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Found 29 results

  1. Long time no see guys, I just read up on the 6 Quart Dub Tub technique as I have renewed my interest in growing cubes after finding some yellow fly agaric yesterday. The fly agaric wasn't consumed because I'm still a bit unsure of the trip and toxicity. ANYWAY, I'm interested in the 6 Quart Dub Tub Tek. I noticed there is now a link to a site that sells premade spawn grain and substrate bags. My question is, with that substrate containing horse manure and lime and gypsum, what kind of casing layer would be used? Do you need a casing layer for that type of substrate? Some info on using the premade spawn grain and substrate would be helpful, thank you!
  2. Question - When you purchase a premade substrate, do you have to then add water until field capacity or would it come already at FC? If I have to add water, would it have to be boiling? Sorry if this seems like an obvious question. If anyone could give me an answer or a link to somewhere that would be fantastic. Background: I recently completed a PF Tek and wanted to move onto a bulk monotub. I did some research and found Mushroom Zombie's Bulk Monotub Tek here. I was planning on purchasing the kit of premade substrate and spawn, but had a question.
  3. I have heard of people using mayonnaise as a substrate. Can anyone help me with this? Apparfently it works quite well but so far it's only a rumor.
  4. Hey guys, most of you know I spend more time in o'l Wally's world, and just to let y'all know, pallets are being set for a Organic Expert Gardener pallet of.... 8lb compressed blocks of Coco coir, Organic, and roughly $7.87/$8 a block. I think I pay approx a buck a pound normally from Home depot, and a good thing about this is I smelled a block and no musty odor, seems like good stuff. So if you want coir for a buck a pound, (unhydrated) this is a great buy.
  5. I've got a dilemma. I only have an 8qt PC. Used the Tek for a 60qt mono, gave me two oven bags of prepped sub ready for PC. Ones in a bag sealed in the fridge waiting for PC to cool, the other in the PC cooling. Planning on putting my pc'd bag in a trash bag that has been sprayed out with 91iso and putting it in fridge, then using oven to get to room temp before birthing after PCing other bag. Extra steps extra risk, I get that. What else is wrong with my plan?
  6. I have 3, 5lb bags of sterilized sawdust/wood chip/oatbran substrate that has been sitting inside a clean bucket with loose lid for 4 weeks. They all have filter patches, plus sleeves. Should I re- sterilize them before inoculating them? They look ok, but my rye spawn is beautiful and I dont want to take chances. Will a second sterilization screw with the nutrients or moisture content? What about high temp. endo- spore contam's? Any input would be appreciated!
  7. So I want to do a Monotub-grow and use horse manure as substrate. The problem is that i can't find simple dehydrated manure. I can only get HPoo pellets. The pellets are 100% HPoo and have 1.9% nitrogen and 1% phosphorus. Can I use those pellets for a bulk substrate? Help would be appreciated
  8. It seems I got a little carried away with adding substrate vs spawn grain amount, or may have not given my 6 Quart shoe box tubs enough FAE ability. The amount colonised is almost the same as it has been since day 7, it is now day 15. Note that the room all the tubs are in are kept at a stable 78-80F°. Tub at Day 7 Tub Comparison at Day 15 Pictures are obviously of the same exact tub, and the same side as the old picture. Although the mycelium has spread a little bit, it should be much more than that for a whole week to have gone by, should it not? I hear most spawn runs take only 10 days for 6 quart tubs. More photos for all angles of this exact tub: This is the top of what every tub looks like. Each tub was given five holes that were then double layered with Micropore tape. As for the micropore tape used: Was the double layering of the tape too much and limited the amount of gas exchange? Should I have only done one layer, or added more holes? Or was it simply that I clearly added way too much substrate. Sadly I have no photos of the grain spawn bags that were used, but they were all very healthy and fully colonised. The substrate is a 50/50 mix of straw and poo. Any idea on what to do? Make a few more holes and only one layer them with tape? Has it been too long to help? I've heard that after two weeks the likelihood of contam is higher.
  9. ... quite nicely with no visible contamination. I bought 2 tubs: 56Qt 23x16x12 in. and a 90Qt 29x13x18 in. The jars are 3/4 full. All the tek im reading says once the jars are fully colonized I need to mix it with pasteurized horse or cow shit and some say mix with Verm, etc... So my questions are: based on how manny jars I have (4) which tub should I use (I’m guessing the smaller one) and second what’s the ratio of substrate to colonized rye berry I should provide? I’d like to grow all 4 jars in a single tub if possible? Should I mix verm (and anything else) in with the hshit or use only hshit? How deep should the substrate be based on the # of jars I have? Sorry for the dumb questions... I’ll post some pic of the jars....
