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Found 2 results

  1. [*This is a X-Post, as I mistakenly posted this in the wrong forum the 1st time around because I'm a dummy. Thanks for always being patient with noobz like me!*] Hello My Wonderful Community of Mush-Buddies! It is I, Yukon Cornelius, back w/ another inquiry for the coolest, most knowledgeable group of mushroom enthusiasts on the web (that’s you folks)... Here’s the situation I’m curious about (there are pics attached illustrating the issue that’s occurring). This post is rather wordy, so if you’d rather not read everything... [TL;DR = PF Tek set up w/ freq fanning + misting (5-10xs/day) resulting in slow growth/caps opening early/small fruits. Has this happened to you? What do you believe is the culprit/how can this be fixed?] For those with enough time and energy to read my novel-length spiel... The Set Up/Background Info: -PF Tek (with some tweaks) -Brf Cakes (1:1:2 ratio of brf, verm, & H2O, respectively) -Lipa Yai, Quezon, & Brazil spores (inoculated via spore syringe) Birthed approx 1 wk after 100% colonization (followed by) ~24hr dunk in cold tap H2O & subsequently cased (top & bottom) with field capacity verm; fanned & misted ~5 - 8 times per day, often misting the cakes directly when they appear or feel less than completely saturated). -*Fruiting chamber has ~ 3” of wet coir at the bottom with 1/4” holes ~every 2inches, with about twenty (+/-), 1” holes as well (6 on each long side, 4 on each small side, & 0 on the bottom & lid... [6+6+4+4 = 20]). *Side note: this fruiting chamber has proven successful for past attempts which utilized this very same method (most recent attempt resulted in ~60g of “cracker dry” fruits off of, like 16-18 brf cakes... With that said, the current situation is proving much less “fruitful,” literally and metaphorically speaking. The fruits are growing between 1/4 - 1/2 the size they were previously, with the cap opening up very early (sometimes opening while still a “pin”). They are short fruits with tiny caps and big booties* (ie: short, wide stems). I’ve attched some pics which exemplify the issue I’m inquiring about. (*Typically I prefer a big booty, but not when it comes to boomers). The fruiting chamber is being misted and fanned an average of ~ 5-8 times per day (pretty much fanning whenever the FC gets noticed through the day, so some days it gets fanned 10+ times) with RH between 99% on the high end (about 75% of the time), and 82% on the low end (about 25% of the time, typically right after being fanned). I’m confident that there is an adequate amount of FAE going on, and given the fact the cakes are misted during every instance of fanning (much of the time getting misted directly), My Hypothesis: The potential cause of this stunted growth is likely being caused by a casing layer that is overly saturated as a result of the frequent/direct misting going on. The Inquiry: Has anyone else experienced anything like this and if so, was it due (entirely or in part) to an overly saturated casing layer/cake? It would appear that water is being evaporated since pinning is induced by evaporation, and RH stays relatively high however their growth stops soon after pinning which has me leaning towards wet casing as the culprit (as opposed to a lack of FAE or low RH). Also, the lid to the chamber was left off once for ~24hrs without any misting or fanning and the following day there were more pins than you could shake a stick at, supporting my wet casing layer hypothesis. Whether or not my hypothesis is correct, I’d still love to hear about your experiences with slow growth/small fruits/caps opening early, as well as your thoughts and opinions regarding the rather wordy situation I’ve laid out in this post. Thanks everyone. As always, I truly appreciate your expertise and insight and find the knowledge I acquire from my Shroomology family to be priceless. I would never have been given the opportunity to explore the many facets of this hobby. So if you currently or in the past have contributed in anyway to the info here on Shroomology, you can go to sleep tonight knowing that you have helped someone (me) have a more fulfilling, more meaningful existence. By providing me with all this knowledge, I have been reminded of the healing power of Mother Nature and given me the tools to reconnect with Her, which helps me maintain/strengthen my mental and spiritual health. Anywho, enough rambling. I look forward to your replies! Thanks again everyone! -Yukon X. Cornelius ”Bumbles BOUNCE!”
  2. Hi and hello to all my fellow mycolonists Basics. I know there are easier options, this is not the only one i am attempting practice atm. Assuming most who have dealt with many contams and failures like myself get tired and just want to practice one tek or one method or just pick it up again later or even give up. Not too interested in any of that currently. The Question. I am looking for new ideas to keep the floor more dry from the cool mist thats going on most of the 24h Brief history. I felt the need to construct a full gh in one of my bdrms just to practice technique, env control, etc trying to cut out contams as much as i could for many reasons*.. Personal. Definitely cleanfreakish 👷 gotta keep everything sterile constantly.. I know i dont want to use cotton, and the polyester and nylon-polyester medical wipes$$$ may set me back more than the bigger custom gh is worth. Reference. Its a 9'x10' room the one quadrant where the door/ac vent is, is separated from 3quadrant gh with plastic. 2 layers on floor+black thicker plastic under that, 1 layer on walls, 1 layer ceiling, then a triple layer with a slit separates the door quadrant with martha. My bad if i missed anything.. Any cool ideas would be much appreciated as the plastic is already starting to stick to one of the walls lol Not the fungus i particularly enjoy 😌 Much love and many future thanks
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