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Found 14 results

  1. Long time no see guys, I just read up on the 6 Quart Dub Tub technique as I have renewed my interest in growing cubes after finding some yellow fly agaric yesterday. The fly agaric wasn't consumed because I'm still a bit unsure of the trip and toxicity. ANYWAY, I'm interested in the 6 Quart Dub Tub Tek. I noticed there is now a link to a site that sells premade spawn grain and substrate bags. My question is, with that substrate containing horse manure and lime and gypsum, what kind of casing layer would be used? Do you need a casing layer for that type of substrate? Some info on using the premade spawn grain and substrate would be helpful, thank you!
  2. Hello shroomers, day 14, golden teachers, I have here what after doing some research, looks to appear to be overlay, I have made other threads of this mono and people say it looks okay and should pin and my humidity is high and maybe not enough FAE. But im worries it is getting to much FAE as the cake is slowly shrinking, pulling from the sides. It's been about 2 weeks since spawn with no signs of any pins. Anyone have suggestions ?
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  4. Hey all, So I have my jars incubating and they have a while to go. Im doing the dub tub as stated in another thread, but im concerned that Ill be in the fruiting phase while I have to go away for a week, not optional. I know its not great to mix teks on my first run, and id like to avoid it, but i dont want to blow a bunch of tubs either. Should I build a couple SGFC and place the tubs in them open, or should i turn each dub to a zombie? I can have someone monitor them, but i dont want anyone touching them. The only person available to do so...is not someone youd want misting and fanning. I could also maybe build a small greenhouse in to my closet (open closet, no sliders on it)? Any advice on best option would be great. Possibly 7-8 days away. Room can be temp controlled, thats not a problem. Thanks!
  5. Hey there! Im new here obviously, and very excited to get started growing. I plan on using the Dub Tub 6qt Mist and Fan Tek, and also purchasing the kit of substrate and WBS spawn bags. My question is do I still need to do the casing layer if I buy the fill kit? Also, if I do, once I layer the casing on the substrate after the spawn run, does it need to stay covered? the instructions in the TEK werent that clear to me.
  6. I got new stuff in the process. I will post pictures tomorrow. But it is a 6 quart tub fully inoculated for 10 days with colonized WBS and pasturized coco. It looks good so far I’m assuming. It was cased early on (I know stupid) with straight verm. It’s pretty much colonized over that. But I have put it in a bigger tote SGFC type with hydrated perlite in the bottom. I’ll let y’all know!
  7. I had oyster grain spawn that was going to start to fruit in the jar because I left it sitting too long - so I was too lazy to prep for growing it in bags and I just spawned it in my ztubs. I put it on pasturized hardwood fuel pellets mixed with gypsum and brown rice flower. I did the black liner and everything just the same as we do for cubes. my question is.... do I case these oysters? if so, do I case with regular cube casing? also, I plan to add many more polly holes to the top tub to get more fae. does that sound like a good plan?
  8. I don't got a lot of spare space so I read a a thread on 6 quart tub misting and fanning. My question is this This is a 2 qt recipie which should be good for about 3-4 tubs if cased 1/4" deep:1 qt. Sphagnum peat moss1 qt. Vermiculite4 TBSP lime1 cup crushed oyster shells2 cups water. what recipe would I use for one Tub? Or am I able to put a cover on it and save it for later?
  9. BleepBlorp123

    Advice on stalling 6qt dub tub pins?

    Do you think it's time for a second flush after I take out the mature shrooms? All other pins are stalling. Some are slightly blue and some seem normal. If I need a second flush can anyone advise me if I need to pull any of the pins before dunking? In one of the photos you can see some spores accidentally dropped but that's the only spot. It just sorta seems like it's dried out and I don't want to lose all the pins I have if they aren't already aborts... I've already collected an oz dry from these 3 tubs if that info helps, I just feel like I should be getting more from my first flush on 3 dub tubs p.s. when I try and start a topic im extremely limited to the categories I have to choose from. Like a lot are showing but are unavailable for me to click on, not sure if this is because I'm new here or something but I want to make sure I'm starting topics in the correct categories
  10. clarity01


    From the album: First wbs grow

  11. mushy-madness

    Mono tubs

    From the album: First attempt!

