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Found 19 results

  1. I was inoculating some cakes here recently and wanted to see what happened when I inoculated the Wood loving sapprohictic Reishi species into a simple BRF cake formula.I assumed nothing because of the lack of said wood that isn’t present but lo an behold I do have some mycelium growth after a week!!!It doesn’t seem to be the strongest by any means but my question was this....If I do by chance get the reishi mycelium to throughly colonize can I use to transfer to a bulk substrate consisting of wood and what not so as to bring about proper fruiting conditions or is this a experiment bogged down in irrelevancy???
  2. Hi all, I'm pretty new around here. I got into this hobby for several reasons. One main one was to explore microdosing. There is a 2017 video where Paul Stamets proposes a nootropic "Stack" for "Epigenetic Neurogenesis" (about the 27 minute mark): I'm wondering if anyone here has tried this stack. I have, for about 5 weeks now. I took the dried mushrooms from my first grow, ground them up and put them into #00 capsules. I did this for consistency of dosage, as well as ease of use and a less conspicuous form of storage. I've seen reports of people getting up to 0.5g in #00 capsules, but I couldn't get anything more than 0.4g, with most being between 0.33-0.38g. Since I am 215 pounds and Stamets recommends between 0.1 - 1g for a 154-pound person, I figure one capsule is a reasonable microdose amount, and it does seem to be -- no hallucinations, normal functioning, etc. Then I bought some Lion's Mane powder online since I am barely a novice and LM looks like a challenge to grow. I got some from two different sources, but the kind that I really like is from a Canadian grower with a seemingly good reputation -- organic, water extraction from fruits. I encapsulated the powder as I did with my home-grown psilocybin, with the same 0.33-0.38g average. Stamets is suggesting a rather large dose of LM (~5g - 20g! -- is he trying to get rich selling LM lol?), and I tried 5g for a few days but.... I also bought some Niacin, 100mg tablets. I've taken the stack with and without Niacin, don't think that it has a discernible effect for me. So I can take the psilocybin alone and pretty much not have any noticeable effects with my daily function. But combine .35g of psilocybin with ~1g of Lion's Mane and things get weird. What's up with that? It isn't a psychedelic experience, rather one that is hard to describe -- a certain alertness that comes with a certain edge to it. Furthermore, if I only take 1g of Lion's Mane (without psilocybin), I still feel something. It isn't a psychedelic experience, more like that indescribable edge, but way less pronounced than when done with the stacking. I can still function with the stack. It isn't psychedelic, but there is something going on. I feel like somehow the LM amplifies the Psilocybin and vice versa. (I also bought some Reishi and some Cordyceps powders from same Canadian supplier and have encapsulated them as well; not part of my daily regime, trying to keep the variables smaller, so nothing to report yet.) So, has anyone here tried this particular Psilocybin/LM Stack? Or any other stacks? How have you felt combining Psilocybin with LM? Has anyone noticed perceivable effects from taking LM alone? What about Cordyceps and Reishi? Do you have any general experience microdosing you could share? I would really appreciate your experience. One thing I am learning is that mushrooms (and not just psilocybin) are not to be taken lightly....
  3. So for a bit now I've been talking about trying the edible side of mush growing and finally have done it with pink oysters. There will be others coming soon (golden oyster, king oyster, reishi and lions mane). I will just add them to this thread as they come along. I used phish' wood substrate recipe, so far it has worked great. The only change I had to make was I used alder pellets because the store I went to didn't have oak pellets. I will get oak soon for next round. You can find his recipe here The first couple of pics was when they started bustin out of the bags, and then a couple days later. Anyways thanks for peeking!
  4. Hello everyone, was reading up on medicinal mushrooms and was highly interested in these two. I found LC syringes at a decent price from a reputable vendor and are on their way. First will make 250ml LC jars for each one, then play. I know they are wood lovers, but can't decide if I want to try logs, hardwood chips, or sawdust blocks/bags. Which would be the easiest route to get my feet wet? I understand the WBS jars colonization is the same as cubes and it is just the substrate/growth/fruiting conditions that change, right?