  10. I'm growing Cubensis and without access to poop. So Im in between doing Coco coir, spent coffee grounds, and gypsum... Or Coco coir, vermiculite and gypsum. Which one should i go with and if you can explain why that would be great... More importantly what would be the ratio...
  11. Hi all my name is MoTo im new here but anyway, I want to clone a oyster mushroom I found. Anyone with experience with oysters I'd like to chat.
  12. Hi all! Im new here and have been reading and watching a lot of different videos on mycology. Im about to get started on my first attempts of cultivation but i have a few questions about substrates and grain innoculations. I will be using spores not clones or agar at first. Ive seen a few different grain innoculation methods (bird seed, verm and rice flower, rye and gypsum). What method do yoy find to be the best to use to start the mycillum in? Im leaning towards rye or verm&RF. Have you ever had any problems with these methods? For the substrate i do want to be able to get a few flushes out of them. Im a bit weary of CMC but i also understand why it would be really benificial to use in a substrate. Ive seen people use a lot of different methods on substrates or none at all and use cakes. I personally dont want to go the cake route i am going to be doing a monotub. Ive seen people use CMC and some not. Im mainly worried about contamination if i use it. What substrate recipes have you found to be the best and do you have any tips for making substrates or preventing contaminiation? I know its a lot to ask any help or info you are willing to share is greatly appreciated. Xoxo
  13. Okay I have like 30 billion questions but I'll start here. Ps low budget 1. I'm gonna be injecting spores into a 5lb rye grain substrate bag. Best way to do this to avoid contamination. 2. Once myceluim covers the entire bag how do I move it into a tub? 3. How to make a nice but reliable tub. Just one. Only for personal use. How many holes/patches/what liner. 4. What do I put in the tub under or over my myceluim? What substrate? Make as simple as possible. Please. Also I know a lot of people prefer other ways to grow than bags but it seems easy to me. Someone help?
  14. I guess hpoo is considered to be a very good substrate. Question is.... Is hpoo a sub that contaminates more easily?
  15. So it's about that time again. Bout a year haitus and I'm now back and as full of questions as ever. How does this substrate sound? I tried to use what I had with the calcium carbonate bc I couldn't find it at a few grow shops (I'll have to get online in a week or so). 5 qt coarse vermiculite (water retention and structure, I assume) 3 1/4 qt cow manure compost (said dairy manure compost some bagged bs brand from walmart), nutes 3/4 qt worm castings, nutes 339 g coco coir (close enough to the 325g that mtdorashane used in the tek i am roughly emulating), water absorption and structure 1/4 cup gypsum (calcium sulfate, extra nutes) 1/4 cup coffee grounds (nutes) 1/4 cup spagnum peat moss (I'll be using this for the casing, so i figure if I introduce it to the mush now, they'll know how to digest it better when it's spread for the casing) 1 tsp pickling lime (calcium hydroxide for a quick ph raise to give mush a better start (they prefer acidic, but their competitors will like it more, their adaptability allows them to also thrive at 8.5 or so) 2 tsp crushed oyster shells (I could not find calcium carbonate. Limestone, or oyster shell flour, or gardening lime that had less than 5% magnesium) ((I attempted to crush the oyster shells a bit more with a porcelain bowl and hammer, it kind of worked to lower the size...)) 1 pack of active yeast, approx 8 mg (Just dicking around, pretty much. I assume mycelium like it bc it's used in agar, so why not bulk. Hopefully someone doesnt respond and say you're a dumbass who didn't research the affects of yeast enough.) 1 tsp extra light malt extract syrup (This is also not called for fromany tek, but I figured why not. Hopefully no one has an actual point about not using malt syrup in bulk substrates.) 12 qt boiling tap water added Dry ingredients mixed. Wet mixed. Both mixed together. Bagged in oven bags (w/ micropore tape covered holes). They will be pc'd tomorrow since I have to visit my 'rents tonight. So I also made agar, that is currently pc'ing. Recipe as follows. 26g agar agar powder 11g yeast (might have really overdone that) 9g extra light malt extract syrup (it's what I have and want to get rid of/use) ((I think I should have used 12g syrup?)) 1/4 tsp organic brown rice flour 900 ml distilled water Will pc for 30 min. Plan is to use z-tubs. Everybody loves pics. Strain is APE. Can i use this flavor injector to suck up my LC and inoculate the agar? At least once. I can then presssure cook it to sterilize and reuse, right?
