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Found 36 results

  1. I have waited 7-10 days after full colonization was noticed when doing cakes as this is what the Teks suggest. Is this required when colonizing WBS? I have 5 quarts going, after the shake they exploded and colonized fast then I would have ever imagined. 5 days after the shake they are 100%. Should I wait another 7-10 days like with cakes or are they ready to spawn to bulk Now? Is there any benefit or draw back to either waiting or spawning now? Few photos of the progression, before the shake, a day after the shake and now.
  2. Second Grow

    First off, thanks for having me! I've spent hours pouring over the knowledge here. I've made some mistakes and learned some lessons. I've been focusing on documentation and adjusting as needed when I make any mistakes. I'm open to feedback on any and all of this. I did not take pictures of the WBS or Jars while colonizing so I apologize for that gap. I initially started going the way of a monotub but decided against it. I'd rather chuck 6 quarts of effort over a whole large tub. Maybe some day when I actually get things sorted and feel more confident. I used the following TeK's so thanks to those authors and everyone who commented on anything related while I was google-fu'ing Inoculated w/ MS Golden Teacher Syringe - Used 1ml per Jar / Tried and failed at my first LCs with the rest. str0bes No Fail WBS TeK-v2.0 - I learned after my first batch of Jars - 1.5 cups of wbs per quart jar as they seemed much more full once hydrated/cooked and rocked me to shake. They also were pretty slow colonizers. Out of 8 quarts of spawn I lost 2. I was probably over-cautious but I'd rather be safe then sorry. 6 Quart Dub Tub *mist And Fan* Bulk Tek - Used coir and spent coffee grounds for substrate. Mixed 3 quarts of substrate to 1 quart spawn 10 Days Incubated at 78F The first two tubs could have used more time and after popping the top I realized I didn't cut the bags down as well as I should have. It did cause problems with side pins later so I guess it's a lesson learned. If there was any fluid on the top I used paper towel to soak it up before casing it. Used 50/50 casing from this same TeK The rest turned out to be much nicer. More like this: Mist and Fan, Mist and Fan, Mist and Fan. Days of patience and then the side pins started! During this time I was doing further reading as only 2 tubs were showing much activity. Turns out I was over-misting. I began fanning a little extra on 4 not showing pinning. One tub was lost, probably again overcautious but I'd rather be safe than have any amount of green or odd color in my tubs. Didn't take pictures of it and didn't keep anything from it. Just tossed the whole thing in the garbage. On day 12 there was some visitors - I'll take what I can get right? Next Day: This is what the side pinners looked like as they came into their own Second Dub that was quick and on the side for the first flush: Focus was on keeping things habitable as possible and I only allowed indirect light for the tubs. My third tub was pretty active during this time. They kinda looked different. I did buy an MS syringe for this run so maybe there's some differences This guy was fairly thick but short. Perhaps I'm not misting correctly or something is off. They popped veils quickly. Last two tubs are flushing now and the pinsets are a little better: Quick totals First flush - Wet: 1227g Dry: TBD - In Progress Thoughts ? Pointers? I'll be building a flowhood next month - 24x24 I'm looking to grab an All American off of Ebay soon, been using a TFal Thanks for looking! TL;DR - I feel like I'm getting somewhere, heres some pictures and my experience!
