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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everybody! I recently started growing cubes and I believe my first flush (start to finish all alone) will be here any day now. So far everything looks and smells very healthy so, while not finished yet, I'm confident I will be able to replicate these results time and time again. Cubes seem very easy and as such was a great starting place. My question here is, what else can I grow? I'm interested, for the sake of this post, in other psilocybe species only. My brother and I are interested in branching out as most, if not all, of our experiences have been with the study of cubes only. I'm interested in obtaining something unique and learning about the different species and their characteristics/preferences along the way. I've read around a bit and Panaleous Tropicalis seems like a logical next step and not too different from Cubes, but I want your opinions and in a thread where I can respond and ask questions is ideal. So, if you HAD to give me an order of several other species to attempt and grow how would you order them and what growing method would you use or do you recommend? What do these other species need that cubes don't, or what preferences do they have i.e. inc temp, fruit temp, fae/humidity preference, etc... On a scale of most like growing cubes to vastly different then growing cubes what order would you put them in? Difficulty level? I am not opposed to attempting something vastly different from cubes but I feel a slow reach out would be easier than a giant leap.
  2. What's up everyone! Let me start off real quick to inform everyone this is my first post, so bare with me please. Been studying, studying, and studying some more. Just want to clarify on a few steps while I'm doing it. No point to not ask for help if there is some out there right?! I'm doing these methods because I want to see what works for a single fruiting chamber and I didn't want to risk contaminating all my cakes. So I went and bought some 2 liters, tubaware containers, and a few others. There is so many do's and dont's on cultivation and it's confusing the hell out of me. I only have 4 cakes, but from some looking I've read that it's better to use individual containers instead of a full FC tub if you don't have enough cakes to fill it up. 1st question. Does my cakes look fully colonized? It's been about 3-4 weeks above my fridge in a tote with cardboard with holes over it. Just making sure, that's why I only have 2 right now just in case you guys think I should give it any longer 2nd question. Do I need to fan and mist my 2L ? Some post I see they have the cap off, some have it on, some have polyfil. I don't have polyfil just as of right now I have the cap on, with perlite in the bottom, the cake is on a piece of foil, and there are no holes in the bottle. I have been fanning with a book and misting the bottle 3 times a day. I also have another container, (got this from MLBjammer) holes poked in the bottom of lid, no fanning no misting. The cake in the 2L , I birthed under water very well and did not dunk to simply try out the difference between not dunking vs dunking. Since this is my first experience I want to find out as much as I can! The cake in the twist cap was dunked for 23 hours. 3rd/4th question. Should I use the Hawaiian Punch jug? Do it like I did the 2L? Should I use verm or perlite at the bottom? And should I poke holes in it? Or just open it to fan and mist then put the lid back on with cap on? I hope I can get at least one of my cakes to fruit. Once I figure out what I should do with the other 2 cakes, should I just go ahead and birth them and dunk or no? Should I just turn one of my cakes in the jar still over (once I scrap off the verm layer inside) flip it over and leave it in there with no maintenance? See if that works? Invitro I believe? **Thai Lipa Yai strain** I am definitely wanting to go bulk after this, but I just wanted to to experience cakes. Thank you to all that do read my post and try to help!
  3. Hello folks, I have a question about strains. So I got this growkit and my pins are growing faster and larger. I have been reading a lot of posts and I didn´t quite understood how the cubensis strains work and whats about the albino type. The label in the colonized grain jar I got said A+, so I was wondering what strain does A calls for, what the + calls for and, if the albino caracteristic is just a mutation that can happen in any type of cubensis or if its a strain by itself. I would appreciate someone could give me some light on the matter. I´ll attach a couple of photos too.
  4. Ronico

    First Grow Day 3 (11 a.m.)

    So this is the third report for my firstgrow. -A+ - Third day - Pins growing -
  5. Hey Everyone! Wow is all I got to say. I am trying my hand at sorting through everything but as with every new hobby, I am stuffing 20lbs of info in a 5lb head. Can anyone point me to a good online source. Sporeworks is what I've been peeking at but wanted to get a read on everyone who has bought from a good online source. I would like to try my hand at making it from a print but baby steps first. Also, can anyone give me a recommendation at a good starter strain?!? I am most likely going to go down the PF TEK road and get nerdy on some setups after a few successful trials. I have been filtering and searching but with all this info, it makes my head spin. Thanks for any input!
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