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  1. trubio

    GT #2

    I had 2 left over quarts of colonized wbs that wasn't ready when I did my last tub. So i have them going now spawn to coir ruffly 1:2 ratio with some gypsum. I spawned roughly 14 days ago dont really remember but seems about right. Day 1 and day 2 pics are actually day 15 and 16. But I'm counting from when knots appeared. Day 1 Day 2 Pins start to appear
  2. trubio


    New run, this is my 3rd attempt, started on pf tek, then duntub now 32qt setup. Anyways gotta love this hobby. This time I decided to just use wbs and coir. Just picked part of the first flush. How do these babies look? Before and after photos. 230g later. Still so much left to harvest tomorrow.
  3. Inoculated some jars about 20 days ago. They’ve taken off at different rates, so I’ve shaken them at different times. 3 of my jars were shaken 12 days into initial inoculation. These pics are a week after the shake (day 20). I used the 6qt dub tub mist and fan tek which is a ‘no-fail tek” due to the 1/4 cup of vermiculite placed at the bottom (I’ve added the link to this post in case anyone is curious). Shaking really distributed the verm all throughout the jars. I fear that the verm is getting in the way of my mycelium growth and I can’t completely tell if my jars are ready to be birthed. Any
  4. Does anyone ever get their jars of wbs out of the PC after sitting over night and they look as if they've already been injected with Lc? I pced a couple jars last night let them sit and when I took them out this morning, I did the little shake with them and i noticed a couple of small clumps in both jars that appear to be mycelium, like when you shoot Lc into a jar it sometimes has the stringy wads of mycelium..... is it possible my jars contaminated while sitting in the PC overnight ,or is this just a normal thing that I just didnt notice before? Maybe I didnt clean the seed good enouph? Or i
  5. Hello all, I currently have some quart jars that are reaching 100%. This looks like it will be my first successful run. My question is this, After all visible grain is completely colonized, do I need to wait a few days or a week to spawn to bulk? I'm trying to attach pictures, I think they will be 100% in the next few days.
  6. Just noc'd my first jars of WBS yesterday, time will tell if there's contamination. Also noc'd a jar of LC to keep things going if it works out. Started by cleaning the sunflower seeds out of the WBS. Poured boiling water into 5 gallon bucket, covered 90 minutes with towel, poured into strainer and rinsed. Put 1/4 cup coarse vermiculite in bottom of quart jars and added the WBS. Pressure cooked for 90 minutes. Made the LC with karo and water, PC for 90 mins also. Thanks for the easy to follow videos @mushzombie . Sprayed a crap load of lysol everywhere, put gloves on, so
  7. Beginning of rookie class A+ grow log with high probability of failure, contamination and spontaneous combustion, however we do press on. Now pass me the myc so I can begin this tale. I started with 6 qt dub tub in mind using strobes wbs 2.0 nsns tek. Got A+ spore syringe from SOS. Used sifting bucket (which kicked major ass, thanks strobe) loaded jars and prepared PC all while practicing sterile technique. So i had the water boiling before I added jars to PC trying to save some time which bit me in the butt because come to find out one of my jars exploded while cooking. I ended up with s
  8. I just moved over my first wbs jars to bulk spawn. Cambodian. I also have 2 Cambodian LC's. 2 golden teacher LC's. 5 GT wbs jars about half way ready. 3 jars of hawaiin LC (didn't have wbs ready and the other syringe of hawaiin tammed, most likely from my technique as a beginner, thought I would triple my odds at success with 3 LC of it ) 7 wbs jars waiting to noc tonight after work 7 LC jars waiting to PC and noc after new spores come in (pink buffalo, Texas yellow cap, and I forgot the other cube) and also reishi and Lions Maine. Did I start way to ma
  9. Ok. Absolutely first time attempt. Thought I had all my ducks in a row but I keep reading more and more on other teks. Originally, my plan was to use strobes no fail for spawn(no-brainer to me), and then saw the Tek on zombie tubs. Seems the best as far as eliminating possibility of contamination. But will these type of tubs work for Rez? If not then fine, could somebody please specify, to the most simplistic, which sub to use. I have no desire to case, but if needed... Mush appreciated
  10. Just finished pressure cooking 7 quarts of wbs, going with Str0be's WBS no fail tek, and use the 6 qt dub tubs as fruiting chambers. This site has been super helpful in figuring out everything needed to grow as well as helping me learn about mushrooms in general which tbh are really cool. THANKS YALL, Just got a few more questions before I continue... 1.For incubating the WBS jars what technique works best? My plan is to just put all the jars together in a closed box with a blanket and maybe use some kind of terrarium heating pad, any easy, cheap proven incubation methods out there?
  11. I set out on a quest to harvest fruits and all has gone well thus far. House is fully carpeted but I trashbagged a closet sooo, that may be working? I'm a little anxious fucker who's a crossing his fingers. I've read tons, used wbs, may use oats in the future. Pretty excited and hope all goes well. YIKES! How's everyone else's projects going?
  12. Lastnight I decided to go ahead and shake up my 1/2 pint jars filled 2/3 of the way with colonizing WBS. Everything was spreading great so I decided to give all 6 jars a good shake to break up and distribute the mycelium. Once finished I could barely see any white spots inside the jar because I dispersed them throughout the jar so well. Woke up this morning, and BOOM! It’s like they doubled mycelium growth overnight. Here’s some pics just for shits and gigs. One love y’all!
  13. This is going to be my third attempt, first two died in firey contamination catastrophes.. So on to the questions. 1. can perlite be substituted for vermiculite? I cannot find coarse grade verm anywhere except on the internet. 2. Is an analog hygrometer necessary? 3. When pressure cooking materials how much water should I have in the pot? 4. can I use cow manure from home depot? 5. what are the best ingredients when using wbs? Should I find a straight bag of millet? 6. Would spraying a mold stopper in my tubs before installing sub be a good idea to precombat co
  14. I have waited 7-10 days after full colonization was noticed when doing cakes as this is what the Teks suggest. Is this required when colonizing WBS? I have 5 quarts going, after the shake they exploded and colonized fast then I would have ever imagined. 5 days after the shake they are 100%. Should I wait another 7-10 days like with cakes or are they ready to spawn to bulk Now? Is there any benefit or draw back to either waiting or spawning now? Few photos of the progression, before the shake, a day after the shake and now.
  15. Just a couple pics of 6, 1/2 pint jars that I knocked up with 1cc of cubensis B+ on April 26th. Wish me luck! And please let me know whatcha think or if you have any ideas I should do, orrrrrrr any mistakes I made.
  16. sneakymortar