  3. 8 days into wbs and chill

    So I innoculated with micro spores 8 days ago and I WANT SOME MYCELIUM! I know it can take awhile for it to start up but I just wanted to show some pictures and make sure everything looks good to the people who know what they're doing. I just took these today and I noticed a little something in both of my wettest jars. So how do I tell if it's contaminated or bad?? And also a tiny sprout in another jar pictured below. Thanks for all the input! Also how harmful is it to be moving the jars in this stage?? I haven't been shaking them but I have been taking a few out of the box to check on them and have moved the box from my closet to the cabinet on top of the fridge and back
  4. I innoculated these jars on 9/8. I feel like 4 are going really slow for some reason. Maybe they are colonizing in the middle of the jars instead of the outside? I drew lines where the myc was a couple days ago because I thought they stalled on me. What is yalls advice or thoughts. These are the "fast" ones And the slow ones Inc sitting at 78-79 constantly
  5. I've been searching these forums to find out whether I need to order pickling lime or hydrated lime for my wbs dub tub tek put together by mush zombie. I'm following it to a t and I've got everything prepared, spawn jars at 40% except for the lime. I've been warned hydrated lime (pickling lime) is way too potent and could throw off the whole grow but that is what MZ uses in his Tek. I should probably just buy a ph meter and figure it out for myself at this point, but I don't want to be stuck with a pound of useless lime. Anyone got any answer for me? PAGING MUSH ZOMBIE COME IN MUSH ZOMBIE
  6. ok this is my first grow log, wish me luck... this grow actually started a month ago and i dont have pics of every step ive taken but i will try to fill in all the gaps as i go. i started with a ms pe syringe i used to noc 10 jars of wbs, once they colonized i used one of the jars for g2g transfers to 8 more jars and the rest were spawned to a mix of coir, verm, gypsum and a bit of lime. these are pics of the first flush...it started with a bunch of blobs and i thought i had verticillium but they cleared up and finished quite nice.
  7. I follow the soak, simmer and pc method for preparing my wbs. my question is how long do i have to noc the jars? i prepped a little more grain than i needed and i had to order more spores.
  8. I need some basic advice if somebody could help guide me. I have 4 Jars WBS all P.E strain colonizing but 1 Jar is from a different vendor then the others. From experience do you think this is ok to use since its the same strain to begin with? Thank you
  9. First grow - monotub

    I am starting my first grow and thought I would document it here. Hopefully some wisdom from the group will keep me on track. here is where I am at now.... Syringes came in (AA++, Golden Teacher, Thailand KOH) WBS soaked overnight and dry now Monotub built as per Mush Zombie monotub tek ********************* In addition to the monotub I am going to experiment with some outdoor beds. We have 3 horses and 40 rabbits providing plenty of poo and trash hay (not straw). Here is some photos of what I have going on here... first here is the clean dry bird seed the monotub now these are pictures of my resources which I would like to include into this project. I dont mind having to buy supplies or ingredients but I hope to be able to use as much waste from my regular life as possible. Mainly what Im talking about is the leftovers from the animals we have. I have seen first hand how good horse poo can do (not at this location, even though the cow pastures around me produce - i dont know why - meabe there is an antifungal in the horse food) we clean pens and stalls at least every week... these above pix are showing pretty small amounts compared to a typical cleaning - again at least once per week Below is why I want to find a way to use the rabbit poo (we have over 40 rabbits) (above) the cage was just cleaned but we get wheelbarrows full of poo out and below shows that there is no shortage of horse poo *************** So I will try to stick to known teks as much as possible, but I am ultimatly going towards using hay and poo. I think this time I might buy straw and use a known good substrate recipe (I would hate to fail completly on the first run) and at the same time do some experimenting with indoor and outdoor hay/poo subs. If there is anything any of you would like to see me try to experiment with I will give it my best. Personally I am curious about the rabbit poo. Wonder if the little balls of rabbit poo would make a grain spawn. lol gotta check my pressure cooker - it should be getting steamy by now oops an extra pic - reinforcing why i wanna use hay
  10. So I have a crapload of oats, and I love Str0be's no soak, no simmer bag tek. What tweaks would I need to make that tek work with oats?
  11. Hi, everyone. Would appreciate ya'll's input. I nocced these jars 26 days ago with MS syringe. Shook 'em 14 days ago when they were at 25-30%. They've recovered well but they seem to have stalled over the past 4 or 5 days. I've seen little to no growth. The bottom is especially not really colonized. I'm pretty sure I didn't shake them hard enough to get myc down there so it's slow going. Is this time frame normal? Or is there anything I should be worried about or doing at this point - I don't want to risk contamination by having them sit around. Or do they look ready to spawn to bulk? Your thoughts are appreciated. Here's pics of the front and back of the jars, a closeup of the tops of a couple of 'em and the bottoms of the jars.
