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Found 2 results

  1. Hey new friends. Springtime at last! I’m thinking about an outdoor trial run with spore syringes or some such. I have access to basically all kinds of poops (and hays/dirts/spaces) via an animal rescue farm. What are your best tips for outside poop grows? Substrates/methods of collection/staging, etc. Also, keeping animals away from said configurations. Poos to choose: Alpaca/Llama Rabbit Horses/Minis Chickens/Geese Pigs Burro/Donkey Middling success with cannabis out there. Not a ton of trees to break the wind across super flat agriculture. However, there are plenty of out buildings and shady spots around. Your tips, tricks, and musings are welcome. Thanks!
  2. As many of you already Know I had to take some time off and take some time to help out another Family...but back in the swing now...this is my first full lenght Log here at the Ology...I will be going a minimum of 2 flushes for sure. I innoculated my WBS on the 5th of Aug with a dark syringes I made myself, so all these jars are MS, so from the 5th to the 19th and 90% of them are ready to spawn...giggity...as long as all goes well I will reveal everything I did in a complete Tek that you all like to see...and for the new comers, I have a very different way of prepping My Teks, so watch out for a Tek from me once again. Mainly Ill be using this to watch My own progress and to show results of time and patience...not to mention being a little experimental So on with it they say... The jars I nocced up on the 5th (Yes I incubate all my jars with light, the tank you are looking at has 2 15/W fish tank bulbs and they keep my temp at exactly 82*F with the help of the cardboard wrapped around the outside...I could only get my temps to 79-80 without the cardboard(Also the cardboard is a good cover for the ?? Whats that...A : Its a broken glass tank and its just overlooked all the time on gargage day...stealth...lol)) : So here is 1 of the jars thats ready to go : My poop(CMC), verm, lime, and H20 : Here is the coir that I regularly use(Obtained from any pet store, it seems to be very chunky but workes just great, I think it works so well because it leaves little air pockets within the sub, Just my thoughts) : What is this ?(NOT COFFEE) : Ive also got a little brave and somewhat lazy as you can see from this pic, NO Nocc hole...No G2G...But yet I have growth...I did this jar as a test for my enviornment...I ws out of syringes but still had a small amount left over from filling my syringes so I dumped about 5ml of D-Water into the shot glass and removed the cover from the grains and just dumped it in(I dont recomend trying this), turns out my enviornment is pretty damn clean now that its just me and my family living here(Note I did this in open air W/O a GB...although I do have a fantastic GB to use but mainly only use it for G2G, agar and my PE LC preps) : ~ Thanx for tuning in and comenting and as usual any sugestions are always welcome...Please note that I have been working with some experimental stuff to add to the mixes and will reveal everything Upon Success Peace **D**
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