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Found 1 result

  1. There are many ways to do this. This is my way. If you cant do it exactly the way I do it, just make it happen! Things you will need: [*]5gal bucket [*]Wild Bird Seed [*]Gypsum [*]Screen [*]Quart mason jars [*]Pressure cooker HOW TO: First we start with the Wild Bird Seed (WBS) Good bird seeds for this tek are ones that are cheap, have no fungicides. I get mine from wal mart, and reccomend wither the Economy mix, or Pennington Clasic. The economy mix is mostly Milo (AWESOME!) and is cheaper than the name brand by a couple bucks. Pour however much you need into the 5 gal bucket. 1 quart of dry WBS will generaly make about 2 quarts of WBS when soaked and PCed. First thing we want to do is get all the sunflower seed (or 95% of it) out of the good stuff. The sunflower seed can screw your jars up later on, and cause bacterial contam by being overly hydrated. So we do this by taking the bucket outside (or in the bathtub) and filling it up with a hose until it begins to overflow. The sunflower seeds will float and rise to the top then spill over onto the ground. Make sure you reach in there with a spoon, stick, or your hand and stir up any sunflower seeds that are trapped under the rest of the seed, to make sure most of the sunflower seed rise to the top and are pushed out. Let the bird seed soak for 18-24 hours. We do this because heat resistant bacterial endospores lie dormant in the grains. The soak is not to hydrate the bird seed so much, as it is to penetrate the hulls and germinate the dormant bacteria, so that we effectively kill them in the PC. While the bird seed is soaking you will need to construct your lids, and your filter disks. I suggest folowing this tek, its easy and the filter disks are free: easy tyvek lids. Once the soak is complete, dump the seed into a strainer, and rinse it very well (temp doesnt matter) until the water coming out of it is clear. This takes about 1 minute. Once the seed is rinsed well, lay it out on something to dry. A screen, a towel with a fan on it, whatever it takes to get it to dry. The bird seed will be ready when there is very little to no moisture on the surface of the grains. You can grab a handful and dump it, and only a little will stick to your hand. Once this is accomplished, load your bird seed into qt jars, to about the 3 cup line, install the lids, and ring, but only screw the ring down so that it jiggles a little. DO NOT tighten the ring down all the way. Load your dried bird seed into jars to the 3 cup line. Install your lids that you made here: easy tyvek lids Once you have done that screw the ring down Load your jars up into the PC and PC for 90 min @ 15 PSI. This means you set the timer for 90 min when the rocker begins to rock, not when you turn the stove on. You are now done. Let them sit in the PC overnight, and cool off, then shake them up before you inoculate. Enjoy!
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