  12. Hello everyone, This is my first time posting but I have been watching these forums for the last year. Never wanted to complain about an issue but I am having such a hard time getting info by browsing and googling, I figure I just go right to the source. My project has been going well since June. Soak 12 hour,Rinse cold water, simmer briefly (until I see first signs of bubbles), Stand for 1 hour to dry and steam. I make Tyvek lid jars with a self healing port and I fill the jars 3/4 from the top. PC for 1.5 hours at 15psi, sit overnight. Next day commence Inoculation. Bleach bomb, lysol and inoc. This has worked all fall no contams, no hang up. Now all the sudden with these new Syringes and new WBS I have not had any signs of Mycelium after 10-15 days of inoculation. I have done 12 Jars, each one with a different syringe. My questions. If you can help ease my heart thank you - Can WBS thats not hydrated enough due to 12 hour cold soak prevent mycelium and contams from forming altogether? - If the Spores are dead is there a way to check? Are there clear signs to determine the difference between dead spores and Poorly prepared WBS? - Some of the WBS jars look dry 1 day after Inoculation. Can this prevent colonization? - Is it common to have great success with one TEK and then out of noware have no success using same tek. the only difference being the season. It was my first attempt at mono-tubs in fall and I had 100% success rate with my own altered DOC WBS TEK and Damien 50/50 tek. So im so confused that now I cant cultivate any mycelium. Like I said the only variables to have changed was the season, syringes and WBS. Same brand just new bag Thank you again
  13. I got some jars in the TIT and the bottoms are not colonizing the rest of the jars look good there are 6 jars total that are like this I just took a pic of two of them. I also had one more jar put in the same time and it colonized perfect it was ready over a week ago. The are golden teacher put in 11-24. Or am I just not giving them time
  14. 1I used 5 quart wbs, gypsum soaked jars as my spawn. Substrate is coir and verm, tad bit pickling lime. ~650 g of coir, 2 quarts coarse verm, less than a half cup pickling lime. About a 1:3 ratio. It's been colonizing for 11 days now. Does it look properly/sufficiently colonized? Should i go ahead and case and give fae? I plan to use the 5050+ casing. Thanks all.
  15. I'm preparing my first grow and was considering using organic rye berries. I've heard a lot about WBS, but not that much about rye berries. Does anyone have experience with both?
  16. Are my WBS Jars Contaminated?

    Hey guys! This will be my second attempt at a monotub. My first attempt was very successful resulting in 3 flushes with almost a pound dry in total! This time around I nocked 9 single quart jars of wild bird seed/verm with Cambodian spores (the same as last time) I was very sterile using gloves and plenty of iso and I pressure cooked my jars before nocking them. After innoculation I let them sit for a week before lookin at them. They appeared to have a bit more moisture a in the jars than I remembered from the first go around. I let them sit for another week and Then I ended up moving 2100 miles away and drove across country. As a result the jars were subject to a varrying degree of temperatures. They're looking a little funky and I'd appreciate any input as to how they look. I also have a liquid culture subjected to the exact same conditions as the previously mentioned WBS jars. Once again any advice is much appreciated!!!