  5. Hello fellow hobbyists! This will b my first official attempt at farming up some delicious healthy fungus to nom down on being that I'm obsessed with the fungus and 20 bucks a pound sucks so here we grow. So this log will start solely with the lions mane simply because i have made some liquid culture of this and i figure i could add strains as the log goes on. this is 1 of the 4 cultures i have and they are pretty close to equal. Now tomorrow is pay day so i will b getting some grain to prep. Was going to get corn kernels, Millo, and rye berries to prep into some o my wide mouth quartz. If theres a grain any of u find more optimal please feel free to help me out. I'll take any advise i can get.well thanks for reading
  6. This will be Air-O-Fusion's first grow log. The King Stropharia and Reishi have arrived; however, the King Stropharia is not as described. Both the King and Reishi were described as liquid culture syringes. The Reishi Syringe says "Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) Culture Prepared: 11/2/15." The syringe has cloudy white fuzz accumulating at the tip. i did not try to evenly disperse the cloudy fuzz throughout the liquid. The King Stropharia says "Mushroom 'Seeds,' This pack contains mushroom spores. OUTDOOR USE ONLY." I did not expect a manila envelope. The manila envelope was stapled together. I expected another sealed package inside the manila envelope, so I opened it in open air. When I saw grains inside, I immediate re-sealed and re-stapled it. According to Mr. Stamets, neither the King nor the Reishi are strains that have a problem handling cold from the refrigerator. Iv'e thus placed both the Reishi and King in the refrigerator while I get my grow room and glove box ready. Several items are still on there way, including the pressure cooker. I got the Fagor Duo 10q. I am aware MZ recommends a 16q minimum, but I will be using this pc on an induction cooktop. If All American pc's weren't austenitic, I would have chosen the All American pc in a 16q size. I also have a new 6 stage HEPA filter on the way. Since time is of the essence, I will be making a simple glove box and be using the spray disinfectant aerosol to sterilize the air in the glove box. When the air filter arrives, I will transform my glove box into a laminar flow hood by adding an air exit hole on the panel where the gloves will be attached. I also have Malt Agar on the way, but since time to generate mycelium is crucial, I will buy some locally along with a few petri dishes and an alcohol lamp tomorrow morning. Since the King is in spore form, I will need to add it to water and nutrient tomorrow morning when my grow room and glove box is ready. This means I can expect a 5 day delay to germinate the King spores, but the Reishi should already be germinated in the LC. Note that I do not know if the Reishi LC is spores in nutrient water, or is chopped up mycelium in nutrient water, but without the benefit of research, my educated guess is that the cloudy fuzz means the Reishi has nevertheless germinated. I will update this log tomorrow morning when everything is built and ready for germination / inoculation in the agar petri dishes.
  7. How to grow Reishi Mushrooms Dedicated to Fast who so kindly sent me five plugs that will last a lifetime. For many months I have been drawn to reishi, mostly for its medicinal properties, but as a secondary interest, mastering its forms of growth. Reishi has many forms in the wild, antlers, turkey tails, and conks. All of these forms are achieved successfully by manipulating its environment correctly. I plan on doing just this. Following the completion of this log, which will be months down the road most likely, I will also provide a "double" exctraction technique that will allow one to completely exctract the medicinal compounds of the spores and fruit bodies of Reishi. For anyone who does not know, Reishi is prescribed as medication for various ailments by doctors in China and Japan (and has been for more than 2000 years). Anyone who ever saw my very first log when I was growing cubensis will know that I learn most cultivation aspects of the species I am cultivating, before I do so. Hopefully this log will live up to my legacy of providing jaw dropping logs, with different growing techniques. Normally I do not create a log until I have fruits, but I am a newb in the Reishi Realm, so I will start out like a newb (kind of): Liquid Culture: Recipe: Malt/Karo Temperature: 68-70* F Day 3:
  8. Hey everybody! So I am very new to the mycology scene but I have found someone to send me some reishi spores so I am planning on growing reishi's. I've been doing quite a lot of research on mostly this site and Youtube and sorta have a few questions. During my research I realized that reishi are wood loving. I was planning on using WBS before I found this out. Should I use some pet wood bedding instead of WBS or am I good with using WBS for inoculating my jars? If I can use WBS would it be better if I mix my WBS spawn in with some wood bedding at that point as my substrate then case it with field capacity vermiculite? I'm sorta following the Rez Effect Tek: https://www.shroomology.org/forums/topic/5847-rez-effect-reloaded/ I don't really know if I feel comfortable enough to grow in bags yet, I sorta want to start out with tubs.
