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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everybody! I recently started growing cubes and I believe my first flush (start to finish all alone) will be here any day now. So far everything looks and smells very healthy so, while not finished yet, I'm confident I will be able to replicate these results time and time again. Cubes seem very easy and as such was a great starting place. My question here is, what else can I grow? I'm interested, for the sake of this post, in other psilocybe species only. My brother and I are interested in branching out as most, if not all, of our experiences have been with the study of cubes only. I'm interested in obtaining something unique and learning about the different species and their characteristics/preferences along the way. I've read around a bit and Panaleous Tropicalis seems like a logical next step and not too different from Cubes, but I want your opinions and in a thread where I can respond and ask questions is ideal. So, if you HAD to give me an order of several other species to attempt and grow how would you order them and what growing method would you use or do you recommend? What do these other species need that cubes don't, or what preferences do they have i.e. inc temp, fruit temp, fae/humidity preference, etc... On a scale of most like growing cubes to vastly different then growing cubes what order would you put them in? Difficulty level? I am not opposed to attempting something vastly different from cubes but I feel a slow reach out would be easier than a giant leap.
  2. Ronico

    First Grow Third Flush

    Third flush has been harvested.
  3. Ronico

    First Grow Third Flush

    Third flush has been harvested.
  4. Ronico

    First Grow Third Flush

    Third flush has been harvested.
  5. Ronico

    First Grow Day 3 (11 a.m.)

    So this is the third report for my firstgrow. -A+ - Third day - Pins growing -
  6. Ronico

    First Grow Day 3 (7 a.m.)

    So this is the third report for my firstgrow. -A+ - Third day - Pins growing -
  7. Got my first set of jars incubating, just inoculated them and set them up! Used millet and milo mix in a NSNS method. Have a few questions for everyone! Love all the info on here, wouldn't have even got started without you guys! Has anyone ever used nyjer or thistle seed as a base? Why pressure cook everything? Wouldn't a nice long bath in standard boiling water be just as effective at sterilization - only a 20-35 degree difference?
  8. Hey guys...second flush of these cakes. Yes there is noticeable bruising on the cakes I am aware. I noticed some of the pins have already opened their caps while immature. Also noticed one cake has larger fruits but they have brown streaks on them. I am thinking that these cakes are suffering from verticillium or some other cotam. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Also to note: the first flush was good for both of these cakes with healthy fruits. Thanks.
  9. Ragnarok

    Favorite shroom?

    So, what is everyone's favorite shroomy? I've only ever had experience with what I was told was b+. I am eager to try a variety, especially PE, golden teacher, and psilocybe azurescens!
  10. Ragnarok

    Shrooms and absinthe

    So everything I see says to not mix shroom and alcohol, yet the best trip ive ever had was when I mixed a 3.5 gram dose with a half-pint of absinthe, and a hearty helping of moonshine cherries. Has anyone else had experience mixing psilocybin with absinthe?
  11. Hey guys, so I was thinking this is just excretion of metabolites, but I'm not sure what would be causing that. Any ideas what this is? Thanks
  12. Help Me Please I inoculated 11 jars of substrate with albino a+ and 1 with blue meanie. I let them fully colonize, then sit for about a week, before birthing the cakes. I didn't dunk them, but did roll them in left over vermiculite. Currently, I have them in a growing chamber with about 2 inches of damp perlite, sitting on top of paper towels. The blue meanies started pinning quickly and I've already harvested two fully grown mushrooms from that cake. It's now growing new pins, along with 2 aa+ cakes, but no others show mushroom growth. The temperature stays at roughly 75 degrees (24 c), 95% humidity, and 12 hours on/off of indirect sunlight and LEDs. I allow 30min of FAE about 3 times a day, and the growing chamber has an air filter. All 12 cakes also have a blueish tint, like they've been bruised, but I scarcely touch them, and am sure they're not contaminated. It's been two weeks since I birthed the cakes, so am I being impatient, or has something gone wrong? Thank you in advance for your advice.
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