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Found 20 results

  1. darkvoyager

    Fresh Spores on the loose

    Spores taken open air, looking better than I thought 💭 . 48 hour print and then scraped a bit onto agar. Got DNA 🧬 for years. Making new prints in a sterile jar to make syringes and kickstart this shit. Also have clone of a big mush out a cluster of 13 colonizing. Will post that when it’s come to fruition. spores on day 3 they look like Hawaii 😂 👀
  2. spiritveggie

    Is it the spores or the agar?

    So I'm very new to agar and wanted to share this with the group in Hope's that I can get some info from the more experienced cultivators. The other day I made my first sleeve of agar dishes I used 15g LME and 10g of agar and 500ml of tap water. I pressure cooked for 40min and allowed to cool. I poured the dishes in a SAB and then individually wrapped them in plastic wrap. The next day I decided to inoculate them with some spores I had from previous grows. 3 days later I started seeing signs of life. Unfortunately the wrong kind of life. It looks nothing like the 2 types of mycelium we all go for🤣 I'm not sure if it's bad spores or agar? The agar in the dish with the green spots looks healthy, the growth obviously doesnt. After looking through my other agar dishes to try again, I found a disturbing site. A fully green dish. The dish wasn't inoculated with anything!! I repeat the great monster wasn't inoculated with anything! It just turned this way after 3 days of storage. My dishes have been stored in a consistent 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are my questions. 1. Are the spores bad based off what you see in dish one? Should I chuck the whole print I inoculated it with? 2. Is the agar bad? Why would one just turn into a green mess after 3 days? 3 is there to much moisture in my dishes? I let the agar cool so much that it started to clump when I was pouring the dishes. 4. If I let it cool that much and I still got that much condensation how do I prevent this with future dishes? Below are the pics of the condensation, the green monster and the contaminated dish. Thanks for any and all info. I've done lots of grain jars with multi-spore syringes and never had contamination and though thoes grows were good I'm fully committed to agar isolation to make the future generations thicker flushes but for now it looks like I got lots to learn about agar. Any info that can spare me more waste would be amazing. Thanks guys! Take your spirit veggies!
  3. I just moved over my first wbs jars to bulk spawn. Cambodian. I also have 2 Cambodian LC's. 2 golden teacher LC's. 5 GT wbs jars about half way ready. 3 jars of hawaiin LC (didn't have wbs ready and the other syringe of hawaiin tammed, most likely from my technique as a beginner, thought I would triple my odds at success with 3 LC of it ) 7 wbs jars waiting to noc tonight after work 7 LC jars waiting to PC and noc after new spores come in (pink buffalo, Texas yellow cap, and I forgot the other cube) and also reishi and Lions Maine. Did I start way to many? From what I read I can just keep the LC cool for quite a while. I'll probably end up doing this because it was tough to even get my wife's mom out of the house for a few hours to PC bulk sub for the Cambodian monotub. Does anyone else have trouble with wanting a wide variety of cubes? I'm assuming I'll find a favorite and put all the other LC in the garage for a few months to keep cool.
  4. Hey guys! Newbie to mycology here, started with PF tek a while back and ran with it about 6/7 times with great success. Started then to get annoyed with buying spore syringes all the time at £15 a go so then moved onto trying to make my own syringes after making a few prints. Surprisingly I got it perfect first time and haven’t needed to buy a syringe since. I’ve just had my first go at using grains for a mono tub and the results are mixed this time........
  5. I'm a newbie and I'm extremely interested in doing my first grow. I have some amazing mushrooms and they are actually dried up already. I would actually like to save the strain or whatever species it is that I have. Is it possible to extract viable spores from a dried closed cap with a syringe by injecting distilled sterile water into the cap and sucking it back up into the syringe? Technically the Cap hasn't opened up and is closed and has not been exposed to the air, although its crispy and dry. I heard of someone who succeeded with a dried closed mushroom cap of a shitake mushroom, and I'm not sure this will work. I'm also deciding on sprinkling some of the dried gills into agar and begin isolating from there, but there are so many different agar recipes and I'm not sure whether I would succeed with a general MEA agar recipe or use an antibacterial agar mix instead since they are dried mushrooms. Any suggestions would be greatly helpful.
  6. Hello gang! I am wondering if there is a 'use-by' on spore prints once you receive them? how soon after they arrive should I be inocculating? is it an issue to leave them a few days or is there some storage technique I should know about? Thank you in advance anyone who takes time to answer !