  9. Hey guys, been working on reishi for a while now and gonna do this log right, my previous ones got abandoned due to my laziness. NOT THIS TIME!!! Don't inoculate logs, use this method, lots faster, lots less patience required. Also I want to share what else I've been doing with this reishi. I have given it out to several family members as well as friends to try it out. Even a few unbiased people who don't just love the thought of being around me So far, every single person has reported some type of benefit. Mostly it has been allergy relief and improvements in breathing. My mother has lupus and has a lot of problems with her health, including if she exerts herself one day, she pretty much is confined to bed the next. She has been this way for about 4 years now. She started taking the dual reishi extract about 2 weeks ago, and we have done yard work, went shopping (with me this is like a power walk session, I fking hate shopping), and even ATV riding for 12 hours one day and she has yet to have a bad day in the mix. Even if you are healthy, I like to think I am, this stuff can make you feel more alive. I know that sounds like a pitch for Body by Vi, but I don't really know how else to explain it. I get 4 hours of sleep a night and feel fantastic when I wake up and I've been taking it for about 3 weeks. Also, seem to be breathing better (10 year smoker), and it's a lot easier to motivate myself to do yard work and other less fun chores. So, here we goes.... The Logless Grow Log Date 5/1: Inoculated malt/karo LC with reishi from agar. Side note, ensure you get the extra light malt, not the golden light malt. Both grow, but the golden seems to make a slightly cloudy LC Date 5/7: LC grew quickly and was expanded to two more LCs and then stored in the fridge for future use. Also, inoculated a few grain jars to use for g2g (Grain to Grain) later. Here is the LC. Here is a link to the spawn prep technique Reishi Liquid Culture Date 5/21: Original LC noced jars are done, g2g on one of them, the rest were put into the fridge to slow down their growth. Here is a pic of the fully colonized jars and a pic of how I did the lids. For g2g, with reishi, it is so much easier to just get a lid that has a couple holes and put a fresh piece of tyvek over it. No need to have a SHIP (self-healing Inoculation point) for g2g. And honestly, if you don't make your grains too wet, I don't know if reishi can contaminate lol. The mycelium is some really hardy and fast growing stuff. Bacteria has gotten a jar or two of mine, but only if the grain was too wet. Other than that, mold is a non-issue in reishi grain jars for me. These jars are going to be expanded to their substrate today. Fully Colonized Ganoderma Lucidum Grain Spawn Date 5/27: Checked out the g2g jars and mixed up some substrate. This is probably the easiest sub in the world, just hardwood mulch and some BRF (Brown Rice Flour). I plan on trying WBSF (Wild Bird Seed Flour) on the next round to see which it likes better, but until then, this will suffice. Substrate G2G Jars The mixture was 10 quarts of mulch to 2 cups of BRF. The mulch is pictured below as well, smells hickory like, but kinda hard to tell. Hardwood Mulch Mix the ingredients at a 20:1 ratio for mulch to BRF. If you are trying to do exactly 7 jars for your PC (pressure cooker), then it doesn't hurt to use 7 quarts of mulch with that same cup of BRF. I didn't add any moisture at all to the mulch, because it rained here yesterday and the bag was a bit wet. You need to hydrate it if it's dry, but be careful not to overdo it. Reishi doesn't like too much water. If you are mixing sub, undershoot water content rather than overshooting. The sub is PCing right now, so nothing else really, but I will update this evening with finished subs.
