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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all! none of you prob know or remember me, but I was very active in 2014 on this forum(Back when the Sponsor Rank was a thing) Just put in an order earlier this morning for the below Spore Syringes: Mushroom Spore Syringe Order: 2x Red Boys 2x Golden Teacher 2x PES Amazon 2x Lizard King 2x Z-Strain 2x Australian 2x Albino A+ 2x Koh Samui Super Strain 2x B+ 2x Mazatapec im excited to get back into Researching and curating my buy list for essentials that I’ll need to possess. many suggestions on what tek I should run or several tek’s I should try? And any help with materials and equipment acquisition/suggestions would be much obliged.
  2. I have been doing a monotub tek for the second time, this time with PE strain Last time I did a monotub I had less than ideal conditions in every step(mold colonizing in 3/4 of the cake style jars, improper soil(yard dirt instead of coco-coir, 80-90 fruiting conditions, flooding my tub continually, 2 1/2 pint colonized jars in a 60qt mono) and still grew 20g's dry. I have a few questions: 1: I am wondering what dry weight I should expect from 3lb's of colonized rye seeds and approx double the amount of coco coir as there is rye seeds in a 60qt monotek. PE strain ?????? (setup is fan/mist often, 12hr light cycle) 2: I am having trouble fruiting and have not seen pins yet and it's been 5 days since I put my chamber into fruiting conditions.(fan/mist, 70-80degrees, 12hr light cycle) I did not wait for the chamber to create the white fuzzy layer entirely before introducing fruiting conditions, but I did wait until there were white fuzzy spots in quarter size diameter around the rye seeds. Did I do something wrong? is it going to be okay? Did I potentially affect my overall yield? Should I continue fruiting conditions, or revert to no light, no mist no fan for a short period? What the tub looks like currently is the attached photo: Any advice would help, or if you want to suggest any improvements.
  3. Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I have become interested in growing mushrooms, and had a few general questions. I was wondering what one should do after each flush, do I soak, or spray, or leave alone? And for mushroom cultures can those store in the fridge for longer periods of time? Also during monotub cultivation, do yeilds drop on second flush if mushrooms are picked from the mycelium rather than cut? Any information is appreciated as I am just starting to learn about these things. I was looking at this tek if anyone was wondering;
  4. So i made too many brf pint jars, i have a excess of about 12 jars they are dunking right now. I have tried slicing and layering them before, it worked but was no way optimal. I was thinking about trying to make slurry from them. Before i do that if you have a idea what would be a good experiment please suggest it
  5. Twotails

    Twotails Outdoor Wavy cap Bed Tek

    Hello yall, this is how I did my P.Cyan bed. Bed was located in the North east, and Fruited late september, early october. Pics will be added if I can find them, if not sorry but this was done a while ago. Getting ready: Prep your spawn: 1:1:1:1 (easy numbers but on this one the ratio should be at FC, and dryer is a little better worse case) 1 part Pennington heat pellets(hardwood sawdust) 1 part Brown Rice flour 1 part Verm 1 part water to FC. Next, fill each jar (i used wide mouth quart jars, with double tyvek lids, and Silicone Ships) HALF way, don't compress it, but lightly tamp it to level it. Wrap jar tops with tinfoil. PC at 15psi for 90min, let cool. Once cool immaculate with either a MSS, or LC, and incubate low, room temp, or about 70-80f cooling and heating don't seem to harm it, I tried to simulate temps from California bay area best I could during grow time. If it starts to dry out, using a sterile needle, a glove box and sanitary conditions, add distilled water via SHIP, in 5 or 10ml amounts until hydrated(don't over do it) Once 100% colonized, prep more spawn (you want about 10 to 20lbs of spawn) and this time, put it into any jars, the jars are not important Make it a little dryer than normal. Make 4 grow bags, with vent patches. In a glove box, blend up the jars of spawn, with the already colonized cake in a blender(i used a sanitized blender) pour into the bags. Seal them and let them colonize in the same conditions. Next I will write on the assembly of the bed, as it can be used for ANY wood loving bed mushroom.
  6. So i just inoculated my jars for the "Rez Effect" and noticed i had a few questions and i'm in need of some guidance.. After the jars are completely colonized, do i line the tub i'm spawning to with a plastic liner? Should i only shake the jars when they're 25% colonized? Would shaking them maybe every few days help, hurt, or just not really matter? And lastly i see many people say you can only get one good flush out of this tek, i guess due to the inability of redunking. But i figured, if i lined the tub with plastic that was strong enough, shouldn't i be able to slide the substrate out and dunk it in a bigger container? not sure if it'd work, just curious. sorry, also, wet verm layer.. needed? recommended? i'm seeing mixed opinions on even using it. I feel a little clueless..
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