    Second Grow

    First off, thanks for having me! I've spent hours pouring over the knowledge here. I've made some mistakes and learned some lessons. I've been focusing on documentation and adjusting as needed when I make any mistakes. I'm open to feedback on any and all of this. I did not take pictures of the WBS or Jars while colonizing so I apologize for that gap. I initially started going the way of a monotub but decided against it. I'd rather chuck 6 quarts of effort over a whole large tub. Maybe some day when I actually get things sorted and feel more confident. I used the following TeK's so t
  17. TheMushroom

    8 days into wbs and chill

    So I innoculated with micro spores 8 days ago and I WANT SOME MYCELIUM! I know it can take awhile for it to start up but I just wanted to show some pictures and make sure everything looks good to the people who know what they're doing. I just took these today and I noticed a little something in both of my wettest jars. So how do I tell if it's contaminated or bad?? And also a tiny sprout in another jar pictured below. Thanks for all the input! Also how harmful is it to be moving the jars in this stage?? I haven't been shaking them but I have been taking a few out of the box to check on them an
  18. I innoculated these jars on 9/8. I feel like 4 are going really slow for some reason. Maybe they are colonizing in the middle of the jars instead of the outside? I drew lines where the myc was a couple days ago because I thought they stalled on me. What is yalls advice or thoughts. These are the "fast" ones And the slow ones Inc sitting at 78-79 constantly
  19. I've been searching these forums to find out whether I need to order pickling lime or hydrated lime for my wbs dub tub tek put together by mush zombie. I'm following it to a t and I've got everything prepared, spawn jars at 40% except for the lime. I've been warned hydrated lime (pickling lime) is way too potent and could throw off the whole grow but that is what MZ uses in his Tek. I should probably just buy a ph meter and figure it out for myself at this point, but I don't want to be stuck with a pound of useless lime. Anyone got any answer for me? PAGING MUSH ZOMBIE COME IN MUSH ZOMBIE
  20. Brad

    First grow - monotub

    I am starting my first grow and thought I would document it here. Hopefully some wisdom from the group will keep me on track. here is where I am at now.... Syringes came in (AA++, Golden Teacher, Thailand KOH) WBS soaked overnight and dry now Monotub built as per Mush Zombie monotub tek ********************* In addition to the monotub I am going to experiment with some outdoor beds. We have 3 horses and 40 rabbits providing plenty of poo and trash hay (not straw). Here is some photos of what I have going on here... first here is the clean dry bird seed
  21. ok this is my first grow log, wish me luck... this grow actually started a month ago and i dont have pics of every step ive taken but i will try to fill in all the gaps as i go. i started with a ms pe syringe i used to noc 10 jars of wbs, once they colonized i used one of the jars for g2g transfers to 8 more jars and the rest were spawned to a mix of coir, verm, gypsum and a bit of lime. these are pics of the first flush...it started with a bunch of blobs and i thought i had verticillium but they cleared up and finished quite nice.
  22. I follow the soak, simmer and pc method for preparing my wbs. my question is how long do i have to noc the jars? i prepped a little more grain than i needed and i had to order more spores.
  23. I need some basic advice if somebody could help guide me. I have 4 Jars WBS all P.E strain colonizing but 1 Jar is from a different vendor then the others. From experience do you think this is ok to use since its the same strain to begin with? Thank you
  24. Hello everyone, This is my first time posting but I have been watching these forums for the last year. Never wanted to complain about an issue but I am having such a hard time getting info by browsing and googling, I figure I just go right to the source. My project has been going well since June. Soak 12 hour,Rinse cold water, simmer briefly (until I see first signs of bubbles), Stand for 1 hour to dry and steam. I make Tyvek lid jars with a self healing port and I fill the jars 3/4 from the top. PC for 1.5 hours at 15psi, sit overnight. Next day commence Inoculation. Bleach bomb, lysol a
  25. So I have a crapload of oats, and I love Str0be's no soak, no simmer bag tek. What tweaks would I need to make that tek work with oats?
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