  10. If you do not know what Rhumatois Arthritis is and you would like to find out please click here for a better understanding. http://en.wikipedia....atoid_arthritis NOTE the picture of the fucked up hand was probably someone who never caught it early enough or didnt treat it until it was too late. I am going to grow Reishi because I am hoping that it will help someone I know and love dearly, There are all kinds of experimental drugs on the market and some that are aproved but riddled with nasty side effects. My goal is to use these and give as a supplement to control this auto immune type disease, and if the other drugs are needed it still wouldnt hurt as most of them are cancer causing and immuno suppressive in which case the Reishi will help. From what I understand your body fights off infections and diseases on it own using parts of your immune system sometimes parts of the immune system are over active and some are under active. When your immune system is over acting it actually attacks your own cells, in the case of Rhumatoid Arthritis it is mostly your joints but there are many other things it can target as well. Reshi is supposed to control your over active parts of the immune system as well as stimulate your underactive parts while teaching the adolesent parts that havent matured. So I take it as in a sense it balances things out in a way. While Reishi is said to do many things to help your body I did not list very much that didnt pertain to Rhumatoid Arthritis. This is only my understanding of how this is supposed to work according to the things I have been reading. So you must do your own research and come to your own conclusion as to why it might be right for you and always tell your doctor of course that you are taking supplements.
  11. Ryen's Reishi Grow Log Shiznit Thang This is a log of my very first grow. I started by doing 3 jars of reishi, 2 reishi LC's, 3 AA+ and 1 AA+ LC. This is my incu-cabinet filled with the jars noc'd. I did one Reishi and one AA+ on 9/5, the rest on 9/8. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first AA+ i noc'd showed NO growth what so ever so I dumped it. The other two AA+ are showing verrrrry slow growth. But the reishi took off so i'll just dedicate this post to them. These are the reishi jars on 9/10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All jars are moving along nicely. The one I noc'd on 9/5 was ready for the shake. I shaked it on 9/12 at night before bed. When i woke up the following morning I woke up to a nice surprise. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a picture that I took today of the same jar noc'd on 9/5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the reishi LC's. Please lemme know if this is how it's supposed to look. Its my first LC. I see the myc hanging from the top so i'm guessing it's ok. There's also a nice blob forming in the bottom but I can't get a good picture of it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall I'm super stoked about this grow. A bit disappointed the AA+ isn't growing as expected but at least we have some growth. I'm trying to figure out exactly what to do for the reishi. For the sub I'm thinking : 6 qts hardwood mulch or aspen pet bedding (thinking about breaking the mulch up a bit in a food processor if its a better choice) Lime (how much to use if any?) BRF (4 qts) 1/4 gal water 2 qts verm Does that sub sound like it'll work? Also, I've been reading that reishi like super high RH at the begging of spawning in the tub. Does that mean that I should make a SGFC to throw the tubs in for a few days in the beginning? Or just misting and fanning will work? And if so, do I put it in the FC after removing the foil? Thanks for all the help everyone! This wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for all the great info you guys have here. More pics coming soon.
  12. Mush Zombie

    How to Make Reishi Tea

    Reishi tea is used for many medicinal purposes, not only healing ailments, but more so preventing illnesses. If you dont know much about Reishi, and its health benefits, do a google search, or look in Shroomology's Medicinal Mushroom Information Forum. 4000 years+ has brought about A LOT of information on this awesome mushroom but a few beneifts of drinking Reishi tea are: [*]Stimulate the immune system to fight infection and foreign cells [*]Inhibit tumor growth [*]Lower blood pressure [*]Stabilize blood sugar To make Reishi Tea you will need: [*]Reishi mushrooms and/or Reishi mycelium [*]Food processor, or coffee grinder [*]A meduim to large pot to boil water in [*]Mason Jars with rings to strain the tea [*]coffee filters First you need to grind the mushrooms/mycelium as close to powder as you can get it. Then put it all in a pot, and fill that pot with water untill the mushroom/mycelium powder floats. Boil that for 2-3 hours. Once the timer goes off, get about 3 quart jars, put one coffee filter in each of them, so that you can strain the solids out of the liquid, and secure the coffee filters in place with the ring of the jar. Pour your Reishi tea that is in the pot into the first filter, until the jar is full or there is no more water, then strain that liquid through the next coffee filtered jars so that you can have a tea with no solids in it. Once thats finished you should have a primo Reishi tea: This tea might not taste too good to most people, so you can sweeten it up with a little honey, or sugar, and then its great! I like it just the way it is The more bitter the taste, the more good stuff is in it, generally. There are a few more things you should know about reishi mushroom tea: [*]Stomach upset and allergic reactions are rare but they can happen. Only try a small amount of tea your first time to make sure it agrees with you. [*]Do not take if you're on blood-thinning medications as this tea may increase bleeding time. [*]Your tea will keep for a few days in the refrigerator, so feel free to make a few batches at a time and store them. [*]Reishi mushrooms also have an anti-inflammatory effect. However, those benefits come from an alcohol extraction, not water. To reduce inflammation, it's better to make an alcoholic Ganoderma extract than a tea.
