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Found 16 results

  1. Generally, when I do a pf-tek grow, I place a rack about 1 cm above the perlite. I then place my cakes on this rack. But what if I were to raise them up further? Something close to 10 cm. Do you think it would have any observable effect? If so, good or bad? My hypothesis is that the only effect would be that mushrooms would grow more freely from the bottom, but that would be about it. Perhaps you might get smaller mushrooms overall as the cakes have another surface they can grow off of.
  2. Hello, Lots of jars in this grow pinned inviro(was away), had to cut them out, I will leave those out of terrarium just in case(or should I not). Any advice on best practiice for invitro is appreciated. Also besides the massive clusters of invitro, I have two shrooms invitro that were 3 inches long, I'm worried about the green on the cap. Also new to contamination, at least one jar was suspect so I threw it out. Does contamination just ruin the grow or does it make the shrooms dangerous? All jars smelled OK, so maybe I'm safe , all jars also looked good, for the most part. I have 5 jars soaking, will go in terrarium tomorrow, I'm mostly worried about putting a bad jar in the terrarium and infecting the others. Suspect 1, I threw away, if that is bad, how risky is it that it was near the others.
  3. Aya

    Orange liquid in PF tek

    Hi all, I have two jars that have this orange liquid. I only saw it today. Yesterday all was good 1) fully colonized on 23-12-2018. On the 25th it was still fine. 2) fully colonized on 24-12-2-18. On the 25th it was still fine. I found two different comments on other forums when I was googling about contamination: A: Throw out the jar. Do not open is. Do not sterilize it. Some others say you can sterilize it B: Birth them now and wash away the orange liquid and it's good to go. Can anyone say if I can birth them. Also what are the risks if any at all? Love to hear from you. Thank you Kind regards, Aya
  4. Just a couple pics of 6, 1/2 pint jars that I knocked up with 1cc of cubensis B+ on April 26th. Wish me luck! And please let me know whatcha think or if you have any ideas I should do, orrrrrrr any mistakes I made.
  5. Lebmartin

    Time to go big

    Well I've gotten pretty comfortable with cakes and growing the shrooms, I've had a couple ounces now between the last couple batches. It's not quite as much as I expected and it's all been from MS as well. I'm looking to move forward and get into bulk growing with hgher quality spores. I also would like to get into using spore prints, but I have no idea how to use them or make liquid culture, none of that. All I know is the cake stuff. I was wondering what my next step should be. Which shrooms to buy? What materials? Which tek is the easiest for a novice like myself to start with? Some advice would be useful, I'd appreciate it.
  6. Lebmartin

    The Doink Is Fat

    44-45g wet. Gonna make for a good time. Biggest one I've got so far, I know it's not nearly as big as others but for my second set of cakes ever, I'm proud of it.
  7. Lebmartin

    Big Ol' Doink

    First pin that popped up about two weeks ago or so. It's a fatty.
  8. Second batch of z-strain cakes I started about three weeks ago or so, zero contams, already two cakes with pins, fully colonized. I feel good about this mycology/shroom stuff. Pretty stoked to see how these guys turn out.
  9. Well all three cakes started to pin and two of them have fruit already, but they're small and look already mature enough to pick, or look very very oddly shaped and kinda yellow-ish. What's going on with these? They're under a 12/12 light schedule at 6700k, usually between 80-90% rh, and about 70°F. I want to keep the humidity up, but I cannot, it won't get any higher no matter how much I spray. Using a SGFC and even plugged some holes with polyfil. Boomers https://imgur.com/gallery/MrZky
  10. So. Got three cakes in my SGFC. About three inches of Perlite and I mist and fan about 3-4 times a day. Only one cake is pinning and it's pinning very slowly. It's been about a week and a half now. Any idea why it's going so slowly and why the others aren't pinning? The pins are about half an inch tall at the tallest ones and there's about 18 total on the one cake.
  11. FIRST TIME DOING THIS Alright guys (or girls or whoever), I am an inexperienced mush grower, but have dabbled in microgreens and other plants and thought I should give it a go after trying shrooms the first time. Loved it. Anyway, I followed the PF Tek and used PE6 from (non-sponsor vendor), and it's been about four-five days and no sign of Mycelium yet. The temperature of the cabinet I have them in got to 104-105 once for less than an hour and also has been getting to mid 90's once or twice for a short time. I keep one cabinet door open and the heater inside on and it stays at 77.4F which seems just right. My roommates keep closing the door on accident and that's when it gets too hot. The cakes look kinda gray and clumpy towards the bottom of the jar, but as I said before.. no sign of myc. Do I wait it out for another week? Or do you guys think they experienced thermal death? Any tips also would be greatly appreciated, I'd like to get some boomers for myself and some friends.
  12. Hey guys, so I was thinking this is just excretion of metabolites, but I'm not sure what would be causing that. Any ideas what this is? Thanks
  13. yilmaz.abi

    Spots on Caps

    Hi there, this is my first time with growing so really excited. And ofcourse every little thing can frighten me! I have question for you guys. There are some tiny little spots on my kids's caps, and some greenish area on their bottom side. Can you tell me what are they, is it a bad thing ? I took a pics of my FC and spots. I hope the pics are good enough. And thank you for sure all the shared experience that helped me a lot!
  14. Hey guys...so I've had 2 cakes in my SGFC for 4 days now and it's been going good. The cakes are both showing some white fuzz on top of my vermiculite (rolled) layer, which I read was a good sign (it is not cobwed in case you were wondering). My question is...I am unfortunately going on vacation for a couple days for Thanksgiving and will not be able to fan and mist the cakes I realize that this sucks, but will they survive u guys think? I really hope they still will fruit as they have been doing great so far.
  15. tbtitans1

    Possible Contamination?

    Hey guys so...the whole jar is colonized, however there is a defined white circle at one of inoculation points. Is this a possible contamination? I could not find any contams that resembled this. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks
  16. hi guys new to the community in more than a few ways. what better way to introduce myself than show my newbie build/tek here these are my pf tek cakes waiting to fruit: First run here for me, still yet to get a first flush. Have a friend helping me, inoculation and in-jar cultivation/consolidation came out pretty solid. Maybe 2 or 3 pins on these babies thus far, feeling pretty good besides being inexperienced with what I assume is the mycelium that's growing in fuzzy white on the cakes. Do they look healthy? Is mycelium ok? If not ideal, how can I prevent it from cultivating my cakes? I've read less CO2, drill more holes closer to perlite. Less humidity? More fanning? Last questions is where I am keeping them. They are currently under my desk which I sit at quiet often. I mist them about 4-5 times a day and fan them with the fan on the left side for about 4-5 minutes, then put the lid on which has plenty holes drilled in it. I keep an AC on in my room that tries it's damn best to regulate 70 degrees Fahrenheit. TLDR: If it's not too early to tell, how am I doin? Thanks a million.
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