  17. Str0be's NO FAIL WBS TEK V2.0 INTRO I have not been on here in a while and as I was going over different tek's that I have contributed, I realized that this was outdated. Makes me feel like an Ass because TBH, I haven't prepped my WBS like this since maybe 2012. I have been doing a much much easier way with comparable results. Doing it this way I am about to go over with you, you will not only save time by 50-75% compared to the old way, but you will have equally good results. I have yet to have any jars or bags fail this way! This tek will teach you how to prep your WBS, not help you pick our jars, bags or lids. We use bags, but this WBS prep tek will work for whatever you use! REQUIREMENTS / MATERIAL LIST - Wild Bird Seed - Any brand of WBS will work, Pennington Classic is the cleanest with the least waste. - Two 5 Gallon Buckets - 3/16 Drill Bit & Drill - Distilled Water - Jars or Bags - Impulse Sealer / Vacuum Sealer ** BAGS ONLY ** PROCEDURE 1. First off take a 5 gallon bucket, flip it upside down and drill as many holes on the bottom as you can. Be sure to clean out / rip / pull any loose plastic pieces from drilling. 2. Put your "Sifting Bucket" inside of the untouched bucket and pour seed 1/4 - 1/2 of the "Sifting Bucket" 3. With a twisting & shaking motion, sift through all the seed. You will be left with the Millet and other small seeds in the big bucket, and any sunflower seeds / corn will get trapped up top. Throw away all the crappy sunflower seeds and corn. You will be left with high quality seeds that you can work with! 4. Next your going to add the WBS to your Jars or Bags. I do this: Jars - 2 Cups of WBS per jar Large Bags - 2 quart jars per bag (Filled and leveled off at the very top) 5. Simply add your distilled water. The recipe is just like rice, but opposite. Always add 1/2 as much water as you do seed. **USE THE SAME MEASURING DEVICE FOR SEED AS WATER. EXAMPLE 2 CUPS SEED = 1 CUP WATER.** Jars - 1 Cup Water per Jar Large Bags - 1 quart jar Water per bag ( filled and leveled at very top of jar ) 6. If using jars, give the seeds a good mix with a knife to evenly distribute the water. For bags, just massage the seeds around. 7. Put lids of choice on jars, tighten, then 1/4 turn loose and your good to go. For bags, 0.5 micron bags to be exact, we seal the bag and cook. 8. Cooking Times : Jars 90min @ 15psi & Bags 120min @ 15psi. 9. **VERY IMPORTANT STEP** - As soon as the PC hits 0 and the weight drops, take your bags / jars out and shake the shit out of them. You must evenly distribute the moisture ASAP to ensure the tek works. 10. Next you need to wait 2 days until you can innoculate. **DURING THIS TIME YOU MUST SHAKE THE BAGS 2-3 TIMES A DAY TO DISTRIBUTE MOISTURE** That is all for this tek. I hope that it brings the community as much success as it has for me. I prefer this tek to the old NO FAIL WBS Tek due to its simplicity. Saves time with equal results. Why not?
  18. Being Im loving in the UK currently materials have been very hard to get . the saying " everything in America is bigger" is truly more than just a saying, including variety options. So far Ive had to import a new PC, Quart size mason jars all because they dont sell them in the size or quantity here. Im adapting very well ( no grape jelly, maple syrup toilet/closet flange) other than the fact I dont like ordering as much as I have off line but I dont have other options. So now its been time to find bird seed, ive heard to keep away from cracked corn (maize), and look for a wbs grain that has mostly milo and millet. Most people from the states can just walmart the two main brains but i hAve visited all the pet stroes here and cant find a grain without cracked corn. To ship from the US such large pound bag would be ridiculous so my questions is any UK SOURCES? can i create the WBS from scratch getting the material separate, and if so whats grains should i buy at what quantity? or is there any other grain system i can use for the rez tek if im planning to use coarse verm? if no other options ill go this route below but it will be more expensive, being i dont have a store dedicated to birds i still want to be cost efficient. thank you for your help
  19. I have a bird feed supply store that carries all kinds of seeds. I can pick and choose whatever quantity and ratio for my mix that I want. I want to know what the best mix I can get is? Best answers I could find for myself were pretty much go heavy on unhulled millet, and milo (lots of red and white sorghum). Should I maybe also purchase rye grass seed? No sunflower seed, no cracked corn. What else should I include if I can? I'm not sure what they offer there, but it seemed they had quite a variety of seeds. Should I throw in some winter rye if they have it? I might have to hydrate everything separately. Tips on that would be helpful too. Anything else I should include? Does gypsum help with wbs? No rye berries at this place. I'm about to grab a 50 lb bag of mix for probably about 20 bucks, they quoted (depending on mix). EDIT: I know no one takes kindly to this site here. But I also haven't seen any write-ups comparable to this one about the topic yet. https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=2&Number=19345519&fpart=1&PHPSESSID=#19532311 Does anyone have some experience using rye grass seed? How bad is the shake? Is it much harder than WBS to hydrate properly?