  13. Fellow Mushroom Lovers, Purchased two syringes from Ralphsters Feb 2013. The two spore syringes arrived with two different lot numbers/dates of cultures listed on the syringes. This was exactly what I was hoping for just in case the need of another syringe was needed I would have one extra one chillin. I used the one mark November 2012 and created 6 pint sized of lc using a ratio of 4ml to 100 of light karo syrup. 2-3 weeks later it was like i now had the equivalent of 6 new syringes. On a side note i used 5 ccs of my original syringe on an experiment that totally failed. The syringes were good with massive amounts of myc throughout the whole syringe, not clear like some syringes you may come across. I used one pint jar of lc and sucked up all the myc in 10ccs and knocked up 7 quart sized jars (the culture has again taken off)! Five out of the seven jars became fully developed. I spawned in 5 parts bs 1 part popcorn. The jars remained in the incubator for about 5-6 weeks until I figured out exactly what I wanted to do. I used one 110 quart clear tote, lined the top with weatherstripping and drilled 16 holes in total, four on the top and bottom of both of the longer sides. I taped up the wholes and lined the tub with trash bags. Droped about five quarts of bs on the bottom, just a little bit more than enough to just cover the bottom entirely. Sprinkled 10 quarts of woodchips, then 3 quarts of spawn with good mist. Layered about 4-6 quarts of bs on top of the spawn another layer of chips on the bs. I used just enough bs and chips to cover the previous layers. I scraped the last two quarts of spawn on top of that, and the remaining chips. I was going to check it in 25 days but I was anxious and looked after it had only one week of hibernation! The tote weighs about 20-25 lbs. Many thanks to Mush Zombie and the many other fellow mushroom lovers whose write-ups have helped toward the advancement of mushroom cultivation.
  14. This reishi substrate was started on 10/19 and I experimented with supplements. Total volume of sub was ~400 oz (12 quarts) composed of 70% hardwood sawdust from heating pellets, and 30% aspen chips from reptile bedding. Supplements were: -1 cup gypsum -1 cup wheat bran -8 cc molasses The sub was divided between 2-16 qt tubs, and an experimental 20 oz plastic drink cup, wrapped in foil, with four 1/4" holes punched in the sides. Subs appeared to be mostly colonized after 3 days at temp varying day/night from 68*F to 74*F. First primordia seen on all 3 containers on day 7. By day 10 the 'cup' sub had 4 fruits developing, from 2cm to 3.5cm. (cup is wrapped in clear plastic produce bag for RH and cO2.) First pic of the cup below is from 10/26, day 7, and next is day10. Last pic is a 16 qt tub@10 days, showing primordia: As of 10/31 I count approx 60 antlers or primordia in one 16 qt tub
  15. My original plan was to make a 60 qt monotub, thinking that 145 oz of substrate and 50 oz spawn would easily fill the tub to 4.5". Nope! I quickly got a 16 qt midi-tub ready, which worked out well with half the footprint of the 60 qt tub. Some of the chunks of spawn were large and very tough requiring a knife to break them up. If I could have used a food processor w/o great risk of tams, I would have. My experimental 100% sd spawn jar had the largest knots--not trying that again!. It occured to me too late that I should have showered and changed clothes before the noc, so I'm on trych watch. Whatever happens, I'll let you know! Pics below--man, the waiting is murder! --Rr
