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Found 2 results

  1. I used 4 spawn bags and 4 bags of bulk casing. I put about an inch of casing over the mixture of the 2 and introduced to fruting conditions once the top had mycelium poking through everywhere. I have the humidy at about 90% and the temperature is between 70°f and 75°f. Fanning for a minute 3 times per day and misting the sides every time I do. It's also getting light 12 hours per day. It's been in in fruiting conditions for 5 days and was put in the plastic tub 14 days ago. It also has little water droplets spread out over the top, but no pools of water. My main concern is whether it's fully colonized because I really can't tell. Does it look aleight so far?
  2. How to build and Grow Mushrooms with a greenhouse. No Fan, No Mist, Martha/Greenhouse Fruiting Chamber This tek is a modified version of a greenhouse FC tek that was posted on another OMC. I followed the original tek, but found that it did not fit my particular needs and made modifications to it. One major modification is the use of a warm mist vaporizer. The room that houses my FC is much colder than average room temperature most of the time, creating the need for a device to increase the temperature within my FC. I have found that a warm mist vaporizer works great for my situation. Because they can make a fruiting chamber very hot, very quickly, warm mist vaporizers should only be used intermittently and for a short period of time by hooking them up to timer capable of being set at 1 minute intervals. If the room where your FC is housed maintains an average room temp of ~68F, the cool mist humidifier option outlined below will work just as well. Thank you for checking out this tek - I hope you find it useful! PM me if you have any questions ~Sugaree What You Will Need: 4-Tier Mini-Greenhouse 14 Zip-ties or Twist-ties] 2 mil Plastic Sheeting (sold as paitners tarps - get the smallest one, it will be more than big enough) Tape Measure Scissors Gorilla Tape Plastic Tray 22"x30" (optional) Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer or Cool Mist Humidifier Determine which device you will need by taking the temperature in the room in which you will be placing your FC If the temperature is average room temp (~68-70F) use a cool mist vaporizer If the temperature is lower than average room temp by more than a few degrees, a warm mist vaporizer will help to increase the temperature inside the FC Perlite Thermometer/HygrometerHydroponic Timer (can be set to minute intervals) What to do: Assemble the greenhouse frame according to the manufacturer's instructions Place the shelves on the frame Using 4 zip-ties or twist-ties per shelf, attach the corners of the 3 top shelves to the supporting rod beneath the shelf Using 2 zip-ties or twist-ties, attach only the back corners of the bottom shelf to the supporting rod so that you can lift the shelf up, but not remove it completely Place the plastic covering over the greenhouse frame Lay out the plastic sheeting on the floor Measure 31" along the shortest end of the sheet Fold the sheet over at the 31" mark so that the sheet maintains its length, but becomes narrower by 31" Repeat the step above, folding it over again by 31", so that you have 3 layers of plastic, folded on top of each other, 31" wide Cut off the excess plastic - whatever is not in the the 3 folded layers Measure 39" along the length of the folded strip of plastic Cut at the 39" mark so that you have a 3-layer 31"x39" rectangle Place the folded plastic sheeting under the mini-greenhouse so that 6" sticks out on each side Fold the greenhouse covering under the frame at the corners Starting at the side to the left of the zipper, use the gorilla tape to secure the plastic to the greenhouse cover It will be easier to get the tape to stick if you have a second person apply pressure from the inside of the greenhouse When you get 8" frrom the side/back corner, stop taping Fold the plastic that will line the back of the greenhouse flush against the back so a triangle-shaped flap sticks out from the corner Fold the flap towards the tape and continue taping the seam, securing the flap and the seam together (you may need to use an additional piece of tape for this section) Continue taping along the back When you get to the second corner, fold the plastic along the side of the greenhouse flush with the side, creating another flap that sticks out from the corner Fold the flap towards the front of the greenhouse and continue taping the seam Tape the small diagonal seams on the sides of the greenhouse created when the flaps were folded and taped Close both zippers on the greenhouse At the front bottom, hold the plastic sheeting up and un-zip the zippers to make room for the plastic Using the gorilla tape and starting with the left zipper, secure the tape inside the greenhouse, wrap it around the zipper and tape the plastic on the front left side The opening created by taping the zipper also allows for FAE[ Repeat the taping process above with the zipper on the right side of the greenhouse Place the entire set-up on top of the 22"x30" plastic tray (*Optional - This will make it easier to move the greenhouse) Lift up the bottom shelf and line the plastic sheeting with a layer of perlite Attach or hang thermometer/hygrometer Place warm steam vaporizer or cool mist vaporizer on the bottom shelf Plug it into the hydroponic timer and set to 1 minute on, 45 minutes off The time parameters may need to be adjusted according to the temperature & humidity of the room in which the FC is housed The warm mist will provide the humidity and temperature stability, the cool mist vaporizer will provide humidity Test the time parameters by running at least 2 full cycles then checking the relative humidity and temperature right before the vaporizer/humidifier is about to turn on This is how your No Fan, No Mist Martha/Greenhouse Fruiting Chamber should look when it is finished: Notes and Maintenence: Each shelf fits 4 dishpan trays for a maximum of 14 due to the space needed to fit the vaporizer on the bottom shelf Clean greenhouse frame and covering every 6 weeks using a mild bleach solution to ward of contaminants If you need further explanation of how to fold and tape the plastic sheeting (or anything else) PM me. I'm sorry I don't have pics of this part of the process but I put my FC together several months before I posted the tek.
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