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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everybody! I recently started growing cubes and I believe my first flush (start to finish all alone) will be here any day now. So far everything looks and smells very healthy so, while not finished yet, I'm confident I will be able to replicate these results time and time again. Cubes seem very easy and as such was a great starting place. My question here is, what else can I grow? I'm interested, for the sake of this post, in other psilocybe species only. My brother and I are interested in branching out as most, if not all, of our experiences have been with the study of cubes only. I'm interested in obtaining something unique and learning about the different species and their characteristics/preferences along the way. I've read around a bit and Panaleous Tropicalis seems like a logical next step and not too different from Cubes, but I want your opinions and in a thread where I can respond and ask questions is ideal. So, if you HAD to give me an order of several other species to attempt and grow how would you order them and what growing method would you use or do you recommend? What do these other species need that cubes don't, or what preferences do they have i.e. inc temp, fruit temp, fae/humidity preference, etc... On a scale of most like growing cubes to vastly different then growing cubes what order would you put them in? Difficulty level? I am not opposed to attempting something vastly different from cubes but I feel a slow reach out would be easier than a giant leap.
  2. Here are a few pics of the first pins. They popped up this morning, only problem is I only see these 2 . Im sure with time more will come but I thought they would all come up at once for some reason. Any tips on getting a even pinset? My tub is dialed in I believe .
  3. Earlier today I sampled 30mg of pure psilocin fumarate. This was a powerful dose more than enough to produce powerful psychedelic effects, and it was a beautiful experience. While it obviously induced a state very similar to the bemushroomed one, I definitely felt it to be slightly different to mushrooms...the psychedelic visuals were in some way slightly muted I found...the experience with mushrooms I find to be in some way richer, fuller, more lively and voluptuous and to have more energy and sparkle. It's hard to describe in words. It felt like there was a hint of sterility to the experience, compared with mushrooms. I'm trying to be as objective as I can when I describe this, but bear in mind this is highly subjective terrain, and just my individual take, and so should be taken with a pinch of salt. With that said, I prefer the state mushrooms induce, and I definitely feel that secondary metabolites in mushrooms have an effect on the experience they produce, and this is what gives rise to the perceived differences people report with different species. All my experiences with Panaeolus cyanescens were far more colourful and light filled than this pure chemical, which is interesting, and is suggestive to me at least that other compounds in the mushroom modulate the experience they produce.
  4. All active Psilocybe mushrooms contain the same main substances which are psilocybin, psilocin and to a lesser degree baeocystin and norbaeocystin. The amounts and proportions of those 4 key components varies among different species and strains. Alongside with those 4 main components there are many other substances, which by them self don't have a described psychoactive effect, but might very well have a slight modifying effect on the psychoactive properties of the key components.Another likely cause for the different effect of different mushrooms is the influence of the effect of stomach contents, MOIA inhibitors, and set and setting on the psychedelic experience.The use of any hallucinogen involves "set," i.e. mind-set, mood, emotional state and "setting," the environment and/or people with whom one is tripping at the time. The combination of set and setting in conjunction with the effects of the drug produce the kind of trip one has, good or bad. People can and do experience psychotic breaks from reality in a "bad" trip and this can be extremely traumatic with long-term and lingering after effects. A good trip can be very euphoric and transcendent in comparison. Which you’ll get is again, dependent on set, setting, the drug and certain amount of luck and randomness.
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