  20. Hello. So long time lurker here. I'm finally in a place where I can get started with growing. I used wbs and I'm pretty sure I left it far too wet when putting it in the jars, pressure cooking, waiting, and noccing. Being that I live at 6k above sea level, my 15 psi cooker doesn't even hit high enough temps for proper sterilization, does it? Can I compensate by increasing the amount of time? Anyways, these got 2 hours. It seems my b+ might be running the course in one jar, and the second jar looks maybe contaminated, but hard to tell at this stage, 2 weeks in. I'm incubating at about 70, but above my fridge, so likely it is a tad hotter. My crappy digital thermometer/ hygrometer is at my mums and I'll have to pick it up soon, I know. Planning on a 6 quart dub tub if all goes well. Also, my jars fell over and the fine vermiculite layer on the bottom spilled a bit everywhere. Honestly, I thought this spore syringe was likely contaminated long ago. I've had it nigh on a year.
  21. Will this work? Obviously without the sunflower seeds. It was the only thing I could find at Home Depot.
  22. Hey there everyone! While I have been an avid reader of Shroomology for several years now, I have never actually made a post. Thus if I'm breaking any rules or am posting this is the wrong place, please feel free to let me know, as I plan to post on here much more often. Anyways, While I have never actually grown my own mushrooms, I have been around several grows before and am familiar the process. However I am about to start my very own grow for the first time and had a question. I have already created several quarts of WBS/Verm spawn jars and PC'd them accordingly. I plan on inoculating them in the next day or two; as soon as my spores arrive in the mail. How long after I inoculate them can I spawn them to my bulk substrate? I looked around before posting and couldn't find a concise answer. Some posts simply said 10 days, others said once the Mycelium has fully colonized or consolidated and some said 5 days after it has fully colonized/consolidated. Also, how can I tell for sure that the Mycelium has 100% colonized? Additionally, I'm currently planning on growing Cambodians.
  23. For about 2 weeks my jars have looked like the picture I attached. I think they were inoculated like 4 weeks ago. I have them in a cardboard box at normal or avg temp is 78. Is there anything wrong?
  24. update of my WBS jars

    From the album Misc stuff

    these after 2 day after first shake, innoc'd 1/19
  25. Hey everyone, Here is where you will find my grow journal. I have learned so much from other journals and I hope others can maybe learn a thing or two from my mistakes and hopeful success. I have dabbed in mycology before with cakes, and now I hope I can really grab the reins and dial in some nice monotubs. My TIT: Aquarium heater needs to be in a sock people!! I discovered it was melting the cheap plastic tote a little bit. Wont let that happen again. DO NOT use the heater in glass jar method, it did not work for me. fuckin sucks. TIT is the way to go. Hepa filter: $100 on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004VGIGVY?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00 Glove box: A little scrubby, but it will have to do pig. Future Monotubs prepped: I'm doing a TIT type method to incubate during spawning. I know it is a bit unorthodox..my tub will create its own heat, but I want to give it a little help using a Beta fish tank heater 15 min on 45min off. I will eventually use the other half of this closet and designate one side as a plastic enclosed incubator, but until then this is the way I am going considering my house is around 60-65F right now in the winter. STRAINS: Cambodian, Z-strain, Peru. . And so it begins.. Cambodian: spawned grain on Dec 30, didn't get the TIT temp up to 80 for a week so they have taken a little longer than ideal. Z-Strain: Spawned grain Jan 30, were about 90% colonized Peru: Spawned Jan 8, about 60% colonized Bulk Substrate: I have found a lot of Hpoo recipes online, they all seem relatively similar in ratios..Here is mine I came up with 4qt coco coir 3qt Coarse verm 8qt Horse manure 2 cups gypsum 2-3tsp CaCo3 half cup used coffee grounds Field capacity loaded my snazzy 16qt PC (this is a pic of 12 qt of bulk, i fucked up and had to go back and add 3 more qts) Its interesting how everything you read on shroomery preaches pasteurization and not sterilization.. like magic microbes are going to defend your bulk and allow only YOUR mycelium to establish..no. its about fast and aggressive colonization and a sterile environment. Spawning the Cambodian: I felt like a germaphobic Howard Hughes scrubbing every inch of my bathroom.. Hint.. you can attach paper towels to your swiffer sweeper and spray.. makes cleaning walls and ceilings a breeze. broke and mixed it up, then added last jar of grain to the surface. Stay Tuned!