  7. Hi, I inoculated 21 jars and four different types. 5 jars have contamination after about five days. All the same strain. Just curious if anybody has had a similar experience of multispores coming contaminated as all the other jars appear fine? Not blaming the supplier just looking for comfort, hahaha. thanks, Bo obviously doesn’t know everything 😂
  8. ...so my first PF tek with cakes was a semi success but ended up getting overrun with green mold. I learned a lot though, and I did end up with a decent yield! Anyway, I have about 5cc’s left in each of the 4 x spore syringes (refrigerated) so I got 4 x presterilzed rye berry jars. My question is should I innoculate them the same way as the BRF jars (in 4 spots)?
  9. Hey all. Here's another question from the spaz noob: These black caps are what? Spores? Evil shit? Clearly, it is time to dry. I have a dehydrator that I plan on using. Any helpful advice or suggestions/hints? Is there a consensus method for best drying for maintaining potency? Thanks again. -MD
  10. Hello, new here and new to all this. I've done a load of research and gathered all the materials except the one crucial material, spores. I was going to use source of spores to buy my spores from. Several questions. 1. What was your general process buying through them, as in how the payment and shipping process went. 2. With a 10 ml syringe how far does that go? I'm doing the pf cake tek and I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be 1 ml per cake or less or more. 3. Should I find a second address to ship these spores to for "safety" or am I just being ridiculous paranoid? Thanks for any and all feedback. (Also I hope this was in the right place, if not just say so and I'll relocate the post.)
  11. Yo yo guys, im wandering . . . Wouldn't it be great if we have some print exchange/giveaway this days. I would like to try some new strains, and have couple of Equador/Columbian prints to share!
  12. As some of you may know, it's been 7 years since I last grew. I have a bunch of spore prints I have been saving, most of them are from 08. They were stored in a dark place under 70 deg. What are the odds of these prints still being viable?
  13. So I attempted my 3rd grow, and I wasn't able to get any growth whatsoever. I've listed my procedure below. If I could get some feedback, that would be great! 1) Soaked and covered WBS for 90 minutes in boiling water. Rinsed thoroughly right after, and let them dry completely before putting them in jars for pressure cooking. 2) I put a little bit of course vermiculite in the bottom of the jars below all the WBS. Before pressure cooking the jars seemed to not have any moisture since the WBS was completely dry, but after the pressure cooking the jars appeared to have water droplets inside. The jars were completely sealed as well. 3) After the jars had cooled completely, I inoculated them with my spores. These spores were in a syringe that was already half used from about 3-4 months earlier. 4) The jars were then transferred to an incubation chamber that ranged from 65-78 degrees. I had them raised off of a heating pad at night and then turned the heating pad off during the day when it was warmer. Please let me know if I should provide more detail. Also if you have any advice to keep the moisture out of the jars that would be great. This seems to be a reoccurring problem for me.
  14. Day 21 of fruiting and I got these fast growing fuckers that have black dust on the stipes. The veil broke on them about 24 hours ago... are these spores?
  15. To clarify I have read many forums on here . This will be my 1st rez tek grow. I have only done one previous grow brf cakes which included a grow kit that did most of the work for me. I about 2 weeks away from starting up but have some last minute preparation questions. Im doing Rez effect and considering PF Original the spores i bought ( i wont name source unless its ok with admin , not sure of the politics involved) dont all contain to have visible spores. when i first purchased spores years ago there were clumps. a few of the syringes i recently purchased have black specs...but some dont appear to have any black specs. do you think this will be an issue? i plan to only use the spores with the black specs ( which were barley visible unless i held to the light) pictures below. first pic- cambodian second- pf original Can i cut the tyvek suit to use for the lids- the post office dont have tyvek paper here and hoping its the same thing? 2nd part of this questions, when my lids are constructed can i place these lids with the tyvek and sylicone in the pc? i only have 12 jars , will be using 7 of them , and would only have 3 left that would not have lid designs. is the vermiculite posted below ok to use for the rez technique? i havent opened it yet and can order different on ebay.uk.co. if this verm is not ok to use in the rex tek then what grade should i order? ( please be specific as far as mm size) for clarification purposes as far as inaculation and fruiting parts of the process, the most important aspect is temperature? i know the fruiting part reqiures misting and fanning. but no need for lighting requirements as far as rez tek? and as far as multiple flushing all i would do is mist and fan for the rez tek? no need to dunk? last question do i need to line the fruiting chamber thank you all
  16. vapedad420

