted to make sure on the type of contam so I know how to dispose of it...
  16. So I have four x 1/2 pint BRF jars of Hawaiian strain growing nicely and I'd like to "bulk case" them to get a greater "flush"... My question is: after birthing and dunking...is it better to "crumble" the substrate cakes into the casing or leave the cakes whole (or cut them in half to get a better spread) and just cover them? I'm reading that crumbling the cakes causes great trauma to the Mycilium....
  17. Hello all! So heres the story. I chose to do the pf tek and mistakingly didnt add any substrate, like brown rice flour, with the vermiculite. I had inoculated the jars and the temp was around 67. after i realized i messed up i emptied the jars and mixed new vermiculite and added the flour. i then reinoculated the jars and after a weekend i found this. It looks like mycelium and the whole jar is covered like this but im not sure so any help would be awesome! Ps. the temp is now at 72 average and i have made no changes to my house temp.
  18. I have a few cakes that may or may not be contaminated, but after reading up on a lot of Mush Zombie's material I've decided it's probably best to not eat these and just start over. However, I was wondering if it is safe to make prints with the shrooms I suspect to be contaminated? I apologize ahead of time if this is something that's already been answered somewhere.
  19. So this is my first grow, used the PF TEK. My cakes came out fine, dunked for 24hrs, rolled in Vern + Peat Moss. After I set them in the FC, and after a couple of days, they look a little "fuzzy?" . Is mycelium ever easily mistaken for mold (I know myc is mold) and vis versa? Any examples/pictures?
  20. So a few days ago I noticed this strange white blob alongside some of my pins. Prayed it wasn’t contamination and two days later it is starting to grow a stipe! Strange albino mutation? Or what? It’s so white!!!
  21. Hey guys. So I’m going to be leaving for the weekend (leave late Friday night come home early Monday morning/Sunday middle of the night) and I’m worried about my cakes. I have four cakes in my SGFC right now. One cake finishing its first flush (will be picked by tomorrow or Friday morning most likely), one cake on its second flush which has just starting showing a few pins, and two cakes on their first flush that have not begun pinning yet. I’ve been misting and fanning several times a day, keeping up moisture and humidity levels while giving lots of fae. I’m worried about leaving them for so long unattended and am hoping there might be some setup I can do to give them the proper environment for the weekend. Cheers
  22. I would like to dunk some cakes I'll be birthing tonight with a cake I just finished the first flush on. Could this be bad for tam rates? Should I keep them separated?
  23. Hey guys so things are coming along okay I guess??? 😂 On my first grow. So I was told by mushmouth I believe that m cakes looked too dry and my fruits might not mature fully. So anyways I’ve been wetting th cakes more the last day or so and tonight I got home and I have quite a few broken veils. Caps are starting to flatten a bit but nothing major. These are still pretty small fruits the largest MAYBE being two inches in length. Will these be okay? Thoughts? Really hoping to make some prints as I have no more spores and was hoping to not have to order more yet. If this be the case though I’ll move forward with that! Throwing some new cakes in the chamber tonight
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