  12. mushy-madness

    Mono tubs

    From the album: First attempt!

  13. Mush Zombie


    I take no credit for this tek. I learned it here from other members. I am only posting this bc people ask me how I do things often. So here it is, I hope it is acceptable. I Feel that it is now necessary to add this disclaimer. If this tek is not followed exactly as it is written it may not work very well. The design, and environmental for this type of tub are VERY specific for it to work as seen in my pictorial. If you want to have as great of success as I do, please follow the tek in its entirety. I once thought that this tek would be friendly to all, but it has created challenges for some, so I must say this is not for everyone, as I previously thought. I wish anyone who wants to try this maintenance free tek the best! Things you need- 2 6qt plastic bins (wally world, and dollar tree &#36;1 a peice Measuring tape/ ruler Marker A drill or dremel tool. A dremel cutting tool (&#36;6) Polly fill (wal mart about &#36;4) Isopropyl alcohol Duct tape, or Gorrlla tape Aluminum foil 1 qt of 100% colonized spawn Bulk Substrate of your choice. Vermiculite Micropore tape Gloves Dust mask/or mask of some sort Antiseptic mouthwash Lysol/Oust/ something like that Heres what your tub should look like before you put your sub and spawn in it, just so you can get an idea of what this tek is about: First lets understand how this type of dub tub works. You don't have to mist or fan! This is because holes are cut in the top tub, and bottom tub. Fresh air is pulled through the top holes of the top tub, and into the bottom tub, as the heavier carbon dioxide gases escape from the bottom holes, creating FAE. So your sub or casing must be completely flush with the bottom holes, and have the proper moisture content, from the beggining, for this tub configuration to be effective. How to build: First get both of your tubs ready for cutting. Make your marks for where you're going to cut. You will want the sub to be 2-3" deep. 3" preferably. However, you should make sure that there is enough room between the top and buttom tubs, for your mushrooms to grow. It's not uncommon for me to get 10 inch mushrooms with a 3" sub on the third flush. I prefer the tubs from dollar tree. They are a little taller, and much more sturdy, than the 6qt tubs from walmart. They also have a big lip, so taping is much easier. The holes should be 1/2" x 1/2". The larger the holes, the harder it will be to maintain proper RH. So if you mess up and cut a little too big, don't freak out and throw them away!It is VERY IMPORTANT that holes on the bottom tub be level with each other, so that the sub/casing is completly flush with the holes, for proper FAE. After you make your marks, get your drill/dremel tool, and dremel cutting tool ready. Here is what the dremel cutting tool looks like: Cut your holes! This will take a little getting used to. Once you get the hang of cutting with that tool its easy. Just hold the tub firm (I used my feet! One inside, one outside, pressed to the bottoms of the tub ) Start on the right hand side of the hole you are cutting. Pull the trigger of the drill, and push the cutting tool gently into the plastic until it cuts through. Hold that drill tight, so it doesn't slide to the right, out of control! Then just push left in the direction you want to cut! You'll get it. Cut two holes , at either end of the long sides of the tubs. The holes being at the very top of the long sides of the top tub, and 2-3" up from the bottom, on the sides, of the bottom tub. You will want all the holes to be between 1/2" x 1/2 " to 1"x1". Keep in mind that the larger the holes, the more fresh air, but also this will lower RH, to the point that you will have to pull the polyfill out, and manually mist... So keep it as close to 1/2"x 1/2" as is comfortable to you. Heres what it looks like: Put the polyfill in the holes at this point. You will want to pull it though, so that its not stuffed in the holes tight, inhibiting airflow. You want the polyfill to be loose, but not loose enough to fall out, so that it looks like the first picture in this thread. Now you have constructed your awesome dub tub... What will