    Are my WBS Jars Contaminated?

    Hey guys! This will be my second attempt at a monotub. My first attempt was very successful resulting in 3 flushes with almost a pound dry in total! This time around I nocked 9 single quart jars of wild bird seed/verm with Cambodian spores (the same as last time) I was very sterile using gloves and plenty of iso and I pressure cooked my jars before nocking them. After innoculation I let them sit for a week before lookin at them. They appeared to have a bit more moisture a in the jars than I remembered from the first go around. I let them sit for another week and Then I ended up moving 2100 miles away and drove across country. As a result the jars were subject to a varrying degree of temperatures. They're looking a little funky and I'd appreciate any input as to how they look. I also have a liquid culture subjected to the exact same conditions as the previously mentioned WBS jars. Once again any advice is much appreciated!!!
  17. Are these trash?? I'm so sad.... #learning
  18. www.spores101.com A REVIEW! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT BUY FROM SPORES101! THEY HAVE BEEN SENDING OUT MISLABELED (OYSTER MUSHROOMS LABELED AS PSILOCYBE CUBENSIS) AND CONTAMINATED SYRINGES! A little about Spores101 Spores101 has provided spores and cultures that sometimes germinate on WBS or BRF, but not usually LC. They do deliver their product eventually, but the syringes have little to no spores in them at all. The product is really just a joke. Although their website is very nice so kudos to the developer of it. Spores101 obviously put a lot of effort into their websites. Now if only they would put that much effort into their equipment and products! Overall, don't waste your time with spores101.com there are much better vendors.

    Inoculation Loops

    Inoculation Loops – EASY These are easy and take no time to make. An inoculation loop, also called a smear loop, inoculation wand or microstreaker. It is a simple tool used mainly to retrieve a mycelium from a culture, or aid in the transfer. The loop also helps in the transfer of spores to make spore syringes.These may be sterilized and /or flamed for reuse.Materials: [*]22/23/24/ or 25/-gauge Stainless Steel wire (they all work) [*]Screw Driver [*]Drill [*]Snips [*]Ruler [*]*Optional: hammer and silicone Stainless Steel is important! DO NOT buy galvanized, as flaming will release a toxic gas!Gather you tools together and then measure and snip 10 – 10inch pieces of wire. Bend in half, and place the 2 ends into the drill mouth. Tighten down tight.On the other end place a small screwdriver (I used a dowel), in the loop. You will need 2 hands for this. Slowly advance the screwdriver and watch the loops intertwine. When done remove wire, shape, and snip ends. Repeat. Easy peesy! *NOTE: [*]you can tap with a hammer on the ends/ loop on a smooth, hard flat surface to flatten the wire and make them sharp as a knife. [*]You can also add just a tiny drop of silicone on the raw end of the wire to make a smooth bulbous spreader! [*]*Taven9*used broken plastic coat hangers cut to length and drilled for handles! awesome! Materials & ready to twist Drill speed to fast and not enough tension! Snip raw ends WaLa! Done
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