  16. Anti-tumor and anti inflammatory activites of polysaccharides isolated from Ganoderma Lucidum Abstract: In this study, polysaccharides were isolated from Ganoderma lucidum (Polyporaceae) and their antitumor and anti-inflammatory activities were investigated using in vivo models. Potential antitumor activity was shown by G. lucidum polysaccharides (GLP) against solid tumor induced by Ehrlich's ascites carcinoma cells. GLP at 100 mg kg(-1) body mass showed 80.8 and 77.6% reduction in tumour volume and tumour mass, respectively, when administered 24 h after tumour implantation. Again, GLP at the same dose but when administered prior to tumour inoculation, showed 79.5 and 81.2% inhibition of tumour volume and tumour mass, respectively. GLP showed significant dose-dependent activity in carrageenean-induced (acute) and formalin-induced (chronic) inflammation assays. At 100 mg kg(-1), GLP exhibited 57.6 and 58.2% inhibition in carrageenean-induced and formalin-induced assays, respectively Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/21945912
  17. wish me luck, if things seem to be turning out ill will make a log. Did 5 or 6 jars. http://localhost/shroomology-test/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=view&id=357
  18. hi, I compiled a lot of good info on the Reishi mushroom for a friend that could used it now, but his to closed minded to accept the mushroom Reishi ( ganoderma or lingzhi ) the mushroom that boosts the immune system. http://altmedicine.a...a/ganoderma.htm Hailed in ancient Eastern medicine as the "mushroom of immortality" and the "medicine of kings," you'd expect reishi to offer you some pretty astounding health benefits, right? Your assumptions are correct. This prized fungus may be able to boost your immune system, fight cancer, ward off heart disease, calm your nerves and relieve both allergies and inflammation. "Reishi indeed sounds like a cure-all," writes Rebecca Wood in her book "New Whole Foods Encyclopedia." She goes on to explain reishi's wide range of uses: "An immunostimulant...... http://www.naturalnews.com/021498.html ------------------ ”What are the benefits of reishi? Reishi has many benefits. The ones I find most intriguing are it's ability to boost a compromised immune system, and to reduce the size of tumors. For this reason Reishi is fantastic in the support and treatment of cancer patients. It can be used in conjunction with other treatment like chemotherapy and in fact counter some of the terrible side effects that is associated with this harsh form of treatment. It can stimulate the appetite and counter the effects of the alopecia that people often suffer from when going through chemo. Some other benefits include: It is used for bronchial disorders, asthma, liver detoxification, rheumatoid arthritis, heart conditions, palpitations. It can be used with great benefit for liver cirrhosis caused from alcohol abuse and even maintain the good health of the uterus. It is fantastic for cancer patients as it stimulates the bodies production of interleukin-2 which has been shown to be effective in the treatment of many forms of cancer. It contains ganoderic acid which is very important in fighting liver cancer. It stimulates the maturation of white blood cells which means any condition that causes the immune system to be compromised is helped with Reishi. These macrophages or immune cells also help fight yeast type infections. Reishi can lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar levels. Reishi can also help with conditions related to stress disorders like short term insomnia and mood swings.” ------------- The red reishi mushroom botanical herb is the most recognizable and most widely used. This herb has been known to aid and protect the internal organs and also improve one's memory. This red reishi mushroom has been tapped to cure cancer. Studies show that the mushroom is composed of substances that could make it the ultimate solution to modern health problems that have caused the death of many. Soon, there could be a cure to these deadly diseases and there is new hope for longer, more fulfilling life. This fungus is toxic-free and has no side effects. It should be safe to use, but that does not mean that you should not regulate your intakes. http://home.pacific.net.hk/~gng/reishi.html http://bellowingbant...acea-thyme.html Mak
  19. Looks like it will do pretty well here with only karo water microwaved, would eventually like to do it in hippy piss one of these days.
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