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Found 4 results

  1. So I promised to keep a more detailed account of what happened last time. I didn't cut corners but the formulas sometimes slip my mind. Anyway, started off with the right foot down the left hand pass, once again. Used that much. About half of an eight lb. tub. Picked up for $13. Made this many 1qt. jars. Strain is B+. This is after 7 days at a steady 80 degrees.
  2. Sonshyn

    Sonshyn does a grow log

    Ok so atm I have a 128 oz bag of large yellow popcorn in the pc. Last night I also rinsed and picked through a 10# bag of wbs . It does have some cracked corn in it but all the sunflower seeds are out . Reading through some teks last night in one of MZ’s he says gypsum is required but I didn’t see where he added it . I assume just before the final of (only) pc? pics to come shortly @aqudoc
  3. Hey 'ology, it's my first topic so don't be dicks! Kidding, go ahead lol. About myself, well,my mush-growing/mycology "hobby", I have researched it for 3 years, but didn't start growing until this past Aug, I understand the science behind it a lot more than have in actual hands-on experience, which I know is the most important part, so I have a lot to experience yet, I haven't even had a contam, I'm sure I will, at that point I hope I can ask here and get help(I'm sure I will). I have a couple PF grows & grated brf to bulk coir grows down(cube; B+, Blue Meanie, Golden Teacher, Burma) but I'm definitely still learning, I just got my pressure cooker a couple weeks ago(borrowed one a few times). So now I have some agar growing some B+, transferred from these "agar substitute", BRF/H2O "puck" jars I made right before I got my PC. I have the agar now but I don't wanna toss out the still un-contammed brf/water jars which are fully colonized, I also made some "LI"/"slurry"/"myc water"(whatever you call it) syringes, and some yet un-nocced popcorn in pint jars. So my first(prolly of many) question to the experts out there is, will the myc(B+) be able to transfer from brf to p-corn? I ask because I've been told before by someone who tried it(they say), that it has a hard time "jumping" to the grains from brf, as it has become used to breaking down & consuming a specific food, or it has a hard time adapting to the new nutrient profile of the grains, and I was told that myc sometimes has a hard time taking hold of popcorn in particular, and again, I have partially colonized agar from it that I could use but I don't want to throw out the still good myc in the brf/water jars, will it have a hard time taking hold and growing on the p-corn? THX!
  4. So still very new, but I enjoy experimenting. I may have lost a whole bulk grow container of Maui P due to over experimentation. However this Golden T seems to be right on. I am going for an early fruiting because I am running out of space in my 2nd master bathroom (aka my shroomery). Trying a bonafide grow light see if some urgency is put on the myc to fruit. Recipe is coco coir, verm, coffee, calcium magnesium zinc, baking soda and malt barley. spawn was straight popcorn (best spawn jars ever, no contamination in all 13 pint jars) I'll keep you posted on progress,but any suggestions?
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