  16. So my seed bags are trucking along nicely and I've got a question about the bulk substrate I'll be colonizing with them. I plan to use Mush Zombies Tek, slightly modified to fit a 66qt container with different dimensions, as my starting point. I've seen around here and several other places that many people recommend adding a small amount of gypsum to the bulk substrate to help improve multiple flushes. My question is: would adding gypsum to the recipe in that tek (summarized below) be beneficial or does the Hydrated Lime included in the recipe suffice? As I understand it they do two completely different things, with the lime balancing Ph against the CMC for a proper growing environment. I'm not 100% sure what function the gypsum plays other than Ph adjustment and don't want to throw things off too much. If I should add gypsum, how much would be appropriate? Any help would be appreciated! The recipie used in the tek: 1/2 brick of Coco Coir (presumably around 350 grams) 6 qts COARSE grade vermiculite 4 qts cmc (I'll be using Black Kow brand as I can get the good stuff in my area) 2 TSP Hydrated/Pickling lime 8 cups of water. Current Progress : Inoculation: Day 1 Spawning: Day 1 Spawning: Day 5
  17. I have an excess of fresh horse shit, would this make a good substrate instead of coco coir? (Pressure cooked of course)
  18. So I get the 1:1 ratio of equal parts of grain spawn to vermiculite, But what does it mean be "properly moistened" does that mean I can use it right out of the bag? or like what, I'm not sure what that means. I'm no mycologists but I'm trying to learn things and ask questions that I'm confused about
  19. I'm PCing my substrate tonight. I'm gonna follow MtDorashane's tek: I had mixed up two teks and was saving up coffee grounds to use and it turns out this tek doesn't call for coffee. Well, since I have it anyway, would it help my substrate to add coffee grounds to MtDorashane's tek? If so, how much should I add or replace the contents of another ingredient with? If it doesn't make a difference I won't use the grounds. Thanks!
  20. Im going to make my substrate and im going to PC it. Wondering how i can keep it sterile until my grain spawn is ready to go.. Any tips?
  21. I Inoculated my jars yesterday. I am using the WBS TEK and I couldnt get all of the cracked corn out. I would say the grain spawn is 85% millet and 15% cracked corn with 1/4 cup of verm at the bottom. Im wondering if the cracked corn is going to be an issue? I have read that you can use it, or millet. Some people have had good luck and some say take ALL cracked corn out. Need insight on this subject. Also Im wondering how much moisture is too much moisture? The grain spawn is fairly damp and the sides of the jars have moisture on them. I have a silicone bead at the top to keep contaminants out and i also put two pieces of medical tape over that for good measure. Any pointers would be great. Thanks.
  22. I don't Have my syringe yet so I haven't DONE anything so far. I was planning to do a liquid culture (I work in micro biology labs and am well aware of how to inoculate and work while keeping this sterile). I was planning on using the clear corn syrup so I can easily see if any contaminants are growing. Once my spores fully colonize the LC as mycelium how do you transfer it to the Fruiting Camber? I plan on having sterilized horse manure and spent coffee ground mix as a Substrate. In my FC I have a weed barrier Fabric and a screen underneath the Substrate to allow for drainage should the humidity cause the substrate to become soggy. SO could I just dump it on the substrate? I mean all the nutrients are pretty much used up so most of the fluid would be water at this point right? I'm also getting the Tia 2 from the sponsor site it says it is contaminate resistant but they all kinda say that lol. (I will ask in another form but any one who's grown these how high do they get when ready for harvest?)
  23. Hello Ology it's been forever I know but I had to stop I was in some trouble for criminal speeding but I'm back now. With a lot of questions for one is there a good tek for a coffee ground sub? Can I even use coffee grounds? I could really use the help I have some PE and Ape LCs I want to use. Thanks for the help like always Mycodude.
  24. Has anyone done experiments on using a crockpot to pasteurize? I have this Rival brand crockpot. On the Keep Warm setting, I read it maintains right around a 170 degree temp. I'll likely buy a wireless probe thermometer soon so I can run my own experiments, but now it's out there and maybe someone will chime in on its feasibility. Also, howdy yall, been a while. I'll have some monotub pics soon regardless whether or not my spawn run is a failure.
  25. I am curious about dry heat substrate sterilization. Mainly because it seems more pragmatic than a pressure cooker or pot; in the sense that most everyone owns an oven and it has a large space inside where you could fit a large clay pot full of substrate for example. So my question is would sterilizing substrate with oven heat work?
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