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Found 4 results

  1. I have a couple San Pedro cacti. I got them in July, repotted right away but didn't get around to doing much other than learning how to keep them alive and growing. July 2017 before repotting: Mid-December 2017: Is it ok to take cuttings now at the beginning of winter? These are kept indoors, at least until late spring. As for the blue pot, how big does that new growth need to get before doing a cutting? Any tips or best practices would be much appreciated!
  2. jeffery.1943

    Dont rush it

    Recently i tried my first San pedro extraction. Though a similar process to extracting dmt it is much lengthier, though you dont have to do pulls over a few weeks. Dont rush like my dumbass did at the last step. Ive done a few extractions in my day so i wasnt as careful thinking "hey its like dmt you got this", or "hey youve done this a million times." BIG FAIL. On the last step after two 10hr+ days of this project i left my product in a heat bath too long and scorched half my extraction. All of this could of been avoided by either not using a heat bath if im not going to stand over it like a hawk or I couldve just used a fan for two days. Alas impatience prevailed though as i wanted to try mescaline ASAP in the end i just burned myself and my extract though. lol All in all i still had fun doing the extraction I learned not only a bit about science but also about humility. i have just enough mescaline from the other evap dish to try for the first time which im stoked about, 400mg down the hatch later today. Wish me luck! if anyone wants to take a look at the tek https://wiki.dmt-nexus.me/Kash's_A/B_Mescaline_Extraction
  3. I’ve wanted to try mescaline for a long time. My babies here need to grow for a while before I can even try. so I took my chances buying some dried San Pedro, who know if it has any goodies in it though. I guess I’ll find out! 250g dried cacti I ground it to a powder. Added lye to the water in my jar: Added powdered cacti: I gotta leave for a while, so I shook it up and will let it set. Next step is to add xilene (looked around for tuolene but couldn’t find any locally)
  4. Was looking for San Pedro cactus to grow and eventually try for the first time. Also other active cacti like Peruvian torch. First been reading up a shit ton about them, identification crash courses, growth, habitat, ingestion, extractions and whatnot. I figure I would collect specimens first then take them to a botanist for positive id. So the search begins.. Didn't take long to find likely candidates. I collected two specimens and will pot them up, eventually will have specimens of all pictured plants. Feel free to chime in with any helpful info you may have fellas. First the pics of what I think/hope are San Pedro. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. my first two specimens And other just cool looking ones that stood out to me.
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