you do next? ADD BULK SUB, AND SPAWN THATS WHAT! So there are many subs you can use, and that is up to you! What works best for you, is the way you should do this. It's your hobby, do it the way you want to, but whatever you decide make it enjoyable! SPAWNING First you will want to spray the air in the spawning room with lysol, oust, or whatever you use to clean the air, take a shower, and put on freshly laundered clothes, if you are going to wear clothes (I usually just wear underwear ) brush your teeth, rinse with antiseptic mouthwash, and put on your gloves and mask on. Wipe the inside of the tubs clean with your Isopropyl alcohol, (practice sterile technique) then, after its all dry, add a thin layer of verm in the bottom of your tub, enough to cover the bottom completely, but not more than that: The pupose of doing this is to allow the verm to absorb any extra moisture/condensation that should not be standing in the bottom of the tub, while giving a resivior for the myc to pull moisture from. Next add 1 quart of your chosen substrate, or enough to fill the tub about an inch deep. Then add your spawn. Mix this gently, so as not to disturb the verm in the bottom TOO MUCH, but get the spawn into the bottom of the sub. You're probably not going to be able to mix it without disturbing some of the verm. And thats okay. Continue to fill the tub with substrate, mixing it in with the spawn. If you are going to case your sub, leave room for the casing, so that it can be flush with the bottom holes. If you're not going to case, fill the tub with spawn until it is flush with the bottom holes. You will want to try to make this sub as flat as possible (if you are going to case), without compacting it down. You want it light and fluffy for the myc to be able to colonize it quickly, during the spawn run. Cover the substrate with foil, and poke a few holes in it for gas exchange. Cover the holes with micropore tape. INCUBATION/SPAWN RUN Put this in your IC at 80-82*F until 100% colonized. ( I will add a pic of this soon) This takes between 5-10 days. Here is what that PE dub tub, above, looked like after being in the IC for 3 days @82*F: FRUITING After 100% colonization of the sub, remove your dub tub from the IC, case your sub if desired, with whatever casing you like (it is recommended that you case with this set up), and mist the inside of your top tub with distilled water. Attach the top tub to the bottom tub, and COMPLETELY seal the two tubs together with duct tape or gorilla tape. Do not open until its time to harvest, unless its an emergency Put this tub in your fruiting area, with appropriate lighting, and temperatures, preferably between 68-72*F, for best results. Also it will help to have air movement from a slow moving fan in the room with these, but I have done this with success with no fan at all SIDE PINNING To prevent side pins (this is a must) cover the areas where you can see mycellium, in the tub with either GORILLA (solid black) tape, or something opaque taped to the outside of the tub, like a black trashbag. You can also line the inside of the tub with a black trashbag, before you spawn, but you wont be able to check the mycelliums growth if you go that route. I get the best results by lining the tub with a black trashbag and spawning into it. Recent success: That was just a coir substrate, no additives, or anything. About 2 oz. dry. Just some zombie tub results I got using this tek..Penis Envy in 6qt zombie tubs FTW!!!!!
  14. Those Who Were

    Buffalos GWM in 17qt zombie

    What up friends.. Here is some GWM in a 17 qt zombie tub.. I used the zombie tub tek and used 9 qts total with 3qts of spawn to 6 qts of coir and vermiculite and cmc with 1/3 teaspoon lime per qt cmc with a 4 inch total depth after it will be cased 17qt tub setup Put mixture that is to field capacity into an oven bag and PC'd for 90 mins at 15 psi Also some syringes and needles being sterilized Let cool and here is the setup Sub and spwan mixed in Foiled up with holes covered with micropore tape In my jam packed to the rim IC at 80f Here is my trumpet royales...gonna be yummy enjoy and hope to get some monsters..
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