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Found 12 results

  1. So im not sure if i have done this right. I took a mushroomcap, placed it onto a shotglass with water and put a glass over it and aluminum foil under. The glasses and the water were boiled to be sterile. After 24 hrs (about) there was a black layer of spores in the water. I sterilized the syringe with boiling water and squeezed water in and out, then let it cool for a moment and soaked up the spores. Then i inoculated PF Tek glasses with that but so far nothing has come of it (2 days later). Whereas the sporesyringes i order usually show small mycelium patches after just a day. Does it take longer, or did i do something wrong? That was my first attempt doing that.
  2. I just made my first spore prints and was wondering, where the best place to store them would be, until I need them?
  3. Does ordering psilocybin spores put you on any sort of watch list?
  4. MushyMark84


    Hello all. I am new to 'ology and ironically got confirmation on my first order today. I started this journey because of mushrooms in general from wild edibles, medicinal, and magical. So far I've just been book learning but now wish to invest some time into horticulture as a whole. Any guidance or tips along the way will be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. New to the game, have been reading up on the teks.... cant find your sponsor list, looking for a good site that will except money orders and not rip me off on spores
  6. hey guys, i'm kinda new here on the site and i'm hoping to start growing my own mushies soon and i was wondering, what are some reliable spore sources?
  7. I need some basic advice if somebody could help guide me. I have 4 Jars WBS all P.E strain colonizing but 1 Jar is from a different vendor then the others. From experience do you think this is ok to use since its the same strain to begin with? Thank you
  8. Two posts in ten minutes?! I know and im sory, but i am making the final touches on my plans and I am unable to find spore syringes for a good price anywhere... maybe because i live in CA I am calling out to this awesome community! Does anyone have a couple of empty syringes (or full ) that they can either donate, OR I AM WILLING TO PAY A BIT FOR THE SHIPPING COSTS/TROUBLES. Although being on a VERY tight budget, a donation would be incredibly helpful. Just respond on this topic Also, if this isnt allowed, please let me know. I am semi-new to this forum and absolutely dont want to overstep my welcome.
  9. Hey all. Just received a GT spore print (thanks magican!!!) and i am not quite ready to start my grow yet. I was thinking either to store my print, or at least try and get a liquid cultire going. How can i make a liquid culture with this spore print so atleast that can get going while i finish gather together my supplies (... a pressure cooker! ) Also, is there a way to do this without a syringe? I have no clue where to get a syringe like the ones necesary for Innoculation.
  10. So the title says it all fellas, im a newbie trying to start with the PF tek and need to get my hands on some syringes, but the highly touted SOS appears to be out of stock, any other stores that arent rip-offs?
  11. This is how to make a spore print of a mushroom. Things you need: Foil Exacto knife Scissors Glovebox (or tote with lid if you have a flow hood) Isoproyl Alcohol Common Sense There are many ways to print a mushroom, this is just one of the easiest for the beginner. In this tek, I did not use a glovebox, because I have a flow hood. If you do not have a flow hood, you will need to follow all these steps INSIDE of your glovebox. First to print a mushroom, with this tek, you must make your print packages with foil. Start by laying out a sheet of foil and cutting some large rectangles out of it. You will be folding these in half, and printing on one half, then folding the other half over the print to seal it up, so make sure your rectangles are large enough to do that for your spore print. Next fold your rectangles in half. Next thing to do is, if you have a glove box, wipe the glove box out with Isopropyl alcohol, very well, to sanitize it. Quickly wipe your foil rectangles and place them against the walls of your glovebox so that one side half is on the bottom of it, and one half is leaning against the side of the glovebox. Wipe all of your tools with alcohol, and put all of your tools inside the glove box, with your bottle of alcohol. Place your mushroom(s) you plan to print in there as well, and seal up the glovebox. Now you will push the exacto knife into the cap, and turn the mushroom upside down, then cut the stipe off, with your scissors, as close to the cap as humanly possible. Set the cap on the foil, with it still attatched to the knife. Put the lid on your glovebox/tote and let the spore print sit for 24-48 hours. The longer the darker the print will be. After the time goes by that it should set, remove the cap from the foil (inside your glove box or under your flow hood). Fold the foil over, then fold the three open edges over 2-3 times to seal it up. And there you have it, how to make a spore print.
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